Physical Health Essay Assignment Paper

Discussion question: 1 paragraph


Explain to the class why your chosen problem is either a fallacy or sound reasoning. If it is a fallacy, share with us the name of that fallacy.

Physical Health Essay Assignment Paper

Problem #13.”Because this soft drink contains so many chemicals, it must be unsafe”




Classmate responses: Respond in 2 to 3 sentences to each

BethAddid #1 classmate

#12.) A doctor can charge for a missed appointment, so patients should be charged less when a doctor keeps them waiting. Physical Health Essay Assignment Paper

Although this fallacy is amusing, I believe that this is based off of a lot of experience with doctors but little knowledge of their day to day life. They are clearly stating their emotions because there is no proof and they are generalizing all doctors when it might not be the case. The way their schedules are set up does not really on what they want, it is mostly about what is best for the hospital

Physical Health Essay Assignment Paper

Taylor #2 classmate



The fallacy I chose was #9.  It states, “He is a columnist for a campus newspaper, so he must be a pretty good writer.”

Physical Health Essay Assignment Paper

Im still not too sure if this a fallacy, but if I had to make an educated guess, I would say this is a slippery slope fallacy. I believe it is a slippery slope fallacy because the arguer predicts that the first step will lead to the second. The example in the book given for slipper slope was, “If we ban handguns, we will end up banning rifles and other hunting weapons.” Slippery slopes are predictions.


Veane #3 classmate

Physical Health Essay Assignment Paper


I chose number 21: “Physical Education should be required because physical activity is helpful.”

This one was a little tricky for me, because on one hand it seemed like partially sound reasoning, you exercise, you are more healthy. But on the other, that seems really obvious, like a “Begging the Question Fallacy.” I say this because it is generally obvious that physical activity makes people more healthy, so this is not really an argument to be made.  Physical Health Essay Assignment Paper

Another note about this I would like to add: I don’t really agree with this statement (to a point). I think up until a certain age P.E. should be required. However, I think the way the P.E. system is run in schools (mostly high schools/middle schools) now is not helping anyone learn about physical health and a lot of people dreaded going to P.E. So, at a certain age I think allowing people to become interested in physical activity on their own (I got interested my senior year of high school because I didn’t have to play sports or do physical activity I was not interested in and I learned SO much more about my health, my body, and physical activity  Physical Health Essay Assignment Paper