Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Essay.


This study will focus on the issue of obesity among people. Obesity is one of the prominent issues that the society is facing due to the insufficient information that people have regarding the amount of food intake as well as how people ought to balance their diet. It seems that the problem of obesity is not only experienced in one country but in different countries and this does not only choose certain gender and age but a person who suffers obesity could be an adult or a child, female or male.Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Essay.


Researchers from the Mercer University School of Medicine studied the connection between obesity and health associated quality of life in individuals aged 18 and older by means of data from the 2000 MEPS. After regulating for socioeconomic aspects and disease significance, they revealed that quality of life declined with growing levels of obesity. Those who were obese had considerably inferior health-related quality of life compared to those who were normal weight (Research on Obesity and Overweight, p.3).Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Essay. For the foremost time, the figure of overweight people worldwide equals the numbers who are underweight. Developing countries have likewise joined the ranks of nations distressed by obesity. A 1999 United Nations (UN) survey revealed obesity increasing in the entire developing regions, even in nations overwhelmed by starvation. In China, the figure of overweight people increased from less than 10 percent to 15 percent within three years. In Brazil and Colombia, the number of overweight is approximately 40 percent equivalent with a number of European nations. Yet sub-Saharan Africa, where most of the worlds famished exist, is considering a raise in obesity, particularly among urban women. In all areas, obesity seems to increase as incom…Descriptive and Inferential Statistics Essay.