Database Management Systems Essay.


Effective implementation of strategic plan is a critical task for the management. Before the implementation of this plan, it is essential for the business personnel to collect pertinent information about the strategic plan. In this concern, various database systems have been introduced.Database Management Systems Essay.


For effective management of the staff functions and line functions as well as execution of strategic plan, the company should make use of the data oriented model. The systematic integration of the goals can be done with the help of a well developed information system (O’Brien, 2003).
Some of the important database systems are management information system (MIS), knowledge management system (KMS), enterprises resource planning (ERP), relational database management systems (RDBMS), computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), and enterprise asset management (EAM). All of these systems are very successful to store the relevant information for the successful implementation of strategic plan.Database Management Systems Essay.
Different Database Systems
Management Information System: It is useful to control the internal operations of the firm. With the help of this system, the firm can gain information to manage the organization and its plan, which also comprises decision support system, executive information system, expert system, etc. (Davis & Everest, 2002). It has an essential place in the strategic planning process along with the specification of the necessary details (Jawadekar, 2002).
Knowledge Management System: Another important database system is the knowledge management system, which is used to store and manage information effectively. It is also known as technology based system which perform the role of platform to combine the knowledge functions of the management with the available data and information. The knowledge management system helps the employees and management for accession to the organization based facts and figures, and the necessary solutions (Maier, 2007).Database Management Systems Essay.
Knowledge management system is very advantageous for the organizations in sharing of information about the organization, in keeping down excess of work, in reducing the effective consumption of time and in codifying the knowledge. With the help of this system, the company can manage needed documents and share information within different levels (Alavi & Leidner, 2001).
Enterprises Resource Planning: It is an important database to implement the strategic plan effective.Database Management Systems Essay.