Analysis Of Social Problem Essay.


As a social worker, often you need to use your policy advocacy skills to ensure that your clients are receiving the services that they need. Although you may tend to think of policy advocacy skills as separate from your clinical social work skills, they are very similar. Think of the skills that you would use in working with a client such as Jake Levy. How could you apply these skills to policy advocacy? How will you use these skills to identify the policy and social problems that are impacting these families? In this week’s Discussion, you will continue to follow the Levy, Bradley, Petrakis, and Cortez families to start the process of policy advocacy.Analysis Of Social Problem Essay.


In this Discussion, select one of the four integrated videos and identify the problems experienced by the client(s).

Post your responses to the following:

Who is defining the problem?

What values are reflected in this definition of the problem?

What is being omitted in this definition?

What other problems do you see that are not being acknowledged?Analysis Of Social Problem Essay.

Bradley Family Episode 7
Program Transcript
MALE SPEAKER: I have some great news. They’ve dropped the charges against
you. Tiffany, that’s wonderful!
TIFFANY: Yeah, it is. Why did they? Drop the charges, I mean.
MALE SPEAKER: The state just passed a new law that’s like New York’s Safe
Harbor for Exploited Children Act. That means that the courts here no longer see
you as a criminal. They see you as a victim, just like we’ve been trying to tell
them. Because you’re under age, they agree with us that you were forced against
your will to do what you did.
TIFFANY: Prostitution.

MALE SPEAKER: Right. It means that the law understands that young people

like you, girls, boys, you don’t deserve jail time or retention. You need help and
services. So that’ll get you off the street.
OK. Before you were upset that they were treating you like a criminal. But they’re
not anymore. You’re free. What’s wrong?


MALE SPEAKER: The man who used to be your pimp?

TIFFANY: I just found out that he got busted.

TIFFANY: He’s going to be suspicious that he got arrested the same time that I

got let out. He’s going to think that I snitched on him, but I didn’t.
MALE SPEAKER: We should think about getting you some police protection. No
sense taking any chances.