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Essay on Cricket World Cup Tournament

Under the protections of I.C.C. World Cup Tournament is conducted every four twelvemonth. First World Cup Tournament was played in 1975 which was won by the West Indies crushing Australia by a margines of 17 tallies. Second World Cup was once more won by the West Indies in 1979 this clip crushing England by 92 tallies in the Final. Third World Cup was won by India in 1983 crushing West Indies by margines of 43 tallies. The 4th World Cup went to Australia in 1987, when they defeated England by a narrow border of five tallies. Fifth World Cup was snatched by Pakistan in 1992, when England once more lost to Pakistan by 22 tallies. Sixth World Cup went Sri Lanka when Australia was the also-ran in the concluding lucifer. Seventh 1999 cup went to Australia when they defeated Pakistan in the concluding by eight wickets.

Eighth World Cup was once more snatched by Australia from India. When they won the concluding by two wickets. And the 9th World Cup has one time once more been claimed by Australia when they defeated Sri Lanka in the concluding by a border of 53 tallies. Australia has therefore won the World Cup for the 3rd clip in a series demoing their domination in the game. Over all, in the nine tourneies held so far, Australia has been the victor four times, West Indies winning the cup two times whereas India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka winning the cup merely one time each. Australia has reached the finals six times wherein twice they have lost. West Indies have played in the finals three times and one time they lost to India. India and Pakistan both have had similar destinies each playing two times in the concluding and winning one time and losing one time. England, the male parent of the game has played finals three times but has non been able to win the cup even one time. It is merely a affair of opportunity that the host state has non been able to win the cup even one time.

After long waiting period of four old ages the drape of the largest international show of cricket was lifted in Montego Bay ( Jamaica ) at Cavin Lightlay Stadium by Sir Garfield Sobers, a great cricketer of his yearss. More so 2000 arties participated in the colorful public presentation of the gap ceremonial. The show named “Windees Energy” continued for 40 five proceedingss. It was highly absorbing, absorbing and attractive. This was an unforgettable image of Carrilean civilization which knew no pelagic boundaries and it seemed as if all the nine islands had merged into one individual whole. The authorised vocal of the tourney, “The Game of Love and unity” was so aweet, fashionable and touching that participants from all the take parting states were for a minute turned into one individual unit i.e. CRICKET.

And what an sarcasm of destiny, the same twenty-four hours Indian contingent was severely humbled by Bangladesh in their first brush of the tourney. A squad studded with world category a participant that was woolgathering of making and winning the concluding to annex the trophy could non defy the Bangladesh offense. Then, this is why cricket is called a game of uncertainnesss. It was once more evidenced by the licking of Pakistan squad at the custodies of Ireland. As a effect Pakistan squad was ousted from the tourney as such an early phase. The result of this unexpected licking was the sudden death of Pakistani manager Bob Wilmer which is said to be a cold blooded slaying, an incident unprecedented in the history World Cup Tournament.

In their 2nd lucifer of the tourney squad India managed a come back get the better ofing Bermuda by a big border of 257 tallies. Wining the flip Bermuda invited squad India to bat foremost. Indian squad rose to the juncture and scored a gigantic mark of 413 tallies for the loss of five wickets. this was the highest of all time score in the history of One Day Internationals, the old best being 398 for 5 by Sri Lanka against Kenya I 1996. but, as fortune would hold it, in their Match against Sri Lanka on 23rd March 2007 squad India failed to trail an ordinary mark of 250 tallies set by Sri Lanka and were bundled out for a meager 185 tallies in simply 43.3 over’s. Top order batters severely failed, Sachin unable to open his history, Yuvraj out for six and Dhoni besides out for nothing. This licking proved to be the lost nail of Team India coftin and they had to be back place with all strategy and torment.

After a boring series of lucifers and with all uncertainnesss and reversals the supper eight squads were Australia, Newzealand, Srilanka, England, South Africa, West Indies, Ireland and Bangladesh. Out the ace eight Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa entered the semi finals, whereas England, West Indies, Ireland and Bangladesh were knocked out. First semi concluding was played between Sri Lanka and New Zealand on 24th April 2007 in Jamaica wherein Sri Lanka forced a decisive triumph over Chinese gooseberry and therefore qualified for the concluding. In the 2nd semifinal Australia crushed South Africa with a seven wicket triumph to run into Sri Lanka in the concluding.

Final lucifer was played between Australia and Sri Lanka on 28th April 2007 at Barbados and Australia maintained their domination in the game. Their wicketkeeper gap batsman Gilchrist played an first-class superb innings of 149 tallies against 104 balls hitting fastest century in the world cup tourney ( 100 runs 72 balls ) . Australian scored 281 tallies in 36 over’s. Due to break by rain Sri Lankans were given a mark of 269 tallies in 36 overs but they tamely bowed down and cold mark merely 215 tallies for eight wickets 36 over’s allotted to them professing a licking by 53 tallies. Adams Gilchrist was given “Man of the Match” award. Matthews Heyden remains the Golden Bat award whereas McGrowth was adjudged the best participant of the World Cup Tournament. Partnership of 172 tallies between Gilchrist and Heyden was the best partnership of the Tournament.

Before the beginning of the World Cup, cricket panits were under gauging the Australian squad in position of their licking at the custodies of England in the concluding lucifer of triangular series and thenceforth they had to confront licking in Newzealand. But the Australians won the World Cup for the 4th clip and for the 3rd clip in a row. It is interesting to observe that Australia had non lost any lucifer in the World Cup tourney of 2003 and once more in 2007 they remained unconquered in malice of the fact that their public presentation in the recent yesteryear had been blue. How could they accomplish this fantastic effort? The reply is their active spirit, their subject, finding, devotedness, strong will, integrity and above all their squad spirit. It is through these virtuousnesss that they achieved what they truly deserved. They outplayed their oppositions in all respects. Other squads should larn a lession from the Australians and better their public presentation to give them a suiting answer in the following World Cup when most of their participants will hold retired and new faces will be coming up.

Host choice

The ICC announced on 30 April 2006 which states would host the 2011 World Cup. Australia and New Zealand had besides bid for the tourney ; if successful, they would hold shared the hosting every bit, go forthing the location of the concluding still to be decided. The Trans–Tasman command, Beyond Boundaries, was the lone one delivered to the ICC central office in Dubai before the 1 March deadline, but the Asiatic bidders were granted an extension by the ICC. The New Zealand authorities had given confidence that Zimbabwe would be allowed to vie in the tourney, following political treatments in the state over whether their cricket squad should be allowed to tour Zimbabwe in 2005.

The excess clip needed for the Asian command had weakened its chances, but when the clip came to vote, Asia won the hosting rights by 10 ballots to three. The Pakistan Cricket Board ( PCB ) has revealed that the ballot of the West Indies Cricket Board was decisive, as the Asian command had the support of South Africa and Zimbabwe every bit good as the four command states. The Pakistani newspaper Dawn reported that the Asiatic states had promised to keep fund-raising events for West Indian cricket during the 2007 World Cup, which may hold influenced the ballot. However, I. S. Bindra, president of the Monitoring Committee of the Asian command, said that their promise of excess net incomes of around US $ 400 million had been decisive, that there `` was no quid pro quo for their support '' , and that playing the West Indies had `` nil to make with the World Cup command '' .

Allotment of lucifers

On 11 April 2005 PCB president Shaharyar Khan announced an understanding on the allotment of games, under which India would host the concluding, Pakistan and Sri Lanka the semi-finals, and Bangladesh the gap ceremonial. After being stripped of its position as a co-host, Pakistan proposed to host its allocated games in the United Arab Emirates as a impersonal locale. They had played lucifers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah in the preceding months. On 28 April 2009, nevertheless, the ICC announced that lucifers originally intended to be played in Pakistan would be reallocated. As a consequence, India hosted 29 lucifers across eight locales, including the concluding and one semi-final ; Sri Lanka hosted 12 lucifers at three locales, including one semi-final ; and Bangladesh hosted 8 lucifers at two evidences, every bit good as the gap ceremonial on 17 February 2011.

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