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The south indian state, karnataka is facing a severe water crisis for the fourth consecutive season as less than 20% water is left in 9 of . In december 2015, when the worst floods in decades wrecked the city of chennai in the state of tamil nadu in india, the city of bangalore in the .

It's a sentiment we've heard since the national media and presidential campaigns swept through this city in crisis. Andhra, karnataka droughts: the looming water crisis in south india.

India's water crisis stems from a thorny mix of economic, geographic, and political factors. After receiving dozens of impressive submissions from young voices all around the world, lauren dickey's impassioned essay on china's water .

As the people of tamil nadu brace themselves for the state's worst drought, tamil nadu newsprint and papers tnpl announced the . As the world celebrates water day today, on march 22, to create awareness towards tackling the water crisis, india's capital city still grapples with terrible .

Documentaries on the root cause of water crisis in india were also . Reeling under a second successive drought, the country's youngest state is facing a water crisis, with scarcity hitting not just the villages and .

Over a quarter of india's population is affected by the ongoing drought. India's water crisis has been in the making for a long time but the last.

Of essays on india and on a public service initiative called india talks. More than a billion people in the world are employed in agriculture, and in india, one out of four people are farmers or agricultural workers.

In india, the pathology of denial about climate change reveals the real crisis. Every indian are facing trouble, particularly the common man of india, due to this sudden decision.

Karnataka, home to india's silicon valley, has logged out for a day. The crisis also significantly affects afghanistan and china, the two other stakeholders in central asia's precarious power and water sharing .

Madras courier: what are your views on india's demonetisation drive. And adivasis in india's business economy three essays, middle india .

Lucknow: sunday will be the day of exploring lucknow's heritage for school children when they participate in an all india essay and painting . South asia is a desperately water-insecure region, and india's shortages are part of a wider continental crisis.

The asian financial crisis of 1997-99 laid india low, yet it proved far more. Printweek india's team studied the 60 listed indian paper makers.

Chennai is india's fourth largest city and one of its fastest growing. With rapidly receding glacial water, india and pakistan will face prolonged electricity shortages, stunting economic growth, and dry summer .

At present, around 330 million people in india are suffering a severe drought, which has caused an acute drinking water shortage crisis, . India's relationship with bangladesh is deep-rooted, and for the most part, has.

Delhi water crisis exposes a fragile infrastructure feb. threat, the historian m. athar ali notes in a compendium of essays on mughal india. The indus water treaty has failed to address two issues namely- the division of shortages in the dry years between india and pakistan and the .

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