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It's that kind of a movie. With the near-doubling of u.s. forces in northern syria, and perhaps more on the way, president donald trump is moving aggressively on his .

But the influence of trump's election on the calculus of war and peace in. Mcmaster, president donald trump's new national security advisor, when he was a colonel in .

Bringing furry american muppets to syrian refugee camps may sound like the fuzziest kind of soft power. As the administration debates how to confront iran, some in the pentagon favor ratcheting up support for saudi arabia's campaign against .

On wednesday, the white house put out a statement from national security advisor michael flynn criticizing iran's recent ballistic missile test . New polling data indicate that it's unemployment, not religion, fueling extremist groups like boko .

From late 2011 until late 2014, obama tried very hard to implement a different kind of global war on terror gwot, one much more in keeping . This insight — “he said to me, 'tom, the playing field is being leveled'” — came to represent an enthusiasm for just the kind of tech-infused, .

A state visit to washington, and prominent mexican leaders say trump's proposed border wall “could take us to a war — not a trade war. America's intelligence agencies aren't operating outside the law – they're using the vast power they've acquired within it.

America's continued claim on global leadership is mostly an inheritance from the aftermath of world war ii, when american leaders laid the . The trump administration has inherited the longest war in u.s. and policy plans to do this kind of work, the international community has .

Big spikes in the number of wounded from attacks tell us something about terrorism, but this kind of semantic obfuscation also tells us . “to think this kind of radicalization to violence is caused strictly by videos online is to miss the point entirely,” said amarnath amarasingam, .

The syrian civil war is the 21st century's deadliest conflict so far, with more than 450,000 killed and 12 million displaced. Rouhani's supporters have held a series of boisterous rallies, and the pro-reformist media's election coverage now includes the kind of political .

The u.s. army's heart may still reside . In response to trump's tweet on tuesday, a spokesperson for north korean leader kim jong un responded in kind, warning “if the us dares .

Trump could take obama's drone war further into the shadows. The new president has inherited his predecessor's drone program but might .

The best-known version of president barack obama's “pivot to asia” involved an attempt to rebalance u.s. foreign policy away from the middle . This week's attack was a difference of degree, not of kind.

Nyad's skin had become a kind of photogram, marked by her quest, and. First, the notion that president george w. bush — citing “gog and magog” and the book of revelations — had some kind of messianic vision .

In stephen crane's novel “maggie” 1893, it's impossible to pinpoint the. Four years ago, i predicted russia's invasion of ukraine.

Belarusian president alexander lukashenko is speaking as though there's a new battle being waged between russia and belarus. The essay is a provocative mixture of sharp queries, valid points, and a. the liberal order served america's interests well during the cold war, .

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