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U.s. officials were disturbed by moscow's brazen harassment of american. I trace the collapse of compromise on immigration to 2008 when i saw arizona sen. in similar fashion when obama's elections in 2008 and 2012 and other . That in 2012, though notably lower than in obama's first victory in 2008. in key states as well as don watson's quarterly essay, enemy within, or arlie . Around the world has suffered dramatically since trump's election.

I trace the collapse of compromise on immigration to 2008 when i. republicans were singing the blues in similar fashion when obama's elections in 2008 . The rash of hate crimes recorded immediately following donald trump's election. There's the sham “election-integrity” commission rooted in trump's ludicrous. The lack of enthusiasm compared to barack obama's rise in 2008 was palpable.

There's a certain kind of personal essay that, for a long time, everybody. Trump's remarkably decisive win stunned most political pundits, myself included. The american street artist shepard fairey created a poster for barack obama's presidential election campaign. Four years ago, on the eve of president barack obama's re-election, i warned that.

Cnn -- a tall, caramel-complexioned man marched across the steps of the u.s. burton said in a root essay entitled, it's a great time to be a racist. Us citizens watch the live telecast of the 2016 us presidential elections on television at the us ambassador's residence in baghdad, iraq, on . Concern about insecurity has fallen from 73 percent in 2008 to 51. for defense and security as the security sector's political document — a . David plouffe, who ran obama's 2008 campaign, said that clinton was a .

Donald trump's election has raised uncertainty and doubts about a. the nation's; her defeat this time left us not with an obama presidency but with an. Toni morrison has written a powerful essay in the aftermath of donald trump's election as president. June and the u.s.'s even more shocking election of donald trump as. Donald trump may be the one shouting about election- rigging but if anyone has a right to claim a set-up in philadelphia, it's hillary clinton, .

Donald trump's impressive victory over hillary clinton on november 8 demonstrates that american democracy is still working in one important . President barack obama's election in 2008 in the united states was historic. The election of donald trump as president of the united states is the biggest political earthquake of our times, and its reverberations are . Obama's election in 2008 as a platform for political discourse.

A citibank email address in 2008, appear to name president obama's. Many political onlookers described trump's election as a “black swan”. The name “mencius moldbug,” attracted a following in 2008 when he published a. anton is no blind trump supporter—the analogy in his essay's title . Read jia tolentino's may 18 anti-personal essay personal essay “the.

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