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Sample Essay

In the first topographic point, technological progresss have created new ways to take attention of mundane undertakings rapidly and easy. For illustration, the bulk of Americans now have their ain personal computing machines. This is an astonishing progress: with computing machines, we can finish undertakings, from banking to telling food markets, that would hold taken hours even a few decennaries ago. Word processing is common, doing the spread of information much easier to accomplish, and instruction is available to all for free through online classs and information that would hold been all but unachievable for many up until the terminal of the 20th century. The sheer sum of entree that we have to services and knowledge through these machines has made life inordinately easier.

Second, our criterion of life has changed through progresss in technology, architecture, travel, and even fabrics. Looking at a movie like The Lion in Winter, while by no agencies historically perfect, does demo how even mundane things were more hard about a thousand old ages ago. Set in the 1100s, the movie shows King Henry II holding to interrupt ice from his H2O bowl to acquire H2O to rinse his face—something that hot and cold running lights-outs have long since saved us from. The queen has to go to see her hubby by a long boat journey, which would be about unthinkable today. Finally, the full royal household, even though they are royal, is wrapped in restraining pelts. Looking at what was one time the highest criterion of life, compared to the norm first universe criterion of life today, we can see how much easier advancement has made our lives.

TOEFL® Writing Questions Overview

Welcome to the TOEFL® independent writing inquiry overview page. Using our TOEFL® writing pattern inquiries, you will acquire an first-class thought about the sum of clip you will necessitate to take notes and finish the essay in the allotted clip given. You will desire to give yourself clip to re-read your essay to repair little errors. We have created sample essays for every writing inquiry to assist you understand what a great essay expressions like. To get down your TOEFL® readying, chink on the start button next to the independent writing inquiry you want to pattern. If the button is locked, that means you have non logged into your TOEFL® class history or have non subscribed.


In a ballot that took topographic point at the International Astronomical Union Conference on August 24th, 2006, Pluto lost its position as a planet in our solar system. Pluto was originally discovered in 1930 when scientists were seeking for something that was interfering with Uranus 's orbit. Though Pluto was estimated to be similar in size to Earth, it was subsequently discovered that it was even smaller than our ain Moon, every bit good as many other Moons. It is now known that there are 1000s of planetal objects similar to Pluto, including Eris which is somewhat larger than Pluto. Choosing to reclassify Pluto to a dwarf planet awards the fact that scientific discipline is about doing new finds. While it was a sad twenty-four hours for Pluto lovers, people in general have accepted the thought, and the following coevals of kids will turn up cognizing merely eight planets and believing nil of it. As Mike Brown, the uranologist who discovered Eris, noted following the IUC 's determination, `` scientific discipline is self-correcting. ''

Sample Response

As you all probably know by now, Pluto has been officially demoted to a dwarf planet. What this means is that we will no longer include it as portion of our solar system. The argument about whether or non Pluto should keep its position as a planet created such a struggle within the community of universe uranologists that it has been called the Great Pluto War. The determination on whether or non to bump Pluto was put to a concluding ballot by uranologists from around the universe at the International Astronomical Union Conference. However, when I say from around the universe, I do n't intend worldwide. In fact, less than 10 % of the universe 's uranologists voted, and most of those who were at the conference had already gone place by the last twenty-four hours when the ballot took topographic point. Of more than 10 000 possible electors, less than 500 took portion, chiefly because there was no manner for them to project their ballot without really being at the conference. Many uranologists believe that if electronic vote had been an option, Pluto along with two other heavenly objects, would now be considered planets. Furthermore, the definition that was decided upon for a planet - that it must unclutter the vicinity around its orbit - does n't technically keep up, since Earth, Mars, Neptune, and Jupiter all have asteroids as neighbours.

The IUC determination disappointed many people outside the astronomy community excessively. You see, there are more than a few Pluto lovers out at that place. Some were so angry at the declaration that they began seting requests together to hold the opinion overturned. In New Mexico, where Pluto 's inventor was a occupant, province functionaries have declared March 13th, Pluto Planet Day. Children in peculiar have a thing with Pluto and are possibly the least willing to portion with it. The name for the now dwarf planet was put to a ballot in 1930. And by the way, Pluto, which was chosen nem con by a group at the observatory where it was discovered, had been submitted by a immature schoolgirl.

The iBT Writing Test

The iBT writing trial is divided into two parts. The first portion is called incorporate writing because it involves more than merely writing. Because many TOEFL trial takers will be come ining academic scenes, the trial requires pupils to read a short transition ( 2 proceedingss ) , take notes on a short talk ( 3 proceedingss ) , and so compose a drumhead and response to both the talk and the reading transition ( 20 proceedingss ) . The recommended length of the essay is 150-225 words. These reading, hearing, and writing accomplishments are used in college schoolrooms every twenty-four hours, so it’s of import for colleges to be able to acquire an accurate appraisal of a student’s ability to execute in the schoolroom before accepting a pupil. This writing subdivision of the trial is non included on the CBT or the PBT.

Time4Writing can Help

Time4Writing can assist non-native talkers of English develop their writing accomplishments as they prepare for the TOEFL. Those fighting with grammar, use, or mechanics can inscribe in the High School & College Prep Writing Mechanics category. A figure of other Time4Writing synergistic writing and mechanics classs are available, including essay writing classs. English scholars can take the clip to construct their English vocabulary with 100s of free vocabulary games. Then they can prove their accomplishment at English slang and parlances. Homophones ( words that sound the same ) can be slippery, but some homophone games can assist. With pattern and continuity, and with the right cognition and tools, non-native talkers of English can be better prepared for the TOEFL and for future survey in English.


三月末に、京都の同志社大学でTOEFLãƒ†ã‚¹ãƒˆã®ã‚»ãƒŸãƒŠãƒ¼ã‚’è¡Œã†æ©Ÿä¼šã‚’ã„ãŸã ãã¾ã—ãŸã€‚å‚åŠ è€ ã¯ä¸»ã«å¤§å­¦é–¢ä¿‚è€ ã§ã—ãŸãŒã€ä¸­å­¦ãƒ»é«˜æ ¡ã®æ•™å“¡ã®æ–¹ã‚‚çµæ§‹ã„ã‚‰ã£ã—ã‚ƒã£ã¦ã€ä»Šå¾Œã¾ã™ã¾ã™TOEFLテスト対策が留学だけでなく大学受験や教員の方〠にとっても重要になっていくのだろうなぁ、と再認識しました。あと京都のおばんざいってやっぱり美味しい!ノーベル賞ものだ!と再認識しました(笑)。

第3回 TOEFL iBT® テストWriting対策 No.1 試験の目的、採点の仕組みなどを理解しよう

Speakingと違い、Independent writing Taskã¯äººé–“ã®æŽ¡ç‚¹è€ ã¨ã‚³ãƒ³ãƒ”ãƒ¥ãƒ¼ã‚¿ãƒ¼ï¼ˆe-raterÂ®ã¨å‘¼ã³ã¾ã™ï¼‰ã«ã‚ˆã£ã¦æŽ¡ç‚¹ã•ã‚Œã¾ã™ã€‚ãã‚Œãžã‚Œã®æŽ¡ç‚¹ã«ã¯ç‰¹å¾´ãŒã‚ã‚Šï¼ˆã‚ã¾ã‚Šç´°ã‹ã„æŠ€è¡“çš„ãªã“ã¨ã«é–¢ã—ã¦ã¯æ·±å ¥ã‚Šã—ã¾ã›ã‚“ãŒï¼‰ã€e-raterã§ã¯æ¸¬ã‚Œãªã„éƒ¨åˆ†ã€ä¾‹ãˆã°è¨€è‘‰ã®æœ‰åŠ¹çš„ãªä½¿ã„æ–¹ã‚„ã€å›žç­”ã®å† å®¹ã®é©åˆ‡ã•ã€ã‚¢ã‚¤ãƒ‡ã‚£ã‚¢ã®è³ªã€ãªã©ã‚’äººé–“ã®æŽ¡ç‚¹è€ ãŒè¦‹ã‚‹ã‚ˆã†ã«ãªã£ã¦ã„ã¾ã™ã€‚ã“ã®é•ã„ã‚’è€ƒæ ®ã—ãŸä¸Šã§ã®Writing対策は、今後の連載でアドバイスしていくつもりです。

出題されたトピックに対して30分で自分の意見を展開していきます。TOEFL® Official Guideをお持ちの方は読んだことがあるかもしれませんが、Independent Taskのトピックの例がOfficial Guideには含まれています。ここには様〠な分野と形式のトピックが含まれていますが、最近の傾向としては二択問題、つまりDo you agree or differ? 系列のトピックが出題されています。ですから、Official Guideの中にあるWhat… ? とかHow… ? ãªã©ã®ãƒˆãƒ”ãƒƒã‚¯ã«é–¢ã—ã¦ã¯å¿ƒé ã›ãšã«ã€agree/disagreeの形になっているトピックの対策を進めるほうがよいでしょう。また二択でも、Which do you prefer… ? のようにpreference、つまり好みを問うトピックはWritingでは出題されなくなっています(ちなみにwhat/howやpreferenceを問うトピックはSpeakingのTask 1と2で問われますので、Speaking対策としてはネタ準備をしておくことは有効的です)。

Integrated Taskはアカデミックトピックで、Reading(3分)で提示されるトピック・主張に対してListening(2分程度)で議論します。そして20åˆ†ã§ãã‚Œã‚‰ã®æƒ å ±ã«åŸºã¥ãWritingを行います。ここでは自分の意見は求められず、あくまでもReadingã®æƒ å ±ã¨Listeningã®æƒ å ±ã®é–¢ä¿‚æ€§ã«ã¤ã„ã¦ã¾ã¨ã‚ã¾ã™ã€‚Readingのパッセージ(長文)は3分経つと一旦消えてListening中には読めません。が、Writingã®æ™‚é–“ãŒå§‹ã¾ã‚‹ã¨ã€ç”»é¢å·¦å´ã«ã¾ãŸè¡¨ç¤ºã•ã‚Œã¾ã™ã®ã§å‚ç §ã™ã‚‹äº‹ãŒã§ãã¾ã™ã€‚

æ‰‹æ›¸ãã§æ›¸ã‹ã›ã‚‹ä»–ã®è©¦é¨“ã¨ã¯é•ã„ã€ãƒ‘ã‚½ã‚³ãƒ³ã§ã‚¨ãƒƒã‚»ã‚¤ã‚’æ›¸ãã‚ã‘ã§ã™ãŒã€çš†ã•ã‚“ã®ã‚¿ã‚¤ãƒ”ãƒ³ã‚°ã‚¹ã‚­ãƒ«ã¯ã©ã†ã§ã™ã‹ï¼Ÿç¤¾ä¼šäººã®æ–¹ã§ã€ä»•äº‹ã§ãƒ‘ã‚½ã‚³ãƒ³ã‚’ä½¿ã„æ £ã‚Œã¦ã„ã‚‹ã¨ã„ã†æ–¹ã¯å•é¡Œãªã„ã¨æ€ã„ã¾ã™ãŒã€ç§ãŒä»Šã¾ã§æ•™ãˆãŸå¤§å­¦ç”Ÿã¯ã€ã‚±ãƒ¼ã‚¿ã‚¤ã°ã‹ã‚Šä½¿ã£ã¦ã„ã‚‹ã®ã§ãƒ‘ã‚½ã‚³ãƒ³ã®ã‚­ãƒ¼ã‚¿ãƒƒãƒãŒé ã„ã€ã¨ã„ã†ç”Ÿå¾’ãŒçµæ§‹å¤šã‹ã£ãŸã§ã™ã‚ˆï¼ãƒ–ãƒ©ã‚¤ãƒ³ãƒ‰ã‚¿ãƒƒãƒã‚’æ¥µã‚ãŸã‚Šã™ã‚‹å¿ è¦ã¯ã‚ã‚Šã¾ã›ã‚“ãŒã€ã“ã‚Œã‚‚ç•™å­¦ç”Ÿæ´»ã®æº–å‚™ã ã¨æ€ã£ã¦ã€ä»Šã®ã†ã¡ã«ã‚¿ã‚¤ãƒ”ãƒ³ã‚°ã‚¹ã‚­ãƒ«ã‚’ä¸Šé”ã•ã›ã¦ãŠãã¾ã—ã‚‡ã†ã€‚

ã‹ã¨ã„ã£ã¦ã€ã‚¿ã‚¤ãƒ”ãƒ³ã‚°ç·´ç¿’ã‚½ãƒ•ãƒˆã‚’è³¼å ¥ã—ãŸã‚Šã™ã‚‹å¿ è¦ã¯ã‚ã‚Šã¾ã›ã‚“ã€‚ã§ã¯ã©ã†ã™ã‚‹ã®ã‹ï¼ŸOfficial Guideなどに載っているTOEFLテストのサンプルエッセイを見ながら、ひたすらそれを自分でそのまま真似して打ち直すのです。そうすることによって、タイピングのスキルだけでなく、普段自分では使わないような表現、段落構成、アイディアの展開の仕方、なども同時に吸収する事ができます。

ここで覚えておいていただきたいのは、これらはあくまでも目安であり、絶対に守らなくてはいけない、ということではありません。今までに多くの生徒さんから「語数を増やすにはどうしたらよいか」と質問を受け、また多くの塾や教材で「語数を増やすマル秘テクニック!」みたいなことをやっています。ETSã«ã‚ˆã‚‹ã¨ã€æŽ¡ç‚¹è€ ã«ã¯ãƒ¯ãƒ¼ãƒ‰æ•°ã¯è¡¨ç¤ºã•ã‚Œãšã€ã‚ãã¾ã§ã‚‚æ›¸ã‹ã‚ŒãŸã‚¨ãƒƒã‚»ã‚¤ã®å† å®¹ã‚’æŽ¡ç‚¹å¯¾è±¡ã¨ã™ã‚‹ãã†ã§ã™ã€‚ã‚‚ã¡ã‚ã‚“èªžæ•°ãŒå¤šã„ã»ã†ãŒãã‚Œã ã‘å† å®¹ã‚‚åŽšããªã‚Šã€ã„ã‚ã‚“ãªå±•é–‹ãŒã§ãã¾ã™ãŒã€å† å®¹ãŒä¼´ã‚ãªã„ã®ã«èªžæ•°ã ã‘ã‚„ãŸã‚‰ã«å¢—ã‚„ã—ã¦ã‚‚æ„å‘³ãŒã‚ã‚Šã¾ã›ã‚“ã‚ˆã­ã€‚ã¾ãŸç›®å®‰ã®èªžæ•°ã«è¶³ã‚‰ãªãã¦ã‚‚é«˜å¾—ç‚¹ã¯ã§ã¾ã™ã—ã€è¶³ã‚Šã¦ã„ã‚‹ã¾ãŸã¯è¶ ãˆã¦ã„ã‚‹ã®ã«ç‚¹æ•°ãŒä¼¸ã³ãªã„ã€ã¨ã„ã†å ´åˆã‚‚ã‚ã‚Šã¾ã™ã€‚ã‚ãã¾ã§ã‚‚å† å®¹ã¨æ–‡ç« ã®ãƒ¬ãƒ™ãƒ«æ¬¡ç¬¬ã ã¨æ€ã£ã¦ãã ã•ã„ã€‚

TOEFL iBT® テストSpeakingセクションについて TOEFL iBTテストのSpeakingセクションは「Independent Tasks」と「Integrated Tasks」の2ç¨®é¡žã®å½¢å¼ã€å ¨6問で構成されています。 「Independent Tasks」は問題数が2問、準備時間15秒・解答時間45秒です。 「Integrated Tasks」は、同時に複数の技能を測定する問題となり、問題数は4問です。 「読んで聞いて話す」問題が2問で準備時間30秒・解答時間60秒、「聞いて話す」問題も2問で準備時間20秒・解答時間60秒です。 また、マイク付きヘッドフォンを使用しての受験になります。詳細はこちらをご確認ください。

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