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Short Essay On My School | Essay On My School Life

Essay On My School: School is temple of cognition. Where we can ern and acquire trained. Where we can gain how to populate our societal life. My school was established in 1995 it is the subdivision of bvb group. My school atmosphere is really pleasant and school environment is really clean and attractive there are gardens and lawns, flowers etc. My school edifice is located in the centre of the large land. On one side of the school there is a large garden holding parking installation. On other side there is garden for childs. In forepart of my school is fountain and in back side there is land for volleyball and hoops. My school is three narratives constructing holding categories for baby's room to 12th category pupils in scientific discipline and commercialism and Gujarati and English medium both.

My school has one large library where amazing books are kept which I really rich in cognition, chief office, caput office, clerk office, scientific discipline research lab for natural philosophies and chemical science, two computing machine lab holding really new computing machines, staff room, one large athleticss land etc. My school has good qualified trained and experient instructors who teach us in really effectual and originative mode so we can hold on more and more they so give really good decoding to our uncertainties and so crates more involvement. My school has around one 1000 pupils who ever rank higher in the competitions held outside the school or inside the school why school ne'er loses any competition in territory zone. We all go to school in the proper uniform. We have two types of the uniform, one common uniform and other white uniform chiefly for physical preparation category. My school besides giving assignments to us as composing elaborate essays.You can Get professional college essay composing aid on domyessays.com.

My School Essay 3 ( 200 words )

Our instructor ever motivates us to take portion in the athleticss activity, quiz competitions, unwritten and written activities, arguments, reconnoitering, group treatment and other activities in the school. Our category instructor teaches us to keep subject of the school and keeps the school compound clean and tidy. Our chief Tells us motivational messages daily on the phase of supplication. We learn to be honest, true, obedient and sincere in our whole life. We learn how to concentrate on the survey in the category room. Our school organizes a quiz competition, dance competition and athleticss competition yearly which is compulsory for us to take part.

My School Essay 4 ( 250 words )

My school has one large library, chief office, caput office, clerk office, one scientific discipline research lab, one computing machine lab, one common survey room, one large lobby, teacher common room, one large athleticss land, separate hostel for misss and male childs in the school campus. My school has extremely qualified and experient instructors who teach us in really effectual and originative mode. My school has around one 1000 pupils who ever rank higher in the competitions held outside the school or inside the school. We all go to school in the proper uniform. We have two types of the uniform, one common uniform and other house uniform.

My School Essay 5 ( 300 words )

My School is located really near around 1km from my place. It looks really clean and peaceable. My school is like a temple where we go daily, pray to God and survey for 6 hours a twenty-four hours. My school instructor is really nice ad Teachs us really courteously. My school has rigorous norms of survey, hygiene and uniform. I like to travel school daily as my female parent says that it is really necessary to travel to school daily and follow all the subject. School is a temple of larning where we really creatively involved in the acquisition procedure. We learn other things excessively with our survey like subject, manners, behave good, promptness and many more etiquette.

The ambiance of my school is fantastic where tonss of natural scenery and verdure are available. There is a big garden and pool holding fish, frog, colorful flowers, trees, cosmetic trees, green grass etc. Other things like large drama land, big unfastened infinites all around the school give my school a natural beauty. There is a installation of cricket cyberspace, basket ball tribunal and skating land every bit good. My school follows CBSE board norms. My school provides installation of categories to pupils from baby's room to 12th category. My school principal is really rigorous about school subject, hygiene and cleanliness.

My school provides bus installation to the pupils which are located far from the school. All pupils assemble in the drama land in the forenoon and make Morning Prayer and so scatter to their several category suites. My school provides admittance to nursery category ( around 2000 ) pupils every twelvemonth. I have different instructors for my different categories like P.T, Maths, English, Hindi, G.K. , music, dancing, painting and pulling. My school has a large library, letter paper store and canteen inside the school campus. My school organizes an one-year map for all categories every twelvemonth which we must take part.

My School Essay 6 ( 400 words )

My school is really expansive holding three floors imposingly structured edifice and located in the Centre of metropolis. It is situated around 3 kilometer from my place and I go to school by coach. My school is one of the best schools in the province I live. It is located at really peaceable topographic point without any pollution, noise and dust. School edifice has two stairwaies at both terminals which lead us to every floor. It has good equipped and large library, good instrumented scientific discipline lab and one computing machine lab at first floor. At land floor there is a school auditorium where all the one-year maps, meetings, PTM, dance competitions takes topographic point.

Principal office, caput office, clerk room, staff room and common survey room are located at land floor. The school canteen, letter paper store, cheat room and skating hall are besides located at land floor. My school has two large cemented hoops tribunals in forepart of the school chief office while football field lies in the side of it. My school has a little green garden, in forepart of the caput office, full of colorful flowers and cosmetic workss which enhance the beauty of the full school composite. Around 1500 pupils have taken admittance in my school. They ever rank higher in any inter-school competitions.

The survey norms of my school are really originative and advanced which helps us in understanding any tough affairs really easy. Our instructors teach us really unfeignedly and state us everything practically. My school ranks foremost in any programme like inter-school cultural chases and athleticss activities. My school celebrates all the of import yearss of the twelvemonth such as Sports Day, Teacher’s Day, Parents’ Day, Children’s Day, School Anniversary Day, Founder’s Day, Republic Day, Independence Day, Christmas Day, Mother’s Day, Annual map, Happy New Year, Mahatma Gandhi Birthday, etc in a expansive mode.

We participate in the co-curricular activities such as swimming, exploratory survey, N.C.C. , school set, skating, singing, dancing, etc. Students holding unjust behaviour and undisciplined activities are punished by the category instructor as per the school norms. Our chief takes categories of every pupil daily in the meeting hall for 10 proceedingss to cover with our character formation, etiquette, moral instruction, geting good values and esteeming others. Our school clip is really interesting and gratifying as we do tonss of originative and practical plants daily. Our unwritten appraisal of storytelling, vocalizing, poem recitation, conversation in Hindi and English is taken by the category instructor on day-to-day footing. So, my school is the best school of the universe.

Second PlaceCharles Helmers Elementary, I have to state, is I bet one of the most best schools around! One of the most fun things at Helmers is the activities. Did you think we do CHORDS, music, and enrichment? Well we do! And one of the coolest things about our school is our mascot, a Eskimo dog! We have `` Helmers Happenings, '' which tells us what 's traveling on at our school. Besides, about one time a month, we have student shop. Everybody ever wants to travel at that place. There are notebooks, pencils, drawings, stuffs and one of our favourites, squishes. Did you cognize our school has holidays? Of class they do! We have Brainsick Hair Day, Pajama Day, Crazy Hat Day and even more. That 's why I think Helmers is the best school, ever.Hannah BernsteinGrade 4Helmers Elementary SchoolThird PlaceWhat I like best about school is the library because there are so many interesting books. I besides like it because it is so quiet and peaceable. I besides like the bibliothec, Mrs. Colton, because she is so nice and can assist you with anything. My favourite thing about the library is the books. My favourite books are the Goosebump books because they are so chilling. Sammy CaseyGrade 4Stevenson Ranch Elementary School

I like school because I love to play on the computing machine and with my friends. Homework is still fun when we get to blog and play games on spelling. Mathematics is my favourite topic and so is scientific discipline. I like math because add-on and minus is fun and ambitious because you ne'er cognize how to work out it unless you know how to make it. Science is fun because making undertakings and larning about the yesteryear is fun excessively. My favourite thing to make is algebra and rounding to the nearest 1000000s place value. I like playing on my computing machine. I like to play games like the aeronaut that was a blast of merriment. The embodiment is my favourite thing to make on the computers.Anthony HernandezGrade 4Helmers Elementary School

I love my school because of the instructors, my favourite things to make, particular activities, and undertakings, and equipment. The instructors at Charles Helmers Elementary are really nice and they work difficult to do the childs here really smart and intelligent. We besides have particular activities and fun undertakings like scientific discipline experiments, art undertakings, chords, raffle competitions, and more. My favourite to make at Charles Helmers Elementary is art, composing, fun undertakings, P.E. , and chords. I like these things because I 'm originative, I love to compose, I like to experiment things, and I 'm really active. I like the equipment at Charles Helmers Elementary because they are really fun to utilize. I think my school is the best because it 's so fun at Charles Helmers Elementary. Shaina LatunoGrade 4Helmers Elementary School

I go to a nice school called Charles Helmers Elementary. It goes from kindergarten to sixth class. I am in the 4th class. The best portion is in 4th class, you use mini labtops for typing paperss. This school besides has a clean tiffin country with a great handball tribunal nearby. My favourite topographic point to hold merriment is down tribunal. They have soccer, hoops and a batch of other things to make such as football. We have P.E. every Monday and Wednesday. We have the pupil shop on the first Tuesday of every month where you can purchase squishes, pens, pencils and other cool material. I besides like the library, the MPR and the schoolrooms. I think Helmers is a great school. Henry AndersonGrade 4Helmers Elementary School

I love my school Helmers Elementary because I truly like our school mascot, the Helmers Huskies! Do n't believe that 's the lone ground I love my school. The instructors are truly great excessively! Oh, by the manner we are a distinguished school. Yup reasonably impressive. I merely thought you ought to cognize. Anyway, did I mention the school drama land equipment is truly good excessively? I like to play on the monkey bars, rings, or the sailplane! I have to state the sailplane is my favourite though. One of the other things I besides love, love, love about my school is Student Store! ! ! The PTA provides Student Store and other fun things like Jump Rope for Heart. Now you know how great Helmers Elementary is! Gillian RideauxGrade 4Helmers Elementary School

My school that I go to is Charles Helmers Elementary. I think this school is antic beause you get to larn math. I besides like this because they have great instructors. This school is the greatest school besides because it has P.E. The school has awesome nutrient such as cheese pizzza or pepperoni, pasta, mac and cheese, beefburgers, and hot Canis familiariss. The school has art. You can larn about creative persons like Mozart. At P.E. , you can leap rope or drama games. The school has three drama countries like handball, sandbox, and downcourt. At deferral you can purchase breakfast, ruddy cart, or merely play. Every month we do this thing at school called pupil shop. At pupil shop you can purchase materials like pens, pencils, smelly markers, erasers, nutrient erasers, and equishe. School has some equipment like leap ropes, hoopss, association football balls, footballs, handballs, and sand plaything. My favourite things at school are the nutrients, handballs, friends, and instructors. Brandon DavisGrade 4Helmers Elementary School

Top 10 Thingss Kids Love about School

Kids normally hate lessons, unless they don’t. Okay. That sounded confusing. What I meant by lessons was certain favorite topics. We all had that one topic we looked frontward to analyzing. For me, it was English. There is merely something elating about construing a verse form or a novel. For some pupils it could be maths ( the thaumaturgy of Numberss ever eluded me, but a few childs seem to bask it vastly ) or psychological science ( another front-runner of mine ) or natural philosophies ( larning how things work is fascinating ) or something else. The point is, we all have one ( or even a twosome ) topic that we love. A topic that seems to do the otherwise Byzantine timetable less drab, one that we really look frontward to analyzing. So the tenth topographic point on the list, surprisingly plenty, goes to a study-related subject.

The originative mercantile establishment provided by the trades lessons is something most childs love. Messing around with gum and glister, running about with scissors and seting fevicol on desks. Fun! Younger childs, particularly, love the film editing and gluing hr where they can do a muss and cipher cries at them for the same. Remember all the hours spent patterning with clay and glaze paper into the form of boats and flowers? Lodging them onto white paper and traping them up on the soft board? Happy memories, right? The joy of making something beautiful is adequate to do childs love school. For older childs, the trades lesson normally becomes a ‘free period’ , which in itself is ground adequate to love it. In some instances, childs utilize these periods to hone their endowments and work on making things and larning accomplishments like embellishment, knitting etc.

Schools normally hold competitions to promote healthy competition and enhance public presentation. Kids, on their portion, love such competitions for the healthy competition they get to prosecute in. These competitions can be inter-school, inter-house or at the single degree. Almost all schools hold and take part in athletic competitions and lucifers like pes races, hoops, cricket, kabbadi etc. Painting and pulling competitions are much loved by everybody, particularly younger childs. Singing and dancing competitions are besides held for pupils to showcase their endowment. The audience loves such competitions excessively. Students cheer on their friends, their school or the house they belong excessively. The added advantage of such competitions? Missing out on survey periods.

There is ever a huffy scuffle for the last desk every bit shortly as the bell rings to bespeak that it is so and so highly rigorous teacher’s lesson. Back benching, as it is popularly called, is done even when the instructor isn’t all that strict. The last bench offers freedom, the freedom to non pay attending in category, the freedom to fall asleep or play cross and nuts at the dorsum of the notebook. Even the certified swots of the category attempt it sometime or the other, possibly when they haven’t prepared for a lesson. Back benching is fun excessively. The instructor doesn’t call on you, you can conceal and text in category, you can play games softly, you can kip or dish the dirt in whispers..the possibilities are eternal. For me, personally, the hours spent back benching were some of the best hours I spent in school. I’m certain they are so for other childs as good.

Pulling in from the last point. Gossiping is something about everybody engages in. We do it in parties, at our workplace, during our flushing walks, everyplace. The wont of gossipmongering is foremost picked up in school. Even kindergarten childs make it! There is something exciting about cognizing other people’s concern. As childs grow up, dish the dirting becomes more and more of import. Innocent comments about so and so’s expensive crayons become non so guiltless remarks about so and so’s frock or fellow. Dish the dirting becomes an built-in portion of school life, and childs like it. It gives them an inducement to acquire up every forenoon and travel to school, if merely to acquire to cognize who is dating whom. Dish the dirting in susurrations during a category, dish the dirting over five rupee ice picks, dish the dirting about the teacher’s love life. School chitchat is truly the most of import portion of teenage old ages, something that kids love the most about school.

Not all instructors are average monsters that Indian household play seriess portray them as ( and they’re surely non every bit hot as Bollywood seems to believe they are ) There are a few instructors whose lessons make all the other deadening lessons worthwhile. They have a bent for learning, their lessons are ne'er tiring and they really make larning merriment. These are the sort of instructors who make pupils look frontward to coming to school. There are besides instructors who manage to go forth a permanent feeling on pupils for life. Such instructors manage to hammer an emotional connect with their pupils. So one more ground for childs to love school is the instructors they love.

Oppressing on schoolmates, juniors and seniors is such an of import portion of school old ages. Willingly acquiring up every forenoon at the spiritual hr of 5 am merely so you can catch a glance of that cunning cat or miss ( as the instance may be ) , during assembly. Trying to catch a place following to the hot schoolmate. Rushing out every bit shortly as the bell rings to bespeak tiffin to look at the handsome, unachievable senior prefect. Blushing when you catch the oculus of your crush while go throughing him or her in the corridors. Geting embarrassed when your friends tease you. Giggling when you see the cat or miss in inquiry expression at you. The happy feeling when your crush smilings at you. Yes, crushes are decidedly one of the major grounds why childs love traveling to school.

The month predating the one-year athleticss twenty-four hours or concert is ever the most fun. Relaxation of regulations, virtually no surveies, rolling around all twenty-four hours, beating categories on the pretex of patterns, enjoying in the winter Sun, really practising for the large twenty-four hours. What’s non to love? ! Kids love practising for their one-year concert or athleticss twenty-four hours. It gives them an chance to showcase their endowment in forepart of their parents and instructors. It besides gives them the aureate opportunity of losing categories and non acquiring in problem for it ( largely ) Annual yearss are bucket-loads of merriment! And all the difficult work and yearss of changeless pattern wage off in the terminal. Dressing up on the concluding twenty-four hours, work outing last minute crisis’ , traveling up onstage combat phase fright, heartening from the audience, clapping for the victors and shouting for the losing squad to buck up, singing and dancing. Childs love every minute of their concerts and athleticss yearss, and with a good ground excessively.

Absolutely the most of import facet of school. Friends can do anything better. Even the ne'er stoping chemical science and maths categories seem to go through a small faster when you are sitting following to a friend. They help you cheat in trials, they make you remain awake during of import talks, they lend you their notes before tests, they tease you about the cat you like, they get you in problem and acquire in problem with you, they pass on juicy spots of chitchat to you, they got your dorsum in hard state of affairss, they stand up for you, they play with you, they cheer you up when you are down..I could travel on and on like this. The friends made during school clip are the most of import 1s. The friendly relationships forged during this clip are the strongest. None of the abovementioned things would be half as merriment if we did non hold friends to portion them with. School friends are genuinely the most of import, most loveable portion of school life.

Earlier options for advanced coursework

Attending a little private ( Baptist ) school for the simple and in-between school old ages kept me from being on the advanced math and scientific discipline paths when I entered a public high school. Even if I had transferred before 8th class, my little school could non offer the figure of advanced ( preparatory ) math and scientific discipline options the local public schools had available for simple and in-between school pupils. Upon reassigning to public school for 9th class, my lone option was to take Algebra I, which left me unable to take Calculus before graduating. This was a important disability when using for colleges as a computing machine scientific discipline major, and I could easy hold been prepared to come in Geometry or Algebra II if the earlier classs had been unfastened to me.


Particular plans, whether school-wide or targeted at specific pupil populations, create larning chances for pupils and do great crow points for many principals. Take, for illustration, the reading plan at Oakleaf K-8 School in Middleburg, Florida. Our reading plan is the best tool we have for edifice accomplishment, '' chief Larry Davis told Education World. Students accumulate points and earn wagess for their difficult work as they use the Accelerated Reader ( AR ) plan. School-wide usage of AR and other computing machine plans, a book-of-the-month nine, and other particular chances linked to reading aid guarantee pupils skill growing.

At Jefferson Davis High School in Montgomery, Alabama, chief Marie Kostick credits the schools success on the best group of pupils and instructors in the country. '' Beyond that, the schools plans have received much glorification. Davis High has been recognized for accomplishments in province athleticss titles and the Battle of the Bands competition. ROTC plebes at the school raised a ball of money for the Toys for Teens run for destitute adolescents. The school was selected to house the countries pilot Blue Cross/Blue Shield Blue Sky Program aimed at learning professional moralss and fixing pupils for the concern universe. And pupils in the schools Portfolio Club, which is supported by a local man of affairs, contribute 10 per centum of their net incomes to local charities.

5Huge Concluding Examinations Are Bad for Learning

So the suggested solution is n't killing off large cumulative test in favour of video games and ice pick, but giving a clump of small cumulative tests throughout the twelvemonth. You know, to really do certain everyone is maintaining up with the topic as a whole, instead than utilizing the current method of giving a clump of quizzes intended merely to do certain the pupils read the last chapter. They tested this method a few old ages ago, and the childs given regular cumulative trials scored 16 per centum better than their equals. Giving them a clump of small trials, each covering everything they had learned to that point, merely worked better than constructing toward one desperate apocalypse-test at the terminal.

2Competition in School Hinders Learning

How is that possible? Well, competition may do perfect sense when it comes to grown-ass work forces contending over a leather ball, but in the schoolroom, it appears to merely deflect childs from the of import concern of larning. Denise Clark Pope, a lector at Stanford 's School of Education, followed five high school pupils around for a twelvemonth, and while a stunt like that would hold landed us in a really particular kind of prison, her result was much more productive: She found that high winners spent more clip `` finangling the system '' than they spent deriving cognition. Meanwhile, pupils in Finland do n't worry about maximising their Grade point average or roll uping adequate excess recognition hours to affect, and as a consequence they end up really larning material.


Talking about school is an endless narrative: 1 ) School is where you happen your BFF but besides run into some toughs. 2 ) School is where you are taught how to be polite and elegant but besides collect many `` non really polite `` words from schoolmates. 3 ) School is like a five-star hotel where you `` pay a heavy monetary value `` to take a sleep in the schoolroom. 4 ) School is like a image incorporating striking contrasts between grownups ( instructors ) and kids ( pupils ) : e.g + All pupils must be quiet while instructors 're stating but no instructors allow pupils to chew the fat ( besides a sort of stating ) when they 're in silence. + No a instructor is able to learn all topics magnificently, but they ever hope pupils to analyze all topics good. ( This is impossible as a pupil is merely prone to right-brain or left-brain ) . 5 ) School is where pupils are advised non to utilize comestics whereas instructors frequently make up carefully as if they were traveling to go to Halloween festival. 6 ) School is where my imaginativeness has tonss of opportunity to develop ( my organic structure is in schoolroom but my psyche is rolling, lounging with clouds and sunlight, and hanging on the trees ) and my flexibleness has been detected. ( Study Maths in Chemistry categories, survey Chemistry in Physics categories, survey Physicss in Maths categories. you know what will go on next. ) One more, + ) if the impression `` traveling to school `` did n't be, the definition `` playing hooky player '' would ne'er look. + ) If your category did n't hold bad pupils, `` good pupils '' would n't turn up. ( Never compare good with bad pupils: ) ) + ) Bad pupils are advised by parents: '' You should do friends with good pupils, they will assist you analyze better `` , but good pupils are advised: `` Never spend clip with bad pupils, they will deflect you from analyzing `` ? ! Not easy to work out that.

Hi Everybody! Cryings rise from my bosom and get down assemblage into my eyes whenever I think about my school life because I 'm ready to go forth the school appeals and now it 's a really really short period of clip left for me to go forth it. Well for me, school is merely like my place. when we 're passing our clip in the school we develop a particular bond of fond regard with our instructors and friends. I do n't really retrieve the occurrences of my first twenty-four hours at school but my parents used to state me about them. Harmonizing to them ; Unlike every pupil I was really happy and cheerful on my first twenty-four hours because largely I 've seen kids who cry a batch on their first twenty-four hours ( I think that they would be experiencing that their parents are go forthing them entirely at a new topographic point entirely so that might hold made them to shout ) I was experiencing really delighted and my parents told me that on the first twenty-four hours I even said them ( when they were coming to my category to assist me to acquire a place ) `` You can travel mummy and daddy! I can travel myself. Do n't worry, and bye pass! '' This truly makes me laugh all the clip! But apart from this, I truly retrieve the times of my childhood when the trees of my school were excessively little and me my friends used to play in the land, sometimes we have a swing! And now when I see the big and tall trees standing on the beautiful land of my school, it truly makes me experience sad and I am unable to command my sentiments and ever shout bitterly! whhhooo! it 's seems so hard to even believe to go forth the school! Even now when I am composing this remark I feel so emotional and truly down and do n't cognize what to compose but the words are coming automatically in my head and I am composing! It 's natural. I think most of you would like to read this and even though some of you may smile when you will read my this line that: ''When a individual enters the school on first twenty-four hours he/she used to shout a batch but when the same individual leaves the school on the Last twenty-four hours he/she once more cries a batch! '' : ) This is so interesting fact! But there is certainly a large difference in the first twenty-four hours weeping and the last twenty-four hours shouting! I normally become sad when I look at the different corners of my school who are merrily going me and looking at me with their smile faces and so I start believing of the yearss that are no more! Sorry if this is so long but these are my interior feelings! I hope many of you will like to read it! Thankss, hadia

Hi Hadia, Yeah, I truly enjoyed your narrative of your school yearss! I love that feelings you passed over, I myself felt a spot sentimental while reading it! *- ) For me, I really much hold with 'your school old ages are the best old ages of your life’ ! I truly like my school old ages because I can bask chew the fating, playing, holding a tiffin and after-school activities with familiar friends all the clip ( few comers and departers at my school ) … My school yearss are full of merriment even though it includes difficult exercising and break up dressing-down from instructors and a schoolmaster ( ! ) . I really have decided to make bask my school yearss because I 'm frequently told by grownups that 'you 're non traveling to hold a such merriment clip when you 've grown up! Adults have to move in the society with some responsibilities'……….. OMG, I wan na stay innocent……….. , ! ! but…. wan na survey and cognize more about the universe and people around me…….. ! ! I wan na acquire far smarter than now, like you, hadia! ! I feel conflicted, these are my interior feelings! ! Elsa☆

Hi at that place, Dear Elsa! ! ! I feel sorry for answering you excessively late: ( ( ( ... ... . Well Thanks for reading my remark and holding with it: ) ) That 's true that we love our school activities and bask them: ) ... ... ... .For me whenever I 've a expression at my past images of school I start experiencing sad... ... That 's rather natural, , , , , , , , , , ! Few yearss ago I was watching a picture of our school trip which I had captured at that place... that was sooooo amusing and lovely... .. And me with my all school couples were holding merriment, chew the fating, singing and playing games... ... ... ..That 's truly the endearing period of time.huh! Well! Yeah, I sometimes experience older! ... ..I mean I 've non remained that guiltless kid than I used to be... I 've grown up now... ... ..I 've become mature and I observe things more exactly and carefully than earlier i.e. the clip when I used to make fun all the twenty-four hours long! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Huh! That was the most cherished clip... ... I miss it... ... I wan na travel back at that place... But that does n't intend that I do n't desire to analyze more... ..Of class! ! I want to analyze more and accomplish my purpose but still I miss my happy school times: ) ) ) ) ) ) ) I want to be like you Elsa! ... ... ... ... .Want to bask school clip: ) ) ) ) Have a good Day! ! Hadia☆

In Montenegro primary school last for nine old ages, secondary last for four old ages and so you go to college. In my school we don`t have to have on uniforms. : ) School starts at 7:30 and it finishes at 12:40 but sometimes I stay in school longer because I have excess lessons. We have 13 topics and many competitions. I am still in primary school, in twelvemonth 8. I truly like school but my friends don`t like it really much. They hate analyzing, acquiring up early, prep and some instructors. I think they don`t understand that their best old ages are old ages in school. Nowhere you can happen friends so easy and merely friendly relationships from school stay everlastingly. All that memories are the best memories in our life. And as for the instructors they aren`t here merely because they have to larn us Geography, Maths, History.they besides learn us how to populate. Unluckily, I realize that really late and I`m truly sad because I have to go forth my primary school. I`m non ready for it because I don`t want to go forth my friends. I know that we will still run into but possibly ne'er together like now. It`s really sad but everyone must to travel farther because one twenty-four hours we need to happen a occupation. Therefore I will seek to bask in every minute while I go to school. In my state there is one stating: From the cradle to the grave, the best is pupil`s age.

Hello everyone. i think all grounds are true. 1. about school friends - i think, in the school old ages you truly fraternized to first friend. 2. about free knowledge.- we know that is non true, but you earn more cognition than you pay money. 3. Uniform- i frome Georgia and in our state noone wears unvarying in school, i do non why, but i think it is job of our governmant. 4. short day- in the Georgia school twenty-four hours stardet 9:00 and finished 14:00. i think, for some people this is short clip, for some this is really long. for me it is a long clip. i do non bury my school old ages, every school twenty-four hours when was coming from school i allways was been tired. 5. exrcise- i do non like exrcise, i am really lazy male child: ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) . 6 holiday- it was really happy times for me ) ) ) ) ) . 7. Teachers- I like most of my instructors. sometimes i have met them, and at this minute i was losing school old ages.

Hi I agree with this article. I think that school is the most of import for every homo. You learn topics, how to reply the inquiries, how to move. You run into your hereafter friends at that place. I ever loved school but non excessively much. i 've learnt a batch from school. In my state schools are different from other states ' schools. We do n't have on uniforms. i think it is non good. School would be more attractive if kids had uniforms. I have a batch good memories about school. We had field daies. ( we spent really good clip ) alsoo we had fun with our instructors. some of them were really sort but some of them non so much. I truly wear '' T miss school really much. beacuse i had non good schoolmates. But sometimes i want to sit with them and listen to our favourite instructor. Finally i want to state that school is of import. During this period you learn a batch. You Get information about everything. You meet friends. began to believe about your future life. School helps you to be a good and educated individual.

I like school and I find it really of import. School educates us and learns us about everything. The best thing you can acquire at school is knowledge. Person possibly does n't like instructors, but I truly appreciate them, because they unselfishly portion their cognition with us and I am truly thankful. I attended many schools so far in many states and I know about school system in other topographic points. For illustration, France. It has a really good school system, but it 's expected from pupil to analyze a batch and he has a batch of duties, prep every twenty-four hours and pupil has ever to be ready for test. I liked that sort of instruction. In my sentiment, Spain has a great educational system. I was in a boarding school at that place and instructors were truly great and ready to explicate you everything. They wanted you to analyze difficult, but they besides learn you a batch, both cognition and life values. I was in a boarding school in London last twelvemonth and I am really content. Teachers are accessible and they teach you in an appropriate manner for your age. Turkey has besides a good educational system, and instructors there are really nice and ever able to listen you and assist you to work out your jobs. They do n't learn you merely the cognition gained from books, but the existent cognition, through existent illustrations. Serbia has a good educational system, but I do n't like the fact that we study many unimportant things, and the most of import is neglected. I think that we should concentrate on the interior things, non merely the deadening facts. In Serbia, we do n't hold any chance to utilize our cognition at school, we merely learn and larn. I 'd like to hold the opportunity to larn more linguistic communications and I 'd like instructors to be focused on scientific discipline and research lab more.

First of all i want to state that there are two class of people who have different sentiment about this issue, person thinks, that doting at school is really disgustful, others believe that doting at school is really interesting and of import to everyone.I 'm the individual who has the same attitude to this issue as those who defines doting at school as the great clip of our life.I want to explicate why i think so, school is the great topographic point where you can run into people that you 've ne'er seen before, you can happen new friends and portion your feelings and ideas with them, more over this is the best manner to acquire a batch of iteresting information, besides you can acquire a great experience that will assist you in the following life.

I think, I can add merely traveling on excursions.These travelings were really interesting and memorable.On the nature we had fun and changeable good story videos.Now, when I am sad I review these pictures and I get better.I truly like traveling to school.My friends, my lovely instructors, we could pass a batch of clip together.I regard all of my teachers.Of class, there were a batch of different individuals and it 's imposible love all of them.But they had put a batch of energy and cognitions in us and it must be appreciated.In my state schools are free.We do n't have on uniforms.We learn for 12 old ages and we pass tests at the terminal of 12-th class to take the certification.

This subject is really interesting. I want to add something to the list. First, I remember the steps, festivals, poesy eventides and competitions which were held every twelvemonth in my school and I have so sweet memories connected with them. Second, school old ages are connected with many jaunts and field daies, which are unforgettable. School in my state looks like Jennifer’s school, but pupil don’t wear a uniform, besides informational engineering now has much more influence on a studying procedure. There were a batch advantages of being at school, sometimes I miss school, but I think that pupil old ages are much more better. : )

Okay so. I 'm another individual reacting to this amazing web log. In Ukraine, school 's reasonably good. At least, I 'm all right with it. I can neither state that I love school nor that I hate it - it 's merely something I have to make. My sentiment on the things u see 2 be good: -Friends. Absolutely true. It takes us a truly long clip planning where to travel and what to make on vacations when we wan na meet. At school, it 's no job. -Free cognition. It 's true to some extend, but in our school we besides have to pass money. We have an administration called 'Parents ' Committee ' and our parents have 2 give them money every month. Then these commissions manage our school life. Plus we have to purchase some text editions every twelvemonth - e.g. for English & German/French. -Uniform. I hate it. Here in Ukraine uniform is non mandatory in every school - in ours excessively. But my ma made me wear unvarying. Now I do n't, cuz I look truly pathetic. -Short yearss. Not that short - particularly for me. School ends at about 3 autopsy, but I besides stay for excess lessons. In Ukraine we have many competitions & Olympiads in school topics and I usually take portion in English, German and Ukrainian 1s. It takes a batch of clip and difficult work. -Exercise. oh yeah. To state the truth, P.E. is non my fav category. But I agree with u, we become lazy if we do n't make feature. -Bunsen burners. We merely have chemical science experiments one time in 3 months: ( ( , cuz our school ca n't afford all the necessary equipment & chemicals. So one has to be economical. -Holidays. The best portion about school: ) ) ) -Teachers. I like most of my instructors. They 're good, though give us much prep. -Resources. In our school, we have to acquire all the necessary things ourselves. So u were lucky Jennifer. -The Great Future. Yes, it is still far and unknown, but I personally already have to believe about my hereafter because I 'm in the 9th class. and we have exams in the terminal of this academic twelvemonth, and so tests in the terminal of 11th class. But u 're right, the hereafter is still something we await.

Hello everyone -- thanks so much for reading and reacting to the article. I enjoyed reading all of your remarks, and larning about what you think of school! It 's truly nice to hear how many of you enjoy traveling school. One thing I find interesting is how many of you enjoy your schools lunches! You 're truly lucky to hold such nice nutrient at school. In the UK, school tiffins have a bad repute. Traditionally, students are given unheatlhy things like 'potato smileys ' ( Google it to see what I mean! ) . But possibly you have heard of Jamie Oliver? He is a celebrated chef who is seeking to alter this. One of you besides mentioned category trips which I wholly forgot to advert! Class trips are great, and you frequently acquire to make some truly interesting material -- we went stone mounting one time, for illustration. Another thing person mentioned was school parliament -- I think this is a great thing to make at school, excessively. JOH

Hello! I really ca n't add anything to the list, because there is all what i think of school old ages, even much more. I like traveling to my school, ground for that is my friends. Whom I meet about all the clip merely at school, because I 'm ever excessively busy to loosen up from Monday to Friday. Another ground is that i like to see how much I can larn and how good or possibly bad i can compose tests, trials etc. In my state schools are different than Uk 's schools, I think that schools in Uk are much better than our schools, cause in our schools state does n't purchase for pupils notebooks, workbooks and even pens and pencils. Thei merely can afford books, and non even in all topics. Chemistry lessons in our school are hard excessively, but you have to maintain on to larn, math is difficult for me excessively, but you have to seek to finish every challenge in your life to acquire all what you want.

Hello! Sometimes I like traveling to school. Why? I do n't like traveling to school, when I am tired, I want to kip, and following twenty-four hours I have a batch of tests. I like traveling to school, because: 1. In school I can run into my friends and pass much clip with them. 2. I can larn something new and complete my cognition. 3. I have a short yearss, if I worked, my yearss finished about three hours subsequently. 4. We have a batch of vacations: Christmas, Easter, 18 of November, fall and spring vacations, of class Summer holidays. 5. I can larn some topics for free, because in school I do non pay for acquisition, but if I take a class I 'd pay a batch of money. I have a batch of grounds why I like to travel to school more than I do n't like to travel to school. I wholly agree you, because school old ages are doog old ages of life. I think every kid needs to traveling to school!

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