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Argumentative Essay: Solution to Teenage Pregnancy

Not adequate attempt is put into cut downing adolescent pregnancy rates, and one ground for this is that teenage pregnancy rates in the US have by and large declined since the 1950’s. But that isn’t good plenty, because despite the diminution, the US still has one of the highest adolescent birth rates in the industrialised universe. The statistics may be better than they were, but this is non ground adequate to disregard the job, because it is still a really large job. Besides the impact that teenage pregnancy has on all involved, the populace costs related to it are estimated to be $ 10.9 billion every twelvemonth. This is an obscene sum of money and the authorities should put a few billion aside to cut down adolescent pregnancy, and so the concluding measure would be so much lower and money would be saved overall.

A batch of it must come down to how immature misss are excessively sexualized by the media, and set under force per unit area to go sexually active at a immature age. Education besides puts excessively much accent on merely misss, and reinforces the fact that it is the female parents that are normally blamed for adolescent pregnancy while the male parents frequently take no duty and acquire off with it. Young work forces need to cognize that they can’t behave in this manner, and understand the force per unit areas of going a male parent, while misss need to go more self-asserting and be able to demand the usage of contraceptive method even if they’re rummy and their spouse doesn’t want to utilize it.

For adolescents confronting abortion, it is a psychological, societal, and philosophical quandary that must be encountered. After the Roe v Wade instance in which the tribunal decided that a adult female should hold the right to take, limited abortion rights were granted to bush leagues. As a consequence, legion provinces enacted assorted signifiers of parental presentment and consent Torahs. In most provinces, the jurisprudence requires that parents of adolescents provide written blessing of the child 's determination to end her pregnancy, or that they be notified by a doctor. An on traveling argument has continued sing the presentment of parents on abortion. Many psychologists believe that parental presentment can hold a durable impact on the adolescent 's physical and psychological well being, determination devising capableness, and household relationships. Oppositions believe that such presentment Torahs are unneeded because a important part of adolescents confide in their parents about pregnancy and would seek their advice on pregnancy options and options. Therefore, parents are already involved in supplying emotional and psychological support and helping her in the determination devising procedure. Besides, a little per centum of teens are populating in opprobrious and unstable state of affairss at place and the Torahs would do them to detain seeking expiration of their pregnancy because of the fright of the parental reaction. On the other side, those who believe that parents should be notified argue that if parents are notified, they will be at that place to supply support in covering with the psychological impact of abortion. They besides argue that adolescents are non experienced at doing determinations for themselves and hence will non do the determination that is best for themselves and for their household. Information must be obtained on the psychological effects of abortion on teenage female parents before any federal jurisprudence goes into being on adolescent abortions. Committee approves.

Abortion/ Teen Pregnancy 3 term paper 16996

Adolescent pregnancy has become such an issue confronting America that President Clinton has addressed the issue. Statisticss show that every two proceedingss a adolescent gives birth in the United States ( Guernsey 6 ) . This means that at least three 1000 teenage misss become pregnant mundane and about one millione teenagers become pregnant every twelvemonth ( www.teenpregnancy.org ) . Four in 10 teenage misss become pregnant at least one time before they reach the age of 20. Because of this high figure, the United States has the highest adolescent pregnancy rate in all of the industrialised universe. In New York province entirely, 61,700 adolescents become pregant each twelvemonth, ranking New York figure 40 two in the U.S. However merely 22,197 of those adolescents go on to hold the babe, go forthing New York figure 14 in adolescents holding a babe every twelvemonth ( www.teenpregnancy.org ) . In the U.S. more than 500,000 teens maintain their babes, 100,000 put them up for a doption, and 450,000 choose to hold an abortion ( Gutman 7 ) .

Sadly, pregnant adolescents in society today are excessively frequently labeled as slatterns. While the bulk of gilrs become pregnant by accident, a little figure become pregnant on intent. These misss feel that they will be loved, or have person to love, or that a losing nothingness in their ife will be filled. Worst of all some misss plan to go pregnant to mend a relationship or to keep on to a fellow. The fact is, if two people are in a unstable, fighting relationship, holding babe will merely convey on more emphasis and convulsion. For the other misss who become pregnant by accident this is due to carelessness, deficiency of knowledege, the it can t go on to me attitude, or merely truly by accident. For many misss, they are under the false pretence thatthey can non go pregnant the first clip they have sex. Not merely is this false, but one out of 20 misss become pregnant the first clip they have sex, and ninty per centum of all adolescent pregancies occur within the first twelvemonth of holding sex ( Guernsey 19-20 ) .

Pregnancy is a really serious state of affairs for adolescents, because immature teenage organic structures are non developed plenty so the organic structures of adult females who are over 20. Due to this, the decease rate is 60 per centum higher among pregnant adolescents under the age of 15 than among older misss and adult females ( Gutman 24 ) . Babies born to adolescents are twice every bit likely to decease before their first birthdays than are the babes that are born to adult females in thier mid-twentiess, besides teenage babes run a hihger hazard of being born premature or being born with mental and physical disabilities ( Gutman 25 ) . Some adolescents are afraid to state person about their state of affairs, so they do non acquire pre-natal attention which harms both the female parent and the babe.

When a adolescent finds out that she is pregnant, she has three picks: give it up for acceptance, maintain it, or have an abortion. A big figure of these teens choose to hold an abortion. Twenty five per centum of all abortions are among the adolescent age population ( Bender and Leone 58 ) . For many misss this is an easy manner out of a hard state of affairs and they feel that know one will cognize that they do non desire to cognize. For some those feelings stay true, but for others a deep sense of depression falls over them for killing something that they made. For other misss that choose non to maintain the babe but are against abortion, they give the babe up for acceptance. For many misss acceptance is a nerve-racking and bosom breakage experience, after transporting a babe for nine months and so passing it over to aliens, I don t see how it wouldn t be a bosom breakage clip. There are bureaus that allow female parents to maintain in touch with the household, but most misss know that they will ne'er see at that place baby once more. For other misss, they may do all the agreements for acceptance and so after giving birth may alter their heads completly and take on their motherly function.

For the teens that keep the babe, they encounter a really ambitious state of affairs. They have to acquire proper wellness attention for illustration. Many misss are forced to drop out of school and acquire occupations or the male parent of the babe drops out of school to back up his household, if he stays with the female parent. Less than one tierce of teens who have babes finish school before the age of 18 ( www.teenpregnancy.org ) . Once a adolescent has a babe they have to concentrate on person other than themselves, which means they can non make what they want when they want any longer. Their lives revolve around their babe and its demands. Many single adolescent female parents end up hapless or on public assistance. Every twelvemonth the federal authorities spends about 40 billion dollars to assist teenage female parents ( Flinn & Hauser 15 ) . However for some adolescents watching their babe grow or the bond that they portion is a wages for their difficult work.

An frequently over looked portion of teenage pregnancy is the function of the male parent. About 1.1 million males father babes every twelvemonth ( Ayer 27 ) . Approximately 10 per centum of male parents marry the female parent of their babe. Some male parents care for their babe and pay child support but do non remain with the female parent, or unhappily some male parents refuse resposibility and do non give support in any manner. A fatherlike function is really of import in kid elevation, so some communities and schools are now get downing plans for teenage male parents and educating male childs about teenage pregnancy. Many adolescent male parents may at first experience out of topographic point, scared, and non educated plenty to go a male parent. They may experience that a whole fiscal load is now being placed on them, or that they will non be able to supply for their household. This leads to many male parents jumping out on their duty. Plans are now being designed to give male parents emotional support so that they will be able to manage going a teenage male parent, and to recognize that there are benefits and duties of paternity. As the article states the benefits to kids, households, and society of the committedness of male parents are unchallenged. Therefore, it is worth the clip and attempt of schools and community organisations to implement plans for immature male parents that will enable them to develop into responsible grownups, run into thier duties, and make a coevals of well-nutured and efficaciously educated kids ( www.ed.gov.html ) .

In decision, adolescent pregnancy is an issue that should be taken earnestly. With the turning rate of adolescents acquiring pregnant every twelvemonth more stairss should be taken to seek to extinguish adolescent pregnancy. Possibly these stairss should be educating kids while their younger or a better sense of birth control for teens or showning images of abortions, like they did in my high school. This may be barbarous, but how many people who see the images will desire to acquire this done after they see what it does.Teenagers are utilizing abortions as a manner of birth control, they feel that if they become pregnant there is ever an abortion. Abortions can non be like that. If more teens are serioulsy educated so perchance less teens will be careless and the rate of pregnany will diminish. It might sound pathetic, but possibly parents should truly give the birds and the bees talk, because if kids hear it from their parents they may take sex more earnestly. Some kids have sex to experience cool or merely to suit in. It can non be like that and kids need to be taught that.Teen pregnancy is a serious hazard for both the female parent and the kid. Many adolescents do non cognize about these hazards and they need to cognize before it is to late and they are stuck in a situtaion that they can non acquire out of. The plans for adolescent male parents are fantastic because they truly tell the male childs how it is. Many male childs do non cognize the hazard of pregnancy and everything that it entails, these prograns will assist to work with them and perchance frighten them or at least give them a little more cognition. Having a babe will alter a teens whole life and the stairss that are being taken will hopefully work to assist adolescent female parents and male parents and aid to take down the birth rate in teens. There is many books out that show instances of adolescent pregnancy, they should be read to acquire to cognize the effects that a babe has on a teens life. With the statistics and facts givin, I truly learned so much on adolescent pregancy and hopefully others will to.


Adolescent pregnancy is an issue going progressively more popular. Or is it? Many people believe that because so many teenage misss are acquiring pregnant presents that we live in a state where there is a “baby boom” so to talk. However, this is non the first clip there has been an addition in the adolescent birth rate. It could be that our state will travel through periods of “baby booms” and it is non so unnatural after all. But one inquiry that is likely frequently asked and given many different replies to is, “Why are so many adolescent misss acquiring pregnant? ” Besides, what becomes of these immature misss and their kids?

State definitions of “technically accurate” vary, from necessitating that the section of wellness reappraisal course of study for truth, to mandating that course of study be based on information from “published governments upon which medical professionals rely. ” ( Health ) . It is thought that one cause of adolescent pregnancy is from deficiency of information given to these teens. You can see that a big sum of pupils are informed by taking these classs. What about the teenage misss that go to private schools and are non offered any type of counsel though? There are besides teens who do non have it because their parents do non let it.

Contraception is defined as the deliberate usage of unreal methods or other techniques to forestall pregnancy as a effect of sexual intercourse. Now, it is non the contraceptive method that is non working but instead the deficiency of cognition and usage. There are multiple types of preventive including rubbers, birth control, and intrauterine devices. Each of these is really different but basically does the same occupation which is forestalling pregnancy and the passing of STD’s ( sexually transmitted diseases ) and STI’s ( sexually transmitted infections ) . Although these exist, many teens know small to nil about them.

However, this frequently does non halt teens from holding unprotected sex, perchance taking to unplanned pregnancy. While things such as birth control and rubbers are non a 100 percent manner of forestalling pregnancy, they decidedly play a major function in assisting to protect misss from acquiring pregnant. While schools and parents can offer cognition to teens about sexual instruction and the usage and types of contraceptive method, they will non ever forestall these teens from acquiring pregnant. There is frequently resistance due to facets of our lives such as household and kids, the significance of love, committedness, and matrimony, self-expression and self-realization, and for many people, their spiritual beliefs ( Interview ) .

From a parent’s point of position it is obvious that a parent would instead their kid pattern abstention ( the pattern of forbearing from some or all facets of sexual activity for medical, psychological, legal, societal, fiscal, philosophical, moral or spiritual grounds until matrimony ) than to hold sex as a adolescent and usage contraceptive method because of the effectivity of both. However, teens presents are really immune in following either manner of forestalling adolescent pregnancy. Abstinence and contraceptive method both require a batch of self-denial, finding, and sometimes even money which teens frequently do non hold ( Interview ) .

A panic hastes through them as they wonder what their equals will believe of them and the effects that will happen after they inform their parents. Abortion is an option excessively many adolescent misss choose because they are non every bit prepared to hold a kid as person older. As you can see, adolescent pregnancy is turning job that has given teenage misss the thought that it is alright to hold a kid at such a immature age. Because of adolescent pregnancy there are more abortions, acceptances, and loads placed on other people. Adolescent pregnancy is an issue that going more and more popular in today’s society but can be decreased if non prevented.


In this paper, adolescent pregnancy is discussed. You would acquire an penetration on contraceptive method, abortion, sex ed. , equal force per unit area, parental influence, and societal state of affairss. As stated in the paper, adolescent pregnancy is really serious, and it 's besides a really gluey state of affairs to travel through particularly as a adolescent. Adolescent females normally do n't intentionally desire to acquire pregnant ; they are largely pressured or want to research their sexual wonders. Sometimes nevertheless, misss intentionally seek and acquire pregnant because they want to be a female parent. In this paper you will larn all about teenage female parents and their babes and how it affects the both of them.

What are the effects of Teen Pregnancy?

The hazards for adolescent gestations are legion, for both female parent and kid. As a adolescent your castanetss are non to the full developed, and you are non finished maturating organic structure wise. To forestall some early hazards teens should see their primary health care supplier to cut down complications. Many mas put their egos at hazard in fright or because of denial. In order to hold a healthy pregnancy, the female parent requires a healthy diet, antenatal attention, exercising, and rest because as an stripling the organic structure is still maturating. The kid is put at hazard because as a adolescent female parent, the babe is more likely to be premature along with a low birth weight which leads to jobs in their ulterior life. The jobs range both mentally and physically. The kid may besides be born with birth defects. The adolescent female parent is at great hazard every bit good. The organic structure is strained in order to deliver the kid. If the castanetss are non wholly developed the pelvic bone is injured every bit good as the spinal column with lasting amendss.

In psychological ways, when a adolescent becomes pregnant she may steal into a depression and she besides is fear stricken because she feels she is excessively immature to be pregnant. Sometimes they do n't complete school because their pregnancy is excessively much to manage along with their instruction. If they do finish school they are entirely. Stranded, people look at them queerly because they are immature and pregnant. They are shunned from society in schools and public topographic points ; people use profanity against them and name them inappropriate names. The friends they one time had do n't hang around them any longer because they do n't desire to be caught with person pregnant, or because their parents believe it is inappropriate to hold a pregnant friend and that the friend might act upon them.

The options when covering with adolescent pregnancy are non really wide. One option is acceptance. There are many types of acceptance such as bureau acceptance, independent acceptances, closed acceptance, semi-open acceptance, and unfastened acceptance, etc. When covering with teens, most thin towards unfastened or semi-open acceptances. In unfastened acceptances, the parents get acquainted with the following parents. The parents are besides allowed to be a portion of the kid 's life as they mature. In semi-open acceptance, the parents exchange information with the following parents and receive images, electronic mails, updates, etc. about their kid. In closed acceptance, the parents ne'er meet the following parents, and cognize really small about them. Another option for adolescent pregnancy is abortion, in which there are many types. One type of abortion can be done at eight hebdomads in which a bantam tubing is inserted into the neck and the organic structure is vacuumed out. At 12 hebdomads suction aspiration abortion can be done, the female parent 's neck is dilated and a knife like curette is stuck into the uterus and vacuities out the organic structure. Dilation and curettement is another type in which the babe is cut into pieces and the organic structure is so scraped out. At 18 hebdomads, the female parent can hold dilation and emptying abortion. Dilation and emptying is the usage of forceps to interrupt the babe into pieces and so grate the interior of the uterus. Saline injection is the injection of a salt solution into the amnionic pouch. It easy kills the kid in about one hr and so the female parent gives birth to a dead or deceasing kid. In prostaglandin chemical abortion, a chemical is used to bring on labour. The female parent goes into labour but it is more violent and the kid is normally killed or decapitated during the birth. In the last three months cesarean abortion is used. The uterus is cut unfastened and the umbilical chord is cut. The O supply is cut away to the kid and the kid dies. As a last minute option, the adolescent may under travel partial-birth abortion. Partial abortion is barbarous and painful for both female parent and kid. An ultrasound guides the abortionist. The abortionist grabs the babes ' legs with forceps, drawing the legs out into the birth canal ; the whole organic structure is delivered excepting the caput and scissors are inserted to enlarge the skull, the babes ' encephalon is so sucked out and the dead babe is delivered. One concluding option for adolescent female parents is to raise the kid, they may or may non be given the ability to complete school but their kid is happy. The parents may be forced to acquire occupations to provide for their kids. In some instances, the adolescent 's parents offer aid to the teens and take attention of the kid as they finish school.

Adolescent Pregnancy and Abortion

Adolescent pregnancy in today & apos ; s society has become a immense issue in this epoch. Most of these adolescent & apos ; s are still in high school and have no manner of holding anyone to assist them. Most are finally traveling to be individual parents raising a kid or aborting the kid. `` In 1999.over 148,000 teenage gestations ended in abortion '' ( advocatesforyouth.org ) . This leads teenage female parent & apos ; s to rear their kid in single-parent places or have illegal abortions. Even though some of these teens have no cognition on the effects on abortions they find it to be the easiest manner to do the state of affairs better. However, aborting a kid may non ever be the best reply to work outing a job, but it should be a determination they are able to do on their ain.

There have been plenty of teenage abortions and it is usual for a adult female to hold had an abortion. `` About one in three American adult females will hold had an abortion by the clip she reaches age 45 '' ( guttmacher.org ) . It is likely for any adult female to hold an abortion, even those that thought they would ne'er make it. `` 50 % of adult females holding abortions are in their 20 '' s ; 61 % have one or more kids ; 67 % have ne'er married ; 57 % are economically disadvantaged ; 88 % unrecorded in a metropolitan country and 78 % study a spiritual association '' ( guttmacher.org ) . Having an abortion seems to be common in America. So irrespective of what is said there are still those few who will go on to make illegal abortions. `` The teenage abortion ratio is 375 abortions per 1,000 births to adult females ages 15 to 19. The teenage abortion rate is 18 per 1,000 adult females ages 15-19 '' ( advocatesforyouth.org ) .

`` One out of every 20 misss becomes pregnant the first clip she has sex '' ( Cavendish, 12 ) . Most of these teens are immature and are afraid to state their parents. `` Of teenage adult females who become pregnant, approximately 35 % choose to hold abortions instead than bear a kid '' ( prochioice.org ) . They have a figure of grounds for desiring a babe. Some come from households where they & apos ; ve received small fondness and attending. `` Rather than state their parents-for whatever reason-some adolescents resort to insecure abortions or seek to execute the abortion themselves. In making so, they risk serious hurts, decease or in some instances, condemnable charges '' ( prochoice.com ) .

Most teens will take the opportunity of traveling through the complications of illegal abortions because they are afraid how others might comprehend them or how their parent & apos ; s reactions might be. `` In general, teens signifier households that are better of financially and who have higher outlooks for the hereafter have been more likely to take to stop a pregnancy with abortion than teens from hapless places or who have low hopes for the hereafter '' ( advocatesforyouth.org ) . Some teens find it harder to state their parents because their parents might non respond every bit good as they should. This leaves the kid to do a speedy determination to abort the kid. `` 61 % of bush leagues who have abortions do so with at least one parent & apos ; s cognition ; 45 % of parents are told by their girl. The great bulk of parents support their girl & apos ; s determinations to hold an abortion '' ( stuwww.tcu.edu ) .

More and more teens find ways of having abortions merely so they will non hold to cover with a kid. Although managing a kid at a immature age is a immense duty, it is one of the effects for holding unprotected sex. Most of the adolescents refuse to take birth control because they think everyone will do merriment of them. Others that use the preventives may utilize them falsely. `` 78 % of adolescent gestations are unplanned, accounting for about ј of all inadvertent gestations yearly '' ( stuwww.tcu.edu ) . These are the teens that tend to hold more than one sex spouse and are likely to hold more than one kid while being a adolescent. Not merely do they gestate more than one kid, but can perchance hold had an abortion and their parents were unable to detect. `` Abortion at eight hebdomads or less gestation has a human death rate of 0.4 per 100,000 abortions '' ( advocatesforyouth.org ) .

Swerving Subjects

Teenage abortion has become a complicated issue in today 's clip. The determination we are faced with is `` Who Chooses '' , the parent or their pregnant teenage girl. Most parents are informed and back up their girl 's determination whatever that determination might be. There are a few teenage misss who do non inform their parents they are pregnant and want to hold an abortion. Alternatively they have illegal abortions or travel out of province to hold an abortion done because it is illegal in their place province. Teenage abortion is on the addition ; it is a ceaseless conflict that poses a legal, medical, societal and moral quandary. . Many legal conflicts have been fought in the United States over the issue of abortion. Merz states that the earliest American jurisprudence on abortion was based on the British common jurisprudence. In add-on, Merz says until 1803 the British common jurisprudence did non see abortion as a offense if it was performed before the foetus `` quickened '' . Since a foetus is non yet a babe, does the unborn kid have the capacity to experience pain? Doctors today know that unborn kids can experience a touch within the uterus and that they respond to trouble ( Reagan 31 ) . In the 1800 clip period abortions were legal but in the 1900 's they became illegal in the United States. Merz reveals that in 1973 the Supreme Court, in the. Roe v. Wade instance decreed that a constitutional `` right to privacy '' gave adult females the right to take. On the other manus, American Medical Associates in 1970 affirmed abortion was a medical process and was to be performed on evidences of `` sound clinical judgement '' ( Burtchaell 61 ) . The Allan Gullmacher Institution studies that in the United States about half of the provinces have enacted Torahs necessitating bush leagues seeking abortion to hold parental consent. . Abortion is induced expiration of pregnancy before the embryo or foetus is able to last on its ain. Harmonizing to Merz, there are several abortion methods: induced abortion is the most normally used method.

Argumentative essay on teenage pregnancy

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Argumentative essay on teenage pregnancy rate

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Argumentative address on teenage pregnancy

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TEEN ESSAY: Adolescent pregnancy 's costs need to be understood

As stated by the Southwest Community Health Center, two out of three adolescent female parents ne'er graduate from high school. Education is highly of import and without one, many teens will non acquire far. Without an instruction, it is harder to acquire a occupation that will pay what is needed to back up a household. Harmonizing to parents.com, a babe born now will be a middle-class household $ 170,460 to raise through age 17. Many teens are non in the right topographic point in their calling, if they even have one, to be considered as portion of the in-between category. Teens chiefly acquire paid minimal pay. Minimal pay does non supply adequate money for the disbursals of a newborn. Minimumwage.org states that a individual who earns lower limit pay in California will merely do $ 16,640 a twelvemonth. Teenss like to travel out shopping and to other locations but can non if they are supplying for person other than themselves. A adolescent could non manage the fiscal force per unit area to supply for a kid.

Two adolescents raising a kid is difficult plenty, but imagine if the male parent of the kid is n't there at all. It is far more common that the female parent will fight with raising the kid on her ain. Harmonizing to the Southwest Community Health Center, `` merely one out of every five adolescent female parents receives any support from the kid 's male parent and about 80 per centum terminal up on public assistance. '' Pregnancy can be prevented and you all know how, you merely necessitate to make it. There are plentifulness of options, such as abstention, rubbers and unwritten preventives. There is ever the opportunity of preventives neglecting, but that opportunity is slimmer than non utilizing any protection at all. The lone certain manner to avoid pregnancy is abstention. That is why you need to truly believe about your hereafter and see whether it 's worth it.

Covering with pregnancy is non easy for the teens or their parents. Parents have a difficult clip accepting that their adolescent is pregnant. Kidshealth.org and other such web sites exist to assist parents get by and calculate out how to manage the state of affairs. There are besides web sites for teens to have aid parenting and besides cope with their pregnancy issues, such as helpstartshere.org. It is no uncertainty both teens and their parents necessitate aid. Teens should be safe now because they can, instead than literally pay the monetary value for merely doing a bad pick. Think about the effects before making anything you might repent. Be smart or you will be a portion of this turning statistic.

Facts and Statisticss about Teenage Abortion

Reports indicate that there are about 1 million adolescents in America that become pregnant each twelvemonth. Of those, 78 % are unintended. Of all the teenage adult females that become pregnant, 35 % choose to hold an abortion instead than bear a kid. This indicates a job in the sum of sexual activity with teens, and finally the determination made one time they find out they are pregnant. At Choices, we are a resource for adolescents and immature adult females and work forces seeking for replies when it comes to their pregnancy. Whether you are believing about an abortion or merely diffident about what your following determination should be, we provide the resources and knowledge so you can do the determination that is right for you.

Adolescent Abortion Statisticss

In recent old ages the figure of adolescent gestations and adolescent abortions have declined ; harmonizing to the Guttmacher Institute, there has been a 50 % bead in adolescent abortions since the extremum in late eightiess. More teens waiting to hold sex until they are older has helped to cut down these Numberss, as has better prophylactic usage. USA Today studies, nevertheless, that the last few old ages have seen a little addition in adolescent pregnancy rates. Birth rates increased 4 % and abortion rates increased 1 % . This may be due to any figure of causes, including hapless sex instruction among teens, societal tendencies, or even the influence of the media.

Ratess Declined Dramatically in All States and Among All Racial and Ethnic Groups, but Disparities Remain

Adolescent pregnancy, birth and abortion rates in the United States all reached new historic depressions in 2011, harmonizing to two new analyses ( national and province ) from the Guttmacher Institute. In 2011, approximately 553,000 gestations occurred among adolescent adult females aged 15–19, for a national rate of 52.4 gestations per 1,000 adult females in that age-group. This is the lowest rate observed in the last four decennaries, and it marks a 23 % diminution from the 2008 adolescent pregnancy rate of 68.2. National adolescent birth and abortion rates have besides declined aggressively: in 2011, there were 31.3 births per 1,000 adolescent adult females ( down from 40.2 in 2008 ) and 13.5 abortions per 1,000 adolescent adult females ( down from 18.1 in 2008 ) .

Although rates of adolescent pregnancy and its results have declined among all racial and cultural groups, broad disparities persist. In 2011, pregnancy rates among non-Hispanic black teens ( 92.6 per 1,000 ) and Latino teens ( 73.5 per 1,000 ) were more than double the pregnancy rate for non-Hispanic white teens ( 35.3 per 1,000 ) . Similarly, adolescent birth and abortion rates differ well across racial and cultural groups. These disparities mirror those found in unintended pregnancy rates among all U.S. adult females of generative age, which are several times higher among adult females of colour than among white adult females.

Research workers analyzed birth informations from the National Center for Health Statistics and abortion informations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Guttmacher’s Abortion Provider Census to cipher the 2011 adolescent pregnancy rate. Population informations are from the U.S. Census Bureau. The Guttmacher Institute on a regular basis updates adolescent pregnancy statistics as portion of our ongoing surveillance of pregnancy statistics for the United States. The methodological analysis has been updated from old studies to guarantee the most accurate informations ; hence, old years’ statistics may differ somewhat from those in earlier studies.


Among the 21 states with complete statistics, the pregnancy rate among 15- to 19-year olds was the highest in the United States ( 57 gestations per 1,000 females ) and the lowest rate was in Switzerland ( 8 ) . Rates were higher in some former Soviet states with uncomplete statistics ; they were the highest in Mexico and Sub-saharan African states with available information. Among states with dependable grounds, the highest rate among 10- to 14-year olds was in Hungary. The proportion of adolescent gestations that ended in abortion ranged from 17 % in Slovakia to 69 % in Sweden. The proportion of gestations that ended in unrecorded births tended to be higher in states with high adolescent pregnancy rates ( p =.02 ) . The pregnancy rate has declined since the mid-1990s in the bulk of the 16 states where tendencies could be assessed.


To gauge teen2 and early stripling pregnancy rates, we require informations on Numberss of births, abortions, and females 10–14 and 15–19 old ages old. For most states, information on all three constituents was obtained, in falling order of penchant, from countries’ published critical statistics studies, digests of these studies in the United Nations ( UN ) Statistics Division’s Demographic Yearbook, the Transformative Monitoring for Enhanced Equity Database maintained by the United Nations Children’s Fund, or the UN Population Division’s population projections. The information beginnings used for each constituent in each state are presented in Appendix Table 1.

Birth informations are by and large complete, but the aggregation and rating of abortion informations and appraisal of abortions merit extra treatment. Abortion studies in the beginnings antecedently mentioned include merely processs that were performed within the bounds of the jurisprudence. In states with broad abortion Torahs, about all, if non all, abortions are legal.3 However, abortion statistics are non complete for all states, even for legal abortions. The quality of abortion statistics varies across states and depends on a figure of factors including whether abortion coverage is voluntary or required by jurisprudence, whether all types of induced abortion processs are required to be reported, whether there are effects for failure to describe abortions, such as deficiency of reimbursement for services rendered, whether there are fiscal deterrences to describing abortions, such as revenue enhancement duties associated with abortion performed, and whether describing systems have complete coverage of abortions provided in the private sector. The completeness of coverage can besides alter over clip if fortunes that influence describing alteration. In this analysis, we categorize states into three groups:


Adolescent pregnancy, birth, and abortion rates are the figure of events per 1,000 females 15–19 old ages old. The rates for immature striplings are calculated as the figure of events per 1,000 females 10–14 old ages old. Rates among immature striplings would probably be higher if they could be computed for 13–to14–year olds, to whom most of these events probably occur, but population estimations for this 2-year age group are non available for many states. For all gestations, the adolescent’s age is measured at the clip of the pregnancy result. Assurance intervals are non presented because critical statistics on unrecorded births and populations are non considered estimations with uncertainness, but true population values.

We examine tendencies in states for which estimates for the mid-1990s were antecedently published, if estimations are deemed to be sufficiently complete in both periods. The estimations for that period were likewise made across all possible states and classified by completeness of studies. The antecedently published information included merely births and abortions ; we estimated Numberss of abortions in the mid-1990s to render the pregnancy estimates comparable with those for 2011. Tendencies in adolescent pregnancy rates since the mid-1990s are presented both as the mean one-year alteration in absolute rate points and the annualized8 per centum alteration in each state. Both steps are utile because the absolute point alteration can be big if the baseline rate is high, whereas the per centum alteration controls for differences in the baseline rate.


Among the 21 states with broad abortion Torahs and complete adolescent pregnancy estimations for 2008–2011, the rate was the highest in the United States ( 57 gestations per 1,000 striplings in 2010 ) , followed by New Zealand ( 51 ) and England and Wales ( 47 ) ( Table 1 ) . The lowest adolescent pregnancy rate was in Switzerland ( 8 ) , followed by the Netherlands ( 14 ) , Singapore ( 14 ) , and Slovenia ( 14 ) . Among states with uncomplete estimations, rates were high in Azerbaijan ( 67 ) , Georgia ( 62 ) , and Romania ( 61 ) . Adolescent pregnancy rates were far higher in Mexico and the Sub-saharan African states than in any other states in this reappraisal, runing from 121 ( Ethiopia ) to 187 ( Burkina Faso ) .

The birth rates in the states with complete pregnancy estimations ranged from 2 ( Switzerland ) to 34 ( the United States ) . However, adolescent birth rates can be reasonably compared across a broader scope of states because these statistics are less prone to underreporting than are abortion rates. Among all 49 states reviewed here, the rates were the highest by far in states in Sub-Saharan Africa. The rate exceeded 90 in all four states represented from this part and was the highest in Burkina Faso ( 128 ) . Outside Sub-Saharan Africa, the highest adolescent birth rate was in Mexico ( 68 ) , followed by Azerbaijan ( 54 ) . Among the Northern, Western, and Southern European states, the birth rate was the highest in Scotland ( 23 ) and England and Wales ( 21 ) .

Pregnancy, birth, and abortion rates among immature striplings ( 10–14 old ages old ) are far lower than among 15- to 19-year olds ( Table 2 ) . Of the 23 states for which birth rates to 10- to 14-year olds are presented, the highest was in Romania ( 1.40 ) , followed by the United States ( .45 ) . In the bulk of states, there were fewer than.20 births per 1,000 10- to 14-year-old misss. Of the 11 states with complete estimations of immature adolescent pregnancy rates, the lowest was in Switzerland ( .09 ) and the highest was in Hungary ( 1.19 gestations per 1,000 females 10–14 old ages old ) and the United States ( 1.08 ) . The rate was even higher in Romania ( 2.64 ) where it is likely underestimated. Estimates for this age group are non available from the surveies conducted in states with restrictive abortion Torahs. The per centum of gestations to girls in this age group that ended in abortion was the lowest in Slovakia ( 22 % ) and otherwise ranged from 46 % in the United States to 87 % in Sweden. Generally, a higher proportion of gestations to 10- to 14-year olds ended in abortion compared with the proportion among 15- to 19-year olds.


The adolescent pregnancy rate declined in the bulk of the 16 states with complete estimations in both the mid-1990s and 2011 ( Figure 2 ; see besides Appendix Table 2 for pregnancy, birth, and abortion rates in the mid-1990s ) . The steepest annualized per centum alteration occurred in Estonia ( 4 % per twelvemonth ) . The diminution might hold been steeper in Russia and some other former Soviet states, but uncomplete abortion studies preclude an appraisal of tendencies in these states. The steepest mean one-year point alteration in the rate was in the United States ( 2.9 points per twelvemonth, on norm ) where the rate was the highest in 1996. The adolescent pregnancy rate increased in Belgium and Sweden. However, current rates in these states are still reasonably low, at 21 and 29, severally.


Not surprisingly, adolescent pregnancy and birth rates are higher in Mexico and the states in Sub-Saharan Africa than in the other states in this reappraisal. In these parts, where norms frequently include early age at matrimony and early start of child-bearing, a larger proportion of gestations to striplings are likely to be intended than in developed states. For illustration, in Sub-Saharan Africa as a whole, merely approximately 35 % of gestations to 15- to 19-year olds in 2007 were unintended. The planning position of gestations to teens is non consistently collected across developed states, but in the United States, it is estimated that 82 % of gestations to teens are unintended.

This is a descriptive survey, non an illative one, and we did non analyze the factors that explain the differences across states or tendencies over clip. However, much research has been directed at understanding the possible drivers of adolescent pregnancy rates across populations. The most of import immediate determiners of pregnancy incidence are sexual activity and preventive nonuse. Evidence indicates that, across industrialised states, differences exist in prophylactic prevalence among striplings, more so than in the degree of sexual activity. Method mix and the effectivity of the methods normally used probably besides influence differences in unintended pregnancy rates among teens across populations.

Among the more distal determiners of adolescent pregnancy rates are societal, economic, and cultural factors. Evidence suggests that the degree of national wealth, the gait of economic development, and the magnitude of income inequality within states are all associated with differences in adolescent birth rates between countries.The degree of credence of adolescent gender and the societal outlook that teens will responsibly utilize contraceptive method have besides been linked to degrees of preventive usage. Recent grounds from Europe indicates that the proviso of free or subsidised preventives is associated with comparatively low pregnancy and birth rates.

Surveies have more often examined the relationship among societal, economic, and cultural factors and differences in adolescent pregnancy rates within states. In the United Kingdom and the United States, for illustration, adolescent pregnancy rates are higher in the most socioeconomically deprived groups. In the United States, the pregnancy rate is 100 among black adolescents and 38 among white teens ( a rate that is still high for a developed state ) ,9 although this derived function has decreased with clip. Qualitative research in the United Kingdom points to hapless stuff fortunes, sadness at place or at school, and low outlooks for the hereafter as factors associated with high adolescent pregnancy rates.

Adolescent birth rates are high in many Eastern Europe and Central Asiatic states. These high rates have been attributed to a figure of barriers to entree to contraceptive method. In some former Soviet states, females under 18 old ages old can non entree sexual and generative wellness services without a parent’s consent.Other barriers noted in situational analyses include the high cost of supplies, prescription demands for some methods, limited Numberss of mercantile establishments from which to obtain prophylactic supplies, deficiency of gender instruction plans ( and hapless quality of plans where they do be ) , and cultural norms that limit the usage of contraceptive method.

We found that the proportion of adolescent gestations that end in abortion varies widely across states with broad abortion Torahs. The reverse association between the pregnancy rate and the proportion of gestations that end in abortion might reflect that a greater proportion of gestations are planned where rates are high. Alternately, it could propose that the configuration of forces that make it difficult for striplings to forestall adolescent gestations ( such as limited entree to sexual and generative wellness services including household planning ) besides limit their ability to end unplanned gestations.

Extra research would assist us better understand fortunes that can take to adolescent gestations and how these fortunes can be influenced. Examination of the factors that influence whether an stripling who gets pregnant will seek an abortion or have a kid can besides inform how striplings can be supported in the face of a pregnancy. Furthermore, farther research to assist extricate the factors that are causally associated with unplanned adolescent gestations from the factors that are merely correlated with such gestations can inform intercessions aimed at assisting adolescent misss avoid unintended pregnancy and alternatively take advantage of other chances before them.


The funders played no function in the design or behavior of the survey, the aggregation, direction, analysis, or reading of the informations, or the readying, reappraisal, or blessing of the article. The writers thank Heather Boonstra for her valuable feedback on the article and to Alyssa Tartaglione for her aid fixing the article for entry. Preliminary findings from this project were presented at the one-year meeting of the American Public Health Association in Boston, MA, in November 2013 and the European Population Conference in Budapest, Hungary, in June 2014. G.S. and L.B.F. led the conceptualisation of this project, with input from S.S. and A.B. G.S. oversaw informations aggregation, led the reading of findings, and drafted the article. L.B.F. conducted parts of the information analysis and revised parts of the article. L.B.F. , A.B. , and S.S. provided substantial input during informations aggregation and reading of findings and reviewed bill of exchanges of the article. M.A.E. collected and managed the informations, helped fix tabular arraies, and reviewed bill of exchanges of the article. All writers had entree to all the informations in the survey and can take duty for the unity of the informations and the truth of the analysis.


About a one-fourth of all teenage gestations in the U.S. terminal in abortion. Three in four teenage gestations ( 75 per centum ) are unintended, and two out of every five unintended adolescent gestations ( 42 per centum ) ended in abortion in 2011. Teenss may take to hold an abortion because they have concerns about how holding a babe would derail of import personal ends ( for illustration, finishing their instruction ) ; they worry about the fiscal duties associated with parentage ; or they feel that they are non mature plenty to go a parent. Adolescent abortion rates are sensitive to a figure of factors, including whether gestations are intended, personal pick, and policies that expand or restrict entree to abortion.

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