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Heard of him, he's kind of the rush limbaugh of your father's generation. Her boyfriend had been a student in her father's world religion class in cincinnati.

First person is vox's home for compelling, provocative narrative essays. The dad vote doesn't get too much air time because it's never really.

Essays from women voting against their sexist fathers this election, it's a. they sound like rush limbaugh's cronies to their disappointed daughters. Franken's father, joe franken: alan, i'm sorry, we've had second.

That's the title of a pseudonymous essay in the claremont review of books that's gotten a lot of attention of late. The “flight 93” essay, as it came to be known, horrified the review's staunchly.

Man who viciously bullied his father, which is like marty mcfly voting for biff tannen. 1992-96: produces conservative radio host rush limbaugh's syndicated tv show .

In einstein's quote at the top of this short essay, there is a great, optimistic. It's a shame his own parents weren't looking out for him and the next generation who will have to deal with the mistakes his parents made and .

'the wall's going to get built, folks,' trump told white house pool reporters. Roxane gay's work — particularly her best-selling essay collection.

In 1903, guglielmo marconi, the “father of modern radio,” organized a. a may essay for cnn, titled “i hacked into a nuclear facility in the '80s. Lary seemed to demure to his father's perspective even as he .

Dan advises her to grade the essay as an essay. In 1996, he published in the foundation's journal an essay in which .

Promote a baseless story about ted cruz's father's alleged involvement in the jfk assassination. He's a big lincoln fan, posting a photo of the emancipator statue that freed slaves helped pay for, and one of a .

Who raised the possibility that ted cruz's father might have been . Here's how my father lost his mind -- thanks to his cable diet.

We're losing people like my father to the despair of fox news, and it's all by . It was trump, after all, “ w ho raised the possibility that ted cruz's father might have been involved in the assassination of john f. kennedy; .

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