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They are “puck of pook's hill” by rudyard kipling, a first american edition. Rudyard kipling described them in her majesty's servants, a short story .

Made a video montage of a reading of rudyard kipling's poem if--. Robertson's essay about sherborne school for girls – “the potting shed of the.

Verses from rudyard kipling's 1898 poem “the explorer” are selectively quoted. Kipling wrote a memorial poem about roosevelt titled “great heart,” a bunyan character--not knowing that “great heart” was tr's private .

Poetry delight: 3 famous poems – kofi awoonor, maya angelou, rudyard kipling. Kofi awoonor's of home and sea i already sang, richard kipling's if and.

Rudyard kipling, england's poet of empire, wrote, “oh, east is east and west is west, and never the twain shall meet”, contrasting europe and . Rudyard kipling's creations in verse and prose are among the most.

Kipling was a poet first, if not last, with a knack for the catchy phrase — admen have cheerfully pilfered “the white man's burden” for soap and . Who wrote poems, stories and essays about the war's devastating effects.

In her memoirs of the “quintessentially un-english outlook” displayed by the european community, going on to quote rudyard kipling's poem . This time it was rudyard kipling, and the context was britain's world war i .

Much has been said about rudyard kipling's idea of the exotic and. In a famous poem written in 1899, 'the white man's burden', kipling .

Rudyard kipling's poem, simply entitled if, ranks among the most popular pieces of . This spring brought rudyard kipling back into the news—or, at least, into a. lionel trilling, and randall jarrell, for example, wrote essays on the topic.

With its bore cannon on display and rudyard kipling's 'if' inscribed proudly. Of the recalcitrant elephant's child in rudyard kipling's 'just so stories'.

Robert burns poet, sir arthur conan doyle writer, harry houdini escape artist, rudyard kipling author, poet, brad paisley musician , . For example, in 1903, the idea of the “white man's burden,” to quote the poet rudyard kipling, propelled president william mckinley to annex .

It provides a framework for contextualizing rudyard kipling's poetry, dw . Rudyard kipling's kim was his bedside book, from which he learned that the twin narrative techniques are “the game” and “the quest”, whether .

“gardens are not made by sitting in the shade,” said rudyard kipling 1865-1936, an english poet, journalist and author of the jungle book . At that stage i had only read midnight's children, rudyard kipling and.

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