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Road Safety Essay 3 ( 200 words )

As we all are good cognizant that road accidents, hurt and decease has been really common now-a-days. Peoples non following the road traffic regulations and road safety steps are the chief cause of such accidents on the roads. We ever hear in the intelligence or by our friends about the road accidents because of the incorrect side drive, deficiency of road safety regulations, steps, high velocity, rummy drive, etc. Government has made assortment of road traffic and road safety regulations for everyone utilizing road for their safety and cut downing the figure of day-to-day road accidents. We should follow the all the regulations and ordinances such as practising defensive drive, utilizing safety steps, keeping velocity bound, understanding road marks, etc.

Road Safety Essay 4 ( 250 words )

There are assorted methods of making consciousness among common public such as seminars, workshops, pupils instruction by adding basic road-safety lessons to syllabus, do people cognizant about green cross codification means stop, expression, listen, think and so cross, larning of traffic visible radiations, apprehension of road marks, etc. Following all the road safety measures help a batch to protect all the road jobs. Some effectual steps of road safety are like basic consciousness about vehicle, defensive driving harmonizing to conditions and road conditions, usage of vehicle visible radiations and horn, have oning place belt, good usage of vehicle mirrors, avoid over-speeding, understanding road visible radiations, keeping distance of vehicle on road, proper apprehension of managing crisis state of affairs, telecast of consciousness docudramas on Television, etc.

Road Safety Essay 5 ( 300 words )

Road accidents have become really common due to the vehicle hits and ignorance of proper road safety steps. The figure of decease is increasing due to the motor vehicle hits by the people disregarding road safety regulations. All the roads have been busier for full twenty-four hours where vehicle are running in their high-speed. Peoples in the modern universe are being used to of their personal transit so there is more traffic on the roads than of all time before. In such status, it needs people to follow traffic regulations and road safety regulations to pattern safe drive in careful mode. So that the road accidents can be reduced.

Each and every people must make defensive drive classs ( under the counsel of authorised teacher by any recognized drive school ) before start drive on the roads. It is really of import for road safety intents. Everyone must cognize the fast one to manage serious state of affairss related to vehicles ( how to run vehicles ) or themselves on the roads to salvage assorted accidents and lives. Road safety steps should be added in the school as an of import topic so that pupils can acquire detail cognition in their early age before driving. Most of the road accidents instances happened because of improper cognition about operating vehicles and deficiency of proper road safety steps.

What is the Problem? -

Whenever a road accident takes topographic point there is assorted types of harm which takes topographic point which could be in the signifier of human existences which is besides a victim, substructure which is harm to the authorities and other disposal amendss which occurs during accident. There is heavy cost to all above types of amendss which has to be paid during accident which increase the complication if every twenty-four hours there will 100s of accidents across the state which would straight impact the economic system of the state such as UAE. There is a cost which has to be paid by the victim 's household which cause great job financially, the belongings is damaged due to the accident which besides affect authorities financially indirectly. There is besides some disposal cost which will undergo due to the accident.


The chief ground behind the accidents which occur so often on the roads of UAE is that inattention which is given during driving a auto. There would likely lesser sum of accidents if proper attending and regulations are followed during going. There could be ground related to conditions which besides come into consequence into the ground behind accident which is of class a natural ground, the fog which causes less visual aspect of on approaching vehicles could ensue in accidents. The other chief ground which can do monolithic accident is ingestion of intoxicant during driving. There are some stats related to the auto accidents in UAE-

Current Policy-

There are assorted policies which has been started or being formed for the increasing road accidents on the roads of UAE. There is an immediate demand for the acceptance of authorities 's policies which could alter the face of the accidents in the positive mode. Recently there is a conference been held in Abu Dhabi which was 15th Road Safety conference of four continents under the backing of the frailty president and premier curate of United Arab of Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid AL Maktoum. This conference was chiefly organized by National Transport Authority ( NTA ) and with coaction with other groups such as GRPS, FERSI, TRB and many more. This was the first road safety conference which will traveling to follow United Nation Assembly declaration A/64/L.44/Rev1 on safety of roads. The purpose to carry on this conference was to follow the way being adopted by the UN assembly declaration and to back up the declaration being done in Moscow to better the safety steps on road. This conference was great platform for the authorities to follow the steps which are being adopted and proficient methods which are better than their methods could be adopted and being implemented to build a safe universe to populate in which is free from ant accident. It was a great platform to debate for road safety issues and to discourse them and the measuring for the betterment of safety steps. There should be organisation of future events and organize a close relationship with conveyance establishments and the authorities governments to work on the subject of road safety which can cut down the figure of accidents which took topographic point these yearss. The decision of this conference come out with the apprehension that all the participants that is the states or the states which have participated in the conference will follow the counsel given by the United Nations on the road safety steps. There should be execution of the strategic program such as “Zero Vision” which is celebrated in some states in Europe which should be encouraged by the United Arab of Emirates authorities every bit good as the bureau under which this undertaking will travel should manage it with attention.

Government ' s Reaction-

The accidents which are taking topographic point in the UAE part of Arab states are acquiring out of the dismaying state of affairs so there is a demand of taking protective steps by the authorities to heighten the instruction related to the safety acceptance during driving to avoid the hazard of accident. There are assorted policies which have been introduced by the UAE authorities to guarantee that there is less figure of accidents in the state. There are assorted system introduced to command the accidents which takes topographic point at the main road like debut of all right system, black points and application like radio detection and rangings should be installed. So these systems should be discussed in item to understand their singularity

System of fine-

There is an debut of mulct in assorted states for the breakage of traffic regulations to command the on-going accident on the main roads or on the street but the all right system which is applied in the United Arab Emirates part is someway small harsh from other states because of the diversified ambiance of that state and the big sum of vehicles running daily from one finish to other. There are more than 100s of offenses which are made under the regulation which involves fine-looking sum of money which is to be given by the perpetrator if he/she found guilty of any one of them. There are some illustrations which could be given to demo you how rigorous is the authorities of UAE

Radar System-

Assorted states are following high tech installations to command the rate of accidents which is touching the sky. There are proficient appliances which are available in the market which could observe the velocity of a vehicle from few kilometres before which could assist in commanding the velocities of the vehicle which is the chief ground for the accidents. For illustration there is radio detection and ranging installed someplace at the topographic point on main road which used to maintain path of the velocity of ongoing vehicles and if found some vehicle is running at the velocity which excessively high so the censors of radio detection and ranging will give the indicant about it. This system and other assorted steps which have been initialized by the authorities have reduced the rate of accidents which were taking topographic point before. You will be shocked through the stats that decease due to road accidents in Dubai has fallen short by 27 per centum in the first nine months of the last twelvemonth which are the figures being given by the Road and Transport Authority ( RTA ) . There has been tonss of attempt being given by the UAE ministry of Interior in doing the roads safer for the walkers and the automobilists.

Alternate Policy-

The policies which are been introduced by the authorities or some of them which are in the line are discussed in the above subjects but the aid or the steps which an person could take has its ain penchants. There are some policies which could be added in the list of the safety regulations can assist them a batch to somehow diminish the accidents being taking topographic point at the main road or on the streets. There should be establishing of state broad runs which could assist in supplying information sing the road safety steps being adopted and to do people cognizant of the regulations which are being introduced in the regulation books. There are around 11551 hurts and coincident deceases on the streets of Dubai and there are 17 deceases which took topographic point weekly in Dubai which is rather flooring with the stats. There are web sites which conduct on-line trial to prove the cognition of the road Torahs of the people which have another intent besides which is to do cognizant people about assorted Torahs and protective steps which they can take while driving.

There should be formation of different associations which could take portion in doing the regulations of road safety implemented in every portion of the state and assist the authorities in cut downing the rate of accidents and which should supply assorted new invented steps which could be implemented and will be helpful in diminishing the rate of accidents, the authorities should take these type of thoughts. There is really crisp division on the velocity surfs which are situated on the main roads could be placed with the premonition boards and decently colored which could be seen from a distance but the travellers feel that velocity surfs are non necessary on the main roads but the villagers which understands the necessity of the surfs for their safety from the fast running vehicles. So these ways we have seen the division of outlook.

The Non-Governing Organizations ( NGOs ) should come in forepart to set excess attempt on the safety measures being introduced by the authorities. There are mechanical failures which could happen in vehicle apart from it there are chiefly driver 's mistake which could ensue in terrible monolithic accidents ensuing into loss of many lives with them. Nowadays people are devouring intoxicant and drive vehicle which could ensue into serious accident so the policy should be made to look into the intoxicant ingestion which should non be found more than a standard degree as set by the authorities. There are bulls which are posted at some topographic point on the main roads to look into for these types of mistakes with breath taking machines which indicates if there is overconsumption of intoxicant.

Sometimes there are accidents which occur due to improper mark boards being placed on the roads. The proper planning of metropolis could do a metropolis free from accident which can be made by taking such types of protective steps such as pavements should be made to avoid walking on the roads which could diminish in the road hitting instances in the metropolis, the crossing which is made should be made more uplifted to salvage prosaic, there should be the installation for separate lanes for the two Wheeler, three Wheeler vehicles which can go in merely one row to avoid the hazard of accidents. The activities like speaking on cell phone, listening to music while driving should be avoided by an single by themselves which could earnestly harm their lives and is termed as really unsafe. The authorities should walk through every rural and urban country to educate the people and launch run at really large degree to affect as many people as it can so that more and more people are being introduced to the new engineerings which are quickly being involved in the traffic regulations.

There should be no mechanical default in the vehicle which is really 5 % of the accidents which take topographic point but there should adequate steps which should be taken by single like proper erosion of seat belts, clip to clip service of the vehicle to avoid any hazard during long tally and other steps which should be taken by the drivers to drive safely on the main roads which is the topographic point of holding maximal hazard of accident. The driver which is driving a auto should be good educated plenty to place the wayside signboards to minimise human mistake so that hazard of accident from human side decreases as low it can be.


The auto accidents are taking topographic point at frequent rate in the state like United Arab of Emirate where figure of main road are more which increases the rate of accident, the protective step should be taken by an person while driving a vehicle which has been introduced in above points. There are assorted policies which are introduced by the authorities to diminish the dismaying state of affairs of the rate of accidents happening in UAE. There are stats which are flooring about the deceases of the people occurred during the accidents, these can merely be improved when there is an low-level formatting from every individual of the state and if full support is achieved by the authorities of the state so there are opportunities to quiet down the temperature of the rate of accident happening at main road.

Driver Fatigue is an of import cause of road clangs.

There 's a strong possibility that the driver autumn asleep and run off the road. Tiredness and weariness can frequently impact your driving ability long before you even notice you’re acquiring tired. Fatigue related clangs are frequently more terrible than others because driver 's reaction times are delayed or they have failed to do any manoeuvres to avoid a clang. Symptoms of driver weariness include heavy palpebras, frequent oscitance, a drifting vehicle that wanders over road lines, changing vehicle velocity for no ground, misjudging traffic state of affairss, and seeing things `` jump out '' in the road, experiencing fidgety or cranky and reverie.

In Australia:

One survey based on coronial and constabularies studies found that weariness played a portion in merely 5 per cent of fatal clangs in 1988. A more recent study ( for 1994 ) based on coronial and constabularies studies found that weariness played a portion to about 18 per cent of fatal clangs. It included non merely those clangs in which constabulary identified weariness as a cause, but besides instances where the clang description suggested 'loss of concentration ' had been a conducive factor. A 3rd reappraisal found that around 30 per cent of rural clangs in Western Australia could be attributed to tire. Fatigue is a major cause of clangs in Victoria ensuing in some 70 deceases and about 500 serious hurts each twelvemonth. Recently research shows weariness is a lending factor in around 20-25 per cent of all fatal auto accidents in Victoria.


The worst suituation is when you 're on a long trip entirely. The possibility that a rider will detect you snoozing off is zero. The deficiency of riders besides eliminates exchanging drivers and the ability to maintain yourself stimulated through conversation. I travel entirely when I go see household a twosome times a twelvemonth ( 350 myocardial infarctions each manner ) . I 've have a twosome of cases where I 'd detect that the eyes are acquiring heavy. As with many interstates, peculiarly those with tolls, the following remainder halt can be 30 stat mis or more. IMO drawing onto the shoulder for any ground other than a true exigency is a really, really bad thought -- its unsafe and I 'd guess a conjecture, besides illegal. I 've found that speaking ( or even shouting ) to/at one 's ego works rather good at remaining focussed and watchful. Though I would n't urge it in heavy traffic or at toll booths, else some concerned automobilist may believe you 've jumped ship at the province mental ward and phone constabulary.

Atlanta Car Accident on an Icy Road: Who Is Responsible?

Each twelvemonth many people in the U.S. suffer serious hurt or unlawful decease in accidents on icy roads. Many of those accident victims presume that because the auto clang occurred on an ice covered road, they can non seek compensation for their hurts including medical costs, lost net incomes, hurting and agony, disablement and disfiguration, belongings harm and other costs. However, most car accidents have more than one lending factor so an accident on an icy Atlanta road may still entitle you to fiscal compensation by those whose behavior contributed to your Georgia auto accident. At Montlick and Associates, Attorneys at Law, we have been stand foring those who suffer ruinous hurts and unlawful decease on Georgia roads that are covered with ice and snow for over 25 old ages.

It is a tragic world that many accident victims find themselves overwhelmed with monolithic medical disbursals and other costs because they do non recognize they can seek fiscal compensation for their auto clang on an icy roadway. All excessively frequently we see prospective clients who have waited to register a claim because they assumed they had no legal footing for a case until after the deadline to originate a case ( called the `` Statute of Limitations '' ) had already expired. In many such instances, there was a clear footing for liability by other drivers or the public entity that designed, built or maintained the roadway. An illustration of a roadway design that public safety functionaries in Atlanta have indicated may go unsafe as roads freezing is grooved main roads. As snow thaws and H2O fills the channels in the main road, the hazard of the wet freeze as temperatures bead at dark can intend long stretches of unsafe ice covered roadway.

The authorities entity that designed or maintains a road may be responsible for your hurts if they did non plan or keep the road with sensible attention to forestall auto accidents. While public entities are non charged with vouching road safety during a winter storm, they may be apt for an insecure design that makes the road more unreliable or failure to exert sensible attention in keeping the road safely. Sometimes public entities use substances for resurfacing a roadway that make roads even more slick when moisture or covered in snow. A public entity may be held apt to the grade their behavior caused your icy road accident or resulted in you enduring more serious hurts.

Other drivers whose behavior contributed to your accident may besides be responsible for your hurts. All drivers have a legal duty to exert sensible attention to avoid auto accidents, which includes taking into history bing conditions and road conditions. A driver who is following excessively closely, driving excessively fast, makes an insecure lane alteration or engages in other insecure driving manoeuvres can be apt for lending to your auto accident even if the accident might non hold occurred had the road non been covered in ice or snow. Serious car accidents frequently result in significant fiscal, physical and emotional loads. A auto accident victim can endure lasting hurts like traumatic encephalon hurts or spinal cord hurts that may intend a life-time of hurting direction, loss of mobility and dearly-won grueling rehabilitation. If you are involved in a serious icy road car accident, you need the best legal advice from an experient Georgia car accident lawyer. Your experient Georgia auto accident attorney will carefully look into your icy roadway accident and place all conducive causes and all possible responsible parties.

Montlick and Associates has been assisting icy road accident victims in Atlanta and throughout Georgia for over 25 old ages. Our Georgia icy road auto accident lawyers are available to help clients throughout all of Georgia, including but non limited to Albany, Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Dalton, Gainesville, Macon, Marietta, Rome, Roswell, Savannah, Smyrna, Valdosta, Warner Robins and all smaller metropoliss and rural countries in the province. Name us today for your free audience at 1-800-LAW-NEED ( 1-800-529-6333 ) or see us on the web at www.montlick.com. No affair where you are in Georgia, we are merely a phone call off, and we will even come to you.

Who determines who is responsible for a traffic accident?

Car accidents are chilling, confusing, and frequently leave people inquiring what is traveling to go on next. You don’t set much idea into auto accidents until you’re involved in one, and merely so make you recognize merely how small you really know about this sort of accident. What happens? What do you make when you are hit and acquire out of the auto? Do you remain with your auto, travel it off the road to forestall traffic from going even worse than it is, or do you go forth it where it is so you can let the constabulary who arrive on the scene to acquire a full image of the accident? Do you talk to the other driver? What do you make, and who is responsible for calculating out who is at-fault for the accident?

It’s every bit easily as indicating your finger and stating, “He did it, ” correct? The reply is no. It’s non that simple, and it’s seldom done this manner. While there are ever those drivers indicating the finger and puting the incrimination elsewhere, you can’t swear those people every individual clip. Sometimes it’s easy to find who is at-fault when the driver who caused the accident speaks up and tells the constabulary on the scene of the accident they caused the accident. When no 1 fesses up and wants to acknowledge they were at mistake, nevertheless, it’s a spot more complicated. It’s up to others to patch together the accident to happen out what happened. It’s non ever black and white, but there is a procedure for finding mistake in a auto accident.

It’s the best clip to find who caused the accident. The place of the autos, the informants who stopped to assist, and the fresh memories of the drivers involved in the accident are all right at that place, and it’s much easier to find mistake with all that present. Often, it takes constabularies who arrive on the scene merely a few minutes to find who and how. They can utilize the place of the autos to calculate this out. For illustration, a auto that’s been hit from buttocks was about ever hit from behind because the driver in the dorsum was following excessively closely or non paying attending to the road. It doesn’t matter what the driver in forepart did in a instance like this. The individual behind him should hold plentifulness of clip to decelerate down even if the forepart driver sweeps on his or her brakes.

In most instances, it’s the constabulary who arrive on the scene of the accident who prove mistake. They examine the grounds and determine who is to fault for the accident. Even if you don’t like their reply, it’s concluding unless you choose to contend the study and have a secondary accident probe. This sometimes happens, but it’s non all that common. It might happen when a driver who was hit decides to register a case against the driver they blame for the accident. Attorneys tend to retroflex the scene of the offense to find there is no manner mistake can be shifted in the accident, but this doesn’t happen frequently.


Road accidents are doubtless the most frequent and, overall, the cause of the most harm. The grounds for this are the highly heavy road traffic and the comparatively great freedom of motion given to drivers. Accidents affecting heavy goods vehicles ( particularly managers and lorries with dawdlers ) occur all excessively often despite caIls for responsible behavior, for regard of the loading ordinances and the main road codification, every bit good as the duty for drivers to accommodate their velocity, which affects halting distances, to the traffic and conditions conditions ( rain, ice, fog, etc. ) . The bar of road accidents is besides highly of import and will be ensured by rigorous Torahs, by proficient and constabulary controls, ongoing preparation for drivers ( particularly those involved in the conveyance of unsafe substances ) and, if need be, by legal and administrative punishments for those responsible.

The rules of intercession are as follows: - In the instance of an air catastrophe happening on, or in the immediate locality of, an airdrome ( by and large within a 5 kilometer radius ) , control of the incident is the duty of the airdrome governments since control of the air traffic is the duty of the airdrome in inquiry and the control tower is in charge of warning the security and intercession services. They can, if need be, name upon local fire brigades and civil defense mechanism supports. By and large, the particular catastrophe deliverance programs ( ruddy qui vive, particular programs for the airdrome ) will merely be activated with the understanding of the competent political governments. If the incident occurs outside the country under control of the airdrome governments, the political governments of the affected country will be in charge of the deployment of local intercession squads ( constabulary, fire brigade, civil protection, wellness services, etc. ) . Control of the deliverance attempts will, if necessary, be taken over by higher governments ( regional, departmental ) in coaction with experts from the air power services and the bench ( set uping duty for the catastrophe, placing victims, aggregation and damages of personal properties ) and representatives of the conveyance company involved.

- In instance of rail accidents, the dismay, reconnaissance and deliverance will be controlled by the regional traffic control Centre ( despatching Centre ) of the railroads or by the nearest station. Should the harm warrant it, the local governments can take control of the initial intercession ( first assistance ) by organizing the action of the agencies available ( constabularies, fire brigade, civil defense mechanism, wellness services ) in close coaction with the specializer services of the company involved. Subsequently, the deliverance program or ruddy qui vive for rail catastrophes can be activated by higher political governments. Protection, research, deliverance and aid steps will depend upon the intercession tactics dictated by the accident and the agencies available.

- As respects road accidents, it is of import to do the differentiation between those happening on expresswaies and those taking topographic point on other roads, bearing in head the particular ordinances that may regulate certain communications paths or sensitive countries. Operational control of intercessions on roads is ab initio ensured by the traffic or deliverance control Centre of the expressway, which is alerted by informants ( utilizing the expressway telephone web ) or by a constabulary patrol. The deliverance agencies will be supplied by the deliverance Centre ( traffic control ) and by the neighbouring exigency services. If need be, specializers in covering with unsafe substances ( chemical or radioactive merchandises, hydrocarbons, etc. ) and the wellness services ( choppers, ambulances, specially trained medical forces ) can besides be called upon to assist. In general, a particular program drawn up as a safeguard will be activated. Major accidents happening on roads other than expresswaies come under the control of the political governments of the country in which they occur, who guarantee the initial intercession utilizing the agencies at their disposal. In instance of peculiarly bad accidents, viz. fires or escape of chemical substances or pollutants, a higher direction degree will be called upon to step in and carry on the operations ( particular programs ) .

When the accident occurs - Keep composure and avoid terror ; to the extent possible, assist household and neighbors who are in trouble. - Follow the captain 's ( or driver 's ) orders and those of the crew. - Keep individuality documents and of import personal paperss ( medical and inoculation certifications and inside informations of blood type ) and any personal medical specialties with you. - Equally shortly as the clang or shipwreck occurs, seek to liberate yourself from the cabin and to get away rapidly from the wreckage, particularly if there is a danger of fire or unsafe leaks. Seek safety at a sufficient distance. - If possible, trip the deliverance procedure by alarming the local security or specializer services ( particular telephone webs and Numberss ) . - In instance of a major accident happening in a road with traffic, direct the traffic whilst taking attention of your ain safety ( signal and tag the accident topographic point ) . - Do non touch or travel the earnestly hurt unless there is a hazard of fire or toxic exhausts. - It is the responsibility of informants to alarm the deliverance services and to give them the exact location and nature of the accident, the type of vehicle involved, the features ( code figure ) of any unsafe substances and the likely figure of victims. Witnesss should besides give their names and references.

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