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Should Public Examinations in Malaysia be Abolished

The Malaysia authorities has started discoursing about whether public scrutiny in primary schools and secondary schools should be abolished. This issue has become hot subject among citizens in Malaysia. The intent of this essay is to discourse the necessity of public scrutiny. Examination can be defined as “a formal trial of a person’s cognition or proficiency in a topic or skill” ( Oxford Dictionary of English 2nd Edition, 2005 ) . Many states have their ain public scrutiny which compulsory for all pupils to take it to prove the advancement of the pupils in their academic public presentation. Public scrutiny has different name in different states. For illustration, in our state, Malaysia, we have a few type of public scrutiny. One of the public examinations is SPM, Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or besides known as Malayan Certificate of Education ( MCE ) . Malayan Certificate of Education ( MCE ) was claimed to be every bit same with the British General Certificate of Secondary Education ( GCSE ) ( Esa, A et Al. 2009 ) . When the clip for public scrutiny arrives, pedagogues and parents will work together in order to assist the pupils to accomplish the best possible consequence they could. This is because the authorities has set an achievement marks for schools to make. Schools that achieved the above marks will be awarded as the best school in the state with the highest evaluations.

This will so hike the parents’ or guardians’ assurance to direct their kid to that school so he or she can besides accomplish good consequence. Many people believe that taking public scrutiny is merely another stepping rock for pupils before traveling on to higher instruction and assist their parents to cognize their public presentation in schools. However, it is besides undeniable that public scrutiny can do many inconvenience to the people who are involved. Presently in Malaysia, all Form 5 pupils in secondary schools are mandatory to take this scrutiny in order to foster their surveies in third instruction or to work. Harmonizing to statistics 2009, overall figure of pupils that sat for SPM in twelvemonth 2009 is 465,853 ( The Star online, 2010 ) . This essay will discourse whether public scrutiny should be abolished or non. Although many people say that public scrutiny should non be abolished, there are many ground such as load to the authorities, teacher, parents, and kids for public scrutiny to be abolished. First of wholly, public scrutiny should be abolished because authorization like member of scrutiny boards will take this chance to misapply their power to act upon pupils or instructors. Since public scrutiny is a compulsory test taken by pupils every twelvemonth, scrutiny boards are taking this chance to do the highest net income out of them.

Harmonizing to an article written by Shepherd, she claims that scrutiny system in England is about corrupted because the member of test boards is doing net income by printing books that contain examination inquiries ; therefore, printing it to gain an excess net income ( Shepherd, J, 2010 ) . As a consequence, scrutiny board’s member is seeking to inform the instructor that in order to do their pupils pass the scrutiny, they should buy those books provided by them. Besides that, authorities can utilize this opportunity to reconstitute the instruction system which is presently available now. Harmonizing to the article published by local intelligence bureau, he claims authorities programs to abolished public scrutiny so that they can modify the instruction system which is excessively exam-based. ( Giam, S.K, 2010 ) . Furthermore, public scrutiny is decidedly dearly-won. Abolishment of public scrutiny can assist authorities to cut down the cost used to pass on the instruction. Harmonizing to a foreign on-line magazine, McMorrow ( 2009 ) says that the abolition of public scrutiny can assist the authorities to salvage € 30 million in a twelvemonth. Thus, if we cut down this sum, the authorities will hold the chance to put in the economic system of the state while increasing the criterion of life of citizens.

Apart from burthening the authorities, kids are besides one of the most of import facets for get rid ofing public scrutiny. Public scrutiny can find the hereafter of a pupil, nevertheless, non all the pupil is available to hit the consequence that their parents or instructors wanted. Besides that, public scrutiny besides can do emphasis among pupils. Surveies show that in a group of pupils who are taking the scrutiny, they found that increasing neutrophil activity in the organic structure of pupils. Neutrophil activity is one of the beginnings of oxidative emphasis which can raise the possibility of aging procedure and diseases ( Carroll, J.E, 2006 ) . In add-on, get rid ofing public scrutiny can besides diminish the possibility of self-destruction among kids. They are many incidents demoing that pupils presents can non manage the force per unit area given by instructors and parents to accomplish high tonss in public scrutiny. For illustration, harmonizing to the intelligence which was published in Korea around 462 pupils in between secondary schools and primary schools commit self-destruction in the twelvemonth 2000 to 2005 ( Card, J, 2005 ) .

This consequence shows that pupils are non capable of managing the emphasis given by the scrutiny. Besides that, public scrutiny is non the lone manner to find the hereafter of that pupil. Different types of pupil have different types of potency and that is why non all the pupils can hit good in their classs for concluding scrutiny. In this instance, we need the alternate ways to find the potency of the pupils such as their ability in different Fieldss like creativeness, synergistic, co-curricular activities and athleticss. Furthermore, load to parents besides is one of the facets that public scrutiny should be abolished. Parents opt to pass their money on plans or events on their kids. For illustration, in Malaysia in order to doing gain some of the companies are utilizing cyberspace merchandises that can better the kids grade in public scrutiny such as Mark A. Mark A is an e-learning plan which is introduced by Kenshido International Sdn Bhd with the aid of Ministry of Education of Malaysia in 2006 ( Hana, 2010 ) . However, these merchandises cause parents to pass more money because they want to assist their kids to acquire an ‘A’ in public scrutiny. Therefore some parents buy entree codification to login into the webpage.

Besides that, parents besides spend their money in purchasing excess workbooks for their kids in order for their kids to acquire familiarise with the topics that will be tested in the public scrutiny. Undeniable this has increased the entire expenses of the parents. Last, the emphasis faced by the instructors is besides one of the facets that public scrutiny should be abolished. Every twelvemonth before the public scrutiny, instructors who are in charge of their ain respective capable demand to fix early to educate and steer their pupils. In a research done, instructors are the people who are taking all the emphasis during the scrutiny period. They will be learning all their cognition on capable affairs to the pupils in order to assist them to accomplish a higher class ; nevertheless some of the pupil doesn’t appreciate the attempt and difficult work given by their instructor ( New Straits Times, 2010 ) . In this instance we can see that instructors are confronting psychological job due to stress in educating their pupils to acquire a higher class in public scrutiny. In add-on, instructors besides spend their clip with the pupil after category particularly in the public scrutiny twelvemonth. For illustration, during scrutiny period, the instructors in authorities schools are required to carry on excess learning lessons. During that clip, the instructors will make thorough alteration on the peculiar topics.

Oppositions strongly argue that public scrutiny will assist pupils to be more focussed and motivated in their surveies while puting their ain marks. There are many pupils who are non focused in survey. Some may be due to holding personal jobs. But by holding public scrutiny, pupils will be forced to analyze harder. For every test, pupils should put their ain marks so that they can accomplish higher classs. Besides that, in this manner it will besides actuate pupils to analyze harder. Parents should besides play a major function in actuating their kids to analyze. The following statement brought frontward by the opposition is that the pupils will be excessively relaxed if tests are to be abolished. Without the public examinations, pupils will be excessively free and they might non analyze at all. Students will ever play around in the schools and will non concentrate on their surveies. This is because they thought that surveies are useless as there are no longer examinations to rate their academic public presentations in schools. How will the pupils win in life if they do non analyze? If they are careless in primary and secondary schools, one time they enter third instruction, they will be a demand to analyze in order to have a certification. In third instruction system, pupils are assessed from examinations.

If they are non exposed to this sort of test they will hold troubles in future while analyzing. Following, the opposing party proposes that public tests should non be abolished as the parents can see the public presentation of their kids. Through test, the parents will acquire to cognize how their kids are analyzing. Parents can amend alterations to their children’s manner of analyzing and acquisition, if necessary. Without this, parents will non cognize how their kids will do in schools. Besides that, kids good public presentation in public scrutiny will let them to acquire a scholarship. This is because nowadays college, university or other independent departments concentrate on the consequence of public scrutiny. For illustration, Jabatan Pendidikan Awam ( JPA ) has provided the opportunities for the pupils who are interested to foster their surveies in the top university chosen by JPA nevertheless the consequence of their public scrutiny should be first-class under abroad scholarship plan. ( Malaysia-Scholarship, n.d. )

However, tests should be moderated and non be excessively inordinate, as this will enforce emphasis among pupils. Students are still immature, and it is non healthy to do them emphasis. By coercing them to analyze, which is something that they dislike, it will give them stress. There are a few stress-related diseases which may be fatal. Stress can do pupils to travel wild, and so take to disciplinary jobs. Nowadays, subject jobs are caused by emphasis. Besides that, scrutiny emphasis besides can convey neutrophil activity to the pupils organic structure and increase the oxidative emphasis which can raise the possibility of aging procedure and diseases ( Carroll, J.E, 2006 ) . Students should be relaxed so that they have more clip to analyze. With test, they have to hotfoot their surveies ; some even do last-minute surveies. They study as if tests are their hereafter ; if they fail in the test means they fail in their hereafter. The instruction system can replace tests with academic assignments as good. Alternatively of hotfooting for last-minute surveies, pupils can take their ain sweet clip to make assignments. It should be a manner where we treat assignments as tests, or portion of test. Besides, pupils have more clip to go to to dark categories or tuition for excess acquisition. Furthermore, with relaxed clip, they can hold more clip to make their prep and leisure activities so they can bask their life. Public tests are non the lone manner to judge students’ academic public presentation.

Schools besides have monthly tests or little category trial for pupils. These tests are consistent and really frequently, compared to public tests which in some instances in every two old ages, three old ages, so on and so forth. However, after public test there is no Parents’ and Teachers’ Day. This twenty-four hours is for parents to confer with the instructors on their children’s public presentation. Normally after year-end tests or mid-year test there will be this twenty-four hours for parents and instructors to run into and discourse about the student’s public presentation, but non after public exams as there is no Markss nor per centum given but merely the class is given. Even the pupils can acquire a good consequence but the attitude of the pupil doesn’t promise that he will utilize the scholarship in the proper ways. So in this instance, scholarship is non assisting all the pupils in their hereafter. In decision, public examinations bring many negative impacts to our current life. Once public scrutiny attacks, it will convey hurting to authorities, kids, parents and instructors. Many kids who can non manage the emphasis given by the scrutiny will perpetrate suicide. How can we work out this job if it continues to go on? Therefore, public scrutiny should be for good abolished to cut down the load of authorities, instructors, parents and kids. As a recommendation, the authorities should reconstitute bing examinations to accommodate the academic intent alternatively of conveying load.

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My territory is returning back to `` mastery acquisition. '' That means that for each and every criterion listed in the nucleus course of study, each pupil must turn out that he or she has mastered the construct on a graduated table of 4. If a pupil scores a 3 or a 4, that means that he/she is `` adept '' with that criterion. If a pupil scores a 1 or a 2, so intercessions need to be made for that pupil to go proficient in that criterion. The job is, there are so many criterions, and so many that overlap in different assignments, that it is really hard to carry through this undertaking in a timely mode without a basic trial that narrows all of the criterions down to one or two inquiries.


While several provinces are implementing some signifier of standards-based reform, there is really small empirical grounds to turn out that criterions, appraisal, and high-stakes answerability plans are effectual in bettering public schools. In many provinces, such as California, efforts to implement standards-based reform are inconsistently or heedlessly aligned with quality research. The followers are some of the defects of standards-based reform. 1. Recent studies on the standards-based reform motion in New York suggest that in many schools the careless execution of criterions and appraisal may hold negative effects for pupils.

Improves cogency through measuring factors that can non be included in public test scenes Limits cogency by restricting range of appraisal, e. g. hard to measure interaction accomplishments in exam environment Reliability Improves reliability by holding more than one appraisal by a instructor who is familiar with the pupil ; allows for multiple chances for assessor reflection/standardisation Even with dual marking, testers ' judgements can be affected by assorted factors ( undertaking trouble, subject, involvement degree, fatigue, etc ) ; small chance for assessor contemplation / reappraisal Fairness

Students can have constructive feedback instantly after the appraisal has finished, therefore bettering larning The lone feedback is normally a class at the terminal of the class ; no chances for interaction with assessor ; no opportunity to inquire how to better Positive washback ( good influence on instruction and acquisition ) Ongoing appraisal encourages pupils to work systematically ; provides of import informations for rating of instruction and appraisal patterns in general Examination is strictly summational, and does non function any teaching-related intent ; effects on instruction and acquisition may even be negative ; may promote learning to the trial and a focal point on test technique, instead than results.

Examinations should be abolished address

Examinations should be abolished Exams - a word that many pupils dread to hear, a word that many pupils fear of, a word that seems to hold the charming power to transform a happy and cheerful individual into a defeated and nervous wreck. What are exams and should they been done off with wholly? Examinations are longer and more comprehensive versions of trials held every term. Initially created to supervise and look into how a pupil was executing academically, they now have so much more force per unit area on them that pupils are firing the midnight oil to analyze for an test. This consequences in some pupils going ailment due to emphasize and deficiency of slumber. They have become more and more nerve-racking and, even worse, a constriction to the ideal of larning. It is a good known fact that when it comes to exams, pupils compete, non merely with themselves, but with other pupils. They no longer want to see an addition in their cognition, but want to crush other people to the top of the category. .read more.

They are n't an accurate representation of a pupil 's cognition as some people are merely better at taking tests than others. If you happen to mess up in your tests due to emphasize or panic so your ends can disintegrate go forthing you unable to make your full potency and holding to settle for 2nd best. SATs are taking the pleasance out of larning for many pupils and supercharging instructors to 'teach the trial ' instead than learning for significance, apprehension, critical thought and pleasance. Should schools go exam consequence mills or establishments which create all-around human existences? This job must be addressed to cut down the figure of students who suffer from signifiers of neuroticism or depression due to this state 's narrow minded attack to instruction. Those pupils jaming in last-minute survey will hold to set aside their societal lives, have to give their slumber and will be under great force per unit area and tenseness. Coursework is besides a job when you have tests and should non collide with exam alteration. .read more.

Furthermore, tests are n't equal readying for working life and trial merely your memory of a topic instead than all-around cognition that decently conceived coursework can afford. It is doubtless of import to prove cognition every bit good as all unit of ammunition accomplishments, but this can be done much more reasonably through methods such as essays and the appropriate usage of coursework than through the traditional beastly universe of end-of-year tests. Fairer signifiers of assessment include more coursework, unwritten presentation, uninterrupted appraisals throughout the twelvemonth and term documents every bit good as undertaking work. Education should be more about what is drawn out of people that what is drummed into them and this is non done through examinations. In modern twenty-four hours instruction, familiarity with word processing, desktop publication and powerpoint is a valuable plus and whilst essays and unwritten presentations allow the pupil to show these accomplishments, traditional tests require pupils to compose essays with a pen and paper - a really unnatural enterprise in the twenty-first century. Are exams a valid signifier of appraisal of merely a memory trial? You decide. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Emma Kitchen 859 words.read more.

Waste of clip, and anachronic

Examinations and grades the two most awful words any pupils with any self regard dreads to hear. Why? Because they are waste of clip, and anchoronistic in todays society. The chief ground tests are waste of clip is the fact that big bulk of them are memory text merely and any one with basic knowlege on how human head works that memory 's divided into long term memory and short clip memory. First when pupils surveies for tests they normally ends up seting batch of information they intake in short period of clip taking up to the test on on the short memory, therefore they will bury most if non all of it within proceedingss or hours after they have handed in the test. As the encephalon with consider these infromation redundant. When a studient know he has to memorise big sum of information in short period of clip, he will besides be worried if he will retrieve all these information he has aquired during the tests, which can do assorted signifier of mental blocks. Such as do n't retrieve what was `` learned '' prior to the test so retrieve shortly as test is over and has been handed in. Resulting in lower class, or pupil non performng at all on the trial and gross out out doing serious distress and mental wellness effects. Because pupils will be more disquieted about the class they get than what they actuall learn, therefore non holding any existent cognition of the beginning stuff despite what the class say. The pupil that score merely minimum go throughing class or even fail class might somtimes even be the 1 that has much more cognition on the beginning stuff on the whole than the individual that scored the highest class. As test can non and will non cover the entry class capable affair so you would necessitate much longer test than 60 min - 240 min depending on if you are in elementry school, high school or montage. Thus test are non fit for the intent of ranking pupils by cognition or accomplishments. Big concluding Exam should abolished.

Unfair Evaluation of Ability

Examinations do non decently stand for a pupil 's ability or cognition in a topic, no affair whether their class is good or bad. It 's non a affair of merely transporting on with the tired system of scrutiny that we follow and will unhappily likely follow for the following few old ages: it 's about reforming the system to provide to every pupil of any ability.Take English Language in British schools. The pupil has 2 hours 15 proceedingss for the paper, to finish three 8 grade inquiries, two 16 grade inquiries and one 24 grade inquiry. 15 proceedingss is necessary reading clip, so we take this down to 2 hours. Students must lodge to passing 12 proceedingss composing 1 & 1/2 pages of elaborate, analytical authorship in order to even acquire a 'C ' class and complete within the clip bound for the first 3 inquiries. 12 proceedingss! In context, this is no clip whatsoever. And if a pupil goes somewhat over, the knock-on consequence on their clip bound additions emphasis and does non profit the student.Politicians do n't restrict themselves to 12 proceedingss when composing their addresss, nor do the likes of business communities & adult females, or instructors fixing lessons. So why do we set pupils in unrealistic clip frames? Second, tests decide the pupil 's cognition on merely 1 twenty-four hours out of the 730 - 1,095 yearss ( 2 - 3 old ages, normally ) they spend analyzing that topic. If a pupil is experiencing unwell, or important life events have hampered their ability to execute at their best, so that will non be reflected in the pupil 's class which will follow them around for the remainder of their life, with 'special consideration ' hardly doing any difference to a class. An A* pupil may mess up their test and be labelled as a C pupil. Is that just? Personally, I think not.The universe needs people of all abilities to map. The mentality we have in today 's society that if 'You do n't travel to University, you 're non intelligent or worthwhile, ' could n't be further than the truth. How would the universe work without bin work forces ; without supermarket workers ; without enterprisers? The test system does n't provide to them.Exams are a trial of Memory, non Intelligence.If you can retrieve the ways in which a solo pianist uses techniques to better a public presentation, so your exam life will be easy. But what 's the point in cognizing that if you can non play or execute yourself? You 're non examined on the twenty-four hours for that.In decision, tests do non supply a all-around rating of person 's ability. While they do prove a pupil and give them a end to work towards, the fact that the end is minuscular in size and they merely have one football to shoot at it with or their calling is over, means that more people are judged on a piece of paper instead than their existent performance.We value grade letters over cognition & we 've brainwashed ourselves into warranting it. Is that non sad?

They merely asses us on our Memory!

To do us retrieve so much in a short period of clip for people of our age it is n't healthy at all. We should acquire our GCSE 's on the apprehension of our work. You cant set a clip on instruction. They make us hotfoot when if I was give the exact same paper but all the clip I needed I think Idahos do manner better�� and the sum of force per unit area they put on us is excessively high when they have n't even complete the topics we are studying😂 and we wo n't precisely revise in category go forthing us to analyze all at place every dark and we have homework that has nil to make with it. We should be assessed on the work we do in the category room as that is a more just assesment than being tested on how good our memory is! !

Examinations are unhealthy for pupils

When pupils hear of approaching tests, it normally means that when they go place that dark they feel down and worried about how good they will make, and they frequently compare themselves to other pupils and worry about if they will make every bit good as their friends.When survey begins, it frequently does n't halt boulder clay midnight, therefore go forthing the pupil slumber deprived the following twenty-four hours, it besides stops the pupil from taking in what they are studying.Exams halt a pupil from working decently, and frequently they are disappointed in their concluding class, a ground that tests are bad for the wellness of pupils and should be abolished.

It 's your kids 's instruction that 's at interest here.

Exams aid measure a kid 's accomplishments and advancement, and to fix kids for the force per unit area of universities, and future life. I think pupils can be assessed in a assortment of ways and that how they feel about tests can be adjusted by how instructors and parents show them or respond to them. The intent of a trial is typically for instructor and pupil to find what the pupil knows, understands, or is able to make, depending on the content and manner of a trial. Most trials could be considered position reports- what in instruction is called formative appraisal. It is n't a finished image but a guideline as to where the spreads are that need work.When it comes to standardised trials that bear small relation to what the schoolroom or school course of study is, I would state a child merely to see what he can make but non worry about it. I agree that some territories do manner excessively much testing of a kind that is non mensurating of import things and that consumes manner excessively much valuable clip that could be used more educationally.Or put bluffly, do you care for your kids 's hereafters, or would you instead them working as supermarket checkout workers?

Examinations are unhealthy for pupils

When pupils hear of approaching tests, it normally means that when they go place that dark they feel down and worried about how good they will make, and they frequently compare themselves to other pupils and worry about if they will make every bit good as their friends.When survey begins, it frequently does n't halt boulder clay midnight, therefore go forthing the pupil slumber deprived the following twenty-four hours, it besides stops the pupil from taking in what they are studying.Exams halt a pupil from working decently, and frequently they are disappointed in their concluding class, a ground that tests are bad for the wellness of pupils and should be abolished.

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