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A Field day with my household and relations

We all love to travel for field daies during our vacations, particularly in the winter season. A picnic brings about exhilaration, excitement and breaks the humdrum in our lives. I besides had gone for a picnic with my household and relations, the memories of which I will ever care for. We decided to travel for a picnic on the 1st of January, which besides coincided with the New Year jubilations. I remember how aroused I was and so was my younger brother and cousins. It was absolute exhilaration that forenoon! I remember I could non kip the old dark believing about the merriment we would be holding the following twenty-four hours. I got my picnic garb ready so that I would non hold to blow any clip the following twenty-four hours. I was the first to wake up and so called everybody so that we could get down traveling every bit shortly as possible. Every minute seemed so cherished. My female parent got busy fixing some delightful breakfast and tasty bites for the journey. My brother, cousins and myself were busy seting all the games together that we would be playing at our finish. But, where were traveling. Finally my male parent decided to take us to Nicco Park. This whole episode was so electrifying. Soon, we our full household was seen scampering into the auto and 'hurray ' , we were on our manner. The journey by auto was great. I had travelled by the 'Scorpio ' many times, but today the thrust down the route was different. The air was filled with merriment and laughter and we were truly basking ourselves. Mum 's bites were great and so was the fruit juice that we had while going. Along the manner we cracked gags and sand vocals. We were shortly in forepart of the Gatess of 'Nicco Park ' . It was about 9:30 am in the forenoon. We got down from the auto and we waited for my male parent and uncle who went to park the auto and arrange for the entry tickets. The hurdle of booking the entry tickets was crossed easy and we were indoors Nicco Park. We managed to happen a nice topographic point and settled down for a piece. Then we started traveling for some of the most interesting drives. We began our enterprise by traveling on the merry-go-round. It was great merriment. Then we hurried towards the counter for a drive named 'striking autos ' . This drive was among the best because my male parent, female parent, uncle, aunt and cousins all decided to travel for the drive. We had a great clip striking each other 's auto. The following drive we went on was the 'giant wheel ' . This drive was chilling but the following drive 'the roller coaster ' brought my bosom into my oral cavity. We were all skiding down from a great tallness to set down into the H2O. I was shouting out of exhilaration when 'splash ' I was thrown into H2O and so were my cousins. What a great feeling! My exhilaration surpassed my fright. There was no terminal to the drives. We went on the plaything train that took us all around the park ; we besides went for a boat drive which so nice and gratifying. Well by now it was lunch clip! My male parent treated us to a great and deluxe Continental tiffin that had some really tasty nutrient on the platter. I enjoyed my tiffin. After tiffin we had ice-creams, which is my favorite. We rested for a piece, and so started to play several games such as badminton, throw ball and Frisbee. We besides spent a good trade of clip playing on slides, see-saws and swings. By so it was clip for some nice java. My parents and relations were busy chew the fating, while we helped ourselves with some great sweets. The sweets were merely amazing! We spent a little more clip basking the cool zephyr in the park and so decided to return place. We got into the auto for our return journey back place. I was a spot sad as this beautiful twenty-four hours had come to an terminal. But, while returning place we could non halt speaking about the merriment we had. Most of all we were busy shoping through some of the nicest exposure taken by my female parent and aunt. Some nice picture recordings were besides taken. It was a fantastic picnic that we all exhaustively enjoyed, the memories of which will ever be cherished from the underside of my heart..

A Visit to A Zoo

A Visit to A Zoo: Our school broke up for the winter holidaies. One twenty-four hours I went to Vandalur menagerie with my friends. The entry was by tickets. We went up several stairss to buy the tickets. Then we entered the menagerie. We walked up and down. A deep canal ran parallel to the pathway. Beyond the canal there were little trees. The coops of the birds were hanging down the subdivisions of the trees. Their motley plumes gleamed into sunshine. Next we saw a little H2O pool with many sorts of birds swimming in it. It was interesting to see new birds in an enclosure. They twittered, chirped and whistled. They presented nature’s voice. It was delighting so to hear them. We saw many birds there - sparrows, Luscinia megarhynchoss and bird of Minerva of different colorss set in the closed coop. The owls Saturday with closed eyes lost in ideas. We bade a soundless farewell to those philosophers among birds and walked on. We visited the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams, king of beastss and bears shut in coops. We saw some Hippo and besides a rhino. We heared the loud boom of a king of beasts. One tiger was in a tantrum of choler. The tiger was strong and fine-looking. I was reminded of Blake’s lines. “What immortal manus or oculus daring frame the fearful symmetricalness? '' Then we enjoyed a boat sail. I enjoyed it most. We besides saw many other zoologies like crocodiles, serpents, toads, fish ad a hundred other animals. They all felt at place in the menagerie. Last of all we saw different sorts of monkeys. We passed many happy hours in the menagerie. It was a pleasing experience for all of us.

6 sample one paragraph essay subjects for childs ( free to read )

Last Sunday, I went along with my friends to a menagerie. It is located near Purana Quila in Delhi. It is one of the biggest in India. There were many beautiful birds, monkeys, king of beastss, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams, chetah and serpents in the menagerie. Apart from large animate beings, there were different types of colorful birds in the menagerie. The wild and unsafe animate beings like king of beastss, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams and chetahs were kept in different coops. We even saw a white tiger and a gorilla in the menagerie. Some of the animate beings were loosen uping while some of them were eating their nutrient. We enjoyed seeing the tumblings of the monkeys. I gave some peanuts and bananas to them. Then, we went for an elephant drive. We enjoyed the drive a batch. It was merriment.

I am Nidhi Tuli. I study in Class IV, Lawrence School, and Delhi. Last month, my class went for a picnic to Badkal Lake. There were about 60 pupils and five instructors. We took comestibles and drinks with us. We boarded the coach at around eight 'o'clock in the forenoon. As the coach moved, we all clapped and shouted with joy. We sang vocals and played games on the manner. We reached the picnic topographic point at 10 'o'clock. We, all along with our instructors went near the ake. Many people were boating in the lake. We besides hired boats and went for boating. We enjoyed a batch over at that place. At one 'o'clock we had our tiffin. After taking tiffin we played games and shared gags with each other. Around four 'o'clock in the eventide, we left the picnic topographic point. At about six 'o'clock in the eventide we reached our school. Even today, I remember that fantastic twenty-four hours.

I am Rohit. I study in Class IY St. Xaviers School, Delhi. My favorite game is cricket. This game was played for the first clip in England. Then, it spread to different states like India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Kenya, Bangladesh and many other states. All the states have their ain squad. In cricket, there are 11 participants with a captain and a vice-captain in each squad. In cricket, two types of lucifers are played. One is the trial lucifer and the other is the one twenty-four hours lucifer. Each squad plays 50 overs. Each over has six balls. The captain of each squad decides whether he 'll bowl or bat first. I truly love to see all the lucifers on the telecasting. Dhoni is my favorite cricket participant. He is an first-class participant.

My name is Anupam Rastogi. I love my state India really much. It has many beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and comeuppances. It is the 7th largest state in the universe. The river Ganga is one of the most holy rivers of India. In India, people of different faiths live and speak different linguistic communications. It has many civilizations and traditions. It is the place of birth of many great Supreme beings like Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira and Guru Nanak Dev. Apart from this, many great leaders like, Rani Laxmi Bai, Bhagat Singh, Mahatama Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose and Jawahar Lai Nehru were besides born in India. I feel proud that I am an Indian. I love my state.

एक पिकनिक पर निबंध – Picnic Essay in Hindi

वहाँ पहुँचकर एक पेड़ की छाया में हमने अपना सामान रखा। चारों ओर हरियाली ही हरियाली थी। रंग बिरंगे फूल अपनी छटा बिखेर रहे थे। चमकीली घास पर अभी ओस की बूँदें रूकी हुई थी। हम सबने अपने सामान में से खेलने का सामान निकाला और क्रिकेट की टीम बनाई। हमने एक घंटा जमकर मैच खेला। इसके बाद हम सब फिर छाया में आ बैठे। घर से लाये खाने के सामान को खोलना प्रारम्भ किया। भूख लग रही थी। सलाद , फल , दही भल्ले , अचार , छोले , आलू पूड़ी , पराँठें सबका सामान खुलता गया और व्यंजनों की खुशबू फैलती गयी। हम पेपर प्लेट लाये थे। सभी ने अपनी रूचि के अनुसार खाना प्लेट में लिया और फिर गप्पों और हँसी मजाक के साथ शुरू किया। बाद में सब हैरान हुये कि अरे , हम सबने कितना अधिक खा लिया।

Treasure Hunt

An gratifying manner to acquire to cognize your household is to sit around a tabular array and make trades together. The quilting bee is a authoritative illustration of household members acquiring together. However, you do non necessitate any particular accomplishments ( like quilting ) to hold merriment -- merely interesting supplies and good company. Here are some suggestions for simple trade undertakings with minimum instructions. These easy activities can be completed rapidly and appeal to a assortment of ages. You can besides buy trade kits or piece your ain, if you prefer. Craft shops sell kits and supplies, and the catalog retail merchant Oriental Trading has more than 600 kits and supplies to take from.


Make a joyful noise by holding a sing-along. Singing folk vocals, cultural vocals, dad vocals -- any sort of vocals, every bit long as you sing together. Share your heritage with music ; teach everyone vocals in the female parent lingua. Think globally ; include international common people vocals and have a multicultural sing-along. Appoint a household precentor to take you in vocal, or engage person from a local college or music school. Choose a plan and direct out the music for people to larn before the reunion. For a less formal sing-along, administer lyric sheets to popular vocals like `` Yankee Doodle '' and `` Take Me Out to the Ballgame. '' You can piece your favourites in a household songbook.


Continue your unwritten history ; record household narratives and roll up them in an anthology. Guests can compose or tape their narratives and direct them in. You can put up a picture camera or tape recording equipment and invite people to enter their narratives at the reunion, excessively. Children can be encouraged to exemplify the household narratives, and you could include their work in the anthology. Reading cultural folk tales to the kids ( and adults! ) is another fun manner for everyone to larn more about your heritage and other civilizations. Send out transcripts of the anthology, including tapes, as reunion souvenir, or sell them for fund-raising. Family members can take bends reading the narratives aloud to do the tape.

Family Geography

Presenting for a group exposure is an absolute must at a household reunion. With a fisheye lens ( to suit everyone in the frame ) , a tripod, and a self-timer, talented amateurs can take fabulous exposures. Panoramic cameras and lenses can besides be utile. Everyone in the exposure should have a print. You can besides engage professional lensmans, and invitees can order transcripts. Set up a primping topographic point for folks to unbend up and brush their dentitions and hair before the exposure is taken, so they will experience confident that they look their best. After you 've posed for the formal group exposure, you may desire to take a humourous attack with costumes or props. Check with local transcript centres ; some can publish Jerseies or postings in less than a twenty-four hours. Guests could present for a speedy exposure on the first twenty-four hours and travel place have oning a household exposure T-shirt. You can besides utilize the group exposure on post cards, on screens of household cookery books, songbooks, and storybooks, and on invitations to the following reunion. Each household could come have oning their ain household portrayals on Jerseies, so you know who belongs to whom.

Family Photo Album

Send a single-use ( disposable ) camera with every invitation. Ask people to take images of themselves and their household and direct the camera back to you by a certain deadline before the reunion. Develop the images and do a household album or allow invitees piece their ain. Order personalized binders from retail merchant Marnex, expression for interesting binders at on-line retail merchant Scrapbook Superstore, or adorn 1s from an office supply shop. You can sell transcripts of the household album to raise money to fund the reunion or envelop them in welcome packages or with party favours. Leave room for the group exposure and you can direct invitees transcripts subsequently. A merriment thought is to inquire for babe images and do a Family Baby Book. Guests will bask fiting the faces in the group exposure to the corresponding babe images.

Snapshots: Single-Use Cameras

Aside from garnering exposures for a household album, you can envelop single-use cameras with the invitations and utilize the exposure for a myriad of intents. All the invitees can take images of themselves and direct them back as an RSVP. Develop the images, do transcripts, and do a photomontage. Use the exposure for household lifes, trading cards, nametags, and scrapbooks. You can custom-make games, make topographic point cards and make a photo gallery. Put single-use cameras in welcome packages for people to take images with at the reunion. Set aside a basket and invitees can drop them off as they leave. Process the movies and do reunion albums as souvenir.

Scrapbooks & Memory Boxes

Family memorabilia and exposures can be handsomely displayed in a scrapbook or memory box. Learn about scrapbooking from our ready to hand ushers. You can put up a scrapbook tabular array and allow invitees continue their ain memories. Provide transcripts of household exposures, paperss, clip lines, and household trees, every bit good as scrapbooking supplies. Delegate a voluntary or two to take images at the reunion. Take the movies to a one-hour exposure topographic point to be developed, and do transcripts for the scrapbook or scrapbook tabular array. Give folks single-use ( disposable ) cameras in their welcome packages and allow them treat the movie themselves for scrapbook exposures.

Family Film Festival

No affair how much they may desire to be at that place, some people will non be able to do it to the reunion. Illness, frailty, and work duties can forestall some household members from fall ining in the merriment. Assemble and send attention bundles to the folks who ca n't do it. Include a welcome package, party favours, reunion plans, pictures, exposures, cookery books, scrapbooks, and cards from the childs. Set up a tabular array for card devising, complete with art supplies and the names of the absent relations. Send particular salutations in your reunion picture or on tape. Submiting formulas, household narratives, vocals, and images is a manner for people to take part who ca n't be at that place in individual. Imagine the pleasance of having a reunion attention bundle when you are in the infirmary or a nursing place.

User Reviews

Picnic offers superior moving all around, some great filming, and a figure of first-class scenes, including the celebrated dance sequence between Holden and Novak. The authorship, unluckily, veers between fantastic and maudlin, and the film feels outdated in many ways. Worst of all, the directing and music can be heavy-handed at times, clubbing the spectator with melodrama in some of the cardinal minutes, when a more elusive attack would hold turned this into a existent classic.Yet, despite its defects, there 's something particular about this movie. It has a haunting quality that I ca n't rather set my finger on. A sort of nostalgia - non for the supposed artlessness of small-town life, which the movie shows to be a myth, but for the vanishing natural abandon of ourselves as people, the crude component in humanity that both causes jobs and gives us existent vitality.My married woman and I found ourselves discoursing Picnic at length over dinner the undermentioned dark and even watched several of the scenes once more. There are many good inside informations and powerful minutes scattered among the weaker parts. I appreciated William Holden 's public presentation even more the 2nd clip around - his sense of restlessness and despair are tangible. And he 's such a great presence on the screen - I wound up watching him more than Novak in the dance sequence. In fact, my one letdown with this scene is that Novak does n't function as his cinematic equal. She 's no Bacall who can make full the screen with Bogart. Rosalind Russell and Arthur O'Connell both do great occupations, particularly during the scene where they are discoursing matrimony. Susan Strasberg pulls off a hard function and manages to look even more attractive than Kim Novak at times, reminding me of a immature Winona Ryder.The Holden and Novak characters are both viewed as sexual objects, yet they 're really rather low people who ca n't manage the superficiality of the society around them and who are seeking for echt love. William Holden is ever a pleasance to watch, and his fans should happen this function peculiarly interesting. Picnic wo n't travel down every bit a great movie, but there is a great movie skulking someplace inside it.

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