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In his first american television interview since becoming secretary-general of the united nations, antónio guterres sits down with judy . 1,200 delegates from over 100 governments, and global leaders such as un secretary-general antónio guterres and world bank president .

Former portuguese prime minister antónio guterres is poised to be selected as the next secretary general of the united nations when ban . U.n. secretary general antónio guterres was “deeply disturbed” by the attack, his spokesman stephane dujarric said.

António guterres, a former portuguese prime minister who served as u.n. “in my view, limiting the communication to the fact that the informal . U.n. secretary general antónio guterres reiterated through the u.n. spokesperson's twitter account that “there is no plan b to a 2-state solution .

U.n. secretary-general antónio guterres had decided in recent weeks to. And dynamic leader in former portuguese prime minister antónio guterres, who served well as the u.n.'s high commissioner for refugees.

The secretary general of the un antónio guterres distanced himself. The move comes as u.n. secretary-general antónio guterres is seeking to establish a counterterrorism czar to bring order to the u.n.'s .

U.n. secretary-general antónio guterres had decided in recent weeks to tap richard wilcox, a senior official at the world food programme . The threat of conflict has rattled foreign dignitaries, including u.n. secretary general antónio guterres, who told the council this morning that .

Area that is absolutely safe for our purposes,” then-unhcr head and now u.n. secretary-general antónio guterres said in september 2015 . Indeed, just in the past few weeks, the administration gave u.n. secretary general antónio guterres a meeting with national security advisor .

Haley's push for cuts in congo put her at odds with u.n. secretary-general antónio guterres, who recommended the mission there remain at its . António guterres, the u.n. secretary-general, may be the world's top diplomat.

The u.n.'s approach to human rights is particularly tricky for the incoming u.n. secretary-general, antónio guterres, a former portuguese prime . U.n. secretary-general antónio guterres's attempts to appoint former palestinian prime minister salam fayyad as his special representative .

Russia is seeking a leading role in shaping the united nations' global counterterrorism strategy, lobbying secretary-general antónio guterres . With the new secretary-general, antónio guterres as i wrote here.

Put enormous pressure on un secretary-general antónio guterres to withdraw the report. The suspected chemical attack on civilians in syria presents a “moment of truth” for the u.n. security council, secretary general antónio .

U.n. secretary general antónio guterres, speaking in cairo on. Envoy seeks to facilitate the process,” stéphane dujarric, chief spokesman for secretary-general antónio guterres, told reporters thursday.

Both de mistura and u.n. secretary general antónio guterres have set. We should operate as if newly elected secretary-general antónio guterres is someone with whom america will be able to work.

How can the incoming secretary-general antónio guterres promote and lead change? This has been true, he explains, in high-level events and discussions with the new u.n. secretary general, antónio guterres, who beat women .

United nations secretary general - antónio guterres - over to you. The incoming secretary-general, antónio guterres, is the ninth man to take the post, despite public campaigns to elect the first female u.n. chief .

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