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Despite the real threat to his life, he filmed the consequences of the khojaly massacre, which occurred on the night of 26 february 1992. Azerbaijan's top foreign policy goal today is regaining administrative control over karabakh, and obtaining recognition for the khojaly massacre . Baku — for a whole week, the azerbaijani media have been trumpeting about 'recognition of the khojaly genocide' by . By distorting the khojaly events, the azerbaijani regime attempts to escape responsibility for the armenian massacres in sumgait february, . Anna husarska, kenya's displaced people: a photo-essay 5 february 2008. the khojaly genocide and even train and bus bombings perpetrated by . It also has promoted statewide recognition of the 1992 massacre of ethnic azeris in khojaly, during azerbaijan's war with armenia over . November 28, 2016 rfe/rl: :belarusian president alyaksandr lukashenka has arrived in the azerbaijani capital, baku, for a two-day visit.

Lobbyists for azerbaijan also worked in early 2009 to get members of congress to commemorate the 1992 khojaly massacre during the . Of a 1992 clash in the village of khojaly complication: khojaly sits in the . October 20, 2016 the azerbaijani government has renewed its vicious crackdown on critics and independent groups, human rights watch . October 4, 2016 rfe/rl: pope francis has led a mass in azerbaijan's capital and held talks with the country's leader, as he continues a swing through . October 26, 2016: today, an azerbaijani court handed down a ten-year prison sentence to a 22-year-old activist, who is part of a pro-democracy . September 11, 2016 rfe/rl: azerbaijani authorities have released an opposition activist from jail, just weeks after his detention prompted international . September 28, 2016: the azerbaijani opposition national council of democratic forces issued a statement refusing to recognize the legitimacy of the .

According to the mentioned information, an event dedicated to the memory of the victims of khojaly allegedly took place on february 26 in paris . The mexican senate later adopted a resolution condemning the 1992 massacre of ethnic azeris at khojaly in breakaway nagorno-karabakh. August 17, 2016 several azerbaijani activists including; natig jafarli, elshan gasimov, togrul ismayiıov, bakhtiyar hajiyev, . September 19, 2016 rfe/rl: yesterday, september 18, hundreds of supporters of an azerbaijani opposition party rallied in the capital, demonstrating . August 10, 2016: the presidents of russia, iran, and azerbaijan met in baku this week, for the first time in this trilateral format, part of a week of heavy . October 9, 2015 since early 2010s, groups and countries that azerbaijani government sees as friends have changed dramatically . November 16, 2015: once again, the iranian state tv aired a racist show insulting iran's largest ethnic population – the azerbaijani people.

September 9, 2015: azerbaijan's first lady, mehriban aliyeva, enjoyed a warm welcome from french officials during her high-profile visit to paris last . June 15, 2015 u2 frontman bono sent a personal message to azerbaijani president ilham aliyev, demanding release of political . May 28, 2015 a company close to azerbaijani president ilham aliyev and his family likely walked off with more than us$ 1 billion in a . December 7, 2014: azerbaijan's most famous investigative journalist khadija ismayilova is the latest in a long list of azerbaijani activists to . October 8, 2014: the depiction by azerbaijan's foreign minister of summer 2014 “as a particularly dark time” in an october 2 speech at the council . July 11, 2014: as i sat waiting on 24 june for president ilham aliyev of azerbaijan to address the parliamentary assembly of the council of europe, . July 9, 2013: above is the video-recording with english subtitles of the speech of the azerbaijani president ilham aliyev in front of the high-ranking .

July 15, 2014: leyla and arzu aliyeva, daughters of president ilham aliyev of azerbaijan, are even more invested in azerbaijani telecoms than was . August 8, 2013: at a cabinet meeting in mid-july, azerbaijani president ilham aliyev lashed out at the european parliament for supposedly conducting a .

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