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Importance of accountability

I have been tasked with composing this 1000 word essay on the importance of accountability of sensitive points within the military. The ground I have been assigned to make this undertaking is due to my failure of being attentive and procuring my arm and holding it with me at all clip. I failed by go forthing my M9 Berretta at place in my safe before I left in support of the Boston Marathon. I was told by certain persons to go forth it at place, but I failed as an NCO to inquire my subdivision leader on how to decently procure my arm. I did what I thought was best and left it to at place limit the sum of clip I traveled with it. In making so was incorrect, if anything would hold happened to that arm at that place would hold be terrible effects that non merely myself would hold to confront, but persons in my bid that would hold been affected due to the carelessness of my actions. This whole procedure is new to the unit and me on how to transport a arm decently and safely from California to Massachusetts. I secured my arm in arm instance with and lock and a slide lock following JetBlue ordinance and TSA ordinances.

Once I landed in Massachusetts I would procure my arm in the 1st CST safe for safe maintaining. A twenty-four hours prior to the Boston endurance contest I would be issued it once more and along with 45 unit of ammunitions of hollow point ammo from the 1st. Once the Boston Marathon was over I would hold the arm remain with me until my going back to place station. In AR 710-2 ( Supply Policy below the National Level ) , AR 735-5 ( Policies and Procedures for Property Accountability ) and AR 190-13 ( The Army Physical Security Program ) . All these Army Regulation cover the Army policy for belongings accountability. Some sensitive points are your arm, military ID card, communicating equipment, etcetera. Sensitive points are anything that can be used by opposing forces or the enemies to counter onslaught, weaken forces, and addition information, and so on. Throughout our lives we come across many things of value. Some things are more valuable than others, either because they cost more money or they hold a sentimental value that we keep close to our Black Marias. In the military regardless of what subdivision you are, it is instilled in our caputs that our arm is the most valuable thing you will of all time hold.

You train with it, you eat with it, you sleep with it, you use is to protect yourself and your conflict brothers and you take attention of it like it was your kid. In the terminal it becomes a portion of you and you can non anticipate yourself without it. Your arm is considered a sensitive point because if it ends up in the enemies’ ownership, it could perchance be used against you and your companions. Keeping path of where your arm is or holding it on you at all times will assist forestall any of that go oning. An so I forget the value of my arm and what it means to me. Always holding your sensitive points is really of import and I should hold treated my arm as one of those. Alternatively I chose to go forth in my safe believing it was merely another points that I needed to convey.

Compared to the active ground forces side the really little penalty for mislaying a arm, if it’s found within a sensible sum of clip, is a “Company Grade Article 15.” That means you can lose one class of rank, a hebdomad of wage, and two hebdomads of excess responsibility. If that’s all you lost, you got away really, really lightly. More frequently, and particularly if you lose your arm in a combat zone, you’re looking at a “Field Grade Article 15” if your concatenation of bid is experiencing really generous. You would put on the line losing at least one or every bit many as three classs of rank ( E-4 to E-1 ) , one half of your base wage for two months, 60 yearss limitation, 45 yearss excess responsibility.

That’s merely for enlisted though. If you do the same as an officer, you won’t acquire the same smack on the carpuss as a penalty. Your calling is over. You may every bit good get down looking about for a new occupation and hope you don’t acquire a bad discharge. So we check our sensitive points sacredly. Normally I check to see if I have my sensitive equipment with me thru out the twenty-four hours or we do a cheque at the terminal of each exercising to do certain each one of us on our squad is non losing valuable equipment. Most of the times our cogwheel is either on your individual, or locked up someplace secure. Accountability and personal duty for your equipment is something the military takes so earnestly it’s non even funny. Because if there’s a battle, and you don’t hold your arm, so you’re a immense liability to everyone.

You besides can’t be trusted to make certain thing due to fact of non being able to manus the duty. It is really of import to cognize that my action don’t affect me but everyone around me. I now know that because my failure I will be ever certain to acquire my proper information from senior leaders before doing a determination or make my research more extensively. I don’t want to be a liability but an plus that everyone can trust on to acquire undertaking or mission done, in a clip and right mode. I won’t do the errors like go forthing my sensitive equipment at place or unsecure. I will besides come to my subdivision leaders foremost in the event I have a serious inquiry. I am certain they will be able to steer me in the right way every clip. From Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free, “It is of import that we forgive ourselves for doing errors. We need to larn from our mistakes and travel on.” and traveling on is precisely what I am traveling to make from this experience.

The Importance of Accountability Paper

In wellness attention reform arguments and planning, treatments emphasize on doing wellness establishments and doctors accountable for the patient results ( Brinkerhoff, 2003 ) . Some of the challenges that the wellness attention industry is confronting are barriers to achieve mensurable and accomplishable processs to keep patient safety. It is hence of import to transform the prevailing medical civilization so as to guarantee that these establishments and doctors are held accountable for patient safety. Accountability by and large includes the processs and procedures designed to do an entity justify and take duty for its activities ( Brinkerhoff, 2003 ) . All stakeholders in wellness attention industry must account for all their activities as they try to accomplish their ends. These include employers, direction, insurance companies, and health care suppliers. Portery & Malloch ( 2010 ) point out that accountability is the most overused and misunderstood component of leading today. Therefore, wellness attention suppliers must endeavor to better efficiency and quality in their establishments. This can be achieved by using quality betterment enterprises and effectual public presentation direction systems. Accountability in wellness attention industry can be measured in several ways ( O’Hagan & Persaud, 2009 ) . They include everyday public presentation ratings, client satisfaction steps, employee appraisal or assessments every bit good as cheques and balances.

Portery & Malloch ( 2010 ) besides highlights that accountability encourages the appraisal of grounds from procedure and result steps carried out routinely by relevant direction squads. Supervisors or directors can utilize feedback from public presentation measuring to better procedures and results of wellness attention activities. Finally, O’Hagan & Persaud ( 2009 ) adds that accountability enhances larning behaviour ; therefore reduction, variableness. This is based on use of evidence-based protocols or patterns, such as clinical pattern guidelines ( CPGs ) . Harmonizing to O’Hagan & Persaud ( 2009 ) , if the parties involved in health care demonstrate high degrees of accountability, so there is an addition in the desire to do usage of evidence-based pattern during the proviso of health care services This will ensue in decreased variablenesss in healhcare proviso, which can be attributed to a civilization that places accent on accountability.

Employee accountability is a critical component of accomplishing ends in any establishment ( Portery & Malloch, 2010 ) . Harmonizing to O’Hagan & Persaud ( 2009 ) , wellness attention public presentation direction systems are the foundation for mensurating an employee’s accountability. Employers use everyday public presentation assessment reappraisal as the primary tool to mensurate accountability ( Brinkerhoff, 2003 ) . Employees must be held accountable for public presentation criterions of their several establishments or the wellness attention industry as a whole to better employee battle. The impact of employee accountability must besides be factored in institutional doctrine. Harbour & Ball ( 2003 ) suggest that, clear way, ordinances, criterions, public presentation accountability, and an efficient work environment must be presented to employees for them to experience more occupied and accountable.

Accountability can further any organization’s on the job civilization. This is based on accountability elements such as common vision, mission and belief ( Harbour & Ball, 2003 ) . Accountability civilization spontaneously crops the desire and demand for uninterrupted acquisition and betterment at personal or institutional degrees. Since it accountability it tied to employee battle, it ensures that resources are expeditiously utilized while giving stakeholders maximal benefit ( Portery & Malloch, 2010 ) . Accountability besides ensures that public presentation criterions are established and wagess can be based on this. Motivated employees perform good this improves production. Accountability besides leads to creative activity of schemes that can efficaciously manage challenges that emerge in the dynamic wellness attention organisations ( Brinkerhoff, 2003 ) . These schemes can profit wellness attention suppliers and leaders in related Fieldss to make a just environment for all stakeholders of wellness attention ( O’Hagan & Persaud, 2009 ) . Since accountability requires people to hold ownership or control of their work, personal promises are made to accomplish mensurable work. For case, an institutional Chief executive officer can be held accountable for bettering the doctor or staff morale.

Issues such as defensive behaviours among employees, anti-learning civilization, incrimination turning away, infighting and the inclination to switch incrimination are some of the causes of disfunction in wellness attention industry. For case, in Canada, states blame the cardinal authorities for deficiency of support ; the cardinal authorities blames the states for misdirection, while wellness establishments and local boards blame both ( Harbour and Ball, 2003 ) . Patients and wellness practicians blame them both. Harbour & Ball ( 2003 ) suggest that all the parties involved in health care industry demand to travel beyond the “blame game” to a civilization of accountability and best patterns in presenting high quality wellness attention. Since this needs transmutation of mentality to positive on the job civilization, they outline six rules to keep a on the job environment characterized by accountability every bit good as transmutation of corporate administration in wellness attention ; these includes: being accountable for things you have control ; activities/efforts or procedures must be available and adequate for touchable results every bit good as existent authorization and room for personal discretion and judgement for consequences to be accountable. Harbour & Ball ( 2003 ) besides highlight that accountability must be dynamic, capable to the fact that, results and marks change as fortunes change. They besides add that a positive on the job civilization should be tied to the observation that accountability and stewardship for any establishment belongs to every employee. Last, it is deserving absorbing the fact that, for accountability to be meaningful and just, appropriate effects must be defined to all involved parties ( Harbour & Ball, 2003 ) .

All stakeholders involved in wellness attention industry must gestate a public presentation direction system and concept efficient public presentation assessment methods to mensurate both single and institutional accountability. It is really of import that all degrees of direction embracing a civilization of accountability. Directors, front-line workers, supervisors and executive leading should be accountable for their public presentation at all times. Mutuality is a critical success component in accountability procedures that are effectual and efficient. The wellness attention system should hence be shifted from profoundly rooted hierarchal command-and-control constructions, leading manners, procedure and systems.

The Circle of Consequences: The Importance of Accountability

Although about every organisation we have worked with battles to some extent with accountability, retail merchants tend to make a better occupation of hiking accountability than most. A primary ground is the specificity of their public presentation prosodies and outlooks. Mike Barnes is a client and Group CEO for Signet Jewelers, a retail jewelry maker in the United States and United Kingdom runing 1,900 shops with 18,000 employees under the names Kay Jewelers, Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, J.B. Robinson, and H. Samuel, to call merely a few. Barnes expressed his position on accountability this manner: “We have to have our public presentation every twenty-four hours irrespective of any ‘noise’ that might environ that public presentation. I think of the phrase, ‘Don’t talk to me about the storm ; merely convey in the ships.’ We have to hold personal and joint accountability for our public presentation, whether it’s great or non, even when we feel that fortunes out of our control affected the performance.”

The bottom line is that accountability means allowing your actions rise above your alibis.

At its nucleus, accountability is truly about specificity—specific outlooks, specific effects, and specific linguistic communication. Take a minute now to reflect on the public presentation of each squad member. Think of the lowest-performing squad member. By default, that person’s degree of public presentation sets the criterion for acceptable public presentation on your team—it’s the public presentation degree that you as the leader allow. It’s a really public and seeable standard regardless of how much we might desire to brush it under the carpet or turn a blind oculus to it. Wining leaders realize that they owe it to their squad to ever raise that criterion, and it can be done by acquiring specific. Ambiguity is the Achilles’ heel of accountability, but specificity enables you to raise the criterions of your team’s public presentation.

External public presentation is finally a contemplation of internal committedness.

Even on the most productive squads, there will be cases in which we have to rally leading bravery to turn to public presentation jobs and guarantee appropriate effects. Earlier we mention Elaine Agather, caput of J.P. Morgan Private Bank’s South Region. She is a darling and direct leader who understands the large image of effects as it relates to her function as a leader. Agather provinces, “The squad is bigger than any issue at manus. The leader has a personal accountability to the squad to hold tough conversations and to on occasion do tough determinations with individuals.” Wining leaders such as Agather choose their squad over personal uncomfortableness. It reminds us of our son’s former football manager, Chris Cunningham, who would prophesy this same leading construct of “team over me” with this ocular ( large squad over small me ) :

Global Accountability

In the argument over planetary justness and its distributional effects, those in extremely developed, to a great extent populated countries tend to recommend greater accountability to traditionally marginalized populations and developing states. On the other manus, those who adopt a more chauvinistic or provincial position deny the dogmas of moral universalism ; they argue that donees of planetary development enterprises have no substantial entitlement to name international establishments to account. The One World Trust Global Accountability Report, published in a first full rhythm from 2006 to 2008, is one effort to mensurate the capableness of planetary organisations to be accountable to their stakeholders.

The Importance of Accountability in Nursing

In wellness attention, accountability has become a important concern. Inside a medical installation, accountability has been a portion of people’s every move. Even in fiscal affairs, accountability is besides observed. It is besides good even on small things such as calculating the costs for physician 's clip, medical specialty, infirmary measures, pens and documents, wage of nurses, phone lines and electricity, and even to the lavatory paper in the infirmary public toilet. Through accountability, an organisation will hold a hazard of overexploitation, mishandling, and underuse of resources. Hence, it is of import for direction and legal intents. It besides improves the value of patient attention by increasing the usage of dependable and approved medical specialty. In footings of public presentation, wellness attention workers’ accountability reduces hazard of medical malpractice applied to patients. Accountability encourages the employees to look frontward to further acquisition and pattern in their field ( Brinkerhoff, 2003, p.1 ) . If employees and organisations are cognizant of their accountability, they are more attentive to their work moralss that protects the organisation where they belong every bit good as the patients.

Measuring accountability helps bettering patient results. Reaching the intent of bettering wellness results needs the infirmaries to do advancement evaluated by accountability steps. At present times, it shows that such advancement occurs at a faster gait. Employee accountability in health care has three countries as a footing for measuring. These are public presentation assessment, competence direction, and larning direction ( Healthcare Source, 2009, n.p. ) . When mensurating an employee’s accountability through public presentation assessment, it notes on the strengths, failings, comments and earlier public presentation of an employee. Competency direction besides measures employees’ accountability as it reviews flexibleness and dynamic accomplishments. Last, larning direction delivers instructional content and evaluates healthcare workers harmonizing to their advancement. All of these prosodies of employee accountability purpose to offer quality health care to patients.

In an organisation, accountability affairs. It influences the organization’s working civilization by fostering each employee’s ethical attack to work and assist construct a successful organisation. If accountability is non present in an organisation, its public presentation is inefficient and idle. When employees every bit good as leaders pattern accountability, their actions form a wont and modus operandi which finally becomes a civilization within an organisation ( Freund, 2010, pp.32-36 ) . Hence, accountability signifiers for a long clip to organize it into an organisational civilization. An organisation whose civilization includes accountability is more likely to make successful than those who don’t.

In an organisation, complex jobs are normally prone to faulting bet oning. Sometimes, the employees’ perceptual experience is that, whoever is closest to where a job arises is the 1 to fault. This has been a common job for some organisations. However, to run into success, an organisation should maintain up a positive on the job civilization. Positive work civilizations form for a long clip and need uninterrupted attending. There are many ways to avoid the blasted game in an organisation ( Physician Coaching Institute, 2006, n.p. ) . First of wholly, each member of an organisation including the executives must hold consciousness of the company’s mission and vision. In times of jobs, a leader must non acquire involved in finger-pointing the perpetrator. He should put an illustration among his employees. If an employee is the cause of a job, constructive remarks would assist to decrease the hazard of confronting the same job once more but the defects on the system have to be eliminated every bit good. There will be a replacing of the policies that normally hinder the advancement of employees with effectual and easy 1s. Last, employees should give their sentiment to one another in signifier of authorship or in forum so that they are cognizant of the things that they are accountable to. Delegation Procedure

Harmonizing to National Council of State Boards of Nursing ( 2012 ) , there are four stairss in deputation procedure of wellness organisations ( pp.1-3 ) .The first measure is the appraisal and planning, 2nd is communicating, third is supervising, and in conclusion is rating and feedback. The assessment phase evaluates the employees who are competent plenty to manage a undertaking. Task assignment takes topographic point on this phase. On the communicating phase, there will be an exchange of relevant inquiries between a leader and members. The supervising phase is supervising the public presentation of each organisation members. Last, the rating phase will verify if a undertaking is accurately performed and the consequence is the leader’s feedback. All of these stairss play a important portion in the procedure of deputation. An effectual deputation procedure affects the employees every bit good as the organisation. When there is proper deputation, motivated employees are willing to work harder and lend their accomplishments which will profit the organisation. A deputation procedure would besides cut the hazard of struggle between employees as they are decently assigned of their undertakings. Through this procedure, it is easier to cognize if a end is met or non.

As for my personal experience, I have applied similar stairss mentioned above when I met a trouble in a group undertaking where I was an assigned leader. The responsibilities assigned to each member were non decently distributed at the start. What I did was, I began with measuring the accomplishments of my members and planned the undertakings they are given. Then, I communicated the consequences of the first measure to the remainder of the group members. I supervised their advancement all throughout the clip of group work. Last, I evaluated their end products and provided feedback for alterations. These stairss helped me work out the job with respects to distribution of undertakings.

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Accountability involves the processs and steps for justifying and taking duty for different activities within an organisation and has since become an of import concern in wellness attention. It is emphasized in the argument on patient safety because how determination shapers are held accountable is presumed to act upon how they make determinations and the quality of those determinations. Therefore accountability is a powerful force which influences human decision-making and it has been studied in organisational kineticss, societal knowledge, and human-machine interaction. This essay will explicate the importance of accountability in wellness attention industry, demo how employee 's accountability is measured and explicate what a cheques and balance procedure looks like. Besides, it will explicate how accountability affects an organisation 's on the job civilization, how a positive on the job civilization can be maintained and how a on the job civilization of incrimination can be avoided in a wellness attention organisation.

Accountability facilitates good coordination and communicating within wealth attention organisation which consists of groups of specialised people with specific intent in the set of policies, processs, and civilization. Mistakes are non required in wellness attention organisation as they deal with life and decease. Therefore, high degree co-ordination and communicating should be maintained which is attained through accountability. Accountability mechanisms support interactions between communities and services to the benefit of both service suppliers and their users ( Kakabadse A, Bank J and Vinnicombe S.2004 ) .

The Importance Of Accountability In The Army Essay Sample

Write an essay between 700 and 1000 words on one of the undermentioned topics: The U.S. Army can assist with one of the most comprehensive scholarships a 750-word essay on the importance of transparence and accountability. Personal Management: attendance/punctuality, accountability, interactions, inaugural, 800-1000 word Reflective Essay, Presentation significance of undertaking. I understand the Armys worried about hazing, but taking away an consequence means as NCO here said 1000 words essay on ground forces values ( or any other of import subject ) . the ground I use mass penalty is to explicate accountability. if this same.

1000 word essay on the importance of accountability in the ground forces been tasked with composing this 1000 word essay on the importance of accountability. While the word itself does non look in English until its usage in thirteenth century Besides, ethical accountability plays a increasingly of import function in academic Fieldss, of authorities services ( including military ) and the resulting accountability spread essay A Supplication for Excuses, in which he used excuse-making as an illustration. When composing about accountability in ground forces, you should interrupt down your essay into 5 parts and write 200 words on each point. This will do it easier for you.

A RESEARCH Paper FROM THE AFRICA CENTER FOR STRATEGIC STUDIES Institutionalize Ethical motives and Accountability into Military Culture..41 forces. In other words, attempts to beef up military professionalism must of import inadvertence map by raising consciousness of the function of the armed forces over 1,000 lives. Student Accountability Reports Campus Profile Glendale College Student Success Submit a 500-1,000 word essay on the undermentioned subject: How has linguistic communication ( spoken or with a lower limit of 2.5GPA and have a connexion to the military. Essaies are judged on creativeness, every bit good as the ability to hold on the importance. When we outfit constabularies like the military alternatively of as officers of the peace, they will handle the Tell you what they had for breakfast Im merely traveling to state one word: # Ferguson. Andrea, you should look up Dr. Alveda King on the relevancy of Sharis At some point personal duty and accountability does affair! jcjdye. order essay on importance of clip direction in pupil life order 2000 word essay on accountability order 1000 word essay on military accountability

Accountability Act of 2014 ( Choice Act ) . Thats why we are presenting $ 1,000 to one veteran prosecuting a Doctor of Medicine grade. Medicine is Essays should be limited to 500 words or less. How has. Include your position of the importance of moralss in this peculiar state of affairs. The essay must be 500 to 1,000 words. Circulars from all subdivisions of the Military Application includes a 500-700 word essay on the followers After reexamining 27 Kraft Foods: Scholarships from $ 1000 to $ 3500 per twelvemonth for the kid of a full clip employee your life or determine your perceptual experiences on the importance of animate being public assistance. Army ROTC Scholarships pay full tuition and on-campus educational. This is the Offical US Army

Facebook page for the ProvoEvery occupation in the Army is of import. excellence, physical wellbeing, character development, & accountability. It does necessitate an essay 1000+ words, but it is deserving $ 3,500! The full. accountability of all pupils. Students may be called upon mode. E. Goals: The Academic Committee should be focused on two of import ends: 1. 1000 word essay on any Army Transformation topic or event. Students should choose. Another challenge for you is that this twelvemonth you have 1000 words alternatively of 1200 Applying to and inscribing in a Business School is an of import calling determination. to voice my committedness, and if I say yes, so do myself accountable to my Below is an illustration of an optional essay written by a military campaigner.

310 Wordss / 1 Pages The Importance of Gear Accountability This essay I am composing is about the importance of gear accountability in the It is your duty to ever hold proper gear accountability at all times and your military ID. As. 500 Word Essay On Accountability In Army. Accountability in the ground forces is of import because soldiers every bit good as equipment, ammo, nutrient, H2O and other. The debut of the Scots Parliament gave an in of import new platform to the public and private sector, particular constable, territorial ground forces. The paper is here: Cairney Governance Complexity Accountability Scotland 20.11.14 Policy Concepts in 1000 Wordss: the Westminster Model and Multi-level Governance.

Gear Accountability

There are many of import grounds to be look intoing your cogwheel invariably to maintain proper Marine Corps issued gear accountability as an United States Marine Infantryman in the United States Marine Corps. It is the United States Marine Infantryman duty to ever hold proper Marine Corps issued gear accountability at all times. Whenever you have a intermission through your patrols, foraies, or movements the United States Marine Infantryman ever want to take a speedy cheque to do certain that you have your Marine Corps issued gear every bit good as everything else that you or your squad of United States Marines Infantryman came with. It is your occupation to take duty and look into yourself every bit good as your other United States Marines Infantryman. Proper Marine Corps issued gear accountability can run from the most of import pieces of Marine Corps issued gear such as your rifle all the manner down to your compression bandage.

You ever want to hold serialized Marine Corps issued gear such as your dark vision goggles dummy corded to your organic structure. If your Marine Corps issued gear that can be dummy corded is dummy corded to you, will hold a batch less opportunity to free any of your cogwheel or anything else you are transporting with you. In instance that a United States Marine Infantryman is traveling or running, even if your Marine Corps issued gear comes absent from the pouch or pocket you are transporting them in they will non come wholly off your organic structure. Any serialized Marine Corps issued gear that the United States Marine Infantryman is transporting on that United States Marine’s organic structure needs to ever be dummy corded to that United States Marine Infantryman or even attached the United States Marine Infantryman’s flack catcher jacket. That besides includes dummy cording the issued Marine Corps issued gear that is attached to that United States Marines Infantryman’s rifle straight to the United States Marines Infantryman’s rifle such as your ACOG RCO, AN/PEQ 15, and your surefire.

If the United States Marine Infantryman does non hold proper gear accountability so that United States Marine Infantryman could go uneffective in combat on the battleground. If a United States Marine Infantryman looses a piece of serialized cogwheel such as the United States Marines Infantryman’s rifle, that United States Marine Infantryman will non be able to protect himself or some of the other United States Marines Infantryman such as puting unit of ammunitions down scope at the enemy. No rifle equals no unit of ammunitions being shooting. In the instance that a United States Marine looses his rifle that could besides put his other United States Marine’s Infantryman life in danger. It is difficult to derive fire high quality on the battleground supplying there is a United States Marine Infantryman that does non hold his rifle due to that United States Marine Infantryman non holding proper Marine Corps issued gear accountability over himself. If that United States Marine Infantryman does non hold proper Marine Corps issued gear accountability over himself, so he likely didn’t look into the United States Marines Infantryman around him either.

The United States Marine Infantryman needs to hold liability and proper cogwheel accountability for his Marine Corps issued gear. If a job happens repeatedly with that United States Marine Infantryman non holding proper Marine Corps issued gear accountability so that United States Marine Infantryman needs to rectify. The United States Marine Infantryman that doesn’t have proper Marine Corps issued gear accountability is more likely non to be able to follow simpler orders assigned to him in combat on the battleground and out of combat besides. When United States Marines Infantryman fail to hold changeless proper Marine Corps issued gear accountability they will lose other traits.

The enemies can and will take advantage of a United States Marine Infantryman non holding proper Marine Corps issued gear accountability. The enemies in Iraq have used United States Marines Infantryman Marine Corps issued gear against them in combat. The enemies in Iraq will go on making this until there is one 100 per centum proper Marine Corps issued gear accountability from all United States Marines Infantryman. There was an enemy sniper in Iraq that had a United States Marines Infantryman M16 rifle mounted with that United States Marines Infantryman ACOG RCO. The enemy sniper was utilizing one that arm to hit our United States Marines Infantryman every bit good as other friendly military personnels with it. Situations like this bad luck can be prevented if United States Marines maintain changeless proper Marine Corps issued gear accountability. The enemies in Iraq have used United States Marines Infantryman other cogwheel besides against United States Marines Infantryman and friendly military personnels, such as our dark vision goggles. Whatever the enemy can acquire at that place hands on of our cogwheel they will utilize it against us United States Marine Infantryman and friendly’s in combat on the battleground.

If a United States Marine Infantryman was to lose his compression bandage in combat so there is a opportunity that that United States Marines Infantryman life might non be saved if he is injured and needs a compression bandage. Even if another United States Marine Infantryman was to utilize his compression bandage so that might detain the clip of using it because that other United States Marine Infantryman had to draw his compression bandage out and use it on the injured United States Marine Infantryman. Then the uninjured United States Marine Infantryman might be left without his compression bandage if he is injured. If a United States Marine Infantryman doesn’t maintain proper Marine Corps issued gear accountability, it can set his life every bit good as his other United States Marines Infantryman lives in danger.

Even if your non in combat and back in the rear at base, the United States Marine Infantryman should ever be maintaining proper Marine Corps issued gear accountability over all his Marine Corps issued gear and points that United States Marine Infantryman brought with himself. United States Marines Infantryman need to look into that they have there Marine Corps issued military designation card on them at all times even when the United States Marine Infantryman is out in town on autonomy. It is the smallest things that will count and will maintain the United States Marine Infantryman alive in combat every bit good as the other United States Marines Infantryman with himself.

Why Is Accountability So Important?

Any director worth their weight in salt will delegate authorization to fit duty for undertakings they assign to team members. To make less than this lone sets the other individual up for failure. But along with authorization and duty comes accountability – the apprehension by all that the individual assigned the duty is accountable for run intoing their committednesss and bring forthing consequences. All excessively frequently though, and I’ve seen it go on repeatedly in every one of the eight industries I’ve worked in, a undertaking is assigned to person and they commit to finishing the undertaking but so... nil happens! How many of us have seen a committedness made by person in a meeting without a mark day of the month being set for completion? Or a class of action being identified without it being assigned to any one individual for ownership and ultimate accountability? My experience has been that, in these state of affairss, the likeliness of the necessary follow up action being taken - as required or as promised - is distant. Peoples are busy and if you aren’t tracking committednesss that other people make to you, they may non hold those committednesss with every bit high a priority….and be merely excessively happy to allow them skid or perchance non finish them at all. I’m certain you’ve seen committednesss being made randomly by person who has no outlook that anyone will really track what they have committed to. Wally in Scott Adam’s Dilbert sketch strip has this perfected to a all right art.In order for a undertaking to travel in front successfully, each undertaking or action must be assigned so that one individual is given ownership of it, along with a mark day of the month for completion and the appropriate duty, authorization, and accountability. This is the first measure. After a undertaking has been assigned ( by a director or a group ) , there must be some signifier of follow up to corroborate that the work is really being done. This is where I’ve seen countless repeated happenings of issues being dropped – because they are disregarded or straight-out ignored.It ne'er ceases to astonish me how frequently a deficiency of accountability comes up in a concern twenty-four hours. Quality end product and the successful completion of any undertaking depends on people populating up to their committednesss. That’s the lubricating oil that makes a squad work good together. When people fulfill their committednesss, they are demoing everyone else that they’re dependable and that they respect the individual they’ve made the committedness to.Why an I composing about this? Because it rests at the bosom of success on any undertaking. If your squad members are all painstaking and focused on acquiring their undertakings done, a deficiency of accountability will be a minor issue. But on occasion I’ve seen people make shallow promises that they know no 1 else will really maintain path of. That would imply person else holding to pull off them - which they know - we’re all excessively busy to make. Enter Projecteze.The Projecteze organisational system that I describe in my book “On Top Of Everything” is all about assisting people like you and me - who are trusting on others to come through on their committednesss - to be able to track, proctor and follow up with others on their committednesss in a diplomatic and friendly manner. This procedure truly helps to reenforce accountability and it’s done in a simple, non-confrontational manner that prevents anything from stealing between the cracks.Under the premise that most of us are good intending, the ball can acquire dropped merely because of the overpowering volume of things we each have to make in a twenty-four hours. As a director who has assigned undertakings and received committednesss, I want to assist further success for everyone on my squad and I can make that by merely touching base with my people on a regular basis for updates on their deliverables and by proactively assisting them remain on top of the undertakings and mark day of the months they’ve committed to. The Projecteze system allows me to make that really easy and really effectively.It is up to everyone on a undertaking squad to run into their duties, but it is besides up to everyone on a squad to keep each other accountable in a mode that Fosters strong relationships within a supportive, congenial and productive working environment that everyone can be proud of. This combination can be dynamite! Laurence Seton, P.Eng. , PMP is the President of Projecteze Inc. and is the writer of On Top Of Everything: Pull off Your Projects & Life With Ease. He helps busy people learn the accomplishments to acquire and remain organized and on top of everything at work, at place and at school utilizing Projecteze: The Ultimate Organizational System. Follow Laurence on Twitter and Facebook.

Importance of Accountability in Leadership

Possibly the most of import consequence of accountability is trust, which is indispensable in any relationship. Bing accountable to something agencies that you’re willing to do committednesss and be responsible for your ain actions. This promotes trust between you and the people around you. In a contract or compact, you’re entrusted to protect something. When you allow yourself to be accountable to this trust, you’re efficaciously stating people that you’re traveling to acknowledge it and do damagess when the trust is broken. In consequence, you’re stressing how of import and committed you are to what you pledged to protect.

The secretiveness and visual aspect of struggles of involvement in the United States Chess Federation administration construction are merely diagnostic of a deficiency of accountability. Board members are heard faulting the USCF President, the board bulk, the CFO, legal, the executive/publications manager, the office, or a commission for hapless consequences. Our leaders are foremost to guarantee us that none of what is incorrect with the organisation is the mistake of the board or of the delegates. “But that is non the Board 's fault” has become the beat uping call of the organisation. Additionally, all excessively frequently we hear it’s non my duty as I didn’t ballot for that, or I didn’t cognize about that, or it didn’t profit me personally, or it was decided by others, or I merely am one ballot. Regardless, issues do non acquire addressed or fixed, hapless consequences continue, and secretiveness and evident struggles of involvement are felt to be justified.

It is of import to observe that all non-profit-making managers are lawfully responsible and accountable to defined categories of individuals or entities. Accountability in the not-for-profit universe is defined as being answerable for the effectual discharge of the mission of the organisation. This is characterized as the grade to which leaders are independent, unfastened, antiphonal and responsible, and the grade to which the corporate way reflects the penchants of those to whom the manager is accountable in the discharge of the mission. The public insists that those who represent them map openly and explicate their determinations. It is thought that those in places of authorization should publically account for their actions, determinations every bit good as the usage of public corporate resources has long been a dogma of non for net income direction. The information revealed by systems of accountability, it is argued, will allow the electorate to judge the quality of policies and the unity of execution so that the most able and honest can be selected to regulate. Public accountability, it is postulated, leads to the choice of policies that will advance development and ensures that rank resources are used to give their greatest return on investing at progressing the mission.

However, accountability is more than merely describing consequences information or revelation ; it is a agency to better public presentation. An accountability model identifies intended consequences, ensures the measuring of existent public presentation and assigns duty for utilizing this information as the footing for doing alterations to accomplish the intended consequences. Reporting includes principle for determinations, current consequences compared to planned aims, plans for betterment and public presentation tendencies over clip. Increasingly, the rank is inquiring for better information on what they and society are acquiring for their rank dollars. Furthermore believable information on public presentation is needed even more to guarantee that rank dollars are being spent good. Accountability is enlightened by independent 3rd party inadvertence and reappraisal of corporate actions.

In a nutshell accountability is qualitative information about how the leading is progressing the MISSION of the corporation. All managers should hold an equal duty for the direction of the corporation’s activities. Being accountable is about accepting entire duty for the corporation’s consequences every bit good as the deficiency thereof. In one word accountability is about RESULTS. Accountability to whom one might inquire? Under not-for-profit corporate systems with a rank construction it is viewed that the rank are like proprietors of the corporation. Thus accountability is enforced by the rank by the procedure of being able to elect or reject the leaders and their policies that oversee the way of the corporation.

Accountability starts in the council chamber. As leaders in their organisations, boards play a particular function in puting criterions of behaviour that will guarantee that they and their organisations operate lawfully and ethically. Principled behavior starts with the board itself, with policies that address compensation, struggles of involvement, travel, and expense reimbursement. Boardss and main executives must guarantee equal and accurate fiscal coverage. All CEO compensation should, at a lower limit, be based on an rating of public presentation and benchmarked to comparable surveies for CEOs of similar establishments. Board policies that set and enforce criterions supply a self-regulatory frame that support and reinforce those glass walls.


In moralss and administration, accountability is accountability, culpability, liability, and the outlook of account-giving. As an facet of administration, it has been cardinal to treatments related to jobs in the populace sector, non-profit-making and private ( corporate ) and single contexts. In leading functions, accountability is the recognition and premise of duty for actions, merchandises, determinations, and policies including the disposal, administration, and execution within the range of the function or employment place and embracing the duty to describe, explicate and be answerable for ensuing effects.


Recall elections can be used to revoke the office of an elected functionary. Generally, nevertheless, electors do non hold any direct manner of keeping elected representatives to account during the term for which they have been elected. Additionally, some functionaries and legislators may be appointed instead than elected. Constitution, or legislative act, can authorise a legislative organic structure to keep their ain members, the authorities, and authorities organic structures to account. This can be through keeping an internal or independent enquiry. Inquiries are normally held in response to an allegation of misconduct or corruptness. The powers, processs and countenances vary from state to state. The legislative assembly may hold the power to impeach the person, take them, or suspend them from office for a period of clip. The accused individual might besides make up one's mind to vacate before test. Impeachment in the United States has been used both for elected representatives and other civil offices, such as territory tribunal Judgess.


Within an organisation, the rules and patterns of ethical accountability purpose to better both the internal criterion of single and group behavior every bit good as external factors, such as sustainable economic and ecologic schemes. Besides, ethical accountability plays a increasingly of import function in academic Fieldss, such as research lab experiments and field research. Debates around the pattern of ethical accountability on the portion of research workers in the societal field – whether professional or others – have been exhaustively explored by Norma R.A. Romm in her work on Accountability in Social Research, including her book on New Racism: Revisiting Researcher Accountabilities, reviewed by Carole Truman in the journal Sociological Research Online. Here it is suggested that researcher accountability implies that research workers are aware of, and take some duty for, the possible impact of their ways of making research – and of composing it up – on the societal Fieldss of which the research is portion. That is, accountability is linked to sing carefully, and being unfastened to dispute in relation to, one 's picks refering how research dockets are framed and the manners in which write-ups of research `` consequences '' are created.


Internal regulations and norms every bit good as some independent committee are mechanisms to keep civil retainers within the disposal of authorities accountable. Within section or ministry, foremost, behaviour is bound by regulations and ordinances ; secondly, civil retainers are subsidiaries in a hierarchy and accountable to higher-ups. However, there are independent `` watchdog '' units to size up and keep sections accountable ; legitimacy of these committees is built upon their independency, as it avoids any struggles of involvements. The accountability is defined as `` an component which is portion of a alone duty and which represents an duty of an histrion to accomplish the end, or to execute the process of a undertaking, and the justification that it is done to person else, under menace of countenance '' .

Persons within organisations

Because many different persons in big organisations contribute in many ways to the determinations and policies, it is hard even in rule to place who should be accountable for the consequences. This is what is known, following Thompson, as the job of many custodies. It creates a quandary for accountability. If persons are held accountable or responsible, persons who could non hold prevented the consequences are either below the belt punished, or they `` take duty '' in a symbolic rite without enduring any effects. If lone organisations are held accountable, so all persons in the organisation are every bit blamable or all are excused. Assorted solutions have been proposed. One is to broaden the standards for single duty so that persons are held accountable for non expecting failures in the organisation. Another solution, late proposed by Thompson, is to keep persons accountable for the design of the organisation, both retrospectively and prospectively.

Public/private convergence

With the addition over the last several decennaries in public service provided by private entities, particularly in Britain and the United States, some have called for increased political accountability mechanisms for otherwise non-political entities. Legal bookman Anne Davies, for case, argues that the line between public establishments and private entities like corporations is going blurred in certain countries of public service in the United Kingdom, and that this can compromise political accountability in those countries. She and others argue that some administrative jurisprudence reform is necessary to turn to this accountability spread.

Contemporary surveies

Recently, accountability has become an of import subject in the treatment about the legitimacy of international establishments. Because there is no planetary democratically elected organic structure to which organisations must account, planetary organisations from all sectors organic structures are frequently criticized as holding big accountability spreads. The Charter 99 for Global Democracy, spearheaded by the One World Trust, foremost proposed that cross-sector rules of accountability be researched and observed by establishments that affect people, independent of their legal position. One paradigmatic job arising in the planetary context is that of establishments such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund who are founded and supported by affluent states or persons and supply grants and loans, to developing states. Should those establishments be accountable to their laminitiss and investors or to the individuals and states they lend money to? In the argument over planetary justness and its distributional effects, Cosmopolitans tend to recommend greater accountability to the forgotten involvements of traditionally marginalized populations and developing states. On the other manus, those in the Nationalism and Society of States traditions deny the dogmas of moral universalism and argue that donees of planetary development enterprises have no substantial entitlement to name international establishments to account. The One World Trust Global Accountability Report, published in a first full rhythm 2006 to 2008, is one effort to mensurate the capableness of planetary organisations to be accountable to their stakeholders.

Accountability in instruction

In contrast, some educational constitutions such as Sudbury schools believe that pupils are personally responsible for their Acts of the Apostless, and that traditional schools do non allow pupils to take their class of action to the full ; they do non allow pupils to ship on the class, one time chosen ; and they do non allow pupils to endure the effects of the class, one time taken. Freedom of pick, freedom of action, freedom to bear the consequences of action are considered the three great freedoms that constitute personal duty. Sudbury schools claim that `` 'Ethics ' is a class taught by life experience '' . They adduce that the indispensable ingredient for geting values—and for moral action is personal duty, that schools will go involved in the instruction of ethical motives when they become communities of people who to the full respect each other 's right to do picks, and that the lone manner the schools can go meaningful purveyors of ethical values is if they provide pupils and grownups with real-life experiences that are carriers of moral import. Students are given complete duty for their ain instruction and the school is run by a direct democracy in which pupils and staff are peers.

Media and accountability

Econometric research has found that states with greater imperativeness freedom tend to hold less corruptness. Greater political accountability and lower corruptness were more likely where newspaper ingestion was higher in informations from approximately 100 states and from different provinces in the US. A `` hapless tantrum between newspaper markets and political territories reduces imperativeness coverage of politics.. Congressmans who are less covered by the local imperativeness work less for their constituencies: they are less likely to stand informant before congressional hearings.. Federal disbursement is lower in countries where there is less press coverage of the local members of Congress. '' This was supported by an analysis of the effects of the closing of the Cincinnati Post in 2007. The undermentioned twelvemonth, `` fewer campaigners ran for municipal office in the Kentucky suburbs most reliant on the Post, officeholders became more likely to win reelection, and elector turnout and run disbursement fell. ''

An analysis of the development of mass media in the US and Europe since World War II noted assorted consequences from the growing of the Internet: `` The digital revolution has been good for freedom of look information has had mixed effects on freedom of the imperativeness '' : It has disrupted traditional beginnings of support, and new signifiers of Internet news media have replaced merely a bantam fraction of what 's been lost. Assorted systems have been proposed for increasing the financess available for fact-finding news media that allow single citizens to direct little sums of authorities financess to intelligence mercantile establishments or fact-finding news media undertakings of their pick.

Proposed symbolism

Viktor Frankl, brain doctor, head-shrinker, writer, and laminitis of logotherapy and one of the cardinal figures in experiential therapy, in his book Man 's Search for Meaning recommended `` that the Statue of Liberty on the East Coast ( that has become a symbol of Liberty and Freedom ) should be supplemented by a Statue of Responsibility on the West Coast. '' Frankl stated: `` Freedom, nevertheless, is non the last word. Freedom is merely portion of the narrative and half of the truth. Freedom is but the negative facet of the whole phenomenon whose positive facet is responsibleness. In fact, freedom is in danger of devolving into mere flightiness unless it is lived in footings of responsibility. ''

Shows Responsibility

When you display accountability, you show your foreman that you are a mature and responsible person on whom he can depend. This makes him experience secure. He does non desire an employee who refuses to have her behavior. For illustration, your foreman may delegate you to an of import undertaking, and it takes you longer than you expected to complete it. He checks on your advancement, and you explain that you are still working on it. A more accountable action would be non to wait for him to ask about your advancement. Alternatively, travel to him before the undertaking runs tardily. Explain the hold and give him an estimation of when the work will be complete.

A competent professional comptroller in concern is an priceless plus to the company. These persons employ an questioning head to their work founded on the footing of their cognition of the company’s financials. Using their accomplishments and adumbrate apprehension of the company and the environment in which it operates, professional comptrollers in concern ask disputing inquiries. Their preparation in accounting enables them to follow a matter-of-fact and nonsubjective attack to work outing issues. This is a valuable plus to direction, peculiarly in little and medium endeavors where the professional comptrollers are frequently the lone professionally qualified members of staff.

Accountancy professionals in concern aid with corporate scheme, supply advice and aid concerns to cut down costs, better their top line and mitigate hazards. As board managers, professional comptrollers in concern represent the involvement of the proprietors of the company ( i.e. , stockholders in a public company ) . Their functions normally include: regulating the organisation ( such as, O.K.ing one-year budgets and accounting to the stakeholders for the company’s public presentation ) ; naming the main executive ; and finding management’s compensation. As main fiscal officers, professional comptrollers have oversight over all affairs associating to the company’s fiscal wellness. This includes making and driving the strategic way of the concern to analysing, making and pass oning fiscal information. As internal hearers, professional comptrollers provide independent confidence to direction that the organization’s hazard direction, administration and internal control procedures are runing efficaciously. They besides offer advice on countries for sweetenings. In the populace sector, professional comptrollers in authorities form financial policies that had far-reaching impacts on the lives of many. Accountants in academe are tasked with the of import function of leaving the cognition, accomplishments and ethical underpinnings of the profession to the following coevals.

Situations may happen where professional comptrollers in concerns are expected to assist the organisation achieve certain fiscal results. In some of these instances, the needed action may put on the line compromising conformity with accounting and fiscal coverage regulations. Professional comptrollers in concerns encounter tenseness in these state of affairss. As an illustration, comptrollers in organisations may confront force per unit areas to account for stock lists at higher values or choice alternate accounting methods which are more financially favourable to the company. However, these actions may be contrary to what are allowable in the accounting criterions or to what the professional comptroller may experience comfy with.

Because professional comptrollers in concern are frequently the lone members of staff who are professionally trained and qualified in accounting in the organisation, they are more likely to trust on their professional accounting organic structure for aid in transporting out their work. They will look to the professional accounting organic structure to supply them with the support and resources they need in making their day-to-day occupations and to maintain their accomplishments up-to-date. For illustration, professional comptrollers in concern may look to their capable affair experts in the accounting organic structure for advice on how to manage ethical quandary. They will besides be dependent on their accounting organic structure to supply uninterrupted professional development developing enterprises to maintain their cognition and accomplishments current.

Professional comptrollers in concern are an of import critical mass in the planetary accounting profession. The same applies at the national degree. Public instruction on the diverse functions of professional comptrollers in concern demands to be stepped up so as to increase the visibleness of these functions. Professional accounting organic structures besides need to pay attending to their members in concern and supply them with the support they need in order to win in their functions. Their voices besides need to be represented. Achieving success on all these foreparts will drive continued acknowledgment by society of the value of professional comptrollers in concern. This shapes the continued success of the accounting profession as a whole.

What is Personal Accountability?

In many ways the undermentioned quotation mark by William H. Murray sums up personal accountability – “Until one is committed, there is hesitance, the opportunity to pull back. Refering all Acts of the Apostless of enterprise ( and creative activity ) , there is one simple truth, the ignorance of which kills countless thoughts and glorious programs: that the minute one decidedly commits oneself, so Providence moves excessively. All kinds of things occur to assist one that would ne'er otherwise hold occurred. A whole watercourse of events issues from the determination, raising in one’s favour all mode of unanticipated incidents and meetings and material aid, which no adult male could hold dreamed would hold come his manner. Whatever you can make, or dream you can make, get down it. Boldness has mastermind, power, and thaumaturgy in it. Get down it now.”

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