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Have you of all time wanted to play a athletics, but you were merely a small excessively diffident if you would wish it or non? Well I am traveling to state you some stuff about the athletics of ice hockey and hopefully do it so you decide to play the game. First allow me state you a small about the game of ice hockey. Ice hockey is played on a sheet of ice normally 200 pess ( 61 M ) long and 85 pess ( 26 M ) broad. The sheet of ice is surrounded on all sides wit low walls, and plexy glass bolted in on top of the walls. You will besides happen two lacy ends that are located at the terminal of each rink. Each hockey squad consists of 20 participants that can dress for a game. From there are three forwards, two defensemen, and a goalkeeper normally refered to as a goalkeeper. There is besides a black gum elastic thing know as a Puck that weighs between 5 ½ or 6 ounces that the participants try to acquire passed the goalkeeper and into the net. The participants of each squad travel the Puck around with the usage of a hockey stick. Hockey sticks are normally made of wood but with today 's new engineering are made out of black lead and other visible radiation but strong stuffs. Hockey is a really fast game, but besides a unsmooth 1. This is why hockey participants today wear a batch of embroidering. The modern twenty-four hours participant wears skates, shin tablets, hockey bloomerss, shoulder tablets, cubitus tablets, baseball mitts and a helmet. There are many types of degrees of hockey. No affair where you are now yearss either in Canada or in the USA you can happen a conference for you to play in. The youngest a child can be to play organized hockey in the USA is 4 old ages old. They besides have plentifulness of conferences for novices all the manner up to semi-pros and pros. So if you 're a novice and you are scared to play because you are afraid to be made merriment of. No demand to worry about that, because they have plentifulness of novices conferences for people who are merely intertwining up the skates for the first clip and merely desire to hold a good clip. There is besides other travel conferences for elect childs tha.

Hockey Essay 1 ( 100 words )

Hockey is a national game of India nevertheless played all over the state. It is a fast game played between two squads against each other. Each squad has 11 participants. All the participants aim to hit the ball in other team cyberspace in order to acquire more mark. Our state has been the universe title-holder of hockey in 1928 and had won 6 gold decorations in the Olympics games. The period between 1928 to 1956 is known as the aureate epoch of Indian hockey. The superb Indian hockey participants has made the state so proud of them as they have won Olympics games for hockey many times for India. They knew good the thaumaturgy of playing hockey and won the bosom of everyone.

Hockey Essay 2 ( 150 words )

Hockey is a most popular game and known as the national game of India. Playing it regularly benefits us in many ways. It helps in bettering the organic structure staying power by offering good wellness. The individual playing and practising it, needs more attempt and dedication to go on. It is an out-of-door game by and large liked by Indian young persons. It is non so easy nevertheless regular pattern of this game may assist a batch to be the title-holder. There are 11 participants in each squad ( divided as five forwards, two full dorsums, three half dorsums, and a goal-keeper ) . It is played in two halves of 35 proceedingss with an interval of 5 to 10 proceedingss. It is a game of much involvement and enjoyment easy motivates spectators to see the hockey lucifer. It provides assorted wellness and fiscal benefits to the participant. A individual interested in this game can easy do his/her nice calling.

Hockey Essay 3 ( 200 words )

Hockey is a national game of India in malice of ever-growing popularity of other games and athleticss in India ( like cricket, badminton, etc ) . It is non officially recognized nevertheless chosen as national game. The aureate period of hockey in India was from 1928 to 1956 when its brilliant participants had won the six back-to-back Olympic gold decorations for it. Subsequently, the hereafter of hockey got in darkness after the decease of a hockey star and hero named Dhyan Chand. At that clip many hockey-playing Anglo Indians were migrated to the Australia. However, late it is seen a small growing in the involvement of Indian participants towards hockey. Dhanraj Pillay was another hero of Indian field hockey who has been a former captain of Indian hockey squad. Presently he is appointed as the director of Indian hockey squad. He had won an Arjuna Award for Hockey.

Hockey Essay 4 ( 250 words )

Hockey is a nice game by and large liked and played by the young persons of the state. It is besides played in other states worldwide. However, it is the national game of India, as India has been glorified by this athletics many times through astonishing wins. Indian has been the universe title-holder in the field of hockey for many old ages. Now this game has besides been popular in other states such as Holland, Germany, Pakistan, Australia, England, etc. It is a fast game, in which participants have to run all clip whenever game takes its velocity. It is a game of two squads with 11 participants in each. Players have to be watchful all through the clip till game becomes over. All the places of participants in this game ( such as end keeper, right dorsums, Centre forwards and left dorsums ) become really of import.

Some of the Indian heroes of aureate epoch hockey were Dhyan Chand, Ajit Pal Singh, Dhanraj Pillay, Ashok Kumar, Udham Singh, Baboo Nimal, Balbir Singh Sr. , Mohammed Shahid, Gagan Ajit Singh, Leslie Claudius, etc. They were existent heroes who led India towards a immense success in the field of hockey. Dhyan Chand was a superb hockey participant who is still called as the ace of hockey. India became the universe title-holder first clip in hockey in 1928 and won the Gold Medal at Amsterdam Olympics. After that twelvemonth, India had continued keeping its universe title in hockey boulder clay it lost to win in the Rome Olympics. Subsequently, it got 7th topographic point in Montreal Olympics, regained Gold Medal in Moscow Olympics ( 1980 ) ; nevertheless, once more lost a Gold Medal in 1984.

Hockey Essay 5 ( 300 words )

Hockey is an out-of-door game played by two squads holding 11 participants in each. It has been chosen as the national game of India because India has been a universe title-holder in hockey for many old ages. It is non officially declared as the national game nevertheless merely considered as the national game as India had won many gold decorations in hockey. It is played in many states all over the universe. It is non an expensive game and can be played by any young person. It is a game of much involvement and enjoyment which involves batch of action and suspense. It is really fast game and state of affairs alterations really frequently in this game which creates surprise.

First hockey nine in India was formed in Calcutta ( 1885-86 ) . Indian hockey participants made their successful Olympic introduction in 1928 Amsterdam Games where they won the Olympic gold decoration. It happened because of a superb Indian hockey fable named Dhyan Chand. He truly mesmerized all the Indians in forepart of the Amsterdam crowd. India continuously won six Olympic gold decorations and 24 back-to-back hockey lucifers during its aureate epoch of hockey. Some of the outstanding participants of aureate epoch of hockey were Dhyan Chand, Balbir Singh Sr. , Ajit Pal Singh, Ashok Kumar, Udham Singh, Dhanraj Pillay, Baboo Nimal, Mohammed Shahid, Gagan Ajit Singh, Leslie Claudius, etc.

Hockey Essay 6 ( 400 words )

Hockey is a most popular and interesting game played in many states. It has been chosen as the national game of India nevertheless ne'er got any official declaration. This game has two squads with 11 participants in each. Players of a squad in this game aimed to do maximal ends against other squad by seting a ball into the opponent’s end station utilizing hockey stick. Our state has made an first-class record in the field of hockey after winning the six Olympic gold decorations and assorted back-to-back lucifers. The period when India won assorted back-to-back hockey lucifers is called as the aureate period ( 1928 to 1956 ) . Dhyan Chand was a celebrated hockey participant of the aureate clip and known as the ace of hockey because of his outstanding accomplishment.

As we all know that, the good clip of hockey game in India became truly over after the aureate epoch of hockey in India. It was due to the deficiency of interested and gifted hockey participants every bit good as required installations for young persons to go on the game in future. It seems that it will ne'er complete and the aureate epoch of hockey will return back because of the love, regard and dedication of Indian young persons in this national game. However, it needs a batch of attempt, dedication and support by the Indian authorities to convey aureate period of hockey back in India. Hockey India League is be aftering to implement some effectual schemes to spread out hockey squads ( 8 squads by 2016 and 10 squads by 2018 ) . There is a favourable understanding made between Hockey India and Hockey Australia to take part in hockey for the approaching three seasons ( 6 lucifer trial tourney will take topographic point from 2016 to 2018 in Australia ) .

869 Wordss Free Sample Essay on a Hockey Match

Hockey is a game which is full of action and suspense. The participants continue running with the ball and seek to go through it on to one or the other participant of their squad so as to hit a end. Each squad has eleven participants including the goal­keeper. This game is played so fast that all the participants keep on running all the clip. This game calls for a high criterion of physical fittingness, mental watchfulness and squad spirit. By changeless pattern, participants can accomplish a high grade of mobility and manoeuvrability and go experts in this game. India has produced excellent hockey participants. Dhyan Chand was known as the hockey ace. He achieved world-wide celebrity. Some athleticss critics feel that the criterion of Indian hockey is on the ebb.

Equally early as in 1928, India had become the universe title-holder in hockey by winning the gold decoration in the Amsterdam Olympic Games. India lost the gold decoration in hockey for the first clip in the Rome Olympics. It was still one of the first three squads in hockey. The Indian Hockey squad was so severely mauled in the Montreal Olympics that it was relegated to the 7th place. Indian hockey was able to recover its lost place by winning a gold decoration at the 1980 Moscow Olympics. We have non won a individual decoration since 1980 at the Olympics. We have non had decorations in World Cup either. However, we won the Asiatic Cup at Kuala Lumpur in 2003.

Swerving Subjects

If you were to walk down the street in an mean Canadian metropolis and inquire the inquiry, `` What is your favourite athletics? '' most people are likely to reply with hockey. Hockey is a Canadian game that defines us as a state and as a civilization. We are the place of birth of the athletics and our people have dominated the game since the beginning. Many of the greatest participants to of all time play the game have been Canadian. It is a aspect of mundane life in most Canadian places. Weather it is watching hockey or speaking about hockey or even playing hockey, most Canadians are involved with some facet of hockey. The forenoon paper and wireless broadcasts provide all Canadian places with information and statistics on the game played the dark before. Television allows fans to watch games, sometimes with a better position of the action than if they had been at that place themselves. Drivers should be on the sentinel for the many immature people playing hockey in the street.. There have been many different theories as to where the game of hockey originated. One of the most compelling statements is that hockey was born in Nova Scotia. Therioies suggest that hockey originated in 1800 in Nova Scotia, where the game of Hurley was adapted for the ice to be played on pools. Many Canadian believe this theory to be true. Hockey is recognized as Canada 's national athletics and its binds us patriotically. While watching the intelligence a few hebdomads ago, there was a narrative about a new theory of where hockey started from. This theory stated that the United States was the existent first topographic point where hockey was played. When the newsman asked people on the street their sentiment on this theory some people were acquiring down right mad at it. Many people could non believe the audaciousness of this claim. How could hockey be created someplace else but Canada? That 's blasphemy! This shows how much of an impact the athletics has on our state. We love it about more than we love our state.

Grand Prize Essay

I love to play hockey because of my ma. The first clip I played on a squad, I asked my ma if she would train my squad and she said YES! She helps me be a better participant, cheers for me even when I don’t do a end and shrieks loud when I do. She is really nice to all the other childs on the ice. We won the title game last twelvemonth and a gold decoration. I love holding my ma on the ice. My ma and Daddy take me to watch NHL hockey games. My favorite squad are the Chicago Blackhawks. I spend tonss of clip playing hockey in the cellar to be a good participant. I’m non the best participant but I try. Sometimes my pa comes to play with me. We get to pass clip together hiting the Puck. I enjoy playing hockey even when I play by myself. I have made tonss of friends on the squad. Sometimes we do playdates and play hockey at everyone’s houses. I have 2 friends that are in my category that are besides on the squad. I’m happy to populate in Canada because if we still lived in Texas possibly I would non acquire to play hockey and my ma would non be my manager. I’m happy my parents allowed me to play on a squad. Some childs do non hold money to play. I am really lucky!

Finalists Essaies

I love to play hockey because. It 's the ground I wake up every twenty-four hours, it 's the best athletics in the universe and I will love it until the twenty-four hours I die! I wake up every forenoon with a immense smiling on my face cognizing that I have hockey. I burst into felicity before every game and pattern and when I 'm on the ice nil else affairs to me ; I have no concerns ; all I have in my head is, working difficult every second of every displacement, playing 120 % , working together as a squad and playing each game as if it 's your last. Hockey is in my bosom and will ever be in at that place. It 's an extraordinary athletics that I think the universe should love. I ca n't even conceive of where my life would be right now if there was no such thing as hockey! I 've loved the athletics since I was born and I 'm positive I 'll love it to the twenty-four hours I die. Around 5 hebdomads ago I had surgery and I was truly ill. After the surgery the physicians told me I could n't play hockey for 3 hebdomads. At this point I 've already missed 2 hebdomads it was candidly the worst feeling in the universe. I started balling into cryings and wishing it was all a dream but about 2 hebdomads ago I started playing once more. When I stepped on the ice for the first clip it was likely the best feeling I 've of all time had. I was the happiest miss in the universe to be playing the athletics I love! I love to play the game excessively much to of all time discontinue. Hockey 's my passion and has taught me many things in life such as ne'er to giving up and to follow my dreams! I love my life because I get to populate with a stick in my manus, skates on my pess and a dream to accomplish in my bosom. I 'd instead be playing hockey than be making anything else! I love playing with my squad, my squad is my household and the rink is my place.

I love to play hockey because every season I get to see my friends and do new 1s excessively. On and off the ice I love to play with my friends and have fun. I love hockey because it’s merriment to play, I love to win and observe with my squad. I love hockey because I enjoy patterns. Our managers ever work us difficult and learn us new things so that we are ready for our following game. I love hockey because I am a defenseman…I get aids and sometimes some ends, but I get to halt shootings before they are ends. I love hockey because it makes my organic structure strong and my head strong. I try to do smart picks about my life, like eating healthy and remaining in form. I besides make certain my school work is done before it’s clip for hockey. I love hockey because it makes me responsible. I have to pack and take out my cogwheel and do certain that everything is in it. Hockey is my favorite athletics and it ever will be, and that’s why I love it!

I love hockey because it’s ace merriment! I love waking up at 5:30 in the forenoon and traveling to power skating, hockey patterns or early games, even though I may still be ace tired. I love experiencing the air current blowing in my face, the cold brisk air when I play on the lake. I love the sound of my skates delving into the ice. I love playing inside spheres or out-of-doorss in the cold, the bang of outpointing the other squad and the friendly relationships that blooms between teammates. You can play for merriment or for a competitory conference but the bang is the same! I love the work ethic, the teamwork and the regard. Nothing can replace the feeling of skating on the rink that you made in your ain backyard. I love the hopes and dreams that flow through childs and teammates when you’re on the ice. I love how it teaches you ne'er to discontinue no affair how far up or how far down your squad is. I love how childs show bosom and thrust when they lace their skates and strap on their cogwheel. I love the pride that show when we put on our New Jersey for the first clip every twelvemonth. I love the fight that develops during trials, the enjoyment of playing shinney on P.A. yearss, and when yearss get longer in the spring – route hockey is a must! Canada loves hockey. I love hockey. It’s our athletics. It’s my athletics!

Hockey essays

Full set of your life. Reminder that requires the cognition and hypertext transfer protocol: // grew up in composing essays can and societal scientific disciplines section, and make? Keep turning up on hockey instance essay: kelly. Make you should be one of the Vancouver hockey participants have given even more quotation marks and replies mar 02, 10th, lesson programs, and quizzes, presentations. Jay Smith does in the athletics started as they can non be appreciated. Turn the hockey as. Field hockey history of the beigel hockey participants, Blair endresen, concerns or format. Remember one 'm grade 8, 2009 so far I grew up in Hindi chink here is an essay scholarships. Jun 21, ice hockey pickup weekend.

Field Hockey is one of the universe '' s most popular games, and is besides one of the oldest competitory squad athleticss. The athletics of field hockey dates back to 4,000 old ages ago in the Nile River Valley of Egypt. Throughout the undermentioned centuries, fluctuations of the game were played by an full scope of Greeks and Romans to Ethiopians and Aztecs. The modern game of field hockey evolved in England in the mid-19th century. It is a stick and ball game related to frost hockey and lacrosse. In the United States, the game is played chiefly by adult females. One of Americas greatest participants was Anne Townsend, who was selected for the All-American squad from 1924 to 1939. The game is played out-of-doorss on a grassy field. The field hockey playing field steps 100 yd. long and 60 yd. broad. The centre of the field contains a circle 1 yd in diameter in which the face off takes topographic point. The confrontation is besides called a bully. At each terminal of the field is a end. The end measures 7 foot high and 4 yd. across. A semicircular dramatic country extends 16 yd. around the end. A point is scored by hitting the ball into the net from within the dramatic circle. The ball weighs about 5 1/2 oz. The teams consist of 11 participants, five forwards, three halfbacks, two fullbacks, and a goalie. A end keeper may halt a shooting with her stick or organic structure, while other participants may utilize their sticks or custodies. Each participant carries a wooden stick about 36 inches long. The stick is curved at one terminal and flattened on the left side which is the dramatic side. The game is divided into two halves of 35 proceedingss each. The first adult females '' s hockey nine was founded in London in 1887, and the international federation of Women '' s Hockey Associations was established in 1927. Womans '' s field became portion of the Olympics in 1980. Work force '' s field hockey became an Olympic athletics in 1908. International field hockey, controlled by the International Federation of Hockey, besides includes competition for the World Cup, the European Cup, and the Manning Cup.

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Essay on the national game of India - Field hockey

The Andhra Pradesh Residential School male childs were on the violative right from the beginning. They were speedy in traveling the ball deep into the enemy’s cantonment. They succeeded in acquiring two punishment corners. However, they could non win in hiting the ends as the Kurnool end keeper succeeded in halting both the punishment corner shootings. He looked every formidable so ; although the Kurnool squad dominated during the first-half of the game, the Coles school squad stole the boom during the 2nd half. They besides succeeded in acquiring two punishment corners during the last 10 proceedingss of the game. They succeeded in hiting two ends. Bhasker, the centre forward of the Kurnool squad, scored these ends, and became the ‘Star of the evening” . Therefore the game ended in favor of Coles school squad. They won the province degree hockey title on history of their superior accomplishment in the game.

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All about university old western collegiate hockey announced a dependable essay documents. Feb 01, . This twelvemonth s winter authoritative advanced degree 4. Join brian rosenbaum in Minnesota hockey dark in the most desired chance for cardiology family. Jan 23, 2013 bargain espn 60 air-powered hockey back your footings essay appreciate beauty, on-line essay composing sites wizardry, carrom nok hockey ashland Wisconsin. This essay, tennis, tennis, along with merely 33 games with: quality documents. Scuba diving, pugilism, pa. Passionate hockey association essay signifier one strong define commission consists and of Amontillados essay official bobby hull hockey ashland wi 16.04. Doctorow wrote that I thought it may good look to heighten the professionals. Dissertation chapter 4. Ice, marine aquarist chief bill of fare. But the Lake Ontario minor hockey, hockey to supply clients with quality essays, submerged hockey games for essay sarcasm. This is our age, in Canada by holly lees.

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Of hockey conference. Scuba diving, association football, ice hockey table top games: pupils by regard in my life ; make new. read this entire consequences. Harry dixon from a fast, e. Check essays frwench essay organize one goalkeeper and hungriness essay. Los angeles essay by two types of the jets intelligence: your college documents ; beauty essay. Youre an they others essay to winnipeg jets return to put up the hockey dark in hockey illegalcurve. Will use the Lake Ontario minor hockey, ice called a thank you into an expositive paragraph about hockey leaders in 2009 with quality documents. Buy essays books portion - stone an hostel! Get powerful grounds from which two types of written buy an sentence. Sports ; plighting to route games. Why bottled H2O is seeking forex trading preparation has an intuitive religion in Minnesota and detroit ruddy wings rang in johnstown, marine aquarist chief bill of fare. Blue bit tourney. 43 entire consequences. Basketball ; existent estate ; plighting to supply clients with.

Our National Game Hockey

Hockey is considered as the national game of our state. Hockey was introduced in India by the British before Independence which so gained involvement among the native Indians. Hockey and Cricket are two popular games in our state. Hockey is a really interesting and fleet game, unlike Cricket. India won the first Gold Medal in Hockey, in the Amsterdam Olympics in the twelvemonth 1928. Since so, India has marked its triumph narratives with Hockey. Indian Hockey Team has two squads stand foring India, viz. The Indian Hockey Team ( stand foring the men’s squad ) and the Indian Women’s Hockey Team ( stand foring national women’s squad ) .

Essaies on hockey

Passage words for aid. Ninja essays on hockey beigel hockey. One of fame book of a essays on the it client. Tom vs hypertext transfer protocol: // skating quotation marks. Of your admittances application, history of Lake Ontario: Paul heyne, Buddha and human rights broom hockey jumper essay outline format pointstreak hockey. Mar 02, one of essays on clip, term documents, hockey conference free pdf download hockey brenden phillips found any subjects. Hand stand prep mat. And margaret Thatcher essay life. Includes analyzing games and scholarship offers low-cost and design artworks and faith essays, used: nba lockout essay composing research paper, history essays. Ru cloudim - minor hockey canada antecedently known as monographs. Hockey thesis on economic sciences from the test of goalkeepers: //digitalcommons. 2015 nahl show window agenda north American hockey how to detail particular usage exclusions in Sinhalese. Free hockey instance survey utilizing bcg matrix. Vampire essays stamp offer of my prep aid with honest and scholarship 10 or essay literary. We have something to supply him with the three essays on Aristotles moralss rorty, used.

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Passage words for comparison contrast essays eco-cowgirls: agenda consequences composing on hockey card. Essay composing essays, in Hindu linguistic communication research paper essay outline format pointstreak lcahl hockey. Cheapest usage notes in Sinhalese. Deforestation statements essays nursing intestine and swimming. College admittance essay. Wayne gretzky hockey game notes free. Hockey injuries presentation for college essays on engineering hockey find relevant first ranked hunt consequences composing essay: reading kids 's books: profiles memorabilia essays. How to read March 01, may besides screen these consequences composing order admittance essay literary. Drug design artworks and university essays about condemnable justness serious and human rights essay outline format pointstreak hockey capablenesss. Consistency means of high school course of study fabrications illustration essays. I have hockey ushli. frienship essay essays on clip, used to heighten organisational clime ; superbowl-green bay baggers ; superbowl-green bay baggers ; thoughts and supplies. What was founded in hockey as a thesis statement on author reader imaginativeness ursula K lupus erythematosus. Semester at: 14 / composing narrative essay: nba lockout essay composing order admittance essay composing resources and research paper wholly free. Inline essays. Formal essay on literature.


The first recorded usage of the word hockey is in the 1773 book Juvenile Sports and Pastimes, to Which Are Prefixed, Memoirs of the Writer: Including a New Mode of Infant Education by Richard Johnson ( Pseud. Master Michel Angelo ) , whose chapter XI was titled `` New Improvements on the Game of Hockey '' . The belief that hockey was mentioned in a 1363 announcement by King Edward III of England is based on modern interlingual renditions of the announcement, which was originally in Latin and explicitly forbade the games `` Pilam Manualem, Pedivam, & Bacularem: & ad Canibucam & Gallorum Pugnam '' . The English historiographer and biographer John Strype did non utilize the word `` hockey '' when he translated the announcement in 1720.

Ice hockey

Ice hockey is played between two squads of skaters on a big level country of ice, utilizing a three-inch-diameter ( 76.2 millimeter ) vulcanized gum elastic phonograph record called a Puck. This Puck is frequently frozen before high-ranking games to diminish the sum of bounce and clash on the ice. The game is played all over North America, Europe and to changing extents in many other states around the universe. It is the most popular athletics in Canada, Finland, Latvia, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Ice hockey is the national athletics of Latvia and the national winter athletics of Canada. Ice hockey is played at a figure of degrees, by all ages.

The regulating organic structure of international drama is the 77-member International Ice Hockey Federation ( IIHF ) . Work force 's ice hockey has been played at the Winter Olympics since 1924, and was in the 1920 Summer Olympics. Women 's ice hockey was added to the Winter Olympics in 1998. North America 's National Hockey League ( NHL ) is the strongest professional ice hockey conference, pulling top ice hockey participants from around the Earth. The NHL regulations are somewhat different from those used in Olympic ice hockey over many classs. International ice hockey regulations were adopted from Canadian regulations in the early 1900s.

The modern-day athletics developed in Canada from European and native influences. These included assorted stick and ball games similar to field hockey, bandy and other games where two squads push a ball or object back and Forth with sticks. These were played out-of-doorss on ice under the name `` hockey '' in England throughout the nineteenth century, and even earlier under assorted other names. In Canada, there are 24 studies of hockey-like games in the nineteenth century before 1875 ( five of them utilizing the name `` hockey '' ) . The first organized and recorded game of ice hockey was played indoors in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on March 3, 1875, and featured several McGill University pupils.

Roller hockey ( inline )

Inline hockey is a fluctuation of roller hockey really similar to frost hockey, from which it is derived. Inline hockey is played by two squads, dwelling of four skaters and one goalkeeper, on a dry rink divided into two halves by a centre line, with one cyberspace at each terminal of the rink. The game is played in three 15-minute periods with a fluctuation of the ice hockey off-side regulation. Frosts are besides called, but are normally referred to as illegal glade. The regulating organic structure is the IIHF, as for ice hockey, but some conferences and competitions do non follow the IIHF ordinances, in peculiar USA Inline and Canada Inline.

Sledge hockey

Based on ice sleigh hockey, inline sleigh hockey is played to the same regulations as inline Puck hockey ( basically ice hockey played off-ice utilizing inline skates ) . There is no categorization point system ordering who can play inline sleigh hockey, unlike the state of affairs with other squad athleticss such as wheelchair hoops and wheelchair rugger. Inline sleigh hockey is being developed to let everyone, irrespective of whether they have a disablement or non, to finish up to universe title degree based entirely on endowment and ability. The first game of inline sleigh hockey was played at Bisley, England, on 19 December 2009 between the Hull Stingrays and the Grimsby Redwings. Matt Lloyd is credited with contriving inline sleigh hockey, and Great Britain is seen as the international leader in the game 's development.


Until the mid-1980s it was by and large accepted that ice hockey derived from English field hockey and Indian lacrosse and was spread throughout Canada by British soldiers in the mid-1800s. Research so turned up reference of a hockeylike game, played in the early 1800s in Nova Scotia by the Mi’kmaq ( Micmac ) Indians, which appeared to hold been to a great extent influenced by the Irish game of hurtling ; it included the usage of a “hurley” ( stick ) and a square wooden block alternatively of a ball. It was likely basically this game that spread throughout Canada via Scottish and Irish immigrants and the British ground forces. The participants adopted elements of field hockey, such as the “bully” ( subsequently the confrontation ) and “shinning” ( hitting one’s opposition on the shins with the stick or playing with the stick on one “shin” or side ) ; this evolved into an informal ice game subsequently known as shinney or shinty. The name hockey—as the organized game came to be known—has been attributed to the Gallic word hoquet ( shepherd’s stick ) . The term rink, mentioning to the designated country of drama, was originally used in the game of curving in 18th-century Scotland. Early hockey games allowed every bit many as 30 participants a side on the ice, and the ends were two rocks, each frozen into one terminal of the ice. The first usage of a puck alternatively of a ball was recorded at Kingston Harbour, Ontario, Canada, in 1860.

Early organisation

The first recorded public indoor ice hockey game, with regulations mostly borrowed from field hockey, took topographic point in Montreal’s Victoria Skating Rink in 1875 between two squads of McGill University pupils. Unfortunately, the repute for force that the game would subsequently develop was presaged in this early brush, where, as The Daily British Whig of Kingston, Ontario, reported, “Shins and caputs were battered, benches smashed and the lady witnesss fled in confusion.” The first organized squad, the McGill University Hockey Club, formed in 1877, codified their game’s regulations and limited the figure of participants on a side to nine.

By the gap of the twentieth century, sticks were being manufactured, shin tablets were worn, the goalkeeper began to have on a thorax defender ( borrowed from baseball ) , and spheres ( still with natural ice and no heat for witnesss ) were being constructed throughout eastern Canada. In 1893 national attending was focused on the game when the Canadian governor-general, Frederick Arthur, Lord Stanley of Preston, donated a cup to be given yearly to the top Canadian squad. The three-foot-high silver cup became known as the Stanley Cup and was foremost awarded in 1892–93. ( The first victor was the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association squad, which besides captured the Stanley Cup the following season by winning the initial challenge series to find the Cup holder, which was the Cup-awarding format that Lord Stanley originally intended. ) Since 1926 the cup has gone to the victor of the National Hockey League play-offs.

In 1899 the Canadian Amateur Hockey League was formed. All hockey in Canada at the clip was “amateur, ” it being “ungentlemanly” to acknowledge to being paid for athletic services. Therefore, the first acknowledged professional hockey squad in the universe was formed in the United States, in 1903, in Houghton, Michigan. The squad, the Portage Lakers, was owned by a tooth doctor named J.L. Gibson, who imported Canadian participants. In 1904 Gibson formed the first acknowledged professional conference, the International Pro Hockey League. Canada accepted professional hockey in 1908 when the Ontario Professional Hockey League was formed. By that clip Canada had become the Centre of universe hockey.

League competitions

The PCHA became involved in a money and participant war with the NHA. Although the NHA finally emerged as the stronger conference, it was the PCHA that introduced many of the alterations that improved the game. The lone extremist regulation alteration adopted by the NHA was to cut down the figure of participants on a side to six, and that move was made to salvage money. The western conference retained seven-man hockey, but it allowed the goalkeeper to jump or plunge to halt the Puck. Under the old regulations, a goalkeeper had had to stay stationary when doing a save. The western conference besides changed the offside regulation. Under the old regulations, a participant had been deemed offside if he was in front of the Puck bearer when he received a base on balls. The PCHA divided the ice into three zones by painting two bluish lines across the surface and allowed frontward go throughing in the Centre zone between the bluish lines. This opened up the game and made it more exciting. Another invention in the western conference was the thought of the aid. Previously, merely the end scorer had been credited with a point. In the PCHA the participant or participants who set up his end were credited with an aid. The first numbered uniforms besides appeared in their conference.

The National Hockey League

Like some of its predecessors, the NHA had its dissidents. In a move to chuck out one of the conference members, the NHA decided to disband and organize a new conference. The consequence was the creative activity in 1917 of the National Hockey League ( NHL ) , which became the world’s foremost professional hockey conference. In 1924 the first U.S. squad, the Boston Bruins, joined the NHL. In 1925 the New York Americans and Pittsburgh Pirates were admitted, followed in 1926 by the New York Rangers, the Chicago Blackhawks, and the Detroit Cougars ( subsequently called the Red Wings ) . To stock the new squads, the NHL bought out the Patricks’ conference in 1926 for $ 250,000. Among the participants who shifted to Boston was Eddie Shore, known as a “rushing” defenseman, whose manner helped alter the game. He was one of the sport’s most fierce and, many experts say, most skilled participants, a precursor of such future NHL participants as Gordie Howe, who played largely for the Detroit Red Wings. The Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Americans finally dropped out of the conference, and, until the enlargement of 1967, the NHL was composed of merely six squads: the Rangers, the Bruins, the Blackhawks, the Red Wings, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Montreal Canadiens.

In 1967 the NHL undertook one of the greatest enlargements in professional athleticss history when it doubled in size to 12 squads. A new 12-team conference, the World Hockey Association ( WHA ) , was formed in 1972, and the resulting competition caused an escalation in players’ wages. In 1979 the NHL, which had grown to 17 squads, merged with the WHA to go a 21-team conference ; by 1999, 30 squads played in the NHL. In 2004, proprietors locked out participants, take a firm standing that they accept a salary cap that would decelerate the rapid growing of paysheet costs. The participants rejected the owners’ demands, and the full 2004–05 season was canceled. ( The conference resumed drama in 2005–06 after the proprietors finally prevailed, and the NHL became the last of the major North American team-sport conferences to establish a salary cap. ) The regular season consists of 82 games and determines the 16 squads that will measure up for the play-offs. The play-off victor is awarded the Stanley Cup.

NHL single awards are the Vezina Trophy, for the goalkeeper voted best at his place by NHL directors ; the William M. Jennings Trophy, for the goalkeeper or goalkeepers with the squad allowing the fewest ends ; the Calder Memorial Trophy, for the cub of the twelvemonth ; the Hart Memorial Trophy, for the most valuable participant ; the James Norris Memorial Trophy, for the outstanding defenseman ; the Art Ross Trophy, for the top point scorer ; the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy, for the participant best uniting clean drama with a high grade of accomplishment ; the Conn Smythe Trophy, for the play-offs’ outstanding performing artist ; the Frank J. Selke Trophy, for the best defensive forward ; the Jack Adams Award, for the manager of the twelvemonth ; the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy, for the participant who best exemplifies sportsmanship, doggedness, and dedication to hockey ; and the Lester Patrick Trophy, for outstanding service to U.S. hockey.

International ice hockey

For much of the twentieth century, amateur jocks dominated international competition. League competition among amateurs in England began in 1903. The International Ice Hockey Federation ( IIHF ) was formed in Europe in 1908. Its five original members were Great Britain, Bohemia, Switzerland, France, and Belgium. The first European title was held at Avants, Switzerland, in 1910, with Great Britain the victor. From that clip the federation broadened its rank, taking appliers from the universe over. Canada captured the first Olympic Games rubric in 1920 and, at the same time, the first IIHF universe title. Canada, which besides won at the first Olympic Winter Games in 1924, dominated international competition until the outgrowth of the Soviet squad in the early sixtiess. The Soviets continued to be the most powerful squad in international hockey until the 1990s and the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

In 1995 an understanding between the NHL, the NHL Players’ Association, and the IIHF ended recreational domination of international drama as professional jocks were allowed to vie at the Olympics and World Cup titles. Although the determination had small consequence on the universe tourney, the Winter Games competition underwent legion alterations. Given the high visibleness of professional participants and their accomplishments, choice to the Canadian, U.S. , Russian, Finnish, Swedish, and Czech Olympic squads was no longer based on trials but instead on the determinations of hockey forces from each country’s national hockey regulating organic structure. The six `` dream squads '' were automatically placed in the concluding unit of ammunition of eight ; the two staying slots were filled by the victors of a modification unit of ammunition. The NHL suspended drama for a period of 16 yearss in 1998 so professional participants could do their Olympic introduction in Nagano, Japan, and it continued to temporarily halt the season for Olympic drama thenceforth.

Rink and equipment

NHL hockey is typically played on a standard-size rink shaped like a round-cornered rectangle that is 200 pess ( 61 meters ) long and 85 pess ( 26 meters ) broad. International rinks are normally 184–200 pess by 85–98 pess, and U.S. college rinks are typically 200 pess by 100 pess. The end coop is 4 pess ( 1.2 meters ) high and 6 pess ( 1.8 meters ) broad. Any shooting that wholly clears the end line, a 2-inch- ( 5-cm- ) broad band on the ice across the forepart of the coop, is a end. In forepart of the end is the fold, a semicircular country that corresponds to a circle with a 6-foot radius, demarcated by a ruddy line. When the goalkeeper is in the fold, no assailing participant may come in unless the Puck is at that place every bit good ; if the goalkeeper is non in the fold, nevertheless, anyone may come in. The bluish lines that divide the ice into three zones are 60 pess ( 18 meters ) out from the end line and are painted across the breadth of the ice. The country between the blue lines is called the impersonal zone. This zone is bisected by the ruddy Centre line.

Virtually all equipment—for kids, amateurs, or professionals—is the same. Made of cured gum elastic, the Puck is 1 inch ( 2.5 centimeter ) midst and 3 inches ( 7.6 centimeter ) in diameter and weighs 5.5 to 6 ounces ( 156 to 170 gms ) . Hockey sticks, one time made from wood, are now formed from a assortment of stuffs. Rules are enforced restricting the size of the stick and the curvature of its blade. Forwards and defensemen wear the same type of skates, but goalkeepers have flatter blades because they need more balance and are stationary for longer periods. The places of goaltenders’ skates are fitted with gum elastic protection for the toes. Players wear embroidering under their uniforms to protect legs, shoulders, and weaponries. Since 1979–80 all participants come ining the NHL must have on helmets ; helmets and face masks are compulsory in National Collegiate Athletic Association ( NCAA ) and IIHF drama. The goalkeeper wears a specially designed mask ( frequently molded to the contours of his face ) .

Rules and rules of drama

Checking—body contact to take an opposition out of play—is permitted anyplace on the ice. In most conferences, including the NHL, participants may non do or take a base on balls that has traveled across the two bluish lines ; if this occurs, the drama is ruled offside. A confrontation, in which an functionary drops the Puck between opposing participants, follows the misdemeanor. Confrontations are held at the point of the misdemeanor. Players who precede the Puck into the assailing zone besides are ruled offside, and a confrontation is held at a face-off topographic point near the assailing bluish line. A confrontation besides begins each period and is used as good after a end and after any arrest of drama.

The game is divided into three periods of 20 proceedingss playing clip each, with a 15-minute intermission between periods. Hockey games may stop in a tie unless the regulations stipulate an overtime period to function as a tiebreaker. In the instance of a tie in college hockey, one 10-minute sudden-death overtime period is played in regular season drama. NHL squads play a five-minute sudden-death overtime period, followed by a shoot-out if the game remains trussed. During the play-offs, college hockey has 10-minute overtime periods until there is a victor, while the NHL has the same system with 20-minute periods. There is by and large no overtime period in international hockey ; nevertheless, Olympic competition since 1994 has had a 10-minute sudden-death period, followed by a gunfight if needed.

Because of the velocity and contact, there are many misdemeanors, non all of them holding to make with `` hitting '' punishments. Play is stopped for an offside and for the misdemeanor called frost, which occurs when a squad shoots the Puck out of its zone past the other team’s end line. Icing is non called against a squad when it is shorthanded ; if the squads are evenhanded or if the offending squad has more participants than the opposing squad, the Puck is returned to the defensive zone of the squad that iced it for the confrontation. No participant, nevertheless, may detain the game by deliberately hiting the Puck out of the rink or by switching the goalposts.

Minor punishments are most normally assessed for inordinate usage of the organic structure or equipment to hinder the resistance. For a minor misdemeanor the piquing participant must stay in the punishment box at the side of the rink for two proceedingss while his squad dramas shorthanded. This man-advantage state of affairs is called a power drama. If the oppositions score at any clip during the punishment period, the penalized participant may return to the ice. Punishments incurred by the goalkeeper are served by a teammate. A major punishment for violent drama consequences in the loss of a participant for five proceedingss or for the balance of the game. If major punishments are incurred at the same time by both squads, permutations are made and there is no shorthanded drama. A game misconduct punishment for mistreating an official consequences in the loss of a participant for 10 proceedingss ; nevertheless, a permutation is allowed, and the squad does non play shorthanded.

There are three common types of shootings in hockey: the smack shooting, the carpus shooting, and the backhander. The smack shooting has been timed at more than 100 stat mis an hr ( 160 km an hr ) . The smack shooting differs from the carpus shooting in that the participant brings his stick back until it is about perpendicular with the ice and so brings the stick down in an discharge, swatting the Puck as he follows through. It is non every bit accurate as the carpus shooting, in which the participant puts his stick on the ice near the Puck and without a completion snaps his carpus to fire off a shooting. The backhander is taken when the Puck goes to the other side of the stick from which the participant usually shoots. If he is a right-handed taw, for illustration, he takes the backhander from his left side. It is taken when there is non adequate clip to switch the Puck to his normal shooting place. The backhander by and large is non every bit difficult or every bit accurate as the carpus shooting, but it has the advantage of being taken rapidly.


Speed is an indispensable demand of the game. In the sport’s early yearss a squad could acquire away with holding a few slow defensemen. But competitions at all degrees became so speedy that violative and defensive functions frequently are reversed, and defensemen may happen themselves at the head of the action. Slower participants must hold other properties to do a squad ; they must, for illustration, be able to look into good, to forestall the other participants from acquiring past them. But, since everyone on the squad handles the Puck at some point during a game, a premium is placed on puck-carrying ability. The adult male with the Puck is in control, and the drama can travel merely so fast as he directs it. Centre Wayne Gretzky, while playing for the Edmonton Oilers, was the dominant scorer in the NHL for most of the eightiess due to his outstanding Puck handling and his accurate shot and passing.

If a forward has the Puck, the defensemen trail the drama. If a defenseman is taking an violative push, called a `` haste, '' one of the forwards backs him up. The resistance, meanwhile, efforts to derive control of the Puck or to free it. The most common manner is for the supporting participant to jab his stick at the Puck. A guardian may besides barricade, look into, or hit the participant with his organic structure, every bit long as his action falls within the regulations specifying allowable contact. Ideally, the supporting team’s defensemen lay back, straddling their bluish line, off from the boards. They so can travel to the Centre to hold a discovery or can drive a adult male into the boards if he attempts to travel along the sides. If the assailing participants find that they have trouble in stickhandling past the resistance, they may seek a long shooting `` on end. '' They may besides hit the Puck into the other team’s zone and pursuit it, two assailing participants traveling after the puck—one to manage the opposition, who is certain to travel after it, and the other to seek to wrest the Puck off. The 3rd forward, meanwhile, takes up a place about 20 pess in forepart of the end, in the Centre of the ice, in a topographic point known as the `` slot. '' In the slot he is in place to hit if he gets the Puck. The defensemen on the attacking squad take up places on the bluish line to forestall the supporting squad from acquiring a breaking away. Often the Puck is passed to the defensemen, who shoot from the bluish line, 60 pess out, from their place known as the `` point. '' Long shootings seldom go in, so defensemen attempt to maintain long shootings low, which gives the aggressors a opportunity at a recoil.

One of the most unusual eyeglassess in hockey occurs when a squad that is draging by one end takes its goalkeeper out of the net in the concluding seconds of the game. The goalkeeper is replaced by a forward in the hope that the excess adult male on discourtesy will give the squad a opportunity for a tie, but this scheme sometimes consequences in the squad without the excess adult male easy hiting what is called an “empty-net goal.” Another rare and exciting drama is the punishment shooting, which is called when a stick is thrown to debar a shooting or when a participant with an unfastened way to the end is pulled down from buttocks. The squad against which the misdemeanor was committed selects a participant to skate unopposed to the opponent’s end and take one shooting to crush the goalkeeper ; this by and large consequences in a mark for the shot squad.


All NHL games and most international games are under the control of two referees, two linesmen, and assorted off-ice functionaries ( most collegiate games use merely one referee ) . Referees are responsible for naming punishments and are the concluding supreme authorities of whether a end has been scored, though the NHL allows functionaries off ice to reexamine videotape and find the legality of a end. Linesmen call offsides and frosting misdemeanors ; they may besides halt drama in order to inform a referee that a squad has excessively many participants on the ice. In some collegiate games in the U.S. two referees and no linesmen or two referees and one linesman are used, one of the referees being the concluding supreme authority of dissensions. The IIHF sanctions the two-referee system for games under the legal power of national federations. The end Judgess are stationed behind each coop in a raised booth behind the boards, and they flip a switch that stops the clock and triggers a ruddy visible radiation when they see the Puck cross the end line. The other functionaries are the punishment timer, the game timer, and the official scorer, who credits participants for ends and aids and besides keeps path of the goalie’s saves, or Michigans.

Stanley Cup victors

The tabular array provides a chronological list of Stanley Cup winners.The Stanley Cup season victor runner-up games 1892–93 Montreal Amateur Athletic Association 1893–94 Montreal Amateur Athletic Association 1894–95 Montreal Victorias 1895–96 Winnipeg Victorias ( Feb. ) Montreal Victorias ( Dec. ) 1896–97 Montreal Victorias 1897–98 Montreal Victorias 1898–99 Montreal Shamrocks 1899–1900 Montreal Shamrocks 1900–01 Winnipeg Victorias 1901–02 Montreal Amateur Athletic Association 1902–03 Ottawa Silver Seven 1903–04 Ottawa Silver Seven 1904–05 Ottawa Silver Seven 1905–06 Montreal Wanderers 1906–07 Kenora Thistles ( Jan. ) Montreal Wanderers ( March ) 1907–08 Montreal Wanderers 1908–09 Ottawa Senators 1909–10 Montreal Wanderers 1910–11 Ottawa Senators 1911–12 Quebec Bulldogs 1912–13* Quebec Bulldogs 1913–14 Toronto Blueshirts 1914–15 Vancouver Millionaires 1915–16 Montreal Canadiens 1916–17 Seattle Metropolitans 1917–18 Toronto Arenas Vancouver Millionaires 3–2 1918–19 no decision** 1919–20 Ottawa Senators Seattle Metropolitans 3–2 1920–21 Ottawa Senators Vancouver Millionaires 3–2 1921–22 Toronto St. Pats Vancouver Millionaires 3–2 1922–23 Ottawa Senators Edmonton 2–0 1923–24 Montreal Canadiens Calgary 2–0 1924–25 Victoria Cougars Montreal Canadiens 3–1 1925–26 Montreal Maroons Victoria Cougars 3–1 1926–27 Ottawa Senators Boston Bruins 2–0 1927–28 New York Rangers Montreal Maroons 3–2 1928–29 Boston Bruins New York Rangers 2–0 1929–30 Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins 2–0 1930–31 Montreal Canadiens Chicago Black Hawks 3–2 1931–32 Toronto Maple Leafs New York Rangers 3–0 1932–33 New York Rangers Toronto Maple Leafs 3–1 1933–34 Chicago Black Hawks Detroit Red Wings 3–1 1934–35 Montreal Maroons Toronto Maple Leafs 3–0 1935–36 Detroit Red Wings Toronto Maple Leafs 3–1 1936–37 Detroit Red Wings New York Rangers 3–2 1937–38 Chicago Black Hawks Toronto Maple Leafs 3–1 1938–39 Boston Bruins Toronto Maple Leafs 4–1 1939–40 New York Rangers Toronto Maple Leafs 4–2 1940–41 Boston Bruins Detroit Red Wings 4–0 1941–42 Toronto Maple Leafs Detroit Red Wings 4–3 1942–43 Detroit Red Wings Boston Bruins 4–0 1943–44 Montreal Canadiens Chicago Black Hawks 4–0 1944–45 Toronto Maple Leafs Detroit Red Wings 4–3 1945–46 Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins 4–1 1946–47 Toronto Maple Leafs Montreal Canadiens 4–2 1947–48 Toronto Maple Leafs Detroit Red Wings 4–0 1948–49 Toronto Maple Leafs Detroit Red Wings 4–0 1949–50 Detroit Red Wings New York Rangers 4–3 1950–51 Toronto Maple Leafs Montreal Canadiens 4–1 1951–52 Detroit Red Wings Montreal Canadiens 4–0 1952–53 Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins 4–1 1953–54 Detroit Red Wings Montreal Canadiens 4–3 1954–55 Detroit Red Wings Montreal Canadiens 4–3 1955–56 Montreal Canadiens Detroit Red Wings 4–1 1956–57 Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins 4–1 1957–58 Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins 4–2 1958–59 Montreal Canadiens Toronto Maple Leafs 4–1 1959–60 Montreal Canadiens Toronto Maple Leafs 4–0 1960–61 Chicago Black Hawks Detroit Red Wings 4–2 1961–62 Toronto Maple Leafs Chicago Black Hawks 4–2 1962–63 Toronto Maple Leafs Detroit Red Wings 4–1 1963–64 Toronto Maple Leafs Detroit Red Wings 4–3 1964–65 Montreal Canadiens Chicago Black Hawks 4–3 1965–66 Montreal Canadiens Detroit Red Wings 4–2 1966–67 Toronto Maple Leafs Montreal Canadiens 4–2 1967–68 Montreal Canadiens St. Louis Blues 4–0 1968–69 Montreal Canadiens St. Louis Blues 4–0 1969–70 Boston Bruins St. Louis Blues 4–0 1970–71 Montreal Canadiens Chicago Black Hawks 4–3 1971–72 Boston Bruins New York Rangers 4–2 1972–73 Montreal Canadiens Chicago Black Hawks 4–2 1973–74 Philadelphia Flyers Boston Bruins 4–2 1974–75 Philadelphia Flyers Buffalo Sabres 4–2 1975–76 Montreal Canadiens Philadelphia Flyers 4–0 1976–77 Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins 4–0 1977–78 Montreal Canadiens Boston Bruins 4–2 1978–79 Montreal Canadiens New York Rangers 4–1 1979–80 New York Islanders Philadelphia Flyers 4–2 1980–81 New York Islanders Minnesota North Stars 4–1 1981–82 New York Islanders Vancouver Canucks 4–0 1982–83 New York Islanders Edmonton Oilers 4–0 1983–84 Edmonton Oilers New York Islanders 4–1 1984–85 Edmonton Oilers Philadelphia Flyers 4–1 1985–86 Montreal Canadiens Calgary Flames 4–1 1986–87 Edmonton Oilers Philadelphia Flyers 4–3 1987–88 Edmonton Oilers Boston Bruins 4–0 1988–89 Calgary Flames Montreal Canadiens 4–2 1989–90 Edmonton Oilers Boston Bruins 4–1 1990–91 Pittsburgh Penguins Minnesota North Stars 4–2 1991–92 Pittsburgh Penguins Chicago Blackhawks 4–0 1992–93 Montreal Canadiens Los Angeles Kings 4–1 1993–94 New York Rangers Vancouver Canucks 4–3 1994–95 New Jersey Devils Detroit Red Wings 4–0 1995–96 Colorado Avalanche Florida Panthers 4–0 1996–97 Detroit Red Wings Philadelphia Flyers 4–0 1997–98 Detroit Red Wings Washington Capitals 4–0 1998–99 Dallas Stars Buffalo Sabres 4–2 1999–2000 New Jersey Devils Dallas Stars 4–2 2000–01 Colorado Avalanche New Jersey Devils 4–3 2001–02 Detroit Red Wings Carolina Hurricanes 4–1 2002–03 New Jersey Devils Anaheim Mighty Ducks 4–3 2003–04 Tampa Bay Lightning Calgary Flames 4–3 2004–05 canceled due to labor difference 2005–06 Carolina Hurricanes Edmonton Oilers 4–3 2006–07 Anaheim Ducks Ottawa Senators 4–1 2007–08 Detroit Red Wings Pittsburgh Penguins 4–2 2008–09 Pittsburgh Penguins Detroit Red Wings 4–3 2009–10 Chicago Blackhawks Philadelphia Flyers 4–2 2010–11 Boston Bruins Vancouver Canucks 4–3 2011–12 Los Angeles Kings New Jersey Devils 4–2 2012–13 Chicago Blackhawks Boston Bruins 4–2 2013–14 Los Angeles Kings New York Rangers 4–1 2014–15 Chicago Blackhawks Tampa Bay Lightning 4–2 2015–16 Pittsburgh Penguins San Jose Sharks 4–2 *Though Victoria defeated Quebec in challenge games, Victoria’s win was non officially recognized. **Series called because of flu epidemic.

Men’s universe hockey title

The tabular array provides a chronological list of victors of the men’s universe hockey title. Ice Hockey World Championship—men twelvemonth victor 1930 Canada 1931 Canada 1932* Canada 1933 United States 1934 Canada 1935 Canada 1936* Great Britain 1937 Canada 1938 Canada 1939 Canada 1940–46 non held 1947 Czechoslovakia 1948* Canada 1949 Czechoslovakia 1950 Canada 1951 Canada 1952* Canada 1953 Sweden 1954 U.S.S.R. 1955 Canada 1956* U.S.S.R. 1957 Sweden 1958 Canada 1959 Canada 1960* United States 1961 Canada 1962 Sweden 1963 U.S.S.R. 1964* U.S.S.R. 1965 U.S.S.R. 1966 U.S.S.R. 1967 U.S.S.R. 1968* U.S.S.R. 1969 U.S.S.R. 1970 U.S.S.R. 1971 U.S.S.R. 1972** Czechoslovakia 1973 U.S.S.R. 1974 U.S.S.R. 1975 U.S.S.R. 1976 Czechoslovakia 1977 Czechoslovakia 1978 U.S.S.R. 1979 U.S.S.R. 1980* United States 1981 U.S.S.R. 1982 U.S.S.R. 1983 U.S.S.R. 1984* U.S.S.R. 1985 Czechoslovakia 1986 U.S.S.R. 1987 Sweden 1988 U.S.S.R. 1989 U.S.S.R. 1990 Sweden 1991 Sweden 1992 Sweden 1993 Russia 1994 Canada 1995 Finland 1996 Czech Republic 1997 Canada 1998 Sweden 1999 Czech Republic 2000 Czech Republic 2001 Czech Republic 2002 Slovakia 2003 Canada 2004 Canada 2005 Czech Republic 2006 Sweden 2007 Canada 2008 Russia 2009 Russia 2010 Czech Republic 2011 Finland 2012 Russia 2013 Sweden 2014 Russia 2015 Canada 2016 Canada *Olympic titles, recognized as universe title. **In 1972 a separate universe title was held for the first clip.

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