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An of import point is to forbear from reiterating information found elsewhere in the application. Some `` overachievers '' attempt to include virtually all their achievements in one essay, losing the point of the exercising wholly. A laundry list of academic, extracurricular, and work successes will non give admittances officers much more insight into your personality. In fact, they may deduce that you do non recognize that, in college, you will non be able to be editor of the yearbook, editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, president of the award society, captain of the football squad, and president of the category all at the same clip. The mature applier knows that college will necessitate a pupil to concentrate on a few involvements but spend more clip and attempt prosecuting them.

Tough Interview Question - What is your greatest accomplishment?

Why the interviewer is inquiring this inquiry: This is possibly the best interview inquiry of all clip. Why? Because it provides a behavioural foundation for concentrating specifically on the # 1 consequence of the campaigner 's calling. And it allows the interviewer to bore into item about each of the behavioural S-T-A-R constituents: the Situation or Task, the Action you took and the Results achieved. While many campaigners answer this inquiry backward ( get downing with the accomplishment and/or consequence and working backward to explicate how it was achieved ) , it allows the interviewer to delve deep into how much of that accomplishment was really due to the actions of the campaigner and how much was from the actions of others.

The best attack to replying this inquiry: Most campaigners have trouble with this inquiry, particularly if they have non thought it through in progress. The best attack is to believe about your top three achievements. Two grounds for this: 1 ) it will assist you to compare your top achievements to make up one's mind which is the best to show ; and 2 ) a adept interviewer may follow this inquiry with: `` What is your 2nd greatest accomplishment? '' and `` What is your 3rd greatest accomplishment? '' So holding three important achievements will assist you reply following inquiries, even if they are n't specifically about achievements ( since these make the best illustrations for all interview inquiries ) . Then work on constructing out the back uping illustrations for these achievements. This inquiry basically forces a full S-T-A-R behavioural reply, since it puts the `` R '' ( consequences achieved ) foremost, which makes it easy to follow the trail that got you at that place. Do non, under any fortunes, use a personal accomplishment as your response. Even though you may see your matrimony or your religious transition or the birth of a kid or something else in your personal life to be your greatest accomplishment in life, that 's non what the interviewer is seeking. This is a calling inquiry, non a life inquiry. It is acceptable to speak about a shared deliverable which was achieved by a squad, but be careful to choose one where you were a cardinal member for bringing, non merely successful by being portion of the squad that delivered. You will necessitate to speak specifically about your function in the bringing.

An illustration of how to outdo reply this inquiry for an experient campaigner: `` I have several noteworthy achievements in my calling. Probably the most noteworthy accomplishment was the bringing of the most recent version update to one of our nucleus merchandises for client payments. This was a 12-month undertaking and I was one of 8 squad members. What made it noteworthy for me was that my function expanded from being one of the tech squad members to taking the lead on constructing the nomadic constituents of the merchandise. In order to present this facet of the merchandise, I pulled in three new undertaking resources with specific accomplishments in each of the nomadic engineering platforms we targeted and cross-trained all undertaking resources to back up each platform. In the terminal, we delivered the merchandise on clip and have received legion awards, both internal and external. The nomadic constituent was specifically identified to be universe category and distinguished the merchandise at its release. Our CEO exhausted clip demoing the nomadic constituents to the imperativeness and industry and it has since met with first-class reappraisals. Would you wish to see the Android version of the merchandise? ''

An illustration of how to outdo reply this inquiry for an entry degree campaigner: `` I have several noteworthy achievements in both my instruction and my work experience. Probably the most noteworthy accomplishment was bringing of the nomadic apps undertaking during my internship this past summer. I joined the tech development squad at a clip when they were in the procedure of losing a squad member due to resettlement. That squad member was the lead for the iOS version of the nomadic app under development. Since I had already developed two iOS apps and no 1 else on the squad had worked with Io, I was asked to take the lead for the Io development and deployment, efficaciously half of the undertaking. This was outside the original range of my internship, but decidedly mission critical. I was able to present the app on clip before completion of my internship and have deployed it to the iTunes shop. It has already received over 100 positive reappraisals from clients. Would you wish to see it? ''

An illustration of how you should non reply this inquiry: `` Hmmm…greatest accomplishment? I 'm non certain I have a greatest accomplishment. Most of the undertakings I have been working with have been canceled, but no mistake of my ain. We normally get ready to present something and so the undertaking funding gets pulled and we are ne'er able to really present. So so we all scramble to acquire moved to another undertaking before we get targeted for layoffs. Some people at our company are n't every bit good at that as me and they 've ended up being laid off. But I 'm a subsister and I 've been able to avoid the layoff ax all these old ages. So that 's likely my greatest accomplishment is that I have n't been laid off in malice of all of the undertakings being canceled. I 'm reasonably good at puting low and remaining out of the limelight. ''

What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

Last, in taking the one to travel with…don’t bury what we ALWAYS say: think of your app like your life’s Greatest Hits album. Which of your greatest hits haven’t you written about yet? What narrative do you desire the admittances commission members ( we call them adcoms ) to cognize that you haven’t shared yet? Got one? Travel with THAT one. Write about THAT one. It doesn’t have to be so astonishing or something you’d include in your memoir 30 old ages down the route, but it’s good for now and for demoing those adcoms who you are and what you can make. Gussy it up by concentrating on the lessons and you’ve officially unfrozen yourself.

My Greatest Accomplishment

In my life, I have made many great achievements, and reached many ends. I have learned to read ( and bask reading ) , learned to play volleyball good, learned how to be a better friend, and recognized Christ into my bosom. The accomplishment I am traveling to compose about, nevertheless, is larning to esteem myself and larning to love my life. I know a batch of people who don’t respect themselves. They are invariably seeking to alter themselves and speaking about how atrocious they are. I have learned, nevertheless, to merely love me for who I am, and to love others for who they are, and non seek to alter myself or others. I have besides learned to love my life, and non wish for all those things that would “make me happy” . Learning to esteem myself mentally and spiritually is a large accomplishment because it’s difficult to make. I have to retrieve that classs aren’t that large of a trade. I used to be truly difficult on myself, and acquire huffy at myself whenever I did something incorrect. But now I merely think, “I did my best, and that’s it. I’ll attempt to make better next time.” I don’t anticipate myself to be perfect. Respecting myself physically, I think, is even harder to make. Sometimes, I truly contemn being every bit tall as I am. I’m taller than about all of the cats, and I truly acquire annoyed with all those people stating me that I should play hoops. But, so once more, being tall is good for volleyball and playing keep-away. I know I’m non every bit thin as most people my age are, but that doesn’t do me fat or anything like that. And possibly I’m non drop-dead gorgeous. So what? I like myself the manner I am, because I know that this is how God made me. Learning to wish my life is a really difficult thing to make, particularly in today’s society. There are invariably advertizements in your face about what you ne'er knew you needed, but is however a necessity of life. You are ever reminded of how good life is for famous persons, for richer people, and for, well, everyone else besides you. It truly is tough to see all of these things, and still be happy with what you have. It has taken clip, but I have learned to merely be thankful for my life. I truly do love my life and myself, and I hope you do excessively. This life is all we’ve got, and I don’t know about you, but I want to do the most of it. I may non hold all the coolest material, and I may non be every bit reasonably as a theoretical account. But merely because I may non suit the stereotyped adolescent image, doesn’t mean I’m non a respectable individual. I may ne'er be perfect, but that’s the manner I want it to be.

Essay rubric: Greatest Accomplishment of My Life

Who would non desire to wake up every forenoon at 7 AM for two hebdomads in a foreign state and delve a 7ft by 7ft hole during their summer holiday? I, fortuitously, had the award of set abouting this undertaking last summer. Every summer for the last three old ages, I have traveled to Bogotб , Colombia, to volunteer for a non-profit organisation, Children’s Vision International, which takes in homeless and destitute kids. The kids are given a place, three repasts a twenty-four hours, a opportunity to travel to school, and a opportunity to hold a new get downing off from the horrors of their childhood. While each experience has been invaluable and breathtaking, I have ne'er in my life faced a undertaking as backbreaking and rewarding.

June 15, 2005 was the twenty-four hours my escapade all began. After a long twenty-four hours of going, Jeanene, the laminitis of the organisation, unveiled her maestro program to us sing our two-week undertaking. Children’s Vision had late purchased a new edifice which was undergoing redevelopment to go a new school. Although the edifice was new, there was one still big reverse. Bogotб’s biggest job, H2O deficits due to terrorist onslaughts which cause the H2O grapevines to be dismantled frequently and for an unknown continuance of clip, would forestall the new school from going functional. Therefore, our occupation was to delve a H2O armored combat vehicle that was 7 pess long by 7 pess broad by 9 pess deep. The hole would be beneath the school, and capable of keeping adequate H2O for three yearss for at least one hundred and 50 people. At first, the thought of delving this hole seemed close to impossible since the tools in Colombia are crude compared to the machinery available in the United States. We were blending concrete with shovels and wheel barrowing soil out of the hole utilizing wood boards as boards. Overall, there were about seven work forces and four adult females working on this undertaking. Three of the four adult females were under the age of 17, I being one of them. The little Numberss and deficiency of experience intensified my frights of non finishing this undertaking. Looking back, I think it is safe to state our work ethic surpassed our muscular ability. For two hebdomads, I felt hurting in topographic points I ne'er knew hurting could be. Unable to masticate without flinching, we ne'er one time stopped. We kept on traveling, seting in more and more attempt each twenty-four hours. Each twenty-four hours we got a small closer towards our ultimate end:

Essay on my greatest accomplishment.

When Mrs. Berberich, my instructor, said a word, everyone had to spell it on his or her blackboard at the same clip. If you misspelled the word, you were forced to sit down at your desk and maintain lull. At first I did non see the enjoyment in the exercising. In fact, I can clearly retrieve pulling dinosaurs on my blackboard while my instructor explained the regulations of the spelling bee. It was n't until I heard the words `` McDonald 's Extra Value Meal '' that I looked up and saw the bright xanthous McDonald 's Extra Value Meal certification that would be given to the victor. In 6th class, it was cool to be eating a Big Mac and non a Happy Meal. The spelling bee that was about to get down all of a sudden became of import to me. My.

Free MBA Achievement Essays | Aringo advisers are the top in the universe!

After a month of work on our concluding computing machine scientific discipline undertaking at the University, we discovered we were traveling in the incorrect way. We were frustrated, but nil gets me traveling like a challenge. I had a program, and I knew I had to take by illustration to actuate the group. I was ever the first 1 in the lab and ne'er the first to go forth. I invariably improved my ain undertaking, the graphical user interface, showing that I required the same committedness from myself I asked of them. Each clip we met, I focused on one of the cats with a smiling on his face and leveraged the chance by doing him an ally to assist me acquire the others motivated. I even stressed the fact that this undertaking gave us experience with new engineering that would be really good in upcoming occupation interviews.

What is Your Greatest Accomplishments in the Teaching Profession?

I sporadically reflect on the many pupils that I have taught over the old ages. One peculiar pupil comes to mind is Bianca. She was a pupil who enrolled in Computer Science A AP. She was successful, enjoyed the topic and decided to go on on to take a 2nd twelvemonth. She struggled and I gently assisted her every bit good as her schoolmates. I adjusted assignments for her, encouraged her, and helped her after category. She successfully completed the category and learned continuity in the procedure. She chose to major in computing machine scientific discipline in college. She has late graduated and is working in the computing machine scientific discipline field. She is one of my achievements.


Any occupation huntsman wants the energy to be self adequate. How about holding the energy to modify genuinely the community through speedy interaction and on the Internet technology? Furthermore, as we become more reliant on proficient techniques to execute cohesively, the demand for package experts will be about pressing. Personal computer technological invention custodies you with a alone systematic and advanced point of view in trouble-shooting. In add-on, you benefit a manus on experience in pull offing delicate information on the Internet, or you may be accountable for vouching proficient techniques are functional. Authorities depend on proficient techniques to execute. Your perform as a package professional can be used in about every degree, on any scope, from little to big companies, from private to the public industry. Efficient processing processs is respected above any expertness set, so holding abilities in this type of systematic procedure will be complicated and likewise as fulfilling. Since proficient development is limitless, so are the chances of the business. Think about being a character of an ever-evolving, interesting profession. Another benefit is that you can get this degree on the Internet from an approved on the Internet college. You can even are dedicated to a package country of your pick - for illustration medical centre maps or system security. Whatever your specialized, you will hold a great side in your occupation explore since you are with important troubleshooting, reasonable thought, and advanced abilities necessary to be successful. A package degree is the degree you want if you care to be inhibited and can modify the community.

Stressing Strengths in Scholarship Essays

Strive to exemplify your strengths and experience when authorship essays for a scholarship application. Throughout your life, you continually detect your endowments and abilities. As you develop these endowments, they become your strengths in life. Try to show multiple strengths in your essays. Possible subjects that you could exemplify in a scholarship essay include service, leading, faculty members, humanistic disciplines, sports, entrepreneurship, originative endowment, leading, diverseness, challenges overcome, and community engagement. Decision-makers for the scholarship plan will see your strengths and abilities as grounds why you are worthy of a scholarship.

Answering Greatest Accomplishment - MBA Admission Interview

The phrase “Greatest Accomplishment” is intimidating, and you start seeking for the extra-ordinary - the one accomplishment that is comparable with what other campaigners have achieved. This attack is incorrect. Alternatively, shortlist the accomplishment where you had to larn a batch, work with diverse personalities, and in the terminal achieved your nonsubjective despite a limited budget and clip. Avoid the TrivialTrivial accomplishments are undertakings, non undertakings. For any significant accomplishment, you should show uninterrupted public presentation at a professional degree. Traveling beyond the outlook, and finishing a undertaking –a study, working tardily for one or two yearss to run into a new client demand, or descrying critical mistakes in a undertaking seem deserving mentioning in a occupation appraisal signifier, but in MBA Admissions, you are viing with some of the best and ambitious heads from around the universe. Stakes are high and how you answer this inquiry confirm whatever you have written in the MBA application essays. No affair how much you smooth your essays with essay ushers and expert consulting, interviews reveal the truth. Find Relevant AccomplishmentBusiness Schools are looking for campaigners with academic competency, leading, communicating, and most significantly adulthood. These four traits should be encompassed in the accomplishment illustration. It is besides of import how you frame the reply, here are some tips that would useful for your Greatest Accomplishment question:1 ) What alteration in behaviour helped you with the accomplishmentMost of us, when seeking to carry through a challenging undertaking, will confront barriers that require a alteration in behaviour from our side. It can be a new attack to work out the job, conveying in expertness in a occupation map, or pass oning with the squad and understanding the underlying job in item. It might even affect looking at the job from a different context. For illustration, ..The above station is an Excerpt from MBA Admission Interview GuideTestimonial - MBA Admission Interview GuideSince MIT and many other Top Business Schools have put a batch of accent on behavioural inquiries, it is of import to cognize what messages you want to convey with each inquiry. F1GMAT’s Interview Guide gave me a clear model to discourse inquiries related to conflict direction, failure, accomplishments and ends. The usher besides covers etiquette and proper organic structure linguistic communication. '' - India/Japan ( MIT Sloan MBA Candidate ) '' I bought three interview ushers from so called 'Experts ' . Nothing comes near to what F1GMAT has written. '' - US ( Chicago Booth Candidate ) '' The usher teaches you how to command first feeling. A construct that I tested during my interview. '' - US ( Harvard MBA Candidate ) Download MBA Admission Interview Guide

The Greatest Accomplishment

I believe there is no such thing as a individual greatest accomplishment in life. I believe there are good things that people can make to delight themselves for a short period of clip, but a individual accomplishment can non maintain people happy everlastingly. Life is a conflict, a conflict for felicity, a conflict to fulfill yourself and sometimes to fulfill those you love. My vision of a greatest accomplishment is to continually dispute yourself by puting ends until the twenty-four hours you die. Life is like a approval in camouflage. You must non take the gift for granted ; you must populate it to the fullest to be happy and to make so you can non be happy with one individual accomplishment.

Throughout my short 18 old ages of life, I have ever done whatever I do to the best of my ability. I have achieved many ends, but I have besides failed in many things. I have ne'er given up on or discontinue anything in my full life. Football has ever been a really of import facet of my life and Lawrence Academy has one of the top squads in the province. Coming in as a fresher I weighed 125 lbs, I was the lightest child on the squad. Cipher took me earnestly and all the other freshers did non even see playing on JV a possibility. This was non the instance for me I had the desire to crush the odds and achieve. I played difficult every individual drama as my male parent had taught me to make. I beat childs for the get downing topographic point that were about twice my size and two old ages older so me. I was the lone fresher to get down on the JV squad and I did it at 125 lbs and I was proud of what I had achieved. However, I was merely happy with this accomplishment until the terminal of the season. I wanted to get down varsity as a sophomore. I worked every bit difficult as I could in the off-season. The season came about and things were looking assuring to me. I was incorrect, I was round, I failed. I did non get down on varsity my sophomore twelvemonth. My great accomplishment freshers twelvemonth was in the yesteryear and it was a new clip. My response to hardship was what would do or interrupt my high school football calling. I continued to work merely every bit difficult and I did non allow failure phase me. I worked towards my following end and my junior twelvemonth was really successful on the varsity football squad.


As old ages have passed, I have learned who I truly am. I might look like the norm 17 twelvemonth old miss on the outside, but when you get to cognize me, I can go forth a pes print on your bosom. I have learned from all of my errors that it’s O.K. to be yourself. It’s O.K. to drop the ball around and be infantile for some speedy seconds, and it’s besides okay to be serious and act like a grown up at times, but in the terminal you need to be happy. With that being said, my greatest accomplishment is non being First Place victor at a national dance competition, my greatest accomplishment is being me. Finding myself in all of this commotion has been a conflict, but in the terminal I have put my flag down and claimed ownership to who I truly am.

Job Interview Question: What is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

When replying inquiries about your achievements, it’s helpful to give the interviewer as much information as possible. Describe non merely what you did, but how you did it and what the consequences were. For illustration, alternatively of “I redesigned the layout of Company X’s merchandise pages, which helped the company addition gross revenues, ” you should state, “At Company X, we had a low rate of people buying merchandises after they landed on one of the merchandise overview pages. After executing some research and user testing, I developed a new layout for the merchandise pages which brought more attending to the purchase button and limited links off the page, all of which increased our gross revenues by 50 % .”

​ My Love for Traveling

My accomplishment on academic evidences was a successful completion of my surveies in Geology. Professionally, I have successfully adapted in one of the underdeveloped African state while developing and back uping the local people to encompass our company operations. I besides did this in Asia and they were both a acquisition experience for me since I was able to cover will my frights while covering with different people. To be successful in the oil industry, one needs an outgoing character. I love sing many topographic points and larning from different people. I am glad to inform you that I know a batch about cultural diverseness.

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The quickest manner to acquire acquiring hired or promoted is through your workplace achievements. While employment history and instruction is of import, what you’ve done within your place affairs most when seeking a rise, publicity or new occupation. Whether gross revenues have spiked under your way, you’ve managed to increase profitableness and lessening costs or your employee restructuring has increased productiveness, these achievements speak volumes about your accomplishments and abilities. The great value in workplace achievements is that they frequently are recognized, reviewed and reiterated so that you – and others in the company – are cognizant of the impact.

Saved Money

Money makes a company travel 'round. If you have successfully saved a company money through increased pricing, bartering services or educating employees, for illustration, you have accomplished what every company seeks to make. If you worked in the mail room, for illustration, and repeatedly saw employees wasting off dollars on single mailings, educated the employees on the benefits of majority mailing and finally saved the company money, this shows bottom-line thought. In add-on, these sorts of money-related achievements are besides utile when seeking to alter into an accounting calling, for illustration.


Donald Trump was born on June 14th, 1946 in New York and had four brothers and sisters. Donald Trump is now a billionaire who constructed elephantine efforts runing from skyscrapers, to golf classs, and even to Casinos and hotels. He’s been in occupation places from puting stock, running companies, and even gazing on a telecasting show. Most of his money has come from constructing immense undertakings as a existent estate baron. When he foremost started, he worked with his male parent for five old ages. He says, “My male parent was my wise man, and I learned a enormous sum about every facet of the building industry from him.” After he learned every bit much as he could from his male parent, he moved on to go a existent estate investor. On most of the concerns he has, he has elephantine “T”s written as a hallmark of kind, chiefly to demo it’s his.


In Donald Trump’s life, He’s called for bankruptcy multiple times. In fact, his casino went into bankruptcy twice. He solved this job by going a partial proprietor of the casino. By making this, he could pay the debt back slower at lower rates. He didn’t personally acquire involved when the traveling got tough, that manner he wouldn’t demand to register bankruptcy. Donald Trump’s casino resorts every bit good as hotels besides went into bankruptcy a few old ages subsequently. His thought was to give some more stocks to partial proprietors, so when the monetary values went up, they’d have more power in the company ; in exchange in this trade, he wanted some of the debts of the casinos and hotels forgiven.

More About Succeeding at Job Interviews

Online occupation hunt expert Susan P. Joyce has been detecting the on-line occupation hunt universe and learning on-line occupation hunt accomplishments since 1995. Susan is a two-time layoff “graduate” who has worked in human resources at Harvard University and in a compensation consulting house. Since 2011, Susan has been editor and publishing house of WorkCoach. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Susan besides edits and publishes Job-Hunt.org, is a Visiting Scholar at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a editorialist on HuffingtonPost, AOL Jobs, and LinkedIn. Follow Susan on Twitter ( @ jobhuntorg ) and on Google+ .

Obama’s Top 50 Accomplishments

3. Passed Wall Street Reform: Signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act ( 2010 ) to re-regulate the fiscal sector after its patterns caused the Great Recession. The new jurisprudence tightens capital demands on big Bankss and other fiscal establishments, requires derived functions to be sold on clearinghouses and exchanges, mandates that big Bankss provide “living wills” to avoid helter-skelter bankruptcies, bounds their ability to merchandise with customers’ money for their ain net income, and creates the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ( now headed by Richard Cordray ) to check down on opprobrious loaning merchandises and companies.

35. Let Space Shuttle Die and Killed Planned Moon Mission: Allowed the expensive ( $ 1 billion per launch ) , severely designed, unsafe shuttle plan to do its concluding launch on July 8, 2011. Cut off funding for even more bloated and problem-plagued Bush-era Constellation plan to construct Moon base in favour of support for private-sector low-earth orbit ventures, research on new projectile engineerings for long-distance manned flight missions, and remote-controlled infinite geographic expedition, including the largest interplanetary wanderer of all time launched, which will look into Mars’s possible to back up life.

What Is Hillary’s Greatest Accomplishment?

It’s a inquiry that even, at times, has tripped up Clinton herself: During her 2014 book circuit, when ABC’s Diane Sawyer asked her about her “marquee accomplishment, ” Clinton changed the topic and she fumbled over a similar inquiry during a women’s forum in Manhattan last twelvemonth. “I see my function as secretary—in fact leading in general in a democracy—as a relay race. You run the best race you can run, you manus off the wand. Some of what hasn’t been finished may travel on to be finished, ” she told Thomas Friedman. “I’m really proud of the stabilisation and the truly solid leading that the disposal provided that I think now leads us to be able to cover with jobs like Ukraine because we’re non so disquieted about a monolithic prostration in Europe.”

After cosmopolitan wellness attention failed in 1994, the Clinton Administration was loath to travel anyplace nigh healthcare again—Democrats lost the Senate and the House in 1994, and losing the house was for the first clip in 40 old ages. Then-First Lady Hilary Clinton ended up being the White House ally and inside participant who worked with Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch to make the SCHIP plan in Clinton 's 2nd term, which expanded wellness coverage to 1000000s of lower-income kids. She has other achievements but this one made a immense difference, and came at a clip when politically the Administration was cutting trades with Newt Gingrich on the budget and non needfully all that enthusiastic about revisiting wellness attention.

Hillary Clinton is one of the most complete people of all time to run for the Presidency. I’m lucky plenty to hold seen those achievements up near from her clip as Senator from New York and as Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton was instrumental in assisting unafraid $ 21 billion in federal assistance to assist New York rebuild after 9/11. She fought tooth and nail to protect the first respondents who rushed into danger when the towers collapsed and was polar in the transition of statute law that helped those first respondents who got ill acquire the attention and intervention they deserved. She worked dark and twenty-four hours to protect and make occupations in New York, whether that was at the Niagara Falls Air Force base or the Center for Bioinformatics at the University of Buffalo. She besides led the charge on the Lilly Ledbetter Pay Equity Act, which is now the jurisprudence of the land.

'Donald Trump Met His Match in Carly Fiorina '

As Secretary of State, Secretary Clinton was non merely inspirational figure for one million millions of adult females around the Earth, she besides did much to reconstruct the tattered credibleness of the United States, which had lost so much influence following the failed foreign policies of the old disposal. She negotiated the armistice in Gaza that stopped the Hamas from firing projectile after projectile into Israel. She helped procure the START treaty’s confirmation, and has advanced women’s rights in states around the Earth. That’s merely a snapshot of what Hillary Clinton has accomplished over a life-time of public service to New York and the state. If you truly want to mix up a Democrat, you should inquire them which of Hillary’s achievements is your favorite—there are excessively many to take from

Essay: Greatest accomplishments of human history

Andrew Schlafly has several times stated that most - if non all - of the greatest accomplishments of human history have been made by adolescents ( `` .like my pupils '' ) . To endorse this up, he has provided one specific illustration: The Gospel of John ( which was likely non written by a adolescent, though he has a baseless theory that it was ) . To analyze this claim more carefully, we shall seek to analyze accomplishments that could be moderately called the greatest of all time, and see how many of those were made by adolescents. To be more than just to Schlafly, we will at times try to pitch this towards accomplishments he is more likely to prefer, specifically those tied to Christianity and America. Furthermore these illustrations are by and large confined to `` classics '' , utilizing an about stereotyped reading of the term, in order to debar claims of revisionism and broad prejudice. Particular Schlafly favourites are footnoted so: , while entries he has non specifically expressed esteem for, but should be right up his back street, are footnoted so: ( Click `` edit lead subdivision '' for instructions on how to add this footer to points )


Drumhead: With the possible exclusion of Rimbaud ( who, by the way, is the 1 who is debateably a authoritative, if non forgotten by the remainder eg. Harold `` Omni-Critic '' Blooming canonizes his work, a brainsick individual at the Guardian does non ) none of the above plants were written by teens. The best Conservapedia has done is to include Frankenstein ( written by Mary Shelley at 18, allegedly ) , which, while a authoritative, rarely, if of all time, makes lists of greatest books of all clip. Christopher Paolini 's Eragon, written when he was a adolescent, has besides been cited, but though a commercial success, it can non objectively be called one of humanity 's great accomplishments by any criterions. Furthermore, a scan through wikipedia 's `` American Literature '' gives no parts by teens.


Drumhead: There are rather a few composers who are known for the accomplishments aquired in their teenage ( and even pre-teen old ages ) . What they all have in common is that their early plants have n't found their manner into the standard repertory of classical instrumentalists, or hearers. The exclusive exclusion is Felix Mendelssohn, who wrote the overture to A Midsummer Night 's Dream ( having the celebrated nuptials March ) at the age of 17. By the manner, Mendelssohn was a child prodigy who would hold left immature Mozart in the dust, so I think we can freely acknowledge that one of the most talented persons in western history wrote a worthwhile piece of art music in his teens. In the stone and axial rotation epoch, some noteworthy plants came from people while they were adolescents, for illustration the early plant of Elvis and the Beatles. However, it is hard to compare the three chord, simple tune of `` Love Me Do '' with the mastermind it took a wholly deaf Beethoven to compose his concluding symphonic music. ( Besides, why do they hold to turn their hair so long these yearss? You ca n't barely state the male childs from the misss any longer. Of class, the Beatles went on to make unbelievable plants in their twentiess. Elvis wore pants suits in Vegas and killed himself with drugs. )

Overall analysis

Though this list could by no agencies be considered unequivocal, it still rather soundly establishes that adolescents are non responsible for most of the greatest accomplishments of world. With good over 200 illustrations of the greatest accomplishments in legion Fieldss ( some taken heterosexual from the oral cavity of Schlafly ) there are less than a twelve that can be moderately attributed to teens. Analyzing Conservapedia 's list of great accomplishments by adolescents ( which does non claim to be the greatest of all clip, merely achievements by teens ) we have included some here ( even though they are by and big rather questionable ) , while most of the others can do no existent claim of being among humanity 's greatest achievements, e.g. going a nun, having the Victoria Cross, going a chess title-holder, get downing a profitable company, executing with an orchestra, being gunned down by psychopaths, get downing Facebook ( a site Andy has specifically expressed derision for ) or Napster ( nor can anyone conceive of he is a fan of music buccaneering, merely image buccaneering at CP ) . There are some non included here for which a instance for inclusion can be made, e.g. Frankenstein, The Diary of Anne Frank, Mozart 's Mithridate, but to take down the saloon to include these would ask the entree of many, many other plants by older people, which would merely farther erode Andy 's averment. As Mithridate is non one of the most celebrated plants of Mozart, allow entirely the full genre of classical music, inclusion of it would intend inclusion of every piece of digesting classical music for the last 300 old ages. Likewise Frankenstein 's inclusion would intend the inclusion of merely about every novel that is by and large regarded as a `` authoritative '' , literally hundreds - or 1000s - of books, about all written by grownups.

Should Andy Schlafly of all time even acknowledge this list ( something he would ne'er make, given its writing ) he would, of class, instantly disregard it as broad biased propaganda, without offering any alternate accomplishments ( though he would probably repeat the Gospel of John ) . To battle this, we can analyze lists made by others, by and large each particular to one class. Of class, he would merely as readily disregard those as broad `` experts '' with an docket, but he can barely claim that they were made specifically in response to his list. We can besides analyze lists done by canvassing the public, or, in some instances let the unseeable manus decide and establish the greatest plants on the highest gross revenues. Lists abound on the cyberspace, and we have plenty from which to take.

How to Quantify Your Career-Job-Work-Life Accomplishments for Employers

“When it comes to achievements, Numberss talk, ” asserts Sharon Graham of Graham Management Group, a Canadian house specialising in calling passage scheme for six-figure professionals. “Recruiters who are scanning sketchs typically notice and hone in on digits.” Graham cites the “elimination factors” that provoke employers into rejecting campaigners. One such factor is deficiency of mensurable achievements, as she affirmed when she conducted a research survey to measure 1,000 indiscriminately selected sketchs. “There is much literature available to job-seekers, ” Graham says, “explaining how to quantify their achievements, yet most are still losing this point. In our sample, about none of the sketchs included equal mensurable accomplishments reflective of a six-figure professional.”

Some people feel they must be in really high-ranking occupations to be able to quantify achievements. But as Gillis writes, an administrative helper or individual working in the skilled trades can concentrate on how he or she added value by working smarter, faster, and more expeditiously. My spouse Randall Hansen suggests profoundly examining into every facet of your occupation for facets you can quantify. Asked by a security officer, for illustration, how to attach Numberss to his achievements, Hansen advised quantifying the figure of hours, yearss, hebdomads, etc. , without incidents ; the figure of hours of preparation and professional development ; the figure ( and types ) of security devices/technology mastered ; figure of security probes successfully closed ; and citations ( or other records of accomplishment ) received.

Career and Work Accomplishments Section of Quintessential Careers

Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. , originative manager and associate publishing house of Quintessential Careers, is an pedagogue, writer, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine, an electronic newssheet for jobseekers, and web logs about storytelling in the occupation hunt at A Storied Career. Katharine, who earned her PhD in organisational behaviour from Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, OH, is writer of Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates and A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market ( both published by Ten Speed Press ) , every bit good as Top Notch Executive Resumes ( Career Press ) ; and with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D. , Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to a Higher GPA ( Ten Speed ) , and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills ( Alpha ) . Visit her personal Website or make her by electronic mail at kathy ( at ) quintcareers.com. Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus.

Dr. Randall S. Hansen is laminitis of Quintessential Careers, one of the oldest and most comprehensive calling development sites on the Web, every bit good CEO of EmpoweringSites.com. He is besides laminitis of MyCollegeSuccessStory.com and EnhanceMyVocabulary.com. He is publishing house of Quintessential Careers Press, including the Quintessential Careers electronic newssheet, QuintZine. Dr. Hansen is besides a published writer, with several books, chapters in books, and 100s of articles. He’s frequently quoted in the media and behaviors authorising workshops around the state. Finally, Dr. Hansen is besides an pedagogue, holding taught at the college degree for more than 15 old ages. Visit his personal Website or make him by electronic mail at randall @ quintcareers.com. Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus.

Katharine Hansen, Ph.D. , originative manager and associate publishing house of Quintessential Careers, is an pedagogue, writer, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine, an electronic newssheet for jobseekers, and web logs about storytelling in the occupation hunt at A Storied Career. Katharine, who earned her PhD in organisational behaviour from Union Institute & University, Cincinnati, OH, is writer of Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates and A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into the Hidden Job Market ( both published by Ten Speed Press ) , every bit good as Top Notch Executive Resumes ( Career Press ) ; and with Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D. , Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to a Higher GPA ( Ten Speed ) , and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills ( Alpha ) . Visit her personal Website or make her by electronic mail at kathy @ quintcareers.com. Check out Dr. Hansen on GooglePlus.


feather in cap A differentiation or award, a notable accomplishment. In the fourteenth century, a soldier added a plume to his cap for each enemy soldier he had killed. A similar pattern existed among the American Indians who added plumes to their headgear. Among huntsmans, it was a common pattern ( and still is in Scotland and Wales ) to tweak a plume from the first putting to death of the season and expose it proudly in one’s hunting cap. By the mid-1600s, the plume had lost much of its “killing” significance while retaining its symbolic value as a mark of courage and award. At that clip, many British Lords considered themselves to be work forces of differentiation by virtuousness of their birthright and often wore plumes as a slightly brassy add-on to their garb. Since work forces, irrespective of virility or pugilistic art, no longer wear plumes as badges of accomplishment, in modern-day use the look is entirely nonliteral.

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