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The university of wollongong associate professor of human geography is the winner of the australian book review's calibre essay prize, . Likewise, 2017 will bring the 20th anniversary of the release of the sci-fi film gattaca, written and directed by andrew niccol, about a future .

A long-standing plan to let new south wales students type their hsc exam essays appears to have been quietly shelved by the board of . He has written a quarterly essay, titled the australian dream, in which he describes the largely untold story of an emerging indigenous .

A well-known australian artist's gallery has been destroyed by a fire in lightning ridge in western new south wales. I have written about this in my recent quarterly essay, the australian dream: blood, history and becoming.

In the south-east nsw village of candelo, ms hume launched a new essay, restless giant: changing cultural values in regional australia, and . Matheou also cites gattaca, the 1997 film set in a future in which parents can .

As a result of technological excess, that it is rendered unrecognizable, as in “elysium,” “gattaca,” “the final cut” or even “wall-e.” others rely . Many different voices came together on monday to capture the life of one of australia's greatest voices, but they all had the same underlying .

But one of my favourite essays in garner's wonderful book, everywhere i look, is about her friendship with another laconic, gifted writer, . Two week ago, i asked readers, “will editing your baby's genes be mandatory?” that is to say, parents are sometimes charged with crimes .

A wall of books 20 feet long attests to a life time spent reading, writing and translating — poetry, memoirs, essays, a recent translation of dante, . In many serious essays written by westerners, australia is mentioned as a country at the fringes of civilization, thundered the global times, .

For year 12 students, and exam questions will be changed to encourage deeper analysis and stamp out rote learning of essays for the hsc. New south wales is set to be the first australian state to ban greyhound racing, after an inquiry found overwhelming evidence of systemic .

Australian singer-songwriter missy higgins has paid tribute to the plight of syria's refugees with her new song, oh canada. The federal government says papua new guinea is ultimately responsible for 850 asylum seekers and refugees on manus island, following a .

In this case, the prospect of a world where genes truly were paramount led to movies like gattaca, which in 1997 depicted a world where one's . In his 1997 film, “gattaca,” biology is destiny to such a degree that any imperfection, no matter how slight, condemns the dna-challenged to .

A powerful speech by indigenous journalist stan grant in which he says the australian dream is rooted in racism has gone viral. It started when australian entrepreneur matt barrie wrote an online essay attacking the laws, which attracted more than 200,000 views in under .

The federal government's list of plants and animals on the brink of extinction has been updated with 49 new additions — but far from being . The internet and smartphones have made it easier for students to cheat in exams, a new report into academic misconduct at the university of .

Last week, an essay attacking the laws written by australian entrepreneur matt barrie and published online drew more than 200,000 views in . The oscar-winning actor hit out against film industry sexism in a blunt essay for an online feminist newsletter, lenny, co-founded by actor, writer .

Industry experts in recognition of photographers' work across a range of genres, from news and sport to portraiture and photographic essays. Universities have denied claims by south australian independent mp john darley that an alarming rate of students are cheating in exams and .

Thousands of workers are being underpaid wages or denied entitlements by their australian employers, new figures obtained by the abc show . Galeano's work blended genres, including journalism, fiction, essays and the drawings he used to illustrate works such as the book of .

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