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In the early '80s, moroder spent three years on his pet project: restoring fritz lang's 1927 futuristic dystopia metropolis and finding lost footage, . Including fritz lang's trailblazing 1927 silent film, metropolis, scott's.

In the essay “régimen de visibilidad y vigilancia en la era de la identidad digital” “regime of visibility and vigilance in the era of digital . Fritz lang's 1927 landmark metropolis has been cut and re-cut numerous times to cover for damaged and missing footage a quarter of the .

They drew inspiration from busby berkeley's old hollywood musicals and fritz lang's 1927 innovative sci-fi movie, metropolis, according to . Silent masterpieces like fritz lang's metropolis 1927 and dziga vertov's.

Kupka and arthur dove; the designs and architecture of peter behrens; and the gothic futurist sets of fritz lang's film, metropolis 1927. as cinematic costumes more than fashion: they'd look right at home in logan's run, labyrinth, or, if you squint a bit, fritz lang's metropolis. In this work, the subsequent cyborg woman of fritz lang's metropolis 1927 is already undone by disturbances she cannot contain.

Just as fritz lang's metropolis blended 20th century cinema with science fiction and became a seminal work in film history, the space age is . Fritz lang's silent film masterwork metropolis is probably the most influential.

In fritz lang's 1927 metropolis, a “maschinenmensch” “machine-human” nicknamed maria moves with a sleek, metal body designed with . Maria in fritz lang's 1927 monolith metropolis to star wars' c-3po.

Der regisseur fritz lang schafft 1927 in metropolis einen der schönsten roboter der filmgeschichte, eine androidin, welche die rebellion . Inspiring one visitor, the german film director fritz lang, to create metropolis.

Murnau's nosferatu 1927 and fritz lang's metropolis 1927, pabst . The details, of course, have changed from picture to picture: in metropolis, fritz lang's 1927 silent masterpiece, hordes of laborers are .

A crucial role in fritz lang's metropolis from 1927, one of the earliest. Jahrhunderts aus luc bessons das fünfte element, rechts fritz langs metropolis aus dem jahr 1927.

So it seemed a surprise when he produced a restoration of fritz lang's 1927 silent masterpiece metropolis. Mostly known for his epic science-fiction extravaganza metropolis released in 1927, lang became one of the most influential filmmakers in .

Each of these humanoids was very much a metal man of his time and despite the seductive maria in fritz lang's 1927 metropolis, they were on . Metropolis, fritz lang's silent sci-fi, is one such film, lent even more.

Another future city of around a century ago is that of fritz lang's metropolis 1927, which wasn't quite so idyllic. Clichéd in the extreme: check giorgio's joyless soundtrack to his own 1984 reconstruction of fritz lang's 1927 sci-fi masterpiece metropolis, .

L'homme n'est plus qu'un rouage dans la vaste machine qu'est devenue la ville metropolis, fritz lang 1927, paris au xxe siècle, jules verne . The themes of his earlier work, in particular, metropolis 1927.

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