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President donald trump will make the first foreign trip of his. To see why, consider one recent example: russia's foreign-policy options after its. European union candidacy, and consciously crafted an image of themselves as the muslim analogues to europe's christian democrats.

But if trump's campaign pronouncements are anything to judge by, his foreign policy may be more in sync with president obama's than either . Be a celebration of trump's unscrupulous approach to foreign policy. France's presidential front-runner is drawing on a tradition with little precedent in his country's politics.

President donald trump spent a lot of time during the campaign criticizing china, and promising to get tough on china if elected president. Beijing views washington's scatter-shot, flip-flop approach to foreign policy — especially in the post-cold war era — as destabilizing, foolish . This photo would signify unity, strength, and the end of trump's doubts about.

It is too early in trump's term to expect significant policy wins, even if his was . It's the question being asked around the globe, because donald trump's first week as president has made it all too clear: yes, he is as crazy as . Bannon's characterization of it, as well as his own isolationist foreign-policy views.

Assistance funds somehow reshaping the world in america's image, thus . On the eve of his trip to russia, secretary of state rex tillerson goaded g-7 allies to challenge russia's fundamental foreign-policy direction. The third leg of trump's first overseas trip, the stop in the vatican always carried the potential for an awkward encounter, after the two men .

President donald trump fired fbi director james comey on tuesday, removing from office the veteran head of the agency carrying out a . In 2003, foreign minister dominique de villepin's speech at the united nations, denouncing the george w. bush administration's rush to war, . In lebanon, this summer's blockbuster superhero movie won't be the dc comics franchise, “wonder woman.” at least that's what the .

America must check the assertive, rising powers of russia and china before it's too late. Iranian president hassan rouhani has everything going for him in his re-election bid – except the backing of the country's most powerful . President abdel fattah al-sisi's regime has exploited an imf agreement to squeeze the lower classes and enrich a small clique of former .

The effect of the country's previous one-child policy, of course, also raised the stakes — all family ambitions fell on the shoulders of one child, . American aircraft bombed a military convoy flying syrian flags in the country's southeast on friday, marking the first time the u.s. military has . The oilman struggled to lend coherence to trump's foreign policy, but did reveal their.

This is the trump administration's first meaningful foray into iran policy since taking office. Trump's erratic policies and contemptuous attitude, on the other hand, . Leader for meizu's valentine's day campaign, told foreign policy.

Throughout the presidential campaign and since donald trump's election, former diplomats, retired generals, and foreign-policy analysts have . What's strange about merkel's record of electoral success is how consistently she has confirmed the adage that policy failures are an . What's not clear is exactly what u.s. policy toward north korea is right now.

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