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While much is still unknown about the manchester arena suicide bombing following an ariana grande concert on monday night and the . In pakistan's deadliest attack in more than two years, a suicide bomber has struck a crowded sufi shrine, killing at least 75 people including . The suicide bombing monday, which killed at least 22 people and injured 59, demonstrated the difficulty of defending large public sporting and . Manchester, england ap -- an apparent suicide bomber attacked an ariana grande concert as it ended monday night, killing 22 people . Egypt's ministry of interior has named, on wednesday, the suicide bomber who was responsible for the attack on alexandria's st mark's church .

An islamic state assault led by suicide bombers killed dozens on tuesday at a camp for the displaced near syria's border with iraq, as pressure . Suicide bombings at checkpoints in baghdad and south iraq claimed by the islamic state group killed at least 35 people and wounded dozens . Manchester city council has refused to deal with the remains of a suicide bomber who killed 22 in an attack at the manchester arena last week. Twenty-two people were killed and at least 59 wounded in last night's terrorist attack on an ariana grande concert in manchester. The bombing killed at least 22 people, and dozens are still hospitalized.

A suicide bomber from kyrgyzstan was behind the explosion that killed 14 people and injured dozens more in the saint petersburg metro, . Salman abedi identified as suicide bomber in manchester attack. Us president donald trump said that monday night's deadly suicide bombing in the british city of manchester highlighted the need to drive . Manchester, england ap -- investigators hunted tuesday for possible accomplices of the suicide bomber who attacked an ariana grande . Monday's terrorist attack at an ariana grande concert in manchester, england, has been dubbed an attack on many things, including freedom .

Turkish police killed a would-be suicide bomber who tried to enter the main police station in the southeastern city of gaziantep on tuesday, . Quetta: a suicide bomber targeted the emergency services ward at quetta's civil hospital monday, killing at least 70 people and leaving . Police have confirmed the name of a suicide bomber who killed 22 people at the end of a manchester concert as salman ramadan abedi, . It took less than 24 hours for prime minister theresa may's claim that manchester suicide bomber salman ramadan abedi was known to british . Manchester attack: bomber's brother and father arrested in libya.

The younger brother and father of the suicide bomber who killed 22 people . A suicide bomber today attacked a courthouse in the centre of the syrian capital, killing at least 25 people and wounding others, state media . Unnamed security sources “challenged the suggestion by greater manchester police that pop concert suicide bomber salman abedi, 22, had . Kuwaiti security sources have commented on the release of abu ishaq al masry, the suicide bomber and main suspect in st mark's cathedral . The islamic state terror group today claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at a pop concert in manchester arena that killed at least 22 .

An islamic state suicide bomber attacks iraqi special forces soldiers with a car bomb during clashes in mosul, iraq. A suicide bomber killed at least 49 army conscripts in the southern yemeni port city of aden on sunday, officials there said, a week after an . Forty-eight yemeni soldiers were killed in a suicide bombing claimed by the islamic state group in the southern port city of aden, officials said . A suspected suicide bomber killed at least 22 people and injured dozens more. In a scene from norwegian journalist paul refsdal's new documentary dugma: the button, abu qaswara, a would-be suicide bomber, .

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