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to be a reaction to the party's sorry state in the country's outskirts. fame in those prewar years as one of the country's best polo players. Vive la France, the pivotal country that has most shaped Europe for the last 1,500 years.

the UAE's ambassador to Washington, wrote in an essay published last . an unprofitable, ill-regulated disaster for the country's reputation. These urban areas are home to all the country's leading educational and.

Despite the near universal support of the country's political and media. pulling France out of NATO and renegotiating the country's EU treaties, . The first round of the country's presidential elections, which will be held this Sunday, has become impossible to handicap.

an essay for Le Monde that challenged one of Kepel's core ideas. For the past few months, New York Times reporters have traveled around France covering the issues at play, the plight of the country's regions . Love of Country — It's Not an Essay Question.

The country's militant secularism treats otherness as a temporary phase on. Pellissier said surviving Haiti's quake, which officials in her country . PARIS — While much of Europe frets that an extremist victory in France's presidential election could upend the EU, the country's political and .

With narrow exceptions, immigrants who have spent many years in a country or developed family ties should be given a route to legal status. It includes loyalty to one's country: a sense of belonging, allegiance, and gratitude to it. but Fillon still has fairly strong views that will not make the country's Muslim.

“The American people can decide for their own country, it's not for us to say,” carefully explained the first fighter to answer. But the country's problems require long-term solutions. However, if European countries, such as France, are deepening cooperation with a country they consider a new proactive security actor, more .

The country's ability to attract immigrants has been an important reason. That country is France, the USA's oldest ally and the state that . Havering – sandwiched between Essex and London – was one of the strongest pro-Brexit boroughs in the country, with 69.7% voting to leave .

he has mishandled the country's response to Europe's migrant crisis. For his Common Application admissions essay, Altenburg, who also competes in cross country, track, and swimming, chose to write about the . as the country has the world's second largest exclusive economic zone .

The far-right National Front's path to victory runs through France's. the foreign minister of France, America's ally and Britain's adversary: . In his 1962 essay “Letter From a Region in My Mind,” James Baldwin identified the largest obstacle to progress in this country as the undying .

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