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Uncanny – or, in artistic director brenda devita's season programming, perhaps very. For example, many institutions have used the occasion of controversial speakers on their campuses to create a slate of programming that gives .

“building and programming teaches the kids problem-solving,” he says. When he is not on camera, he is writing: essays, cookbooks, graphic novels about a. and disdains many conventions of food and travel programming.

Crow says a panel of judges picked his essay on the first tee program as the winner. Read: amol palekar's essay on censorship makes a blistering case for the freedom of expression ghashiram kotwal courtesy yukt film .

Each time his company advertised a job in programming, fewer candidates would apply. An individual application's stack might include the programming.

His 2005 essay “how to start a startup”—together with steven blank's. That google's use of oracle's java software application programming interfaces apis in.

Editor's note: the following essay is an excerpt from “assuming boycott” and. The owner's essay was published just hours after house republican leaders pulled.

As creator of the theater's young audience programming, and subsequently as director of the young artists and writers project at stony brook . This essay was written in response to gideon rachman's invitation to readers to.

Prince's programming work on 1999 was beyond anything i had ever. There's the searing 1980 military saga “breaker morant” and the 2001 extreme-gore cult item “ichi the killer.” there's john ford's seminal .

The first few years of the aga khan museum's programming have been primarily historic, but this new exhibit promises to give us a peek into . “i was just in the background programming, i'd learned to program when i was six.

Part protest, part art project, “i want a president” revises a 1992 essay by artist zoe leonard that began, “i want a dyke for president. Smu teams clinched first and third positions at national programming competition.

Acknowledgements of indigenous rights and territories into ps122's programming. David leavitt's esquire essay didn't just trumpet the influence of david.

Students for justice in palestine chapters across the country have regularly attracted controversy with, for example, their programming marking . This is tabloid-like tv programming which airs on major tv networks.

A reporter, posing as a student, spoke to six companies on the phone, asking for a business studies essay and a computer programming . Hamilton counter-punched, scribbling essay after essay under.

Football to continue in one form or another should think of the basic building blocks of football itself as changeable, updatable programming. Mess when it comes to money and, to be frank, form, but that's for another essay.

It's not about the hardware but the programming. The planning program on the 3rd floor, and the arts programming in the basement.

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