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Based on extensive research conducted across 175 countries, hei found that india and china face the deadliest air pollution in the world. United nations: the record-high air pollution in new delhi is a wake-up call for the world that unless decisive actions are taken to reduce .

It's that time of year again: essay topics for gaokao's chinese exam sparked. The morning after diwali in delhi was all smog with residents left with no option but to breath the poisonous air with pollution levels in many .

India's approaching the international court of justice icj to resolve the kulbhushan jadhav case in pakistan is a break from tradition, where . Air pollution in india's capital surged this week, with a haze reducing visibility to 50 meters at times and prompting calls for government action.

That's how many lives are lost every year because of air pollution. “the situation of agra with respect to air pollution is bad,” says nagpure .

The air pollution gets exacerbated around the onset of winter because farmers in north india burn crop stubble in order to prepare the ground . But can india use the indus water treaty to force pakistan to pay the price for.

New delhi says pakistan's concern over the issue of pollution is . The report has come a day after the government informed rajya sabha that delhi was among the top 5 cities with worst air pollution.

Delhi's air . Thousands of people across the u.s. are marking president donald trump's hundredth day in office by marching in protest of his environmental .

The nic counsels that pakistan, unable to match india's economic prowess, will seek . India, whose request for consular access to jadhav was turned down 16 times, had approached the icj on may 8, accusing pakistan of .

Laid down to check air, water and other forms of environmental pollution. The men come from a range of countries, including sri lanka, pakistan, bangladesh, afghanistan, iraq, myanmar, india, nepal, somalia and .

General of pakistan's meteorological department, “the main source of the . Trump has called pakistan “probably the most dangerous country ” and has said that “you have to get india involved; india is the check to .

From the u.s., 35 percent from the united arab emirates, 22 percent from nigeria, 96 percent from bangladesh and 82 percent from pakistan. Names of companies that are producing permissible crackers should be made public,” said vivek chattopadhyay, member of the air pollution .

At the same time, prime minister narenda modi and his ministers need to urgently tackle an air pollution crisis that contributes to over a million . “the fake notes are manufactured in pakistan and they reach bangladesh through air and sea route.

Contaminated air, water and soil claim millions of lives every year. “the course focused on fishermen's, environmental and coastal issues; it was very intense,” says selva, crediting it with giving him a broader .

An amazing 40 percent of pakistan's population is under 14 and this. I was witnessing what came to be known as the “2015 southeast asian haze,” an air pollution crisis caused by fires raging across sumatra and .

A fight of ideologies, says meira · pakistan frees 78 indian fishermen · voluntary marriage not love. India's strategy so far has been to either ignore the ambitious scope of obor or resent pakistan's involvement in the flagship cpec project.

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