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Impact Of The Commonwealth Games On New Delhi Tourism Essay

`` Delhi Dilwaale '' ( New Delhi, the metropolis with the bosom ) as it 's frequently called is the capital of India and is situated in the North, place to about 18 million people. While New Delhi today is considered a Global metropolis, it presently ranks 45th in the universe ( Foreign Policy Index, 2010 ) . Since the high ranking makes the metropolis seem undistinguished, it does n't reply the inquiries of New Delhi 's image as a planetary metropolis. Mr. Deep Kapuria, president of Indian Industry ( CII ) states `` By 2020 Delhi can go a better, planetary metropolis merely if its private and public sectors work together '' ( Indo Asian News Service, 2008 ) . ) . As a measure in the right way towards bettering upon its ranking as a planetary metropolis, New Delhi was fortunate to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games. The Indian deputation had argued that affluent states hosted the games excessively frequently and `` developing states '' deserved a opportunity to host the games ( CBC Sports, 2003 ) . This was of import to New Delhi 's hereafter because the games brought forth a existent chance for presenting major alterations in the metropolis in footings of its substructures, roads, airdromes, main roads and theodolite systems. It brings frontward the assurance of the developing states in hosting such mega events. The hosting of the games marked an of import measure towards bettering New Delhi 's planetary position because it was the first clip a South Asiatic metropolis had been elected for hosting an event at the international degree. New Delhi was all over the headlines and it received a batch of planetary media coverage. Mr. Suresh Kalmadi, president of the Indian Olympic Association and president of the forming commission stated `` The people felt it was high clip India got the Games '' ( CBC Sports, 2003 ) . This essay will get down by giving a brief history of how New Delhi reached its place as a planetary metropolis and so concentrate on how New Delhi has been affected by the commonwealth games in footings of substructure promotions, effects of the Games on New Delhi 's labour market every bit good as the steps taken by New Delhi to turn to environmental concerns. To add to that, the essay will besides discourse some of the jobs encountered at the games and how Delhi must cover with them to guarantee they remain a planetary metropolis.

New Delhi is one of the oldest urban parts, functioning every bit political and commercial capital for the Mughal Empire. In 1911, British swayers moved the Indian capital from Calcutta to New Delhi. Several ancient edifices were torn down to do manner for sprawling administrative territory designed by designer Edward Lutyens ( Lorinc, 2008 ) . `` Configured around olympian axes and enforcing authorities edifices on a field inspired by Washington, DC, New Delhi became an urban symbol of the British Raj '' ( Lorinc, 2006, p. 26 ) . In 1927, the Parliament House, designed by Edward Lutyens and Herbert Baker was inaugurated and opened. By 1931, New Delhi opened the largest market and the taking commercial and concern hub of the metropolis, `` The Connaught Place '' , named after the Duke of Connaught ( Gupta, Basu & Chattarji, 2003 ) . Today, the Connaught topographic point is genuinely an architectural treasure and one of the most dramatic constructions of New Delhi. From the finest eating houses to bars, to burden of concern and commercial activities, Connaught Place today is considered an absolute indispensable topographic point for a tourer to see and is considered to be the most `happening` topographic point in the metropolis ( PUTSOURCE ) .http: //www.exploredelhi.com/shopping/connaught-place.html


As stated in the study of the commonwealth games evaluation committee for the 2010 Commonwealth games, the metropolis stressed that through the games, its figure one precedence was bettering the metropolis substructure. From the edifice of new bowls and the building of the games small town, to project programs in the conveyance sectors, the Commonwealth games genuinely brought forth substructure promotions within the metropolis and the neighbouring games small town. The metropolis 's airdrome, Indira Gandhi International Airport underwent several alterations. A first terminus was opened at the airdrome, expected to entertain about 34 million riders a twelvemonth. At the gap ceremonial of the terminus, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stated, `` This airdrome terminus establishes new planetary benchmarks. It besides exemplifies our state 's resoluteness to bridge and bridge fast enough the substructure shortage in our state '' ( 680News, 2010 ( article ) ) . The roads themselves underwent major alterations, from the broadening and resurfacing of the roads, to the add-on of more lanes for the intents of commanding traffic congestion. The Games Village that housed the jocks was built over a 63.5 hectare country besides offered developing evidences for jocks take parting in sports, Aquatics, Weightlifting and wrestle. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.cwgdelhi2010.org/news/fantastic_say_athletes_staying_games_village ) . This small town, built in East Delhi at the Yamuna riverfront, which has been neglected until the readying of the games, underwent major urban jet in order to run into universe category criterions. Today, this topographic point looks no different from a premier existent estate ( Uppal, 2009 ) . The small town itself offers installations such as station services, Bankss, bars, cafeteria and gym and was created with purpose to let the jocks to rejuvenate themselves and acquire refreshed after take parting in events during the twenty-four hours. Louise Pugh-Bevan, participant of the Wales Hockey squad said that `The existent installations are clean and satisfactory criterions, and we are pleased with the accommodation` ( BBC News, 2010 ) . The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, locale of the gap and shutting ceremonials, underwent major redevelopments bing the metropolis a humongous Rs 9.6 billion ( Times of India, 2010 ) .

However prior to the games, there were several events which threatened the patterned advance of the games. `` More than a twelvemonth ago, audits warned that readyings for the games were disgracefully behind agenda. `` Slackness in turn toing these challenges may make major embarrassments for the state, one study added '' ( Yardley, 2010, p.A.6 ) . On Sept 21st, 2010, a overcrossing near the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium collapsed, wounding 23 workers, 5 of which were in serious status. Following this event, Phillips Idowu, a British three-base hit jumper jock pulled out from the games and publically on chirrup he said `` My safety is more of import to them than a decoration '' ( SkyNewsHD, 2010 ) . Upon closer analysis of the state of affairs, the Television footage showed that the prostration occurred due to a building failure and merely because of the applied scientists ' non attachment to basic civil technology regulations ( Mail Today, 2010 ) .

In add-on to that, the edifice of new substructures and roads required destruction of bing illegal constructions. A slum can be defined as one illegal construction with hapless and informal lodging and holding a menace of being destroyed ( Davis, 2004 ) . This was one of the drawbacks in substructure promotions. The job was that the slum inhabitants were acquiring displaced from their places and in exchange were non acquiring relocated. Human rights candidates argued that the Indian authorities was brushing slum inhabitants and mendicants off the streets in an effort to fancify the metropolis. The inquiry goes back to New Delhi. While the substructure advancements surely give an entreaty to the metropolis and attract aliens, the fact is that it comes at a cost and in making so, New Delhi needs to believe if planetary metropolis position is more of import at the disbursal of the local hapless category households. hypertext transfer protocol: //bharatbusiness.com/the-impact-of-commonwealth-games-on-tourism/


The labour market of New Delhi besides had a immense impact due to the hosting of these games. As a direct effect of building roar in New Delhi, around 1 million migratory workers entered Delhi from neighbouring metropoliss such as Bihar, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh ( Sengupta, 2010 ) . These three metropoliss are among the poorest in the state and most of these migrators work under a corrupt labor system whereby they get paid less money for their attempt. New Delhi offered these migratory workers an chance to gain a higher income and acquire credited creditably for the work they put in. From airdrome ascents to the enlargement of the tube, all the manner to the buildings near the games small town, each of these promotions have created about two and a half million occupation chances. hypertext transfer protocol: //www.articlesbase.com/baseball-articles/benefits-from-delhi-common-wealth-2010-games-2523897.html. A survey conducted by Building and Woodworkers International suggested that about 300 000 workers were needed, among which include 10000 adult females and 20000 migratory kids. Besides, the commonwealth games are portion of the building roar which will turn the domestic building industry by 50 billion USD a twelvemonth by 2012 ( Beginning: `` India 's Construction Industry: Growth, Opportunity & Constraints '' , ASSOCHAM ) , hypertext transfer protocol: //cwg2010cwc.org/media/factSheet.pdf )


The 2010 Commonwealth Games was pronounced as `` Green Commonwealth Games '' . Water deficit has ever been a job in New Delhi due to miss of answerability and that about 50 % of the available H2O is lost ( Yadav, 2006 ) . To cover with this issue, New Delhi installed a new H2O distribution system in East Delhi where the games were located and besides upgraded a new H2O intervention works at the Games small town to guarantee clean H2O supply for the jocks ( hypertext transfer protocol: //delhigreens.com/2009/03/20/benefits-of-cwg/ ) . A new sewerage system was besides put into topographic point to forestall flow of sewerage wastes onto the roads in instance of deluging which in bend will maintain the roads clean. Added commissariats for more lavatories in public infinites besides help maintain roads clean as it prevents the hapless category from stooling on the roads. The Thyagaraj bowl, New Delhi and India 's first eco-friendly green bowl offers characteristics such as rainwater reaping systems and the harnessing of solar energy. hypertext transfer protocol: //www.zeenews.com/news616151.html. To add to that, the Rajghat power station in New Delhi was closed a month prior to the games as portion of the authorities 's program towards cleaning up the air before the games ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.indiaenvironmentportal.org.in/content/delhi-agrees-use-commonwealth-games-opportunity-address-air-quality-concerns hypertext transfer protocol: //www.governancenow.com/news/regular-story/delhi-do-more-control-pollution-only-games. To turn to environmental concerns, the Organizing Committee of the CWG held a low C carnival in Shimla in July every bit good as held a transit mass meeting of bikes and electric autos to raise consciousness about cut downing the pollution degrees. In making so, New Delhi is taking a measure towards going a better planetary metropolis by turn toing such issues publically and doing an effort to better itself as a metropolis. While there were besides negative environmental impacts such as deforestation in order to build the Games small town, New Delhi has done a antic occupation in alarming the populace and taking utmost steps to better the environmental criterions and the overall life in the metropolis.

Future Prognosiss

In the approaching old ages, New Delhi will hold to travel through a batch more alterations if it wants to take to go a better planetary metropolis by 2020. The World Urbanization Prospects study predicts that the population of New Delhi will make about 28.6 million by 2025 ( World Urbanization Prospects, 2009 ) . Since the population is expected to increase, there can be several alterations expected in the metropolis. If New Delhi wants to better as a planetary metropolis, it needs to go on edifice advanced substructures and oculus appealing constructions that will non merely be a gateway to touristry, but will besides better the life style of the locals within the metropolis. The labour market sector will take a hit because an addition in the population will match to a decrease in occupation chances. Besides, as New Delhi advances to its better planetary metropolis dream, it will go much more hard for migratory workers to settle in New Delhi. These workers who are naïve to the thought of a high category planetary metropolis will confront jobs seeking to happen a occupation in the metropolis and acquiring accustomed to the fast paced metropolis life. New Delhi Television Limited ( NDTV ) reports that New Delhi is one of the state 's most contaminated metropoliss ( NDTV News, 2009 ) . If Delhi wants to better as a planetary metropolis, it needs to set about several undertakings. One possible solution is mandating one-year pollution cheques for old vehicles and acquiring those vehicles that fail the trial off the roads. Another feasible solution New Delhi can see is modulating Carbon emanation degrees for assorted power workss across the metropolis to guarantee safe air quality and life criterions within the metropolis. Besides, with the increasing population and modernizing of the metropolis, populating will go much more expensive and New Delhi will hold to

Essay on commonwealth games 2010 pdf

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essay composing commonwealth games 2010

At the 1930 games, adult females competed in Swimming and Diving merely. The three-member panel, consisting Justice Aftab Alam of the Supreme. Games of Commonwealth 2010 are non traveling to profit touristry of India. Transport Delhi proposed a four-lane, 2. Australia has been the highest marking squad for 10 games, England for seven and Canada for one. Attendance at the Commonwealth Games is typically about 5,000 jocks. the Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010. The Games are being held in Delhi. BENEFITS: Infrastructure Delhi already has many international characteristics of a modern and well-planned metropolis. There are presently 53 members of the essay composing commonwealth games 2010 Commonwealth of Nations, and 71 squads participate in the Games. From 1934, adult females besides competed in some Sports events. CPWD is besides working on green bowl for essay composing commonwealth games 2010 the Commonwealth Games. Arranged matrimony is better than love matrimony. paper reputable station articles win essays, term documents, research documents reviews essay composing commonwealth games 2010. 7528 Words 31 Pages Commonwealth Games 2010 The 2010 Commonwealth Games, officially known as the XIX Commonwealth Games, were held in Delhi,  India, from 3 to 14 October 2010. 4511 Words 19 Pages Love Is Life A recent study reported that Commonwealth Games 2010 would be the most expensive event to be of all time held in the history of Commonwealth Games. 874 Wordss 4 Pages Doc-1064-x-English-Study-Material-Support-Material-And-Vbq SUPPORT STUDY MATERIAL X English Study Material, Support Material and essay composing commonwealth games 2010 VBQ INDEX Sr. It appeared that essay composing commonwealth games 2010 what happened earlier. 2085 Words 9 Pages Common Wealth Games There are 17 athleticss planned for essay composing commonwealth games 2010 the 2010 Commonwealth Games. To introduce the essay composing commonwealth games 2010 category with the Commonwealth Games 2010. 1800116888 1 Measure 2: Greet the category and province that we all know that Delhi is traveling to host the Commonwealth Games in 2010.  Commonwealth Games scam- The 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, one of the essay composing commonwealth games 2010 most famed event of. List of 2010 Commonwealth Games broadcasters.  No 1 2 2 3 4 5 6 Contents An outline of syllabus and marker. The first commonwealth games were held. The Youth Games offered nine athleticss: sports, badminton, pugilism, shot, swimming, table tennis, tennis, weight-lifting and wrestling. India was mired in cozenages and contentions in 2010.

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`` Commonwealth Games 2010 '' Essays and Research Papers

An honest politician has become an oxymoron. In India, people with an honorable image are really few. In India, There are a clump of cozenages oftenly in the. Indian disposal i.e. Bofors scam, Hawala Case, Fodder Scam, Taj Corridor cozenage, Satyam Scam, Commonwealth games scandel etc. Harmonizing to the Corruption Perception Index 2009 Report released by Transparency International, India 's rank is 84th among 180 states effected with corruptness. The corruptness methods besides improve with the development of the state.

India 's public presentation in the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games – expected or otherwise?

This paper reviews India 's public presentation in the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games measured utilizing four public presentation indexs – gold decorations, entire decorations, entire points ( three for gold, two for Ag and one for bronze ) and market portion ( points won as a per centum of points awarded ) . It is argued that India over-achieved in 2010 on all four of these steps relative to what its public presentations in recent editions of the event might foretell, even after accounting for likely place advantage. Whilst factors associated with viing at place may good hold contributed to an elevated degree of public presentation by Indian jocks at Delhi 2010, there is besides some grounds to bespeak that India is an improved sporting state by and large. Therefore, the writers propose that India 's success in Delhi 2010 was the consequence of a powerful combination of qualitatively stronger jocks and a strong host state consequence. The direction deductions of this research are double. First, it is possible for states to exert control over certain advantages linked to hosting the event such as flexibleness in the choice of athleticss contested. Second, non-host states may be able to extenuate certain disadvantages through proper planning, for illustration, through acclimatization programmes for their jocks and specializing in optional athleticss to be contested in extroverted editions.

GL BAJAJ Institute of Management & Research

Commonwealth Games besides known as CWG is the 2nd largest athleticss competition in the universe after Olympics. It is held one time in four old ages but merely in between the Olympic old ages. Started in 1930, CWG was ab initio known by assorted names such as the British Empire Games, Friendly Games and British Commonwealth Games. Since 1978, they came to be known as the Commonwealth Games. A alone feature of the Commonwealth Games is that it is the lone Games, which portion a common linguistic communication, English. The Commonwealth Games is a first multi-sport meet of jocks from around the universe which is governed by Commonwealth Games Federation ( CGF ) . Members of the Commonwealth of Nations that majorly formed a portion of the British Empire during the colonial regulation participate in it.

It 's beginning can be traced back to 1930 when the Games were held for the first clip in the metropolis of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and saw the engagement of 400 jocks from 11 states. Reverend Ashley Cooper was the first individual to suggest the thought of holding a Pan-Britannic sporting competition to further a spirit of good will and apprehension within the British Empire. In 1928, a cardinal Canadian jock, Bobby Robinson, was given the undertaking of forming the first of all time Commonwealth Games. Since so the CWG have enjoyed a smooth innings except for a 12 twelvemonth suspension during the World War II, as the Games in 1942 to be held in Montreal were cancelled. Originally holding merely individual competition athleticss, the 1998 Commonwealth Games at Kuala Lumpur witnessed a major alteration when squad athleticss such as cricket, hockey and netball made their first visual aspect.

In 2001, the three nucleus values of Humanity, Equality and Destiny were adopted as the slogan of the Commonwealth Games. These values inspire and connect 1000s of people and mean the wide authorization for keeping the Games within the Commonwealth. There are a sum of 31 athleticss which have been approved to be a portion of the Commonwealth Games. Out of these, the athleticss in the class of Core Sports are compulsory in all the Games. The Core Sports are Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Field Hockey, Lawn Bowls, Netball, Rugby Sevens, Squash, Swimming and Weightlifting. Apart from these, there are optional athleticss which are picked by the host state and seven para athleticss.

The Optional Sports are Basketball, Cycling, Diving, Gymnastics, Judo, Shooting, Synchronized Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Triathlon and Wrestling. Till now merely six squads have attended every Commonwealth Games- Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales. Looking at the host states the United Kingdom has hosted the Games for a record 5 times while Australia and Canada have hosted it four times each. The 2010 Commonwealth Games, officially known as the XIX Commonwealth Games was held in the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi, India. It was the largest international multi-sport event to be staged in India, overshadowing the Asiatic Games in 1951 and 1982. The official mascot of the Games was Shera and the functionary vocal of the Games, `` Jiyo Utho Bado Jeeto '' , was composed by famed music master A.R. Rahman. The slogan for 2010 CWG was “Come Out and Play.”

India’s public presentation in the games was outstanding and has become singular in the history of Indian Games. It is the first clip for India that our Athletes brought highest figure of Gold decorations of all time in any Commonwealth Games. Out of 826 decorations India won 101, including 38 Gold, its highest of all time, to be the 2nd in tally behind Australia with a sum of 177. We besides brought home 27 Silver and 36 Bronze decorations. Krishna Poonia was doubtless the start of India’s triumph fling at the Commonwealth Games by acquiring One Gold taking a clean expanse of Women’s Discus Throw. The 2nd Gold was clinched in Women’s 4x400m relay. Three new national records were besides made by Prajusha in Women’s tripla leap, Maheshwary in Men’s ternary leap and by Men’s 4x400m relay squad.

The record draw in Shooting was setup by the taws, with Gagan Narang, bagging four Gold decorations. Heena Sidhu and Annu Raj Singh besides bagged Gold in 10m Air Pistol ( Pairs ) Shooting. An unforgettable winning by India was eventually led by Badminton Player Saina Nehwal in Women’s Singles concluding when she had an unconquered 4-0 record against her opposition ; Malaysia’s Wong Mew Choo and won the Gold decoration. The gap ceremonial of the Commonwealth Games is a esteemed and of import event. The Queens Baton Relay is a portion of the gap tradition and has been a symbol of the Games since 1958. The Baton used in the 2010 CWG was made from Aluminium and Gold and had assorted characteristics like capturing image and sound, hive awaying messages sent by the people all over the universe, GPS, and LEDs to stand for the coloring material of the flag of the Nation which it is presently in. The Queens Baton relay is started by the state who held the last Commonwealth Games. The concluding relay smuggler is the current host state.

2010 Commonwealth Games

The 2010 Commonwealth Games ( Hindi: 2010 राष्ट्रमण्डल खेल ) , officially known as the XIX Commonwealth Games, were held in Delhi, India, from 3 to 14 October 2010. A sum of 6,081 jocks from 71 Commonwealth states and dependences competed in 21 athleticss and 272 events, doing it the largest Commonwealth Games to day of the month. It was besides the largest international multi-sport event to be staged in Delhi and India, overshadowing the Asiatic Games in 1951 and 1982. The gap and shutting ceremonials were held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, the chief bowl of the event. It was the first clip that the Commonwealth Games were held in India and the 2nd clip they were held in Asia after Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1998. It was besides the 2nd clip a Commonwealth Republic hosted the games, after Malaysia in 1998. The official mascot of the Games was Shera and the functionary vocal of the Games, `` Jiyo Utho Bado Jeeto '' , was composed by famed Indian instrumentalist A.R. Rahman.

Preparation for the Games received widespread international media attending, with unfavorable judgment being levelled against the organizers for the slow gait of work, every bit good as issues related to security and hygiene. However, all member states of the Commonwealth of Nations participated in the event, except Fiji, which is suspended from the Commonwealth, and Tokelau, which did n't direct a squad, in malice of menaces of boycotts and athlete backdowns. The internationally acclaimed gap ceremonial improved the image of the Games, and dispelled negative impressions environing them, with many perceivers noting that they began on an discerning note, but were an exceeding experience with a mostly positive stoping. The President of the International Olympic Committee, Jacques Rogge, said that India had made a good foundation for a future Olympics command, which was reiterated by the Australian Ministry of Sports. Commonwealth games Federation head Mike Fennell stated that `` Delhi delivered a antic Games '' . Some perceivers accused subdivisions of the media of prejudice, unjust outlooks, and negative coverage.


India shifted the balance in its favor in the 2nd unit of ammunition of voting with a promise that it would supply US $ 100,000 to each take parting state, along with air tickets, embarkation, lodging and conveyance. The successful 2003 Afro-asian Games held in Hyderabad was besides seen as holding shown that India has the resources, substructure and proficient know-how to present a large sporting event. India besides thanked Latif Butt, former vice-president of the Olympic Council of Asia, for his support in the winning command, by stating, `` You played a critical function in the Commonwealth Games 2010 being allotted to India. Such actions are worthy of emulation by all concerned in Pakistan and India. I have no uncertainty that if both sides continue to populate by such ideals, one twenty-four hours, earlier than subsequently our coevalss to come will harvest the benefits of and be thankful to those doing such parts. You would surely be such individual. '' The Indian authorities stated that it would subvention the entire cost of the Games.

Organizing commission

The administration of CWG 2010 was beset by holds: in January 2010, the Indian Olympic Association vice-chairman Raja Randhir Singh expressed concern that Delhi was non up to rush in forming and organizing its games commission and, following a 2009 Indian Government study demoing two-thirds of locales were behind agenda, Commonwealth Games Federation president Mike Fennell stated that the slow advancement of readyings represented a serious hazard to the event. Singh besides called for a revamp of the games ' organizing commissions: Jarnail Singh, a former Secretary of the Government of India, was appointed as the main executive officer and Indian Olympic Association president Suresh Kalmadi was appointed as caput of the commission. In malice of holds and the corruptness instances levied on the organisors, observers stated that they were confident that India will successfully host the games and do so on clip.


To back up its committedness to mass conveyance, nine corridors have been identified and were constructed every bit High Capacity Bus Systems ( for illustration, one from Ambedkar Nagar to Red Fort ) . Six of these corridors were expected to be operational in 2010. Additionally, The Delhi Metro was expanded to suit more people and hike the usage of public conveyance during the 2010 games. The tube has extended to Gurgaon and the Noida country. For this big addition in the size of the web, Delhi Metro had deployed 14 tunnel deadening machines. Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID ) was used to label vehicles in locale parking tonss to assist organize mass parking and increase security.

Green Games

In resistance to this purpose, a figure of environmental contentions arose and the inauspicious ecological impact of assorted facets of the games have been protested by metropolis occupants. City occupants filed a public involvement request to the Supreme Court of India against the felling of 'heritage ' trees in the Siri Fort country to do manner for Games installations. The tribunal appointed designer Charles Correa to measure the impact and he badly criticised the designs on ecological evidences. In malice of this, in April 2009 the Supreme Court allowed the building on the evidences that `` much clip had been lost '' and `` the harm already caused to the environment could non be undone '' .

Other readying

In add-on to physical readying, free adjustment for all jocks at the Games Village, every bit good as free conveyance and other benefits, such as a free trip to the famed Taj Mahal and a reserved lane for participants on selected main roads was provided The Games Village will house over 8,000 jocks and functionaries for the Games. Indian provinces will develop province constabulary forces to manage tourist-related issues and deploy them prior to the Games. A large-scale building and `` beautification '' undertaking has resulted in the destruction of 100s of places and the supplanting of metropolis dwellers—at least 100,000 of New Delhi 's 160,000 homeless people have removed from shelters, some of which have been demolished. Bamboo screens have been erected around metropolis slums to separate visitants from the sights of the slums, a pattern which human rights candidates have deemed dishonest and immoral.

Official vocal

The functionary vocal of the 2010 Commonwealth Games `` Jiyo Utho Bado Jeeto '' was composed and performed by the Indian musician A. R. Rahman. The vocal 's rubric is based on the motto of the games, `` Come out and play '' . The vocal is penned by Mehboob in Hindi with a scattering of English words. It was released on 28 August 2010. The music picture, directed by Bharath Bala was released on 23 September and featured a shorter version of the vocal. A. R. Rahman besides gave a unrecorded concert for the subject vocal in Gurgaon, Haryana which was previewed on assorted intelligence channels. The official picture of the vocal has been released on YouTube. However this vocal was non much appreciated by the people as it was being compared with FIFA WC, South Africa 's functionary vocal and Waka-Waka of Shakira.

Queen 's Baton relay

The wand was designed by Michael Foley, a alumnus of the National Institute of Design. It is a triangular subdivision of aluminum twisted into a spiral form and so coated with colored dirts collected from all the parts of India. The colored dirts are a first for the styling of a Queen 's Baton. A jewel-encrusted box was used to house the Queen 's message, which was laser-engraved onto a illumination 18 carat gold leaf—representative of the ancient Indian 'patras. The Queen 's wand is ergonomically contoured for easiness of usage. It is 664 millimeters ( 26.1 in ) high, 34 millimeters ( 1.3 in ) broad at the base, and 86 millimeters ( 3.4 in ) broad at the top and weighs 1,900 gms ( 67 oz ) .

Opening ceremonial

The ceremonial began with a show window of a assortment of drummers from all parts of India, accompanied by seven-year-old tabla participant Keshav. The countdown took topographic point on a screen in the bowl, and was accompanied by pyrotechnics. The center-piece of the ceremonial was the He aerostat, which acted as a elephantine 360° screen for witnesss. The ceremonial showcased a merger of assorted classical dances from all parts of India, mehendi ornaments, sand pictures and yoga. The rubric vocal was performed by A R Rahman. Singer Hariharan sang the welcome vocal for the Games, titled Swagatam, with 1000s of school kids.

The Prince of Wales ( stand foring Elizabeth II as Head of the Commonwealth ) and President of India Pratibha Patil officially declared the Games unfastened. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of the host state, India, attended the gap ceremonial every bit good. A sum of three caputs of province from outside India attended the gap ceremonial ; two from Commonwealth states and one from a non-Commonwealth state. The three caput of provinces were Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Maldives, Marcus Stephen, President of Nauru and a multiple Commonwealth gold medalist, and Albert II, Prince of Monaco, stand foring the International Olympic Committee. As good, Sir Anand Satyanand, the Governor General of New Zealand, attended the ceremonial.

Shutting ceremonial

The games closed on 14 October 2010 in a colorful shutting ceremonial having both Indian and Scots performing artists. The shutting ceremonial was non every bit good received as the gap ceremonial. The Commonwealth Games flag was handed over to representatives of Glasgow, Scotland, which hosted the XX Commonwealth Games in 2014. At the shutting ceremonial, the President of the Commonwealth Games Federation declared that Delhi had hosted a `` truly exceeding Games '' . A twenty-four hours after the ceremonial, Scotland 's First Minister Alex Salmond stated that `` is extremely impressed with Delhi 's success in keeping the multi-sport event, Delhi hosted a really successful Commonwealth Games. It will be a challenge to emulate '' .


The Commonwealth Games Village provided adjustment and preparation for jocks of the Games, and was opened from 23 September to 18 October 2010. It is located along the east bank of the River Yamuna, in propinquity to competition and preparation locales every bit good as metropolis landmarks, and is spread over an country of 63.5 hectares ( 157 estates ) . Consisting five chief zones—the Residential Zone, the International Zone, the Training Area, the Main Dining and the Operational Zone—the Games Village, which is a non-smoking zone, is universally accessible peculiarly to suit para-sport jocks.

Formation of dedicated probe commission

The twenty-four hours after the decision of the Games, the Indian Government announced the formation of a particular commission to examine the allegations of corruptness and misdirection against the Organising Committee. The investigation commission will be led by former Comptroller and Auditor General of India VK Shunglu. This investigation will be in add-on to the Central Bureau of Investigation, Enforcement Directorate, and Central Vigilance Commission probes already underway. The Prime Minister of India, Dr Manmohan Singh had promised in mid-August, when studies of the bungling foremost surfaced, that corrupt functionaries will be given `` terrible and model '' penalty after the Games. The investigation commission is tasked with looking into `` all facets of organizing and carry oning '' the Games, and `` to pull lessons from it. '' It was given three months to subject its study, but the study was ne'er publically released. The Indian Sports Ministry has directed the Organising Committee of the 2010 Commonwealth Games ( led by Suresh Kalmadi ) , to non let go of any staff member from their places till the investigation commission 's work is finished.

Movies on Delhi 2010 - Dangal ( 2016 )

Geeta Phogat became India 's first female grappler of all time to win Gold at a Commonwealth Games in Delhi 2010, where she won the Gold decoration ( 55 kilogram ) while her sister Babita Kumari won a Silver decoration ( 51 kilogram ) . Their narrative was featured in the 2016 Indian movie Dangal released on December 23, 2016. Partss of the 2010 Commonwealth Games puting were rebuilt for the movie. Dangal is the Hindi term for a wrestle competition. Dangal became the highest-grossing movie of all time at the Indian ( domestic ) box office on January 07, 2017 and went on to roll up over ₹700 crores ( US $ 100 million ) in box office grosss worldwide.

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