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When will we see a alteration?

The alarming rate which accidents occur in Ghana has made it a precedence on governments’ docket for many old ages. And so it should be – the Ghana National Road Safety Commission ( NRSC ) statistics show that between 2002 and 2008, 13,166 people were killed in road accidents. Of that figure, 42 % were walkers, 23 % were riders in coachs, 12 % were auto residents, while the staying 23 % consisted of riders and riders of bikes, bikes, and residents of heavy goods vehicles and pickups. And merely last twelvemonth, the MTTU ( Motor Traffic and Transport Unit ) , reported that 2,330 Ghanaians died in road accidents entirely with 13,572 road accidents being recorded. And is non merely human lives that are lost to road accidents – an norm of 1.6 % of Ghana’s GDP is lost every twelvemonth to road accidents.

Increasing population Numberss in Ghana have has led to increased vehicle ownership, intending the figure of autos on our roads is everlastingly on the rise. Vehicle ownership rose from 511,063 in 2000 to 841,314 in 2006. However bulk of road accidents are caused by some drivers’ blazing neglect of road safety ordinances. Drunk-driving, over hurrying, overloading and fatigue drive are rampant among bulk of drivers in Ghana. Some drivers intentionally ignore traffic ordinances because they know they can acquire off with it. Even though there’s a penal system that punishes those who break traffic ordinances, perpetrators are barely of all time brought to justness.

Equally much as some drivers are to fault for accidents, hapless road conditions are besides a major cause of accidents in Ghana. The Ministry of Roads and Highways in Ghana must do it their precedence that roads are fit for drivers. Negligence and hapless or no care at all has led major main roads in Ghana to deteriorate, making risky driving conditions. The Accra-Tema Motorway is an illustration in point – it hasn’t been repaired for more than 10 old ages, and it is reported that every bit many as 541 chuckholes were found on the expressway. This is extremely unacceptable in visible radiation that the authorities collects million of cedi in road tolls and vehicle usage. Why isn’t this money being used to keep the roads?

Then there are the actions of some functionaries. Corruptness has become so widespread in Ghana that some drivers know that if they’re stopped for interrupting a traffic offense, they can easy corrupt their manner out of the state of affairs. Corruptible functionaries in the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority ( DVLA ) in Ghana have made it possible for unfit drivers with every bit unfit vehicles to make as they please on Ghana roads by geting them legitimate driver’s licences and paperss that certify their vehicles fit for the road. The fact that they can jeopardize others is non taken into history – so long as they’re given money to line their pockets, anyone can acquire a licence. It is the same with some traffic constabulary officers. Overloaded trotros and trucks and rushing autos are a common sight in Ghana. Yet bulk of these drivers go free because they bribed the officer who stopped them, or the officers merely don’t attention.

These are serious jobs that need to be addressed. The Ghanese authorities has stated that it aims to make a individual digit accident human death by 2015. This is highly improbable in a state where an norm of 1800 people die from road accidents. To gain this end drastic steps are needed. And cut downing accidents in Ghana is non a duty that lies with the authorities entirely. It will take the combined attempt of the DVLA, MTTU, NRSC, the Ghana Highway Authority, the Ministry of Transport, all other conveyance and road associations every bit good as the media to accomplish the end mentioned above.

There are many simple but effectual schemes that will travel a long manner if implemented decently. First of wholly, the authorities and the NRSC need to make a set of standard road safety policies that all drivers must adhere to as at that place presently isn’t one in Ghana. Drivers must so be exhaustively educated in these safety policies and the punitory effects that will be administered if these safety ordinances are broken. The DVLA must besides implement a system where merely competent drivers and safe vehicles are issued drivers’ licences and paperss. Second, the authorities needs to increase the figure of halt and cheques conducted on our roads. The figure of traffic constabulary from the MTTU must besides be increased in the different parts in Ghana if unfit drivers are to be caught. Third, the authorities needs to mend bad roads in Ghana and make a system that can let the public to describe damaged roads to the MTTU. Last twelvemonth the authorities secured from China a $ 13 billion loan for substructure, some of which was to travel towards the building of roads. Surely some of that money can be set aside for fix and care every bit good? Last, the authorities must escalate public instruction on the dangers of hurrying, rummy drive, weariness drive, overloading and driving unfit vehicles through the assorted media mercantile establishments in Ghana.

Road Accidents in Ghana

Tv3 and Metro Television have all done good and are still making really good by demoing fresh road accidents scenes on their screens but I do non cognize whether the governments in charge fuss at all when they see these bloodstained images. For me they are perfectly making really small to control road accidents in Ghana. All governments in look intoing and commanding road accidents in Ghana, please, do something you ne'er done before to prevent this canker everlastingly. Why, do n't the large work forces and adult females in charge of these administrations of all time had their relations involved in road accidents before? Why are you non taking really rigorous and telling steps to convey road accidents in Ghana T o a really low degree?

Road accidents largely happen as consequence of: Recklessness and sloppiness by drivers ; non esteeming road safety ordinances, leaping the ruddy visible radiation, incorrect catching particularly on the main roads, and in even the metropoliss of Accra and Kumasi. Bigger truck drivers largely do non give a dime whenever other road users need to entree their just portion of the road they have besides contributed in edifice. Lack of regular care of the coachs and local trotro. Most of these trotro coachs, pardon me to state, are non even suit to be used to transport nutrient materials, allow entirely human existences but they are being used each twenty-four hours to convey riders from one terminal to another with impunity freely.

OVERLOADING.It has become normal and acceptable that buses that should take state five riders on a row now takes six riders alternatively. These are unrecorded at Stationss like Kumasi, Bolga, Bawku station at Krofroum in Kumasi, Kumasi Race class and many other Stationss in the state. These unauthorized activities have been traveling on for so many old ages. If they do non overload at the station so they will pick up riders on the manner and set the money into their pockets, yet when the vehicles breaks down, it is the coach proprietor who does the care. Drivers of Kingdom Transport Services who used to go to the northern portion of Ghana used to pick up riders at Techiman, Kintampo, and other musca volitanss. I remember really good that riders used to dispute a batch with these drivers. Some were even reported to their station Masterss. No admiration, they the drivers have collapsed the Kingdom Transport Services. The same drivers had collapsed Omnibus Transport Services, and the Tata Bus services. You see they seek for merely their self involvement.

There are similar 1s in the Accra Metropolis, Ako Adjei ( Sankara ) to Nkrumah circle, Independence Square straight to Teshie Nungua and back and many others. Accra Tema motorway now is shouting for major fixs. All the Bridgess on the expressway are now decease traps. Those who use the motorway day-to-day know good what I am speaking about here. One P.G.OFORI ANSONG wrote an in-depth analysis of the accidents on the Accra-Tema expressway which was published in the Daily Graphic, 22nd July 2008. I believe his write-up was a category for all who are concerned in contending road accidents in this state. P.G.ANSONG, Ghana needs more of these analyses from you and other people who are concerned about the frequent road accidents in this state.

Unprofessional MECHANICS: The mode and ways of unprofessional activities by mechanics who repair and maintain vehicles in this state go forth much to be desired. Are these mechanics being governed by any formal preparation that is of any universe criterions anyplace in any state in the universe? Who checks and certifies that they can and are allowed to work on people 's vehicles? You would be interested to cognize that if you take your auto to a figure of mechanics for a common job, they are all likely to state you a different narrative. It 's attempt and mistake, they pattern. Others merely necessitate money even if they know really good they ca n't manage the job. We know the terminal consequence. Accidents! ! !

It is true that these mechanics at Suame Magazine in Kumasi, at Abossey Okai in Accra are making their best, but their activities must be certified by a higher authorization before they are allowed to pattern adjustment in Ghana. I do non cognize of any professional who does non hold a enfranchisement but is able to pattern without being punished. Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers and all others good recognised professionals have must acquire enfranchisement from higher governments before they can pattern. Why non the machinist whose work is really of import and helps construct the state greatly and whose repair and adjustment of a vehicle could ensue in the decease of other people who besides contribute to the development of our beloved state be checked?

Orphans are left with cipher to provide for them ; there is an addition in figure of dependents on households and the authorities. Heath workers at accidents units at the assorted infirmaries across, the state are over overstretched and exhausted. The biggest of all is the doomed of the state 's energetic human resource through foolhardy road accidents. Fundss that could hold been channelled through developmental issues are diverted to provide for evitable accident victims. Pain and sorrow endured for ages by people whose relations, friends or co-worker human existences have been lost through road accidents. We know the effects really good. Very bad gustatory sensations.

The enfranchisement of activities of mechanics in Ghana.Checking the importing of trim parts into Ghana. Towing of accident vehicles from the assorted roads nationwide.Make certain no vehicle with riders on board should purchase fuel at a filling station. Drivers going long journeys who want to exceed up their armored combat vehicles should park someplace for riders to acquire down before they get fuel at the nearby filling station, they can so go on their journey. The authorization should hold the legal backup to collar recalcitrant drivers and arraign them before tribunal. The constabulary should go forth this responsibility to this authorization. It should be the exclusive duty of the authorization to collar ONLY drivers who violate road safety ordinances. Ensure that large trucks and unaccredited vehicles should non travel after 6PMCheck the importing of every vehicle for road safety conditions.The placing of officers on the roads and at lorry Stationss to look into overloading, incorrect passing and high velocity. The jurisprudence should be made in such a manner that officers should be changed every month from the peculiar station or road he or she was the old month. Erect and maintain clear road marks on the assorted main roads and urban roads in the country.Acquire ambulances for accident musca volitanss identified countrywide Support orphans of road accidents and other road accident victims. • Many others added by co-worker Ghanaians. • Source of Revenue for RSA ( Road Safety Authority )

The Hidden Cause of Road Accidents And Deaths In Ghana

It is an unchallenged fact that the huge bulk of autos imported into this state are 2nd manus with most of them being defective due to the high cost care and fixs overseas. Interesting plenty, when they reach the shores of Ghana, they are handed over to mechanics known in the local idiom as “fitters” to set about their fixs. These mechanics to the best of their cognition and by improvizing, seek to repair these mistakes without the necessary safeguards. It is really common to see these mechanics remove say 10 bolts and sometimes refit less than the initial 10 merely for you to be told “ensie hwee” intending it will do no injury, this is the generation of the canker.

It is common to see the production of leaf springs ( a suspension devise, Besides back uping the weight of a vehicle, the leaf springs control the drive tallness and maintain the tyres in contact with the road ) and castings for replacing of worn out parts at Suame Magazine from steel garbages without any material choice procedure, stuffs compositional analysis nor structural analysis, microstructure and composing determines the belongingss of technology stuffs. Furthermore no destructive or nondestructive trial is done to determine the susceptibleness of micro clefts that can take to structural failure.

Remember in progress states like the United States, Germany and UK, without the necessity cognition in a related field of technology or mechanics and enfranchisement, you are non allowed to run a garage. Welding in Ghana is done by these same mechanics with no scientific cognition in that field including electrode choice, type of dyer's rocket articulation and the similar. This is the cause of neglecting hoardings on our roads and some mechanical failures of autos taking to road accidents in Ghana. It will besides be of good aid if drive is incorporated into the academic course of study of third establishments in Ghana and moreover the Ghana standard Authority and the authorised bureaus must put criterions for some of these locally manufactured auto parts.

What Causes Car Accidents?

Speed Kills - The faster the velocity of a vehicle, the greater the hazard of an accident. The forces experienced by the human organic structure in a hit addition exponentially as the velocity additions. Smart Motorist recommends that drivers observe our 3 2nd regulation in mundane traffic, no affair what your velocity. Most people agree that traveling 100 miles per hour is heady and will take to catastrophe. The job is that transcending the velocity bound by merely 5 miles per hour in the incorrect topographic point can be merely every bit unsafe. Traffic applied scientists and local authoritiess have determined the maximal velocities allowable for safe travel on the state 's roadways. Speeding is a deliberate and calculated behaviour where the driver knows the hazard but ignores the danger. Fully 90 % of all accredited drivers speed at some point in their impulsive calling ; 75 % admit to perpetrating this offense on a regular basis.

Make some research, velocity does n't do accident, people with hapless driving accomplishments and people non paying attending cause speech patterns. Exceeding the velocity bound merely makes the authorities, constabulary section, and depending where you live the insurance company more money. Wait, who has the most influence on traffic Torahs and mulcts. all three who benefit from people transcending the velocity bound, what a surprise. Remember what autos were like when the criterions for current velocity bounds were set up, I do n't I was n't born yet but I think it would be safe to state I can travel a small faster in a modern auto so I could in one of those, makes u believe huh? you web site needs some alterations, one bet its funded by insurance companies huh? large surprise

Speed does n't do accidents.

I have done a batch of intensive and custodies on research about road traffic clangs - more than 40 old ages of it to be exact. It is non the auto which is the nucleus component or cause of a road traffic clang - it is the human being in control of that auto who is the nucleus component of clangs. How autos were when the criterions for current velocity bounds were set up had virtually nil to make ( in my state at least ) with the standards used to put up the bounds - the standards used was double: ( 1 ) `` human perceptual experience clip + human reaction clip + clip taken, after the perception/reaction stage, to finish or accomplish what is necessary to avoid an at hand hit like halting or sheering in clip '' . ( 2 ) The actions and reactions of road users based on their experience and outlooks of what they perceive other road users are normally making - virtually all drive determinations are based on what the driver expect or belief another road user is making based on his old experiences sing the usual behaviour of other road users. Examples: when a driver wants to traverse a road he looks for nearing vehicles on the road he wants to traverse and when he saw a vehicle nearing he will make up one's mind, based on his old experience and what he usually expects from other road users, to traverse or wait. If the approaching vehicle is at a distance which his experience taught him he has adequate clip to safely traverse, he start traversing the road. Now imagine, if the approaching vehicle is making 130 stat mis per hr alternatively of the 30 stat mis per hours it is supposed to make at that subdivision of the road, what would go on? ( the point here is that it is non the great capablenesss of the driver or the greatly advanced modern auto of the speedster that should be the standards for finding velocity bounds but the sensible outlooks of the mean road user ) .

It is true that hapless driving accomplishments, foolhardiness, carelessness and condemnable behaviour ( interrupting the jurisprudence = hurrying ) are SOME of the factors that must be present to do an accident but the other factor SPEED ( velocity is the rate of motion of an object ) must ALWAYS be present as without it no hit can go on ( no motion = no hit - unless you belief in inactive hits of class ) . The trial to make up one's mind if a factor ( velocity ) is the cause of a consequence ( hit ) or non, is to merely take away the factor and see if the consequence still follow - if the consequence can non follow without the factor, the factor is evidently the cause for the consequence. A hit is a forceful contact between two or more objects due to the motion ( velocity ) of one or more of the objects involved in the hit and the force of the contact ( deadliness ) is caused by the rate of velocity involved in the contact - so velocity is non merely an indispensable cause ( demand ) for a hit to go on, it is besides the chief cause of the badness of the hit AND will find if the hit can be avoided or non due to to cut down action/reaction clip available caused by higher velocities. Today, in contrast to the yesteryear when current velocity bounds were set up, traffic is really much more dense and the typical distance between people/vehicles on the road is much less ( much shorter distances ) than in the olden times drastically cut downing the available clip for road users in which to move or respond so current velocity bounds should in the involvement of road safety be reduced and non increased. As to your moaning that velocity bounds make merely the authorities / constabulary section / insurance companies rich I counter with the followers: ( 1 ) do non do the condemnable speedsters who have no respect for the jurisprudence or the safety of other road users out to be `` hapless victims '' - they are non! ( 2 ) The desire to rush in public infinites can non outweigh the desire of the jurisprudence staying to be safe on their roads. ( 3 ) Speed bounds can non be based on how good a driver you are or how antic your autos is - it must be based on the capablenesss and outlooks of the mean road user. ( 4 ) Speed bounds can non be based on your lightning like physiological reactions or the C fibre brakes of your auto but on the physiological reactions and criterions of the mean driver and auto. ( 5 ) `` Let offense wage '' - it cost to protect the jurisprudence staying road user and person must pay for it. I much prefer that the felon instead than the jurisprudence staying revenue enhancement remunerator do the paying ( through heavy mulcts how else ) - In fact I would wish the condemnable to pay so much that he besides to the full cover the cost of medical attention, hurting and agony and the amendss and emphasiss he caused. Arrive alive! and retrieve velocity putting to deaths.

Requirements for Driving

I have seldom read a statement every bit unlogical as this one. I do hold that a tougher impulsive trial may weed out a figure of people who likely should non be driving. However, the 2nd demand naming for 5-years of driving experience before being allowed on the road is so pathetic that it is amusing. Where do you propose a individual GET that experience - endorsing the auto out of the garage and down the private road for Mommy and Daddy, making laps around their house ( thru the pace, of class ) , or rending up some maize field? ? On one manus, ALL traffic accidents would be prevented because NO ONE would derive that 5-years of experience so NO ONE would be allowed to drive. On the other manus, possibly person who demonstrates concluding accomplishments like Bill 's should n't be allowed to drive - at least non where their ability to THINK and do logical determinations could jeopardize others.like on any ROAD where there is traffic. Here 's a better idea.make a compulsory I.Q. test portion of the impulsive trial. That would unclutter the roadways even more than Bill 's demands. 'Course, it would besides unclutter the roadways of Bill himself.


How, pray Tell, shall those inexperient drivers get their experience if they do n't drive on the roads? Truly now, your logic is non-existent. The permitting Torahs are designed to give new drivers a twelvemonth to sit behind the wheel with an experient, licensed driver to maneuver them through the mire of larning to drive ( I remember how difficult it was to larn to drive ; I 've had my licence for six old ages now ) . The experient driver is besides supposed to assist the acquisition driver get down to construct a bank of good judgement by larning from the errors that necessarily occur. It is besides a good thought for the supervision driver to hold the trainee thrust at or a small below the velocity bound.


If you consider how many accidents occur because of velocity and fleeting heedlessness, so you can understand why we have speed bounds. Unless your a UFO driver from Marss, you likely should obey velocity limits no affair how long it has been at that place. One, if you crash anyhow you wo n't stop up as mangled. Two, you 're late to something driving 20 miles per hour faster does n't acquire you from place to work 5 main road stat mis off much faster. Three, there are occupations people have that take into history how people drive in an country and how the roads are, so they set the bound to maintain people from acquiring hurt. So wholly in all, velocity bounds are to assist maintain people safer. No 1 is an acception, we all drive at different accomplishment degrees, but that does n't intend nil can go on to you.

Check the facts.

Germany spends a ton of money in design, upkeep and care on their universe celebrated attractive force, the `` Autobahn '' . They besides are notoriously rigorous in implementing posted bounds ( yes, there are limitless zones, but they are strung together by limited zones ) . The roads are PRISTINE. Public transit being so popular in smaller European states besides makes it so that most Germans who drive, drive a comparatively late theoretical account, kept up vehicle. When I was there the lone drug addict autos I encountered on the Autobahn were driven by US service people who paid the military to convey their Chevettes along for the drive. Besides, while there are less deaths per million stat mis driven ( I could merely happen old info on that ) it seemed to be understood by the locals that any kind of clang in an `` limitless zone '' would by and large ensue in human deaths. Not many people walk off from a 100mph rollover, no affair what your nationality. The driving age their is besides 18 instead than 16. The fact that they do n't set ages on imbibing besides seems to hold a positive consequence on imbibing `` adulthood and duty '' for new drivers, where in the US childs routinely use `` autos '' as their `` bars '' because there is no where they are allowed to make what we know they will make anyhow. I 'm merely tired of hearing people shout about how safe the autobahn is relatively when they have ne'er been there or looked into the facts. it merely sounds cool to state something rebellious about velocity limits.. for those who cite this, I say, velocity in Germany and see how long before you are pulled over by the Landespolizei ( limitless zones being the exclusion ) . instead, acquire in an limitless zone and see if you can manage a 100mph plus spinout. so I will close up.

teenage pupil

I think that if you want to do the impulsive trial harder ya 'll are all ridiculous.. i promise you right now if you make the impulsive trial harder all the grownups who drive would be wholly screwed because your drive accomplishments are non wonderful.. hurrying is a taking cause of clangs, but want to draw out other grounds. inattention.. grownups talk on their phones when driving more than us childs do.. DUIs its all grownups right there.. I aint stating childs dont but heyy ya 'll are worse.. when we are intoxicated we dnt ever acquire behind a wheel and some of us are responsible and take keys.. one havent heard of grownups taking any keys here lately.. hmmmm.. and DISOBEYING TRAFFIC SIGNALS.. seemingly when your older u decide I 've been driving for old ages and you dnt think u 'll wrect so you go on, you hurry all that dense stuff.. NEWS FLASH! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! the sogns were put at that place for old ppl excessively! ! !

auto accidents and velocity

All of the above can lend to an accident. But the thing about velocity is that it increases the badness of an accident, and the hurts. My boy was in an intersection accident. he was broadsided by a hurrying driver in a 4x4 choice up truck. He suffered traumatic encephalon hurts because his encephalon went from 0 to 45 stat mis per hr in less than 1/100 of a 2nd. the auto he was a rider in was pushed over 100 ' past the point of impact. My boy will ne'er be the same, and he requires 24 hour attention. If the other driver had been making the velocity bound she could hold slowed her truck adequate that my boy would hold suffered no hurts, or she could hold avoided the accident all together. Her velocity caused his hurts.

Rhenium: Dawn

Your boy was broadsided? I 'm regretful for this tragic occurence. But the fact you said 'intersection accident ' caught my attending. Thereby, in your ain words, you showed it was NOT velocity that caused the accident, but the mistake of either your boy or the other driver 's deficiency of attending. Rushing does non do accidents. At worse, it aggravates a state of affairs already in topographic point. In cogent evidence, expression at the Autobahn. There is a specific lane where if you ARE slower traffic and do n't travel to it, they fine you. There are barely any wrecks on the Autobahn because driver 's obey Torahs and marks in topographic point. Their velocity is non a factor.

Speed ENFORCEMENT putting to deaths

Speed enforcement putting to deaths because it takes attending off from the existent jobs ; tailgating drivers, inattentive drivers, rummies etc. Bulls who could be making good are blowing their clip implementing below the belt low velocity bounds. Case in point, there 's this road with some developments on either side and a few houses a manner down, but its broad. Huge shoulders excessively. Has been 50 for old ages. Residents whined about doing it 40 everlastingly. Nothing has truly changed on the road, but the county reduced it to 35 ( yes, THIRTY FIVE ) because they said it couldnt be 40. Guarantee that within 3 old ages people will acquire annoyed plenty to do it 45 or 50 once more, but merely after 100s upon 100s of unjust tickets. Is it insecure to travel 50 at that place now because some imbeciles whined and it was put excessively low? The country is SAFER to travel fast in than many 45 and 50 miles per hour roads I have seen. Besides, low velocity bounds contribute to tailgating, as some people try to obey them slightly ( 10 over ) while the remainder continue traveling their original velocity ( IE 15-20 over ) . They 're arbitrary frequently excessively ; same road can be 50 in one topographic point and 40 in another topographic point, or main road at 60 in one province and 70 in another, etc.

Rushing does kill

The 1s that say that rushing does non kill should non be on the road. Rushing does kill and I know a few people that died iby the clip they were 21 because of hurrying. One lost control on a curve and hit a tree and the engine was in the rider compartment. That would non hold happend if he was driving the 25 or 30 miles per hour velocity he should hold been driving on a metropolis back street. Another one I know lost control on a curve and rolled the auto. I besides saw what happens when a semi velocities. It causes an about eplosion when it hits stopped autos on the interstate. Peoples that say that velocity does non kill have non heard about the 10s of 1000s of people that were killed because of it. They say it is thngs like distrait driving etc. that are the cause of deceases, but it is the rushing along with such activities that cause the decease.

Impacts kill. Speed does non.

You need to set velocity in the right context. It 's a status. A factor. One of 100s. In order to understand the large image, and to decently measure hazard, you need to unite that factor with non merely mechanical factors, but besides road conditions, and the human factor as good. An even greater hazard to safety is driving with bald underinflated or overinflated tyres, bad daze absorbers, drooping springs, tyres rated underrated for the manner you 're forcing them, ill maintained brakes, little brakes. These are the vehicles you should be most concerned with, because they 're all around us. At ANY speed the drivers of these vehicles are unsafe. And they most surely affect YOUR safety.

Now, unite a ill maintained mini-van with the sorts of things a typical association football ma does when she 's got a auto full of childs. She 's making her hair, she 's seting on her make-up, she 's speaking on the phone, sipping her java, she 's swatting the childs in the back place, they 're leaping about without place belts on. Is she paying attending? No. Does she care about her safety? No. Is she attentive of the lane she 's in, the drivers around her, and whether anyone is following to her when she changes lanes? Nope. Now imagine what happens when a vehicle like that exceeds the velocity bound. This is what velocity enforcement is designed to restrict. But what we 're now witnessing is the widespread maltreatment of velocity enforcement to impact safe drivers who drive above the velocity bound in a mode that does non impact anyone 's safety, simply for the intents of gross coevals. under the thin head covering of `` safety '' .

Driving beyond the velocity bound is non synonymous with foolhardy, insecure drive. Insecure drive is driving beyond the capablenesss of yourself or your vehicle. What we need to be concentrating on is buttonholing jurisprudence enforcement to prosecute in enforcement that is symbiotic with existent safety, and non simply a frontage of safety that suits their gross ends. Let 's Begin with lane courtesy, a jurisprudence that 's been on the books for a long clip. and the system by which our multi-lane expressway system was designed. Once we get our caputs in the right topographic point sing efficiency, reenforcing predictable driving wonts of gracious drivers who are attentive and focussed, we can so get down really doing serious advancement towards a revolution in safe drive. Without educating drivers utilizing public service proclamations, and proper jurisprudence enforcement, safe drive will be a false belief.

Poor road Condition

Nothing putting to deaths more than hapless road conditions in our state. Nigeria still bask in the euphory of bad administration and insensitiveness to security of life and belongingss. Such deadness has caused Nigeria untold adversity most particularly road users. For case, Over ten old ages now, Lagos-Benin-Onitcha road, a major main road bearer associating the East with the West was a incubus for both industrialists, bargainers, people of the Nation. Economic activities has been paralyzed while the production and agric sectors surfferd untoald losingss due to truck dislocation and several 1000s of Nigerian ended their life suddenly to fatal accidents, frequent truck and gasoline oiler fire detonations etc. No wander our beloved former plants curate ; Hon Madam wept openly on site review of the road.. three old ages latter people are still dying.. Uhnnm.. Thank God for gookluck.


Speed does n't kill childs. Bad drivers do. If your traveling 190mph and u hit something or lose control so think what, you fail as a driver for many grounds. I 've been a physician for 18 year, seen a batch and as a avocation have gone to three rushing schools. If your skilled and engaged in driving good so u wo n't travel faster than u can command ( what others do { wish pull out in forepart of u as your making 100 } is their mistake ) and so velocity is n't the perpetrator. The job comes from those who are n't skilled plenty to cognize their bounds, their autos bounds and the road conditions. I 've gotten speeding tickets but ne'er one time caused an accident, I drive passionately and with the purpose to avoid actions that would do other drivers change their actions all while basking what I 'm making.

Its the pick that putting to deaths

I feel compelled to notice on this station. This is non something I do frequently. First I agree with the fact that competent drivers are rare, and that we as a society demand to better our driving accomplishments. I besides agreed that velocity is non the 'culprit ' in the cause of accidents, but surely increases the chance and the badness of the effects if or when an accident occurs. It is the behaviour of an person that 'CHOOSES ' to rush that is the 'CULPRIT ' . It is the single Hazard we are willing to take ( opportunity ) , based on the accomplishment, cognition and desire ( Competency ) that allows us to do informed and competent determinations.

I think the article should

I think the article should observe the difference between rushing above velocity bound and what is considered safe by research particularly since most driver thrust at the velocity they judge to be safe non what the station says. Decrease the velocity bound does non truly decelerate down traffic much but does do a much bigger derived function where the bulk of people would desire to go through the slow autos who are in conformity with the jurisprudence, the added demand to go through is more accident prone and can do emotional/irrational responses. On the other manus, addition in velocity bound increase the conformity rate and information shows small addition in velocity and it decreases the opportunity of drivers desiring to go through another auto, bettering road courtesy and less angry drivers who might do accidents because they get stuck behind a auto that is making `` legal '' velocity.

Rushing and feeble justifications.

IF. and I mean a truly Large IF. you or I decide to care about something other than our ain selfish desires. we will Desire to set our driving wonts consequently. If we see driving to be a corporate and common activity affecting ourselves and everyone else on the road with us, so we will follow a COLLABORATIVE attitude as opposed to a COMPETITIVE 1. Leting others to unify in forepart of us, keeping several auto lengths between ourselves and auto in forepart of us, collaborating with the flow of traffic, decelerating down when person needs us to give up the right-of-way, seeing the other cat as my neighbour and friend instead than a nameless, faceless nuisance. all theses things would automatically do the roads boundlessly safer.

Speed Does Kill

I have been in this concern quiet long, there is no uncertainty about it. When a automobilist at inconsiderate and unreasonable velocity in an country with a velocity bound, the opportunity of run intoing an accident is high. Merely sensible and trained individual can avoid an accident after taking an history of other road users. With a high velocity at manus compliment with denseness of traffic, complacence of other road users i.e most are being inattentive while on the road, unfamiliar road conditions pluses rawness drive technique, can he be non put on the lining person else lives. Likewise slow velocity besides kills, there are cases people get killed in hypermarts parking countries, by golf roadsters. How do pull a line here. Unlike autobahn, it mean for high velocity automobilists. Not for weak - hearted n slow drivers whom can be every bit unsafe to others. The other high subscribers to the statistics are motorcyclists and cellular telephones users ( texting n speaking ) .

Let me explicate this merely for you

If you have of all time been to a race path when they have an unfastened path twenty-four hours you would hold noticed that the functionaries will seperate the drivers into groups depending on ability of the auto and/or driver. When a driver is seen to be traveling excessively slow or excessively fast for the group they are in, they will be pulled from the path and set down or up a group. This is done chiefly for safety grounds, as the slower driver could easy be hit by one of the faster drivers. In other words, it 's done so that the faster drivers can travel fast SAFELY. It 's non difficult to understand that more accomplishment and/or a better auto will let you to travel faster without crashing, which is why there is a fluctuation in velocities for the different groups.

If the functionaries decided to set all the autos on the path at the same clip and all the drivers wanted to drive at the velocity they were able to safely drive at, there would be slaughter as the faster drivers tried to avoid the slower 1s. It would n't take excessively long for one of the faster autos hit a slower auto and a clang would go on. Now, if you told all the drivers they had to drive at a velocity that was roughloy norm for what the autos were capable of, the lupus erythematosus experinced drivers would shortly weave up in the pool litter, or in a Sur wall. This would merely be ineluctable as some of the autos ( even with more experient drivers ) merely would n't be able to manage the high velocities required to maintain up. The option would be to pick a safe velocity that everyone could manage. The truly experience drivers would about ne'er clang, and the inexperient 1s would hold a much better opportunity of remaining on the path. Not much merriment for the better drivers though!

Speed Kills - But So Does `` Normal '' Stupidity

It about pains me to hold to explicate that to person ( without being condescending ) . Having driven for 30 old ages and 1000s of stat mis ( or kilometer ) , I 've witnessed on a day-to-day footing people who hardly have the accomplishments to force a lawnmower, allow entirely manage a 2 ton vehicle. Countless docudramas and Television studies have clearly shown that people are IDIOTS that ca n't retrieve the last mark they saw, neglect to utilize their rear position mirror right, ca n't concentrate their attending on what 's in forepart of them for more than 2 proceedingss, and have n't a clue how a 4-way halt even works. Factor in the attention-grabbing playthings they bring along with them for the drive ( i.e. , cellular telephones, boisterous childs and pets, gut-rumbling audio equipment ) and you have to inquire why 10 times more people do n't decease on the roads each twenty-four hours.

Rushing is non the biggest factor in accidents.

You guys neglect to recognize that bad drivers are the cause of accidents. Speed may play a portion yes but a good driver knows what velocity to go at regardless of what 's posted. I 'll give you an illustration. Person stops in forepart of me all of a sudden. I hit them. Most common type of accident. Factors: I was following excessively close- that is a driver accomplishment in order to calculate out what the safe distance is I did non halt fast enough- little factor in velocity but yet again.. drivers fault they should cognize what velocity and have a faster reaction clip Was n't paying attention- all driver mistake Driver in forepart was n't paying attending so they slammed on brakes difficult so u hit them- driver mistake AGAIN Look at rushing PSA commercials every individual 1 ca n't set the incrimination on speed.. it 's merely driver mistake. If they were serious about desiring to salvage lives they 'd hold stricter proving guidelines. Rushing tickets are a revenue.. Get your caput out of your buttockss people.. God

`` Driver in forepart was n't paying attending ''

Regardless of what you think, the driver in the forepart of a rear-end hit is NOT at mistake. The driver in the rear can non expect the proper distance needed for every state of affairs, hence, driving the posted velocity ( and BTW, posted velocities are the MAXIMUM.in California, the velocity bound varies by road and traffic conditions, but ne'er exceeds the posted bounds ) and leting adequate distance to halt in all fortunes is non merely safer, but the jurisprudence every bit good. Regardless of how the driver in front Michigans, if the driver in the rear hits the other, they are at mistake. Personal experience: I was stopped at a visible radiation with three autos in forepart of me. My riders were stating me to crawl up and non go forth such a immense distance from the auto in forepart of me. I watched as a auto behind me ( DUI, hit and tally ) raced full velocity into the dorsum of my auto. Merely because I had left that distance did I acquire hit hard, rool frontward and non hit the individual in forepart of me. And, speeding tickets are non merely for gross. They are to protect all drivers from injury based on many old ages of informations to endorse them up. To believe otherwise is nescient. And if you believe that it is merely for gross, so maintain your money and abide by the jurisprudence. FYI.when you sign for your licence, you agree to stay by those Torahs. If everyone did this, it would be less expensive for everyone. Less hits = lower insurance premiums, less commendations = less mulcts levied, fewer hits with traffic roadblocks, trees, edifices = less wastefull disbursement to reconstruct substructure.

Enlightening article or column?

This writer, whomever it is, does hold some relevant points to do. It is unfortunate that the tone of this article is so accusative, preachy, and merely field unpleasant. `` .since most people are non willing to acknowledge to the more serious actions. '' . A statement such as this is an sentiment, and it has no grounds to back up it. Studies, both psychological and sociological, demo that people really ARE willing to acknowledge when they 're incorrect, they ARE fundamentally honorable and true, and they DO be given to act in selfless ways. It appears that, alternatively of being a factual article that might uncover some of import, and possibly hard to hear, information that was written by a professional, this was written by an recreational - an opinionative amateur with an ax to crunch. Why non name this what it is - an column - an sentiment? Otherwise, rewrite it so it is n't so arch and so negative. When has it of all time been effectual to try to bludgeon people over the caput with the truth? Feel free to differ with me. However, a professional would hold cited their beginnings - at a lower limit, the lexicon from which the definition of 'accident ' was borrowed. Whomever wrote this did nil to give recognition for borrowed information. Well, I would anticipate person willing to perpetrate plagiarism to be one whom would anticipate most others to be as every bit dishonest and one whom would non see much good in others. I guess that would explicate the tone in this column.

Main cause of vehicular accident

Human Factor: This accident is caused as a consequence of driver 's carelessness and human mistake such as Driving under the influence of intoxicant, accident cause due to drunkness of the driver. Distration while driving, for illustration replying nomadic phone calls, distration from the kids inside the vehicle.Negligence of velocity marks, over hurrying is one of the most common causes of accident it is advisable for drivers to ever look into for velocity bound marks and maintain to it. Finally, Driver weariness, this occurs when a driver refuses to take a remainder or interruption after driving for a long hours and distance. the most common causes of vehicular accident is human factor, although this can be prevented by paying good attending on road and avoiding all sorts of distraction like feeding, imbibing while driving.

positions on road traffic clangs: causes, rushing, enforcement.

( 1 ) Speed as a cause of clangs: The first job here is that people seems to hold a widely different reading of the word `` velocity '' when it is used in the context of road traffic crases. Let us specify it a small so everyone attach the same significance to it. `` a hit ( road traffic clang ) is the forceful impact ( contact ) between two or more objects of which at least one is MOVING in relation to the other '' . The indispensable component here is `` MOVEMENT '' ( gesture ) as there can be no hit if there is no motion - except of class if your belief in inactive clangs! ) . Movement require clip, distance, way and rate of motion in relation between two or more organic structures to be. `` Speed '' in the context of road traffic clangs means the `` the rate of motion between two or more objects when they make contact '' . The trial for finding whether a factor ( velocity ) is the CAUSE of a consequence ( hit ) is to take away the factor and see if the consequence still follow. Clearly the hit ( consequence ) habit occur if velocity ( motion ) is non present - so rush must be the first demand ( cause ) for a hit to happen. Touching without impact is non considered a road traffic clang ( hit ) in the context of traffic safety. `` Impact '' in the context of road traffic clangs means `` force with the possible to do harm, hurt or decease '' . Impact can merely be present in a clang if a step of velocity is involved at the clip of the clang ( merely as there can be no clang without gesture, there can be no impact without gesture - unless you belief in inactive impacts of class! ) . The trial to find if velocity ( motion ) is so the cause of impact is to take away the component velocity and see if the impact still follow. Speed cause impact. Please note: I do n't state that velocity is the ONLY cause of road traffic hits ( it requires two or more factors to do a hit ) - I merely say that velocity ( motion ) is ONE of the factors doing hits AND the one factor without which no road traffic clang can happen. ( retrieve: no movement/speed no contact/impact ) . ( 2 ) `` Speed putting to deaths '' : Cipher will challenge that it requires some step of impact ( force ) to convey about any harm, hurt or decease in a road clang ( unless of class if you belief that impact do n't do harm, hurt or decease! ) . Impact is the merchandise of ( caused by ) movement/speed. The trial to find whether impact is being caused by velocity is to take away the velocity and see if the impact still follow ( retrieve the cause/effect rule ) . If velocity is non the conceiver and hence the cause of your decease in a road clang please state me what it is that do your decease. Speed kills - unless you belief that stillness putting to deaths of class ) ( 3 ) Speed bounds: It seems that a batch of respondents merely hates the enforcement of velocity bounds more than they hate the velocity limits itself! Drivers can evidently NOT be allowed to travel faster,

In the first topographic point, than they are able to comprehend a possible state of affairs, recognize it as a menace, decently make up one's mind what would be the best manner of responding to it, react to it and let adequate clip for the redress, like halting or swerwing in clip, to take consequence - in the road traffic contexts this is called the typical reaction clip of a driver. In order to find the safest velocity limit the EFFECTIVE mean reaction clip of the bulk of road users must be used ( effectual reaction clip = mean human reaction clip + a sensible excess border of clip for safety grounds ) . The likely distance at which the norm driver will normally foremost see a possible menace is besides of import in ciphering the safest velocity bound for the country as this will find the clip available to effectual react before the driver reach the topographic point where the menace 's at. The likely distances to menace supports acquiring shorter as traffic congestion is increasing go forthing less and less effectual reaction clip for drivers - so speed bounds should be lowered alternatively of increased for safety interest.

In the 2nd topographic point, drivers can non be allowed to travel faster than other road users expect them to travel. Virtually ALL drive determinations are based on what one expect other road users to make and one 's old experience of what other road users normally do. Example: When a driver wants to traverse a road he looks out for nearing vehicles. If the approaching vehicle is, based on his old experiences ( like people is normally driving within the velocity bounds ) far plenty off he will get down to traverse. Imaginge what will go on if the approaching vehicle is traveling at 130 stat mis per hr alternatively of the 30 stat mis per hr it is expected to make in this instance.

Speed bounds can ne'er be higher than the needed effectual reaction clip of the mean human, or so fast that the point of menace is reached in a period shorter than the mean reaction clip, or higher than what other road users expect people to travel on specific subdivisions of the road, or which is unsuitable for the local traffic denseness or road conditions. Unfortumately we can ne'er let public roads with no velocity limits as excessively many Americans are wholly irresponsible and incompetent for that - and delight do n't mention to the Autobahn as The mean American is nowhere like the mean German so its useless to make so. Speed bounds must be set harmonizing to the competense of the norm ( lower ) road user and non to that of the gewiz driver with his supercar in order to provide for everyone 's overall safety. So speed bounds must be there - and of the conservative instead than broad sort. If you must rush travel to a rushing path but stay of the shared public infinites for that. ( 4 ) Enforcement of velocity bounds: Actually nil to state about this - either you are a sober, grownup responsible jurisprudence staying citizen who obeys the Torahs of the bulk and respect public safety and shared public infinite regulations ( even the 1s you dont like or hold with ) or you are a condemnable ( jurisprudence ledgeman ) . Much more people agree with velocity bounds and enforcement of velocity bounds than the few who moans about it so cover with your disfavor for it. Groaning about the fact that government/police/insurance is `` doing money '' out of velocity bounds and the enforcement of velocity bounds make merely sense to those ( the speedsters ) who have to pay that money - jurisprudence staying citizens dont groan as they dont have to pay that money. I belief that `` offense must pay '' . It cost a enormous sum of money to supply for the guardianship ( jurisprudence enforcement ) of our public roads and person must pay for it. I much more prefer that the felon instead than the guiltless jurisprudence staying revenue enhancement paying citizen bear that cost. In fact I would wish that the condemnable wage really much more ( by manner of mulcts how else? ) than they do now so that they can besides cover all of the costs for the hurting and agony, deceases, amendss, medical intervention, loss and emphasis they cause by their bad behaviour. Dont respect or keep up speedsters as hapless inexperienced person victims - they are non, they dont give a rats buttocks for the safety regulations of society or the safety of you and me or our loved 1s. All the bad things go oning to them are of their ain making ( and most bad things go oning to us on the roads are besides of their making! ) .

A Road Traffic Accident ( RTA ) is when a road vehicle collides with another vehicle, prosaic, carnal or geographical or architectural obstruction. The RTAs can ensue in hurt, belongings harm and decease. RTA consequences in the deceases of 1.2 thousand people worldwide each twelvemonth and injures about 4 times this figure ( WHO, 2004 ) . In this survey, a road traffic accident is defined as accident which took topographic point on the road between two or more objects, one of which must be any sort of a traveling vehicle ( Jha et al. , 2004 ) . Road Traffic Accidents ( RTAs ) are increasing with rapid gait and soon these are one of the prima causes of decease in developing states.

Harmonizing to AUSTROADS ( 1994 ) , road accidents occur as a consequence of one, or more than one of the undermentioned factors: Human factors ; Vehicle factors ; Road and environmental factors. Driving faster or slower than the flow of traffic-which may or may non harmonize with the posted velocity limit-has robustly been demonstrated to increase the likeliness and badness of clangs, as shown by the Solomon Curve ( OOIDA, 2003 ) .The factors of traffic accidents are driver, the main road and motor vehicles ( Aaron and Strasser, 1990 ; Balogun and Abereoje, 1992 ; Luby et al. , 1997 ; Mock et al. , 1999 ) . Most traffic accidents frequently involve the three elements. Most RTAs involve motor vehicles but Bicycles or Pedestrians accidents can happen without vehicles ( Stutts and Hunter, 1999 ) . A high proportion of RTAs can be apportioned to insecure human Acts of the Apostless. The bibulous drivers of motor vehicles make the clearest illustration ( Hijar et al. , 2000 ) . Foolhardy and unsafe drive, alcohol addiction, faulty prosaic attitude, etc constitute the major causes in Nigeria ( Ezenwa, 1986 ; Odero, 1998 ) .

The Obinze/Ihegwa/Nekede road is about a 26 kilometer road that leads to Federal University of Technology, Owerri ( FUTO ) , Federal Polytechnic, Nekede and Imo State Polythecnic ( former College of Agriculture ) from Owerri, the capital metropolis of Imo State and as a consequence is really busy and enormously of import to Imo State and Federal Governments. Sing the importance of the road and the increased degree of RTAs in recent old ages along the road, there is demand for this survey aimed at qualifying the RTA to supply an enabling base for the development of countermeasures by the Government and the Traffic control agents to cut down the incidences of RTA.

The classs ( Fatal, Serious and Minor ) of RTAs by types are shown in Table 2. Using Chi-square trial, it was established that there is a significance difference between the assorted classs of RTA by types since the trial statistic ( 80.53 ) exceeds the critical value of χ2 with 42 grades of freedom at 5 % degree of significance ( χ242, 0.05 = 58.14 ) . It is obvious from Table 2 that out of the 5921 incidences of RTAs, two-Motorcycle-crash ( McMc ) came across the other types of RTA with 45.3 % , followed by Motorcycle-Vehicle ( McV ) and vehicle-Vehicle ( VV ) with 36.0 and16.3 % , severally. In footings of human death McMc and McV came on top with 38.9 and 37.5 % , severally followed by VV with 14.9 % .

Datas on causes of RTAs by types are presented in Table 3 while that of vehicles involved is presented in Table 4. Using Chi-square trial, it was established that there is a significance difference between the assorted causes of RTA over the old ages since the trial statistic ( 80.53 ) exceeds the critical value of χ2 with 35 grades of freedom at 5 % degree of significance ( χ235, 0.05 = 49.73 ) . Using Marascuillo trial process ( SEMATECH, 2003 ) to compare the assorted proportions of the RTA by causes, important differences were discovered between the proportion caused by foolhardy drive ( P1 ) and those of rawness ( P2 ) , Mechanical mistake and bad road ( P3 ) and unknown causes ( P5 ) and besides between P2 Vs P5 and P3 and P5 ( Table 6 ) . From Table 3, foolhardy drive accounted for greater figure of the RTAs with 30.3 % followed by rawness and mechanical mistake and bad road accounting for 21.5 and 21.1 % , severally. There is no important difference between the proportions caused by rawness and mechanical mistake and bad road as shown in Table 6.

Similarly, Chi-square trial suggested important difference between the types of accident over the old ages since the trial statistic ( 917.85 ) exceeds the critical value ofχ2 with 42 grades of freedom at 5 % degree of significance ( χ242, 0.05 ) . Besides utilizing Marascuillo trial process to compare the assorted proportions of the RTA by vehicle types, important differences were discovered between the proportions affecting Private autos ( P2 ) and those of Taxis ( P1 ) , Motorcycle ( P3 ) Motor Lorries ( P4 ) and Mini coachs ( P6 ) and besides between P2 Vs P3, P2 Vs P4 and P2 Vs P6 ( Table 7 ) . On the figure of vehicles involved, out of a sum of 2578 motor vehicles involved over the period, Private autos accounted for 32.9 % ( Note that there were no important differences among all other contrasts non affecting Private autos ( P2 ) .

From the consequences of the survey, it is clear that the incidences of the RTA are on the addition and characterized by seasonal factors as can be seen from the high values of the seasonal indices in Table 5 for the months of January, February, May, June, October, November and December. This survey is in line with old surveies in developing states which suggest that RTA has been on the addition. It besides agrees with the consequences of the survey by Eke et Al. ( 2000 ) that there are seasonal fluctuations in RTA instances. However, it is at discrepancy with it with regard to the period where it occurs most. Eke et Al. ( 2000 ) found that RTAs occur most during the rainy season ( June, July and August ) while ours are in the first and 2nd quarters exactly in the months of January and December which are dry season period. Sing the fact that heavy road traffics lead to more RTAs, the difference may be explained by the undermentioned facts ;

It is non uncommon that foolhardy drive, a human factor ( AUSTROADS, 1994 ) caused a greater per centum of the RTA. This may be attributed to the fact that many of the pupils who ply the road with their parents or relations vehicles are bound to be foolhardy in driving with a position of affecting their fellow pupils and most of them are besides inexperienced in driving. This factor besides partially explained why larger Numberss of vehicles, involved in RTAs along the road are private autos. More so, most of the staff of the Institutions live in Owerri, the capital metropolis of Imo State and are frequent users of the road with their private vehicles to and fro.

Mechanical mistake and road defects ( MRD ) which can be grouped under Vehicle and road and environments factors severally are besides important cause of RTA. This is in understanding with AUSTROADS ( 1994 ) that says that one or more of homo, Vehicle and road and environment factors must be involved for RTA to happen. This may be attributed to the fact that the conditions of most Nigerian roads are by and large hapless and bulk of the vehicles are reasonably used, imported from Europe and Asia ( These imported reasonably used autos are locally called Belgium ) and bulk of them have been used for over 15 old ages in Nigeria.

On the portion of Mini-buses and Taxis being significantly involved in RTAs is due to the fact that they are the major agencies of conveyance for the pupils to and fro. This determination is in understandings with Eke et Al. ( 2000 ) and Thanni and Kehinde ( 2006 ) . While the former have observed that autos and coachs are normally involved in the casualties of RTAs in Nigeria followed by bikes and Lorries, the latter found that minibuses, the popular manner of commercial transit was involved in 63.9 % of RTAs, while autos were involved in 14.8 % of instances. Motorcycles and pedal bikes were involved in 6.2 and 0.6 % of instances, severally while Lorries and dawdlers were involved in 1.1 % of instances each.

Hidden Cause Of Road Accidents And Deaths In Ghana

It is an unchallenged fact that the huge bulk of autos imported into this state are 2nd manus with most of them being defective due to the high cost care and fixs overseas. Interesting plenty, when they reach the shores of Ghana, they are handed over to mechanics known in the local idiom as? fitters? to set about their fixs. These mechanics to the best of their cognition and by improvizing, seek to repair these mistakes without the necessary safeguards. It is really common to see these mechanics remove say 10 bolts and sometimes refit less than the initial 10 merely for you to be told? ensie hwee? intending it will do no injury, this is the generation of the canker.

It is common to see the production of leaf springs ( a suspension devise, Besides back uping the weight of a vehicle, the leaf springs control the drive tallness and maintain the tyres in contact with the road ) and castings for replacing of worn out parts at Suame Magazine from steel garbages without any material choice procedure, stuffs compositional analysis nor structural analysis, microstructure and composing determines the belongingss of technology stuffs. Furthermore no destructive or nondestructive trial is done to determine the susceptibleness of micro clefts that can take to structural failure.

Remember in progress states like the United States, Germany and UK, without the necessity cognition in a related field of technology or mechanics and enfranchisement, you are non allowed to run a garage. Welding in Ghana is done by these same mechanics with no scientific cognition in that field including electrode choice, type of dyer's rocket articulation and the similar. This is the cause of neglecting hoardings on our roads and some mechanical failures of autos taking to road accidents in Ghana. It will besides be of good aid if drive is incorporated into the academic course of study of third establishments in Ghana and moreover the Ghana standard Authority and the authorised bureaus must put criterions for some of these locally manufactured auto parts.


Victims of RTAs were identified through family visits by the Navrongo Health and Demographic Surveillance System. In all, 123 RTA victims ; 101 non-accident victims matched by age, sex, and location ; and five cardinal employers in the KNDs were interviewed. Persons aged 15–59 old ages who died from RTAs as reported in verbal necropsy informations between 2006 and 2011 were used to measure tendencies in RTA deceases. Knowledge, attitude, and patterns about RTAs were compared between the victims and non-victims of RTAs. Socioeconomic positions of victims and non-victims of RTAs were compared. Cost of RTAs to families and employers was determined by questioning victims of RTAs in their families and employers on direct and indirect cost incurred during the accident period.

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