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Researchers say their findings indicate early introduction of peanut and egg may decrease children's risk of allergies to these foods. Now, a new study may have uncovered a neurological explanation for this . An introduction to heart rate, a measurement of how many times a person's heart beats per minute. So concludes a new study of data from . For many of us, there's nothing quite like getting lost in a good book; reading can transport us to another world, providing escape from life's . A study, recently published in the journal brain and cognition, finds that trained musicians have faster reaction times than their non-musical . In an essay published in the lancet psychiatry, researchers from the united kingdom and australia discuss how lying to children about father .

As the curtain call for 2016 approaches, we reflect on the year's medical advances and clinical research. But according to a new study, you might . This year's edition of the concierge is dedicated to the memory of longtime npr book critic alan cheuse. The hormone responsible for romantic attachment and parental bonding might also influence our empathy, according to a new study. Addison's disease causes the adrenal glands to produce less hormone than they should. How aggressive a person is can be identified by the way they walk, finds a new study by the university of portsmouth in the united kingdom. When it comes to personal grooming, a new study suggests that men might want to take a break from the shaver; researchers find the bearded .

Having friends is known to be good for our psychological well-being and overall health, but a new study suggests it might not just be offline . Soft tissue sarcomas are tumors that affect tissues connecting, supporting, or surrounding any of the body's systems. A small trial of patients with heart failure finds that ingesting high doses of caffeine does not raise the risk of arrhythmia. It seems there may be more to the love hormone oxytocin than its role in social bonding; researchers suggest it may also enhance spiritual . New treatments for parkinson's disease could be in sight, after researchers reveal how inhibiting the activity of a specific protein in the brain . According to a new study, reading books . It is no secret that being around friends and family in older age can benefit health; loneliness among seniors has been linked to increased risk .

Researchers from umeå university, sweden, may have pinpointed some of the environmental factors associated with developing celiac . While gender stereotype holds that men should be the main breadwinner in a household, a new study suggests they would prefer women to . Meniere's disease ménière's disease is a condition with vertigo, tinnitus ringing, buzzing, noises in the ears and progressive deafness. There's nothing quite like becoming immersed in a good fiction novel; for many readers, it is a way of fueling the imagination, providing a period . A new method of restoring hair growth - using drugs that are already approved for safety - may be on the way, according to research published . Now, new research finds that in the 6 years following human papillomavirus hpv vaccine introduction, rates of infection of the four strains . Although the introduction of solids is a major step in a child's development and can be fun for the child to explore new flavors and textures, how .

Muscle power improves in patients with heart failure when they adopt a diet high in nitrates - found in abundance in beetroot juice - a new study . If you take long naps or feel particularly sleepy during the day, you could be on the way to developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, .

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