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Writer roxane gay is best known for her culturally aware essays in “bad feminist,” but has a notable portfolio of fiction and short stories as well. Portions of the debate transcript with added analysis are underlined in yellow, followed by context and fact checks below.

Portions of the debate with added analysis are underlined in yellow, followed by context and fact checks. The american civil liberties union has analyzed trump's promises and .

A new book called how does that make you feel?, features essays by 13 therapists and 21 patients but no shrink/shrinkee pairs, many of . Comedian jordan peele's race-based horror movie combines genuine thrills with a no-holds-barred critique of black-white relations.

It sets the tone for what's to come: a mature, thoughtful piece of science fiction that uses a first-contact premise not just as a setup for a . Speaking about today's young fiction writers, for example, he notes how “the.

The official story, as set down in vidal's memoirs and essays, and in hundreds. John d'agata wants to redefine the essay as art for art's sake, but the.

D'agata's liberties are legion: “blood burning moon,” a fictional sketch . Ava duvernay's new film takes its name from the amendment that abolished slavery, but allowed for prisoner servitude.

Analyzing rapper yg's controversial song. It's what vladislav surkov, putin's 'grey cardinal' and lead propagandist, dubbed ”non-linear war” in his science fiction story “without sky,” in .

About a book by analyzing the choices a filmmaker makes,” majerus said. Image, in the hands of a spellbinder like curtis or, in wallace's essay, david lynch.

When alana massey's essay, being winona in a world made for gwyneths,  . The directors of swiss army man — daniel kwan and daniel scheinert — talk to npr's kelly mcevers about what inspired them to make a .

From which the essays in the “reader” are culled, followed in 1998. feminism gave paley a definitive framework for analyzing the world, and a . The writer's approach in analyzing these issues is purely objective and .

As evidence, i'd present her with my review copy of “the abundance: narrative essays old and new.” in what feels like a valedictory collection, . As a heterosexual, cis-gendered male, it's very likely, even after all my assertions, that there are biases and blindspots in my analysis of steven .

James baldwin's essay “the discovery of what it means to be an american. Seems to fit toni morrison's analysis in her essential work of literary.

Still, buffy's sometimes dr. who-esque campiness itself has merited critical essays. But tarantino drew on the stylizations of the spaghetti western, and the freedom of fiction, which enabled him to present foxx's virile .

Shakespeare,” and to see the writer's analysis of rhetorical patterns . We'll be discussing, analyzing, and over-thinking the new twin peaks via.

Between the world and me is a vital analysis of america's race problem. Politics, particularly when almost every person writing about, analyzing, or commenting on a proposal is a beneficiary of the current system.

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