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But at the core of it it's about an archaeological dig, so my idea was to. Rome city officials this week unveiled the metro c archaeological exhibit, which features amphora, marble panels, coins and even peach pits .

The mummy's enduring appeal can also be traced to the one archaeological dig everyone on the planet has heard of: tutankhamun's tomb. Archaeologists have discovered the oldest human bone ever found in saudi arabia, digging up part of a middle finger dating back 90,000 years .

These glass bottles were dated between 1910 and 1940s and found during an urban archaeological dig at the site of the elysian viaduct . One of the dig's lead archaeologists, richard jennings of liverpool john moores university, listed the many items they had found around that .

The best book about archaeological fieldwork has to be murder in mesopotamia by agatha christie, because she lived at dig sites in iraq with . This is the first in a three-part series on asu's archaeology lab in san juan.

An artist archaeologist's palette: ghostly, decaying film stock is bill. Integrating literary and archaeological evidence, experimental archaeology, social .

Upon hearing the news of carter's discovery, the patron of the archaeological dig, george herbert, the 5th earl of carnarvon, rushed to egypt . Shouldn't archaeologists want to know if what they're digging up has.

To show you a little more about bill, here's an essay i wrote a few years ago, just as the archaeology of pineland, a magnum opus edited by . It took some digging, but there's finally good news coming out of iraq.

On the one hand, said dvira, the very fact of an archaeological dig on the . If you haven't heard the news, there have been new archaeological.

Drew archaeologists like rollefson to dig in jordan's barren eastern desert. Changes at a head-spinning clip, archaeologists, by law, are digging.

Among this month's archaeology field school finds near deadman lake. Currelly's mastery of the glamorous trade of the archaeological dig as well as his ease in acquiring for his patrons objects found there  .

One scene shows the film crew arriving at an archaeological dig in the east african rift valley. After simmering for years, the conflict has come to a boil with the city department of recreation and parks terminating its 1991 archaeological .

The state's chief archaeologist said in early september that “due diligence under existing . After a week's worth of digging, the soldiers and archaeologists have unearthed musket balls, coins and buttons, as well as information on .

The area is home to tens of thousands of archaeological sites, mostly remnants of the ancestral puebloan culture, who inhabited this landscape . Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient egyptian city and graveyard dating back to about 5300 bc, the antiquities ministry said.

Digging up the ocean bed and tearing archaeological sites apart. Everyone seems to agree that the islamic state is digging up and selling archaeological artifacts to make money.

Asu archaeologist brenda baker and her team visit a neighbor's home. The archaeologist in charge of the dig won't say what was discovered until it's reviewed by experts.

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