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SHIMLA: Around 17 tourers acclaiming from Tamil Nadu were injured when the private coach they were going in met with an accident near Galog country of Arki tehsil in Solan territory of Himachal Pradesh on Thursday around 6pm. Chief curate Virbhadra Singh on sing the Dhami infirmary, where they were admitted ab initio, directed to switch all the injured to Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital ( IGMCH ) , Shimla. Beginnings said around 47 tourers were going in the coach bearing enrollment figure of Uttar Pradesh ( UP-17B-9191 ) . The coach was on its manner to Manali from Shimla but it met with an accident when it reached near Galog and turned polo-neck on the route. All the injured were instantly taken to Dhami infirmary in ambulances and private vehicles, while one of the earnestly injured adult female was taken straight to IGMCH. But when Virbhadra visited Dhami infirmary, he directed to switch all the injured to IGMCH. Following the waies of the main curate, ambulances were arranged and all patients were shifted. As an immediate alleviation, an sum Rs 5,000 was given to the earnestly injured.

KOLHAPUR: After retrieving four bikes from a prey near Rankala lake a few yearss ago, the metropolis constabulary found a auto half submerged in the Panchganga river below Shivaji span in the outskirts of the metropolis on Tuesday. During probe, constabulary found that the auto belonged to an proprietor of a motor driving school, Arun Pandurang Patil, a occupant of Kerli small town in Karvir taluka, 10km from Kolhapur. Patil said that the auto was stolen from his office at Kale small town where he had parked it on Monday dark. A police functionary said that several visitants at Shivaji Bridge spotted the auto half submerged in the river in the wee hours of Tuesday and instantly alerted the constabulary. The instance was so registered with the Karvir constabularies. “We instantly reached the topographic point and found the auto half submerged in the river. With the aid of swimmers we checked whether there is anyone in the auto and found no 1. We managed to take the auto out with the aid of a Crane. We identified the proprietor of the auto utilizing the figure home base as mention. Alerts were so sent to patrol Stationss from Kolhapur and other territories with a proper description. All constabulary Stationss were told to seek for any ailments of losing vehicles, ” said an officer. Later, Patil who was seeking for the auto in his small town visited the topographic point and identified it. “As per the information provided by Patil, he runs a auto driving school at Kale small town and on Monday dark he had parked it outside his office as he used to make and go forth for place. On Tuesday forenoon, when he went to open his driving school he found that the auto was losing. Suspecting that person might hold moved it to another topographic point in the small town, he started seeking for it till we called him to place the auto, ” the officer said. The Karvir constabularies are look intoing how the auto reached under Shivaji Bridge and what the motivation of the perpetrators was. “We are garnering information from Patil if he had any competition in the yesteryear and whether he suspects anyone for the offense, ” the officer added.

PANAJI: Slaming the province BJP-led authorities for non making plenty to protect the involvements of the spirits bargainers and minority communities, Goa Pradesh Congress Committee ( GPCC ) , on Thursday, said that the cardinal BJP leading was seeking to convey in the prohibition policies of Gujarat to Goa. Party interpreters Agnelo Fernandes and Yatish Naik were turn toing a imperativeness conference to oppugn the province government’s function in supplying alleviation to bargainers and retail merchants affected by the Supreme Court’s prohibition on the sale of intoxicant 500m from province and national main roads. “The earlier authorities ditched and the present one is gulling the people of Goa. What is halting the authorities from denotifying the province and national main roads to give alleviation to retail merchants and eating houses affected by the prohibition? ” Fernandes said. He went on to add that the BJP was “testing the waters” before “going for the Gujarat theoretical account in all the BJP-ruled states.” The party, which has 16 seats in the 40 member province assembly, said that BJP’s failure to harness in senior BJP leader Subramaniam Swamy was an indicant that they supported Swamy’s stance on a prohibition on beef ingestion in Goa. “These are BJP’s tactics. Swamy’s statements are criminal and the main curate should hold condemned the statement. BJP province and cardinal leading should hold taken action against Swamy and ensured that he is acted upon, but they are non making that, ” Naik said. Naik pointed out that the BJP kept raising the issue of a complete prohibition on beef ingestion in the state and suggested that the saffron party was seeking to make communal tenseness. “Swamy’s statements are non in melody with a broad state. The articulation of a prohibition was foremost propagated by RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat. This issue has been raised for political grounds, ” Naik said.

PANAJI: Goa Suraksha Manch ( GSM ) has condemned the demand of town and coutnry planning miniser Vijai Sardesai over widening the clip for playing loud music for beach nuptialss and other parties till mid dark in Goa. “Sardesai should retrieve that Goa should stay chiefly a peaceable place for ‘Goenkars’ and non a topographic point where they suffer insomniac darks, ” said Anand Shirodkar, president, GSM, in a imperativeness release. Sardesai has reportedly raised this demand at a meeting of National Democratic Alliance in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Tourists come to bask Goa’s natural beauty. Former CM Laxmikant Parsekar did non let Sunburn and other EDM festivals in Goa in 2016. The tourer influx has merely increased by 20 % in 2016 as compared to that of 2015, ” said Shirodkar.

PANAJI: The two-day coastal security exercising ‘Sagar Kavach’ will be held in Goa on April 20 and 21, to measure the advancement of the coastal security mechanism. The exercising will get down at 6am on April 20. As a portion of the mock drill, security bureaus will be involved in presenting a ‘militant attack’ at beaches, coastal hotels, infirmaries, coach bases, industrial constitutions and other public topographic points and take people or tourers surety. Citizens are requested to be argus-eyed and to look into leery motion of people. In instance of any leery motion, it should be reported to the control room set up in the office of the aggregator and territory magistrate, South Goa, Margao, from 6am on April 20, till the exercising is over. In instance of any exigency, the control room phone Numberss are aggregators ' office, Margao - 2794100, SP ( South ) - 2732218 and PCR ( Margao ) - 2700142. The general public sing the Matanhy Saldanha Administrative Complex, South Goa collectorate, in Margao, on April 20 and 21, are requested to transport their ID cogent evidence to avoid incommodiousness.

MARGAO: South Goa MP Narendra Sawaikar on Thursday stated that the recently-concluded 11th session of the Lok Sabha was “one of the most productive sessions” . Sawaikar, on Thursday, said that the presentation of the one-year fiscal budget by the Union authorities before the terminal of the fiscal twelvemonth – for the first clip in the history of India – enabled the release of financess by April 1 and facilitated beginning of assorted development plants. Happy over the rollout of GST from July 1, following the passing of GST measures in the Parliament, Sawaikar said that with the debut of the revenue enhancement, the Narendra Modi authorities has made the federal construction of the state “workable” . Sawaikar told newsmans that he had asked 140 inquiries in the Lok Sabha, including that of hapless connectivity of BSNL web and issues refering the environment, bench, wellness attention and roads and safety.

MARGAO: The disconnected suspension of all work at the Sonsoddo refuse shit over the last three yearss has raised superciliums among certain quarters. Beginnings said that the machines deployed for segregation of the waste have stopped working since Tuesday. Chief officer of Margao Municipal Council ( MMC ) Yeshwant Tavde, confirmed that no work could be done since the last three yearss. “The machinery was undergoing care work which is now complete, and they will be deployed shortly, ” he said. The Goa State Infrastructure Development Council ( GSIDC ) begun work of quantifying waste at Sonsoddo, so as to get at an appraisal of the volume and denseness of the waste. The measure study will take another few yearss.

CALANGUTE: Following ailments from beach hovel operators keeping valid licenses, a few illegal beach hovels were razed at Candolim by the touristry section while the codification of behavior was in force. But, those who do concern lawfully, claim that every clip an unaccredited hovel is demolished, it reappears in the exact same topographic point. Beginnings say there are at least 20 illegal beach hovels along the Calangute-Candolim tourer belt. “When we complained, the touristry section demolished a twosome of hovels merely to demo it’s taking action, but the operators started reconstructing them the same eventide, ” a beach hovel proprietor said. Tourism manager Sanjeev Gauns Dessai, said that following ailments, thrusts were conducted and three illegal hovels were dismantled.

VASCO: A senior citizen and a nine-month-old baby sustained hurts on Thursday, when the auto they were going in rammed into a pole on a route splitter and was hit from behind by a truck. The driver and another resident escaped unhurt. At about 6pm, the auto, which was nearing the Goa International Airport on NH 17-B, crashed into a pole on a route splitter near the naval terminal shop, Dabolim, doing a truck that was following it, to hit it from behind. The senior citizen, Lizima George, is soon having intervention at a private infirmary, while the yearling has been shifted to the Goa Medical College and Hospital ( GMC ) for observation. Vasco constabulary beginnings said both are out of danger. Probes into the accident are on.

PANAJI: With the completion of the swearing-in of all the cabinet curates, main curate Manohar Parrikar on Thursday got down to concern, sing cardinal sections to take stock of several major undertakings. With a batch siting for the government’s development board, Parrikar made it a point to step into the office of the public works section ( PWD ) and Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation ( GSIDC ) to acquire a close expression at the major substructure undertakings under manner in the province, beginnings said. PWD functionaries said the main curate made an unheralded halt at their office, directing everyone scrambling to acquire their presentations in order. Parrikar is learnt to hold sought a elaborate account of all the road-widening undertakings presently on in the province, particularly work that is on the national main roads. In his budget address for 2017-18, Parrikar had increased the PWD’s budget allotment by 40 % , to a entire allotment of Rs 1,900 crore. Reliable beginnings said the main curate besides made enquiries about constrictions or holds in clearance of certain blessings. “He asked oversing officers to guarantee that undertakings were completed as per agenda, particularly H2O supply proposals, some of which have been delayed for several months, ” a beginning said. Parrikar went on to do a speedy halt at the GSIDC office in Patto. Among the cardinal issues he gave his attending to was the 3rd Mandovi span. Beginnings said the former defense mechanism curate questioned the corporation’s functionaries about certain holds in land acquisition and besides offered to acquire other sections to allow the necessary blessings that were being withheld. Discussions about the advancement of the South Goa territory infirmary besides came up during the brief, 35-minute meeting.

PANAJI: Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, during a reappraisal visit to assorted sections located in the capital on Thursday, assured of upgrading the constabulary control room ( PCR ) and supplying the section with more constabularies patrol vehicles. Among the sections visited were the Foreigner Regional Registration Offices ( FRRO ) , Goa Handicrafts Rural and Small Scale Industries Development Corporation Limited ( GHRSSIDC ) and section of fabric, handcraft and coir. He besides visited the Junta House. During his visit to the constabulary station, constabulary barrack, constabularies control room and central offices, Parrikar was briefed by constabulary forces about the section 's immediate demands, which included their long-pending demand for the upgradation of the PCR from parallel to digital. At present the section has 60 PCR vehicles and 10 main road patrol vehicles, which the CM promised to increase. He farther directed the constabulary section to subject a proposal proposing ways to better the substructure at the constabulary central office and station. Sing the waiting line outside the FRRO office, the CM said he would instantly organize for sitting agreements so as to cut down incommodiousness to visitants.

PANAJI: The Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party ( MGP ) , which is portion of the BJP-led alliance authorities in Goa, has sought a complete prohibition on cow slaughter in the province. `` As a party we support entire prohibition on cow slaughter in Goa. There should non be any cow slaughter activity in the province, '' said MGP leader and State Minister Sudin Dhavalikar. `` The province should besides close operations of Goa Meat Complex Limited, where 100s of cattles are killed, '' he demanded. Dhavalikar was responding to RSS head Mohan Bhagwat 's recent call for a countrywide prohibition on cow slaughter. `` Our base has ever been against killing cattles, who symbolise female parent in our civilization. If the new authorities ( under Manohar Parrikar ) wants to make something good, they should first close down the Goa Meat Complex ( state-run butchery ) , '' said Dhavalikar. The curate said his base is non merely against illegal slaughter houses but besides with respect to all sorts of carnal slaughter in the province. Goa has a ample population which consumes beef.

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