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Why India 's Rise is Business As Usual

What changed was the coming of European colonialism. Following Vasco da Gama 's find of the sea path to the East in 1498, European colonial bargainers — foremost the Portuguese, so the Dutch and eventually the British — easy wrecked the old trading web and imposed with their cannons and caravels a Western imperial system of bid economic sciences. It was merely at the very terminal of the eighteenth century, after the East India Company began to hard currency in on the Mughal Empire 's wealths, that Europe had for the first clip in history a favourable balance of trade with Asia. The epoch of Indian economic diminution had begun, and it was hasty. In 1600, when the East India Company was founded, Britain was bring forthing 1.8 % of the universe 's GDP, while India was bring forthing 22.5 % . By 1870, at the extremum of the Raj, Britain was bring forthing 9.1 % , while India had been reduced for the first clip to the prototype of a Third World state, a symbol across the Earth of dearth, poorness and want.

Looking back at the function Europeans have played in South Asia until their going in August 1947, there is surely much that the West can be said to hold contributed to Indian life: the Portuguese brought the chili Piper nigrum, while the British brought that other indispensable basic, tea — every bit good as the arguably more of import inventions including democracy and the regulation of jurisprudence, railroads, cricket and the English linguistic communication. All contributed to India 's economic Resurrection. But the British should maintain their nostalgia and complacency environing the colonial period within rigorous bounds. For all the irrigation undertakings, the great technology accomplishments and the celebrated impenetrability to corrupt of the officers of the Indian Civil Service, the Raj however presided over the devastation of India 's political, cultural and artistic assurance every bit good as the poverty of the Indian economic system.

Today, things are easy returning to historical norms. Last twelvemonth the richest adult male in the U.K. was for the first clip an cultural Indian, Lakshmi Mittal, and Britain 's largest steel maker, Corus, has been bought by an Indian company, Tata. Extraordinary as it is, the rise of India and China is nil more than a return to the ancient equilibrium of universe trade, with Europeans no longer looking as gun-toting, gunboat-riding colonial Masterss but alternatively returning to their traditional function: that of eager consumers of the much celebrated industries, luxuries and services of the East.

Essay on India after Independence

“In some ways, it is possible to see Independence and the acceptance in the early old ages after Independence of a new Constitution as another phase in the development of India toward representative authorities in a procedure that dates back to the Indian Councils Act of 1861 and continues through the Morley-Minto Reforms of 1909, the Montagu- Chelmsford Reforms of 1919, and the Government of India Act of 1935”.But the new Constitution, which was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949, and came into force on 26 January 1950, has some new characteristics, supplying a crisp interruption with the British colonial yesteryear.

We Celebrate Independence Day But Are We Truly Free?

We have the rights and we do exert them in the most appropriate manner, but are we genuinely free? We did acquire freedom on 15 August 1947 from the British Rule but now we have to acquire freedom from a whole batch of societal immoralities and jobs that have their fastness in India. In the recent yesteryear we have seen personalities such as Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev sitting on dharna or fasts in order to protest against the Government and its policies that give rise to corruptness. Baba Ramdev has peculiarly been demanding to acquire back the black money from other states to India. Hazare has been demanding a stronger Lokpal Bill to penalize the corrupt. This is one of a long list of immoralities that has been highlighted in peculiar but the others are similarly prevalent in our society today.

The following immorality in my position which is of import is the female foeticide. Even in the twenty-first century people take a miss kid to be a load and coerce the pregnant lady to acquire abortion done after undergoing a sex finding cheque. On one manus we have function theoretical accounts like Chanda Kochhar- who was the lone female CEO amongst all other work forces in the list of Top 10 CEO’s of India – and on the contrary, the male-female ratio even today is upseting. The demand of the hr is to alter our mentality and give this gender equal chances as male childs, giving them a opportunity to turn out their worth. In order to make awareness amongst the multitudes about the protection of girl kid we need to first educate them.

Today when we do non even care for or esteem what we have, instead we try to work it in any which manner possible. Then how can we state that India is independent in the true sense of the word? Until and unless we eradicate all these societal immoralities, wholly acquire rid of them I personally can non term India as independent. For me the twenty-four hours everyone has entree to the rights that are their due, everyone is treated equal, manual scavenging isn’t required by anybody, male-female ratio is equal, the elderly people are no more a load but respected the manner they should be, adult females are non exploited or treated as trade goods, people are educated, poorness is eradicated and employment chances are available to one and all, it is on that twenty-four hours that India will be genuinely independent for me.

Are we truly Independent?

It’s been more than 65 old ages since we are free from the clasps of British regulation in India. Today standing here after 65+ old ages, do our adult females experience the freedom, freedom from the atrociousnesss against them? Are our childs safe today? Make our pupils have the freedom to choose the calling they want? Do we have freedom from caste favoritism? Have we got the freedom from the communal tensenesss in our state? Have we got the freedom from the corruptness? Have we got the freedom from all those corrupt, condemnable politicians? Have we at least got the freedom from our basic jobs like poorness and unemployment? If your reply is No so we need to revisit our belief on being free and independent?

Violence against adult females is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. It has been a outstanding subject of treatment in recent yearss. Rape, female feticide, acid onslaughts, domestic force, dowry deceases, honor violent deaths, forced abortion, human trafficking, sexual force, forced harlotry and the list goes on and on. Unfortunately the per centums of these offenses are increasing every twelvemonth. If we believe Wikipedia and national offenses records agency of India, REPORTED incidents of offense against adult females has been increasing every twelvemonth. These studies besides say that every three proceedingss a adult female is subjected to some sort of force in our state. In 2012 entirely there were entire of 2,44,270 instances of offenses against adult females REPORTED. I am foregrounding the word REPORTED because there are equal Numberss of instances that go unreported in India.

I don’t have to compose much about our corrupt, condemnable and communal politicians. We haven’t yet got freedom from these sorts of so called leaders. The illicit usage of power by these politicians has turned the full Indian civil order into unscrupulous one. These politicians would travel to any extent to do certain they win elections. An analysis of 541 of 543 winning campaigners by national election ticker ( NEW ) and Association for democratic reforms ( ADR ) shows that 186 or 34 % of freshly elected MPs have in their election affidavits disclosed condemnable instances booked against themselves. ( Wonder, how many have non disclosed ) . In 2009, 30 % of the Lok Sabha members had condemnable instances ; this has now gone up by 4 % .

Caste favoritism is another major societal immorality profoundly entrenched in our society. Even though we are processing in front towards instruction and development, caste related force is still happening in so many nooks and corners of our state. We have seen many major incidence of force against dalits/lower caste people such as Bathani Tola Massacare Bihar, Kilvemani Massacare TN, Laxmanpur Bathe Carnage, Melavalavu Massacre, Tamil Nadu, 2003 Muthanga Incident Kerala, 1999 Bant Singh instance Punjab, 2006 Kherlanji slaughter Maharashtra, Killings of Dalits in Mirchpur ( Haryana ) , 2012 Dharmapuri force and many more.

65 old ages of independence

On April 11, 1944, a Judaic adolescent concealing from the Nazis penned in her diary: “If we bear all this agony and if there are still Jews left, when it is over, so Jews, alternatively of being doomed, will be held up as an example.” As she wrote these words, the really being of the Judaic people was in uncertainty. A Judaic province was but a pipedream. Her name was Anne Frank.Today, the State of Israel celebrates 65 old ages of independence.In 2013, Israel stands entirely as an oasis of democracy in a part plagued by autarchy. A universe leader in hi-tech startups, scientific discipline, R & D, green engineering, biomedical technology and agribusiness to call a few, Israel has come a long manner since it declared statehood in 1948. It is a journey that exhibits the resiliency and finding of the Judaic people – and one in which America’s function is indispensable.Israel has been under onslaught since twenty-four hours one, literally. Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syrian invaded Israel hours after it declared statehood on May 14, 1948. Israel prevailed, but independence came at a brawny monetary value – 6,000 military personnels were killed, one per centum of the nascent state’s population.Israel fought and won dearly-won wars against its Arab neighbours once more in 1967 and 1973. And today, Israel faces monumental menaces from Iran, Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah.This yesteryear Sunday, on Yom Hazikaron, Memorial Day, Israel paid testimonial to its fallen soldiers and victims of terrorist act. But Israelis need no reminders of the day-to-day forfeits they make to populate in peace and security. They are reminded when they send their boies and girls off to war, take screen in a bomb shelter, and go through security to come in a promenade. No state on Earth should digest projectiles raining down on civilian countries or self-destruction bombers blowing up nightclubs. The United States surely would not.But Israel’s challenges are non limited to projectiles or self-destruction bombers. It’s difficult to conceive of that in a universe where Holocaust subsisters still live among us, the evil malignant neoplastic disease of antisemitism continues to boom. From Judaic school shots in France to the rise of the neo-Nazi Svoboda party in Ukraine, antisemitism still lurks in the shadows. In fact, anti-semitic onslaughts increased by 30 per centum in 2012, harmonizing to a recent study by Tel Aviv University and the European Jewish Congress.Fortunately, America stands shoulder- to-shoulder with Israel to battle these onslaughts. The United States stands with Israel in contending terrorist act, supporting democracy and keeping stableness in the Middle East.Just last month, when Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan called Zionism a “crime against humanity, ” 89 Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle, myself included, denounced the statement as merely unacceptable. Even in these partizan times, Democrats and Republicans come together in defence of Israel and in support for a strong US-Israel relationship.Anne Frank ne'er lived to see Theodore Herzl’s vision of a Judaic province become a world. But she was right. The Judaic people survived and out of the ashes of the Holocaust emerged a dynamic, self-sufficient Judaic province. And a few hebdomads ago, the Judaic population in Israel became the world’s largest – at six million. Today, America joins Israel in observing the achievements of a state that has established itself as a pillar of freedom and democracy in merely 65 years.The author, a US Congressman, represents the Sixth District of Illinois. He serves as main deputy bulk whip and co-chair of the House Republican Israel Caucus.

India’s glorious 65 old ages of Independence?

On this joyful Independence Day, we’ve and we’re free to demo our emotions. Today, everyone has their grounds to joy and bask their minutes of freedom. When I asked my neighbour’s child in the forenoon “What is Today? ” while she was waiting for his school coach at the coach halt, she answered “Swatantra Diwas” ( English: Independence Day ) with a oddity smiling, while vibrating the tri-colour flag in her manus. I wondered how a miss of 10 yeas old is happy for this twenty-four hours in her ain ego. The incident besides reminded me of my school yearss when I used to acquire up early in the forenoon on this twenty-four hours and wish everyone ‘Happy Independence Day‘ till the terminal of the twenty-four hours. Though, my wont has still non changed, I’m glad that we Indians are taught to demo love and esteem for our state right from our primary instruction.

is India truly free?

Independence is when we’re free to populate and exert our rights. May be we don’t experience the demand of importance of freedom in a free state now, but ask the seniors who lived in the epoch of British regulation. They know the jobs of populating without freedom and they have felt the hurting in their Black Marias. It was the necessity of freedom that our freedom combatants didn’t set back of the war for freedom even at the fright of their lives. Just believe for a minute that if it was non necessary to such an unacceptable extent, so why would great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi would contend for the freedom for old ages and why would 1000s of soldiers ( freedom combatants ) would hold died while contending for the exclusive intent of liberating our state of British regulation.

India is still under the regulation of corrupt people ( I’m non stating merely politicians ) . Peoples have forget the instructions and rules of leaders of the state like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, etc. Many frailties are still being practised in our society like sexual maltreatment, child labor, kid violent death, dowery system, etc. Our society is still bounded by the togss of faith and caste, and guiltless people ( including young person twosomes ) are murdered in the name of imposts and traditions. Our society still assumes adult females to be inferior than work forces, when our country’s governing party is led by a adult female – Sonia Gandhi.

What we ne'er learnt in 65 old ages of Independence – Being Indians

Yes, India did advancement and prosper. We are now traveling to be a Super Power ( whatever it means to our 40 % population below poorness line ) , we are now universe title-holders in cricket and corruptness, we have won a smattering of decorations in Olympics ( though we don’t retrieve the name of those who won them for us ) , we have few of the richest people in the universe who can endow aeroplanes to married womans and boies, we have mastered the concern of instruction, we have learnt to change over intelligence into amusement and most significantly we have learnt to stay clean of any guilt. You would oppugn me the last point. The reply is really simple, we remain clear in everything by faulting.

When Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev started his motion against corruptness, did all of us all of a sudden wake up from our slumber! Millions started to back up and shout against corruptness. Peoples started contending in Facebook why corruptness should be stopped. Peoples started knocking those who wondered if Jan Lokpal would really be helpful or non. But, how many of these people, all of us, truly are against corruptness? Contending corruptness does non does intend catching a authorities functionary taking payoff red handed and directing him behind bars. Contending corruptness agencies to alter the scenario from the root to the top. I would inquire to those 1000000s who shouted against corruptness in Facebook, – how many of you have the original MS office or Windowss in you pc or laptop? How many of you have ne'er bought pirated music cadmium or downloaded mp3 albums for free ( kicking the singer’s and the musician’s right at his tummy ) and ever bought original cadmiums to halt piracy? Is it non corruption excessively?

After six decennaries of basking a democratic environment, India’s problem with the deficiency of national integrating, linguistic communications, caste systems, poorness, illiteracy, malnutrition and hapless wellness conditions have merely have got worse. Poverty in the state has seen no betterment with more than 40 % of the population life below the planetary poorness line and more than 70 % life on an earning of less than 20 rupee per twenty-four hours! The rise of the rich to richer has been phenomenal though, due to the monopoly of the capitalist category of India merely whom the democratic authorities of India seems to supports. Yet most of us, we urban youth says, Wow, India is so developing fooled by the glam and glitter of Malls in the Gurgaons and Mumbais. Ever wondered why?

Not because of merely political relations. Because of us, nescient, who have killed the cardinal rights of our democracy ourselves and thereby leting our Masterss to govern us at will. We continue to know apart between the different castes, males over females killing the right to equality. We continue to disregard each other’s jobs. For illustration, we, North eastern, does non necessitate to be reminded how many of “mainland Indians” of all time heard about the Draconian, un-democratic Armed Forces Special Powers Act ( AFSPA ) or about the lone silent warrior called Irom Sharmila. On the other manus, kid labour and trafficking continues to govern our corners, kids being worked in mills, Millss, eating houses and as domestic retainers. Probably we, the common people should hold something called Right to exploitation!

And to do affairs worse, we have the reserve systems based on ancient caste and credo system. Yes, it must be agreed that this was done with a intent. For illustration, our blood brothers, all the cultural folks and communities of Assam have seen unfairness and ill intervention someway or other by some comfortable chauvinist Assamese, particularly from some ego proclaimed higher caste progressives. But the clip has come now to believe out of the box. At one side we want everyone to be equal, yet we make some of our people feel alienated and handicapped by giving them particular privileges. Of class linguistic communications, civilization, traditions, etc has to be safeguarded based on ethnicity and community. But instruction, employment, professional calling, disposal and every such thing which does non depend on caste or creed must be brought out of this sad box of inequality. Let there be reserves, if necessary, on per capita income. Let the hapless be helped, the needy provided need irrespective of the family name or the God he/she believes in.

14 Responses to `` What we ne'er learnt in 65 old ages of Independence – Being Indians ''

I’m corrupt I’ve paid payoff. I say Lashkar-e-Taibas change but people around me will non alter since I’ve changed. But we need some serious Torahs to undertake corruptness and it is besides a serious issue which is in India which will ne'er alter unless Torahs are rigorous. So we say the authorities conveying some serious Torahs and penalize them who are non staying by. If we pay a mulct for non following the Torahs, either people or administrative official or politician, they will larn themselves that Torahs have become rigorous and they will alter and moral moralss will be followed. I pay a payoff of Rs. 100 will impact the state by 0.0001 % but the cozenage done in the state have affected by at-least 10 % . The money looted are supposed to be an income for the state where we can feed 1000000s of people below poorness line, supply free instruction, provide wellness attention but that din’t happened because people in the top are more corrupt than normal people like us. So we ask them to alter and will state we will besides alter. The Leader leads the way and non the followings and besides followings should non blindly follow the leader, they should travel with some common sense. Late but non excessively late, lets change ourselves and the environment.

I salute you for your thought procedure! I agree to your article wholly. You can non anticipate a whole state to alter if you do non hold the balls to state no to corruption yourself. Bribing has become a job non because the corrupt functionaries have forced it one us. It has become a job because we PAY them to acquire a prime service. From a little traffic mulct to sourcing stuff for your new house building, people want to acquire prime service, they dont want to wait and make full up the applications and procedures to pay their mulcts or fees, they pay a few excess “Karcha” to these functionaries, to acquire their work done faster. And so come out one all right twenty-four hours and get down shouting acquire the corrupt politicians out.

Thankss for this article. We needed this. I merely hope people have read it and realized the implicit in current and febrility of the emotion. The author’s words are buried in the deepnesss of truth and evokes sentiments deserving chew overing over. You ( read the writer ) gave us something to chew over upon. Article such as this is rare in this modern-day universe of media where news media is mired in a xanthous chromaticity and moralss mortgaged in some out keep. News aren’t reported these yearss, they are sold. And the writer justly brings up the topic of our dead consciousness which more than frequently allow us shroud and hide our ain errors. And it’s true that we ever take shelter under some or the other excuse.Guess, it’s clip to close that umbrella up and confront the truth, the world of things. Good fortune to the writer. Bravo.

Development in India After Independence

As India needs power to drive its growing engine, it has triggered a notable betterment in the handiness of energy by following a multi-pronged attack. After about seven decennaries of Independence, India has emerged as the 3rd largest manufacturer of electricity in Asia. It has increased its electricity coevals capacity from 1,362 MW in 1947 to 1,13,506 MW as of 2004. Overall, power coevals in India has increased from 301 billion units ( BUs ) during 1992- 93 to 558.1 BUs in 2003- 04. When it comes to rural electrification, the Indian authorities has managed to convey visible radiations to 5,93,732 ( 2013 figures ) small towns as compared to 3061 in 1950.

After a long-drawn battle, India has eventually been declared a polio-free state. Malnutrition in kids under five old ages came down to 44 % in 2006 from 67 % in 1979. Government’s attempts yielded consequence as the figure of TB instances besides got reduced to 185 per hundred thousand people in 2009. The instances of HIV-infected people are besides witnessing a worsening tendency. Besides increased public wellness disbursement ( about 6 % of the GDP ) , the authorities has launched a series of ambitious enterprises including ‘Healthcare for all by 2020′ and distribution of free medical specialties to the people falling under lowest-income group.

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Sendly there is ample un utilized agricultural land in different portion of India which can be utilised for farm and agricultural production. Use manrega for this intent. For illustration husbandman can be motivated to make farm related activities and paid through manrega while they can acquire value besides from their farm production by selling green goods to the authorities. By this husbandman will acquire dual benefit and they will acquire nutrient every bit good. Further state will be self reliant on nutrient forepart. Jai jawan jai kissan. One more thing proposed SB history installation and insurance is really good, maintain insurance input dynamic which should be increased twelvemonth by twelvemonth or with addition in rising prices, it can farther be extend.ed to whole household members. This should be widely published and must be free from all sort of corruptness and exhaustively monitored. Jai hind

65 Old ages of Independence

While the Tricolor unfurled surging high in the sky lavishing flowers on everyone gathered on the juncture, I could non halt conceive ofing how highly thankful I feel of all those great work forces who sacrificed their lives to win this freedom for our state from enemy custodies. From Mahatma Gandhi to ChandraShekhar Azad, from Chatrapati Shivaji to Lokmanya Tilak and all those nationalists and soldiers who guard and protect my state from audacious custodies. I salute each one of those great psyches who helped us to see our lives in a radiance visible radiation with the copiousness of prosperity and peace owing to the difference they made without which we wouldn’t have realized our dreams of an independent state. Each word of the national anthem that flowed from my lips filled my psyche with colossal pride and exultant joy for my state.

India and Pak are divided by a great wall of silence, which people are condemned to endure, writes India Today Editorial Director MJ Akbar.

Indian Muslims who rejected this position, like Maulana Azad and most of the erudite Deoband ulama, argued that Islam was a brotherhood, non a nationhood ; they pointed out that faith belonged to God, and states to work forces. They offered empirical grounds: If religion was sufficient gum, why would at that place be so many Arab states? Muslims who fought for Indian integrity were swamped by the high passion of a separation dream that acquired, in the imaginativeness of its advocators, the properties of an earthly Eden. It took three decennaries for that cold justice, clip, to present its first finding of fact. The two-nation theory collapsed in 1971, when a bulk of Pakistanis broke off to organize Bangladesh, an cultural entity.

Conventional wisdom in the 1950s, peculiarly of the sort which presumed that 'natives ' were insufficiently evolved for the higher ranges of political idea, was certain that India 's idealistic one-nation theory was the bubble that would go off, and Pakistan would brace and thrive. Although its civil order collapsed within 10 old ages of freedom, Pakistan seemed to offer, ab initio, a more positive societal and economic environment. But as its raison d'etre began to unknot in the mid-1960s, Pakistan 's leaders learnt the incorrect lesson from experience. Alternatively of traveling off from theocracy, they clung to it as the staying principle for endurance.

India Today Editorial Director M J Akbar.

The thought of India as a pluralist democracy was enshrined really rapidly into the papers that is the spinal column of Indian patriotism: India 's Constitution. The argument over whether Pakistan should be an 'Islamic province ' began to simmer and cartwheel as it came to the hard portion: What exactly did an Islamic province mean? The Justice Munir Commission, set up in the 1950s after the Lahore public violences against the Ahmadiyya religious order, offered some advice: An Islamic province was a mirage ; in any instance, it was no concern of the province to specify who a Muslim was. But wisdom has seldom deflected ideologists from their relentless March towards the extreme. The male parent of Pakistan, Jinnah, was shortly ambushed and overtaken by the godfather of Pakistan, Maulana Maudoodi, Godhead of the Jamaat-e-Islami, who did little for the Pakistan motion, but one time it had been founded turned it into fertile land for his dialectics every bit good as his pes soldiers. The Jamaat is a tailpiece in electoral conflicts since the elector does non swear the Mullah with administration, but its influence on the political orientation of the province is in consistent acclivity.

Maudoodi 's extremism, and the inability of Islamabad to make anything about his inheritors like terrorist Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, has non merely undermined Indo-Pak dealingss but besides infected the societal rubric of Pakistan. Textbooks, which one time simply asserted Muslim high quality over Hindus and other non-Muslims, now demonize them in the most malicious linguistic communication. Family and minority jurisprudence are caught in a caustic downward spiral that has small chance of reversal ; and many tribal countries have merely slipped into brutality. Pakistan has turned into what I have called a `` jelly province '' in Tinderbox: The Past and Future of Pakistan: Jelly frissons invariably, and unlike butter will ne'er run off. Since it has an carpet pad of a terrorist sub-structure and an sheathing of atomic arms, it has become a toxic jelly province. India is a premier victim.

The thought of India, conversely, has saved India from its ain catastrophes. The mending power of democracy has eased the injury of both the north-west and the nor'-east ; the secessionist motion built around fright that Sikhism was under menace in secular India lost land rapidly after a brief and violent rush. India emerged from the fires of 1980s reborn and resuscitated, held together by the promise of modernness: Political rights, gender equality, freedom of religion and economic equity. The thought of India has proved stronger than the Indian ; the thought of Pakistan is weaker than the Pakistani.

The sunder is lasting. Both partitions-Pakistan 's from India, and Bangladesh 's from Pakistan-are irreversible. Pakistan 's replies lie in the adult male it remembers merely in selective exposure, and whose personal values and political orientation it chooses to disregard, Jinnah. There is some grounds to propose that Jinnah did non to the full gain the permanency of the separation ; after all, he refused to sell his place in Mumbai, although the Nizam of Hyderabad offered Rs 10 hundred thousand for it, a princely amount in 1947. Possibly Jinnah thought that Pakistan would be kindred to a deluxe province of the British Raj, independent, but with unfastened boundary lines. In any instance, Jinnah would hold been repelled by the fundamentalism that is poisoning the life of Pakistan.

1947-2013 – Sixty Seven Years of India naming itself INDEPENDENT – Are WE?

“We now have a Government that is controlled by mafias, louts, musclemen, prevaricators, money launderers, con work forces, liquidators, runners, stealers, offense protagonists, and protagonists of every offense that could be perpetrated against common people. The full Government system operates through a system of “mamool” and unfastened corruptness from the Presidential degree down to the lowest degree sweepers and attenders in every Government office. In fact we could coin a new word: MAMOOLOCRACY … a intension depicting how India’s public systems ( be it a Court of jurisprudence or a Passport Office ; be it an Office of Electric supply or Food stuffs supply ; be it a Water supply office or a Hospital … without exclusion, every Government controlled Office/ agreement ) are controlled and operated. Parliament and Legislatures are the best paths to authorise an full community of corrupt Mafias and felons, through a skewed and concocted Democracy! ! ! We have a Government that allows work forces such as Laloo Prasad, Karuna Nidhi, Bal Thackeray, Raj Thackeray, Mayawathi, and 1000s of corrupt and “goonda” quality individuals to go Chief Ministers, Union Ministers and even Presidents/ Speakers/ Governors. On the other side the Government musculuss quality individuals who oppose corruptness and criminalism … ”

Where does India stand, 63 old ages after India became a Democratic Republic on January 26, 1950?

“We now have a Government that is controlled by Mafia, louts, musclemen, prevaricators, money launderers, con work forces, liquidators, runners, stealers, offense protagonists, and protagonists of every offense that could be perpetrated against common people. The full Government system operates through a system of “mamool” and unfastened corruptness from the Presidential degree down to the lowest degree sweepers and attenders in every Government office. In fact we could coin a new word: MAMOOLOCRACY … a intension depicting how India’s public systems ( be it a Court of jurisprudence or a Passport Office ; be it an Office of Electric supply or Food stuffs supply ; be it a Water supply office or a Hospital … without exclusion, every Government controlled Office/ agreement ) are controlled and operated. Parliament and Legislatures are the best paths to authorise an full community of corrupt Mafias and felons, through a skewed and concocted Democracy! ! ! We have a Government that allows work forces such as Laloo Prasad, Karuna Nidhi, Bal Thackeray, Raj Thackeray, Mayawathi, and 1000s of corrupt and “goonda” quality individuals to go Chief Ministers, Union Ministers and even Presidents/ Speakers/ Governors. On the other side the Government musculuss quality individuals who oppose corruptness and criminalism … the latest episodes of stamp downing the mass motion against corruptness by Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev are examples.”

17. We boast of about 100 billionaires ; about 500, 000 millionaires ; and we besides boast of about 4 million “rich” Indian Diaspora in US, Canada, Europe and other western states – all put together are deserving over US $ 500 one million millions ; yet, India does non hold even one amongst these to counter the “western-tilted” philanthropic gift of the likes of Bill Gates from come ining India! Almost all the philanthropic gift plants are non intended to reply the jobs of Poverty and destitute in India, within Indian demands and conditions


Jawahar Lal Nehru ( our first Prime Minister ) was a elephantine even amongst peers, with really high Vision and Mission. Indira Gandhi was “pushed” into the PM place ; but she had some competence and high will power. Lal Bahadur Shastri was a simpleton, and was in fact “pushed” into the “hot seat” . Others such as Deva Gowda, Chandrashekhar, IK Gujral and Narasimha Rao were merely “lucky” to be in the hot place! Rajeev Gandhi was another 1 who was “pushed” into the place. He was a “good looking” individual but with dubious competence ; yet he was the Congress clique pick to go on a “dynasty” . VP Singh entered the “seat” through his ain attempt … but did non hold the capacity to defy the enormous force per unit areas and pulls! Morarji Desai was a “stop-gap” pick. Charan Singh was another “funny” pick PM! Atal Beharo Vajpayee was a National Leader of prominence and “acceptance” , although he could non be compared to a Nehru or Indira Gandhi. He was a strong “Leader” . And now we have another “pushed-into-the hot-seat” PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh! It is unusual that he seems to go the lone other PM ( after Nehru and Indira Gandhi ) to “rule” two back-to-back footings. Does it intend that he is a superb PM? The less discussed and said about this… the better!

Is Muzzling Voices of Common People of India Answer to their Problems?

Work forces like George Fernandez, the late Raj Narain, Mulayam, Lalu, etc were immature people when the senior militant Jaya Prakash Narayan asked every one ( even Military and Police ) to come to the streets to protest against Indira Gandhi. That was during 1974/75. Many Editors, Journalists and other militants took portion in a state broad “mutiny” . What followed was a kind of “free for all” battle wherein Two Political systems ( one the Corrupt and chesty Congress Party + Others who supported them ) and the other the “right” wing. Rest is history, with the two “fighting” in the name of Democracy, to back up the common people. And many would state different things about those occurrences in their ain manner. But the indispensable fact is that neither Group has of all time attempted to “solve” the jobs of the Indian common people – the people in the 638,596 dilapidated small towns ( where approximately 900 million people now live, with great trouble )

Now, 30 seven old ages subsequently, the two political categories ( both the corrupt, scam-supporting Congress and the “right” wing “we are besides there” category ) seem to hold aligned towards a one point docket of DEMOCRATIC DICTATORSHIP – that of somehow come ining Parliament and LOOT the treasury, conspiring with the Executive… and even the Judiciary seems to be a portion of this soiled game! The state seems to be under the dictates of a clique, who have entrenched themselves, through overthrowing the Democratic procedures. The method followed is MUZZLING FREEDOM, DISSENT, LIBERTY AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY – precisely face-to-face to the Guarantees proclaimed by our Fundamental law.

The echt voices of dissent … particularly those made by the educated childs ( who would shortly be the “Future” Indians to take the state ) … can non be muzzled by beastly force or other “outside democracy” means … such as curtailment of Fundamental Rights ( including infliction of alleged Section-144 ) , Water cannon use against peaceable immature dissenters, and utilizing Police force against them ( alternatively of “catching” all kinds of Goons/ Mafias/ Peddlers ) . India’s future coevals want replies to CORRUPTION, REGIONALISM, NEPOTISM, DYNASTIC RULE, SCANDALS, RULE OF ANTISOCIAL Elements … and a whole batch of basic things that are NEEDED by Common people of India. These childs are no longer interested to hear about “Commissions of Enquiry” , Verbal confidences, Official Jargon and the similar … alternatively the childs want ACTION

What happens if you already acquire DLA?

If you are reassigning from an bing DLA claim to PIP you do non hold to run into the PIP three month measure uping period. You will hold 28 yearss to claim PIP – by and large this will be done by phone ( although paper claim signifiers are available in exceeding fortunes ) . This is the initial claim merely. If you do non claim within the 28 yearss, your DLA will be suspended. A missive will be sent stating that the suspension will be lifted if you claim within the following 28 yearss. If no claim is made the DLA claim is terminated. In these fortunes DLA will go on to be paid for a farther 13 yearss following your following payday.

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