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Our premier curate, outstanding economic experts and intellectuals say India will go a world power. How has a mere growing of 9 % GDP per annum become the yardstick to find that India will go a world power? Â If you look at the countryside, this claim will sound false. A bulk of our husbandmans still use crude engineering like wooden agriculturist, bulls and American bisons. Most of the houses in rural countries are still made of clay and thatch. Animal droppings and wood are the fuel of cooking. Rural schools can barely be called as schools. Most of the kids have non seen a computing machine, the Internet, etc. There are no lavatories in the rural countries. The bulk of people in rural India still do non hold power, imbibing H2O, roads, telephones, etc.Â

60 years of Independence - India 's accomplishments

It has been 60 years since our fatherland broke the bonds and unchained herself from colonial presence.These sixty years have non been easy.Every twenty-four hours, every twelvemonth has been a narrative of grim difficult work and doggedness of each and every Indian seeking to carve out a niche for their fatherland in the international platform.Exactly sixty years therefore when have entered the 8th twelvemonth of the new millenary and have celebrated our 60th independence twenty-four hours, we can proudly number on the accomplishments of our state. On the Eve of independence the state of affairs was inexorable and serious in the country.We were a free state but there were some glowering countries of concern.our per capita income was turning at a bare rate of 0.5 % per annum.Industrial growing was non up to the mark.The life anticipation at birth was hardly 36 years.The literacy rate was shockingly low and we had more than half the population below the poorness line.Our state was looked upon with disdain by the West and India was considered a state that was wholly backward which lacked in all countries of development be it societal, economic or political. The status was extremely critical and sedate and therefore it was a existent quandary for our countrymen to put things right and do a superpower out of rubble but the resiliency and difficult work of Indians deserves credit.Today things have changed.India is considered to be an emerging world power of the world.Be it engineering, economic system or any other country we have inculcated the bent to get the hang all.With the GDP growing touching humongous degrees of 9 % per annum and a flourishing sensex the economic system seems to be turning at an unprecedented rate.

Pakistan to Observe 60 Old ages of Independence

Allens: They point out that it was these people - Pakistan 's attorneies and mainstream political-opposition parties - who led the successful run to halt Musharraf plundering Pakistan 's main justness. The Supreme Court 's determination to reinstate the justice was the biggest political blow suffered so far by Musharraf and a triumph for secular civil society. And so, they add, merely expression at the sheer diverseness of the 160 million people who make up Pakistan. No 1 who surveies the part disputes that. Pushpesh Pant, professor of international dealingss at Jawaharlal Nehru University in neighbouring India.

Development in India After Independence

As India needs power to drive its growing engine, it has triggered a notable betterment in the handiness of energy by following a multi-pronged attack. After about seven decennaries of Independence, India has emerged as the 3rd largest manufacturer of electricity in Asia. It has increased its electricity coevals capacity from 1,362 MW in 1947 to 1,13,506 MW as of 2004. Overall, power coevals in India has increased from 301 billion units ( BUs ) during 1992- 93 to 558.1 BUs in 2003- 04. When it comes to rural electrification, the Indian authorities has managed to convey visible radiations to 5,93,732 ( 2013 figures ) small towns as compared to 3061 in 1950.

After a long-drawn battle, India has eventually been declared a polio-free state. Malnutrition in kids under five years came down to 44 % in 2006 from 67 % in 1979. Government’s attempts yielded consequence as the figure of TB instances besides got reduced to 185 per hundred thousand people in 2009. The instances of HIV-infected people are besides witnessing a worsening tendency. Besides increased public wellness disbursement ( about 6 % of the GDP ) , the authorities has launched a series of ambitious enterprises including ‘Healthcare for all by 2020′ and distribution of free medical specialties to the people falling under lowest-income group.

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Sendly there is ample un utilized agricultural land in different portion of India which can be utilised for farm and agricultural production. Use manrega for this intent. For illustration husbandman can be motivated to make farm related activities and paid through manrega while they can acquire value besides from their farm production by selling green goods to the authorities. By this husbandman will acquire dual benefit and they will acquire nutrient every bit good. Further state will be self reliant on nutrient forepart. Jai jawan jai kissan. One more thing proposed SB history installation and insurance is really good, maintain insurance input dynamic which should be increased twelvemonth by twelvemonth or with addition in rising prices, it can farther be extend.ed to whole household members. This should be widely published and must be free from all sort of corruptness and exhaustively monitored. Jai hind

Sixty years of alteration in India

But there were clear bounds to Yeshpal 's influence. In some differences he was on manus to assist low caste friends. Yet in many other cases higher castes were able to utilize their money, influence, and political musculus to out-manouevre the new politicians. Yeshpal had to ration his clip and energy in the face of multiple entreaties for aid, and there are excessively few new politicians in Meerut to change the balance of power. In western Uttar Pradesh, higher castes still dominate the local constabulary force, province bureaucratisms and professions – in malice of the rise of Mayawati 's pro-Dalit political party and the best attempts of immature work forces such as Yeshpal.

We Celebrate Independence Day But Are We Truly Free?

We have the rights and we do exert them in the most appropriate manner, but are we genuinely free? We did acquire freedom on 15 August 1947 from the British Rule but now we have to acquire freedom from a whole batch of societal immoralities and jobs that have their fastness in India. In the recent yesteryear we have seen personalities such as Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev sitting on dharna or fasts in order to protest against the Government and its policies that give rise to corruptness. Baba Ramdev has peculiarly been demanding to acquire back the black money from other states to India. Hazare has been demanding a stronger Lokpal Bill to penalize the corrupt. This is one of a long list of immoralities that has been highlighted in peculiar but the others are similarly prevalent in our society today.

The following immorality in my position which is of import is the female foeticide. Even in the twenty-first century people take a miss kid to be a load and coerce the pregnant lady to acquire abortion done after undergoing a sex finding cheque. On one manus we have function theoretical accounts like Chanda Kochhar- who was the lone female CEO amongst all other work forces in the list of Top 10 CEO’s of India – and on the contrary, the male-female ratio even today is upseting. The demand of the hr is to alter our mentality and give this gender equal chances as male childs, giving them a opportunity to turn out their worth. In order to make awareness amongst the multitudes about the protection of girl kid we need to first educate them.

Today when we do non even care for or esteem what we have, instead we try to work it in any which manner possible. Then how can we state that India is independent in the true sense of the word? Until and unless we eradicate all these societal immoralities, wholly acquire rid of them I personally can non term India as independent. For me the twenty-four hours everyone has entree to the rights that are their due, everyone is treated equal, manual scavenging isn’t required by anybody, male-female ratio is equal, the elderly people are no more a load but respected the manner they should be, adult females are non exploited or treated as trade goods, people are educated, poorness is eradicated and employment chances are available to one and all, it is on that twenty-four hours that India will be genuinely independent for me.

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