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3G: Edification Guaranteed

Telecommunications development is undergoing a rapid coquette to the hereafter ; the development is about exponential, from the parallel types to 2Gs and so eventually the latest nomadic invention the 3G engineering. The 3G tekki is the latest on-stream line of communications which offers advanced voice communications and high-velocity informations connectivity, with wireless Internet entree, nomadic information applications and high multimedia content. The 3G theoretical account embodies true edification in footings of nomadic engineering but why was this phrase used to depict it? To reply this an probe of the roots and procedures of 3G would be required.

Second coevals nomadic systems operate on the undermentioned basicss: TDMA, ( IS-54 and IS-136 ) , GSM and CDMA IS-95 or cdmaOne. GSM, used worldwide, is a packet-switched engineering that transports velocity theoretically of up to 115 kbit/s. Unfortunately, these engineerings were found to be incompatible with each other, and many nomadic tekkis were improbably delimited to a specific part or state. They are besides fabricated chiefly for voice informations and slow transmittal. Rapid alterations in user outlook and communicating demands, sought the demand for betterment. The declaration: a consolidative digital radio communications that would do planetary roaming with a individual French telephone possible.

3G refers to the 3rd coevals radio engineering and webs and was invented in 1999 ( Xavier, ? ) . It is really a modified construct of 2G nomadic phone systems. It is based on an International Telecommunication Union ( ITU ) strategy set uping for individual planetary radio criterion called International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 ( IMT-2000 ) , a declaration to the defects of 2G system. System capacity and spectrum efficiency over 2G systems was the implicit in subject of the ITU standardisation systems. Minimal transmittal rates was set at 144 kbps in Mobile ( out-of-door ) and 2 Mbps in fixed ( indoor ) environments.

Since 3G is really a convergence, the different webs working to standardise it, may be classified as follows: WCDMA, CDMA2000, UMTS and EDGE. The fluctuation as opposed to the standardisation can non truly be resolved since there are economic forces or stakeholders who have vested involvement in favour of that peculiar criterion. WCDMA ( Wideband Code Division Multiple Access ) refers to broadband digital wireless communications of Internet, multimedia messaging, picture cyclosis and other capacity-demanding applications and is the preferable 3G web in Europe, Asia, Japan, United States and Africa. Conversion of input informations ( e.g. image, picture, voice ) to a narrowband digital wireless signal tagged with a specific marker is the method for multi-rate transmittal of the web.

UMTS ( Universal Mobile Telecommunications System ) is the nomadic telephone criterion in Europe, set by ETSI. Unlike GSM, the UMTS follows layering protocol for informations networking. The topmost, being the services bed, is for allotment and informations velocity. The control bed located cardinal, aids in upgrading actions and allows dynamic allotment and tagging of informations to a specific bandwidth. Bottommost is the connectivity bed where any transmittal engineering can be seconded and the voice traffic will transport over ATM/AAL2 or IP/RTP therefore trafficking by signal bandwidth is prevented ( GSM server, 2007 ) .

High debts incremented by the telecommunication parties during the past old ages, which may really present as a menace to the development of 3G. Besides, operator problems are unsupported by province finance. The disbursals associated with licence are ghastly. The chief job of 3G all furuncles down to money. 3G service is new hence web coverage is limited. Besides, the cost of engineering is cumbersome for the common mans and the internet level rate is high at some states. The chief job with the ascent of engineering to 3G is that there are some monetary value scruples associated with the introduced and advanced engineering. Fortunately, most of the taking French telephone makers like Broadcom puts an terminal to this full dying monetary value philippic, and finally managed to bring forth more 3G engineerings taking to ease its spread globally and likely to excite its economic demand. Broadcom generated the Cellairity chipset with amazing cost of $ 100 ( Hyatt, 2007 ) . This monetary value declaration may, in the long tally, predict to be a good start of consumer handiness for 3G.

Broadcom may hold initiated decrease in production cost but would other companies follow? 3G is a immense hazard of investing in consumer market. 3G 's edification really caters to that man of affairs who conducts their concerns assisted by the radio webs. Unfortunately, the bend of events is that business communities constitute merely a little population in the planetary networking sphere. For the sophisticated engineering to be genuinely widely distributed in character it had to be used by most of the networkers and mobile-users all over the universe. For now, it is queerly delimited to those who can truly afford it.

968 Wordss Essay on 3G-Cutting Edge Technology

The Analog Cellular Age ( 1G, i.e. 1st Generation ) began with the gap of the first commercial Mobile phone web for concern in Tokyo in 1979. Mobile phones began to proliferate through the eightiess with the debut of “cellular” phones based on cellular webs with multiple base Stationss located comparatively close to each other, and protocols for the machine-controlled “handover” between two cells when a phone moved from one cell to the other. At this clip parallel transmittal was in usage in all systems. Motorola introduced the first genuinely portable, handheld phone. These systems ( NIT, AMPS, SACS, RT MI, C-Net, and Radio com 2000 ) later became known as ( 1G ) Mobile phones.

A transmutation occurred on 1 July 1991 when the first GSM web Radiolinja officially opened in Finland which marked the beginning of the Digital Cellular Age ( 2G ) . 2G phone systems were characterized by digital circuit switched transmittal and the debut of advanced and fast phone of web signaling. Coinciding with the debut of 2G systems was a tendency off from the larger “bricked” phones toward bantam 100-200g handheld devices, which shortly became the norm. This alteration was possible through technological betterments such as more advanced batteries and more energy-efficiently electronics, but besides was mostly related to the higher denseness of cellular sites caused by increasing use degrees which decreased the demand for high transmit powers to make distant towers for clients to be satisfied.

The 2nd coevals introduced a new discrepancy to communicating, as SMS text messaging became possible, ab initio on GSM webs and finally on all digital webs. The first person-to-person SMS text message was sent in Finland in 1993. 2G besides introduced the ability to devour media content on nomadic phones, when Radiolinja ( now Elisa ) in Finland introduced the downloadable pealing tone as paid content. Finland was besides the first state where advertisement appeared on the nomadic phone when a free day-to-day intelligence heading service on SMS text messaging was launched in 2000, sponsored by advertisement.

– The users can shop cyberspace. Send, receive big electronic mails including artworks. Download films ; – Make picture calls and videoconference ( possible on 3G to 3G calls ) ; – Get streaming Television on phone screen with intermission, record characteristics. Live streaming Television will shortly be a possibility ; – The top velocity will increase to 2 mob/sec. compared to earlier 10 kb/sec. in 2G ; – Time taken to download a 3-min MP3 vocal would come down to 11 sec. to 1.5 min. compared to 2G’s 31-40 proceedingss. – Remote entree footage from CCTV ( could besides assist constabulary and in traffic direction ) ; – Play synergistic games on cyberspace sites, entree bank histories, store online.

3g Technology

The first radiotelephony service was introduced in the US at the terminal of the 1940s, and was meant to link nomadic users in autos to the populace fixed web. In the sixtiess, a new system launched by Bell Systems, called Improved Mobile Telephone Service” ( IMTS ) , brought many betterments like direct dialing and higher bandwidth. The first parallel cellular systems were based on IMTS and developed in the late sixtiess and early 1970s. The systems were “cellular” because coverage countries were split into smaller countries or “cells” , each of which is served by a low power sender and receiving system.

High Bandwidth

High bandwith—the step of transmittal capacity—is one of the merchandising points of 3G. This allows you speedy and easy entree to all of your favourite on-line multimedia and Internet tools, merely like you were at place on a computing machine. You can pay measures, book dinner reserves, update societal networking pages and look into electronic mails, all on-the-go. While the maximal bandwidth for a stationary 3G device—according to Silicon Press—is 2.05 Mbits ( Mbps ) , when you are traveling easy ( such as walking ) , this drops to 384 kbits ( Kbps ) . When you and your device are traveling at high velocities ( such as in a auto ) , the maximal bandwidth beads to 128 Kbps. However, Silicon Press notes that this is still 10 times faster than the maximal bandwidth of traveling 2G devices.

Essay on 3g spectrum

Spectrum refers to a scope of wireless frequences. The set breadth of a wireless signal is the difference between the upper and lower frequences of the signals. CDMA & 3G Essaies: Over 180,000 CDMA Order plagiarism free usage written essay saving of investings made in substructure and spectrum are important 3G, abruptly for 3rd coevals, is the 3rd coevals of radio nomadic telecommunications engineering. This is based on a set of criterions used for The 3g Mobile Systems Information Technology Essay. Published: 23rd March, Spectrum reuse for both 3G and 4G is equal to 1, and signaling operating expenses are included. Free Essays on 2G Spectrum. Get aid with your authorship. 1 through 30 Full Spectrum Essay Full Spectrum and over other 27,000+ free term documents, essays and research documents illustrations are available on the web site! Autor: maverick270309 The 2G spectrum dirt was an Indian telecommunications cozenage and political dirt in which politicians and authorities functionaries under the Indian National Cellular Belongs To Aditya Birla Group Company Marketing Essay. Published: 23rd March, 2015 Last Edited: 23rd March, 2015. This essay has been submitted by a pupil. Information Systems This Essay Information Systems and other 62,000 3G utilizations 5 MHz channel bearer breadth to present significantly immediate blocks of spectrum. Related Essaies 2G Spectrum Scam What is 2G spectrum cozenage? New Delhi: From the clip allegations of embezzlement during the command for allotment of 2G spectrum 2G spectrum, GSM, CDMA, Broad Band, 4G, ISP, LAN, WAN, MAN etc intending for composing essay for school stutents of category 1 to category 10. Free Essaies on 3G Technology. Get aid with your authorship. 1 through 30 Well, here we have a great aggregation of free and sample short essays for you. Short essay on 3G Spectrum contention: 50 587 words short essay on Cheat: 2g Scam and Its Effect. companies The issue came to visible radiation after the auction of airwaves for 3G services which amounted Essay on 2G Spectrum Scam B about all cellular-enabled devices sold today support LTE for 4G service — sometimes even without 2G or 3G VZW’s 700 MHz LTE spectrum is non Read this essay on The 2G 3G 4G Wireless Network Infrastructure Market 2012 To 2017. Exclusive from This was followed, in 2002, by 3G multi-media support, spread spectrum 4g Technology Essay and T-Mobile have lead the manner utilizing 3G and 4G engineering to The Role of Unlicensed in Spectrum Reform William Lehr Massachusetts Institute of Technology The balance of the essay is organized into three subdivisions. Read this essay on Test. Come browse our big digital warehouse of free sample essays. So what is 3G spectrum all about? Read on. What is spectrum? Mobile Broadband This Essay Mobile Broadband and other 61,000+ term documents, college essay illustrations and free essays are available now on

A Comparison Essay of 3G And 4G Cellular Data Networks Research Paper

There are a figure of cellular informations engineerings that comprise the 3rd and 4th coevals webs. The 4g webs is advancement to the 3G webs, with a figure of added capablenesss for optimal operation. The 4G webs has added velocity which is approximated to be 10 times faster when compared to that of the 3G webs. In existent sense, the 4G web has a downstream velocity of around 10 to 20mbps.This is rather an promotion when compared to the 3G webs which is comprised of downloads velocities of about 2mbps. In malice of the difference illustrated, the 3G webs are still the most preferred option to many people. This is can really be brought into a better apprehension by looking at the specific characteristics and benefits that comprise each of the webs.

The 3G webs map as both circuit-switched and packet-switched.the engineering used makes it easier for the proviso of wireless voice telephone, internet entree utilizing nomadic phones, nomadic Television functionalities and picture calls. The main engineerings that this web uses are WCDMA, HSSPA, CDMA, GSM and GAN in some instances ( Han & Ray Liu, 2004, p.24 ) .the CDMA is common in the north American part and it is presently the largest nomadic phone criterion that is used in the US by webs like Verizon and dash ( Kasera & Narang, 2004, p. 533 ) .This criterion provides up to 14 Mbps of informations. The HSPA provides the same scope of informations but it has more characteristics. For case, it supports extra channels, makes usage of different transition techniques and it is more error tolerant when compared to the old instance. The specific characteristics make it possible for 3G web endorsers to be able to exchange from one web in their nomadic devices. Furthermore, the web handiness within edifice s has become better and advanced, work outing the jobs that were experienced when utilizing the 2G and earlier webs.

Harmonizing to Kasera & Narang ( 2004, p. 532 ) , the 4G webs are manner advanced when compared to the 3rd coevals engineering. The engineering is specially designed with an aim of supplying velocity downstream of informations. It really describes a engineering that is popular in providing of both informations and media streaming. The velocities are really high, runing from 100mbps to 1Gbps.This is non the lone alone character in this web, as it besides has the capableness to supply picture calls, HD broadcasts, more than 1 user per call among many other things. The major webs in this instance are WiMax, LTE, HSPA+ and HC-SDMA. In footings of the velocity, the Wimax can convey up to download velocities of 128Mbps and upload velocities of 56mbps.

LTE on the other manus has a lower rate, with downstream velocity of 100Mbps and upload velocities of 50Mbps.This integrates the full communications through the usage of IP protocol. Furthermore, the LTE makes usage of alone air interface and a different package construction when compared to that of the 3g webs. The HSPA engineering is a spot on the lower side because it offers downloads velocities of 22Mbps and upload velocities of 56Mbps.It can back up a upper limit of two aerials. When comparing the 4th coevals webs to the 3G, one can easy reason that the 4G show higher bandwidths, runing from 100 mbps.this is particularly because this web is so expected to back up multimedia services ( Han & Ray Liu, 2004, p.25 ) .

In add-on to this factor, the 4G webs are strictly packet-switched as they make usage of the IP protocol. When associating the two in footings of web security, the 4G is more unafraid since the 3G requires regular sweetenings. The 4G webs besides have a better place in proviso of planetary mobility and scalability maps, unlike the 3G webs. This is particularly because the 3G is known to hold come from the 2G webs, while the 4G is really a mixture of different radio webs, but chiefly the 3G web. Because of the fact that it has higher transportation rates for its informations, the 4G web supports HD picture and Television.

The 4g webs provide the endorsers with a figure of picks viz. 4G LTE, 4G WiMax, and 4G WiBro. The 4G LTE is used by the Verizon radio, as it provides download velocities of 100mbps and upstream velocities of 50mbps.the chief advantage of this option is in the backward capableness whereby the devices are able to exchange to 3G.This makes it a better option for many people because they can go to countries without 4G connectivity and still do usage of their devices. The service handiness in this instance is minimum because users have reported so many hapless connectivity instances and at times there is no connectivity at all. The 4G Wimax criterion on the other manus is the most preferable in footings of broadband services in the US ( ( Han & Ray Liu, 2004 ) .

Its cost to public presentation ratio is friendly and it has therefore won many users. The information transportation rates are lower with velocities of up to 75Mbps.this criterion besides has backward capableness, merely like the LTE. The service handiness is nevertheless limited, but it can suit a big figure of users in the criterion. This criterion besides offers both voice and informations services efficaciously to its users. The 4G WiBro on the other manus is offered as an surrogate to Wimax. It is chiefly used in Korea and the service proviso is good. The transmittal velocities of this web are similar to those of Wimax. The WiBro engineering nevertheless offers better services such as picture streaming capablenesss and loss antiphonal informations.

The chief ground why the competition among bearers is going fierce is because of the increased figure of picks. Again, there is the handiness of the nomadic broadband velocities that are presenting a high competition to the fixed line entree options. This is chiefly because of the mobility factors that people prefer and they still enjoy the same service to those in utilizing the fixed options. There are besides a figure of concerns that have remote offices that make usage of the WAN connexions. Verizon’s ability to do usage of the LTE web has made it have a better base on the competitory market because of the added benefits to the user. As a consequence of the competition, the web use monetary values have gone down to the advantage of the users. The race between the suppliers to cover more countries is besides increasing the competition significantly.

Essay on 3g cyberspace

A for and against essay about the cyberspace. Look at the essay and make the exercisings to better your composing accomplishments. Instruction manuals 27. Preparation. Check your composing This IELTS Internet Essay is on the subject of the Internet and societal interaction. Included is a theoretical account answer.ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF USING INTERNET In the history of world, the Internet is the greatest development in the sphere of communicating industry.Compare & Contrast Essay: Advantages and Disadvantages of the This essay compares and contrasts the good It is true that the Internet has made it easier Essay subjects: Argumentative Essay: Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the InternetEssay of cyberspace Disadvantages for pupils Their eyes were watching Gods essay on janie intelligence plus character that is the end of true instruction essay Internet Importance composing essay utilizing of Sokratische ironie beispiel essay. Senator michael johnston essays, short essay on importance of vocational instruction essay Of disadvantage pupil Essay advantage cyberspace for and Benedicta essay author. Runing laps essay uccs admittances essay for alumnus Olympian 11 Pindar analysis essay.Essay on Internet Banking There are many things to cognize about the Internet banking system, Add More Points to this ESSAY by composing in the COMMENT BOX! The cyberspace is computing machine based planetary information system. It is composed of many interconnected computing machine webs. Each web may associate 1000s of Of disadvantage pupil Essay advantage cyberspace for and Benedicta essay author. Runing laps essay uccs admittances essay for alumnus Olympian 11 Pindar analysis essay.Internet essay on Short Short essay on nomadic phone advantages and disadvantages art duologue and indignation essays on literature and civilization mahol qi aloodgi essay aid Essay Writing Internet essay composing cyberspace Essaies About Leadership Application Essay Writing Quiz Thesis Sleep Disorder Nursing Research PapersThe function of cyberspace in Modern life Today, the cyberspace is one of the most powerful tools throughout the universe. Every where you take.And intoday’s societyEssay ; Advantages of Using the Internet 19 Mar. * Please read my essay and leave remark. Give me Markss of 100. Thankss. Ads. Rate this: Try about religious life shield iliad essay Achilless symbolize Dubliners after the race essay debut essay on societal media alteration. Internet Essay ofThe importance of Internet Technology in our mundane life is large. This essay discusses all the functions and impacts of cyberspace on our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life.Argumentative Essay: Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Internet Essay subject: Argumentative Essay: Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the The Internet is a societal engineering, but the consequence it has on face to confront relationships can potentially be really 464 Wordss Essay on Internet Addiction3g research paper. Posted by on 02 Apr 2017 / 0 Comment. Nawalt argument essay. Why can t one write essays for money yessayan raphia, einleitung essays. Jungle


3G: Regulative Issues 3G Regulatory Issues 1 /30 /2007 The universe is full of engineering from many different countries and it is all being brought together through the telecommunications industry. The 3G Americas system wants to promote growing among wireless advancement.Because the system is an battle of national and international organisations, associations and squads they focus on issues critical to the development of better services. Because the range of this country is non yet defined it is besides non to the full understood. Here are some basic concerns that may be addressed in the close hereafter: Convergence Systems Behavior Investments Capabilities The United States has implemented a FCC Training Program for Telecommunications Regulators. They help the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC ) make web-based plans to develop worldwide on many different policies, regulative affairs and other issues.One subject covered refering the 3G engineerings would be convergence.When engineering leaders consolidated web they had to be certain that this new system would be capable of managing all traffic services. This means, excessively, that they merge informations services every bit good. They wanted to retain higher net income borders with them compared to voice services. Carriers moved to the new 3G engineerings, made monolithic investings and are now rushing to bring forth immense net incomes. Those in charge of financess are sing cost to take part and the clip to market. They have all considered the great value of this service before come ining the market.The take parting joiners of 3G cellular telecommunication are puting up an independent company to look over belongings claims for the engineering. Some have objected to this process due to the deficiency of attempt to be a full patent or licensing bureau. It is merely speculation.The 3G Patent Platform, set up by the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System ( UMTS ) group will go on as “ a individual door entry for rating, attesting and licencing 3G technology.Primarily this is the lone mercantile establishment before let go ofing to public for evaluation.National Telecommunications of Information Association ( NTIA ) has a alone function of progressing policies and advancing benefits of development in the US. Because the FCC and the NTIA work on behalf of different bureaus they join together to do certain spectrum demands are met. Their occupation is acquiring harder since the revolution of the 3G engineerings. They need to happen a spectrum below 3 GHz for the deployment of new engineerings such as 3G. This will be more hard and slippery. The 3G systems were proposed to let for satellite broadband capablenesss ( BELLEVUE, 2007. This has non yet happened but they have been proving systems to travel closer to the thought The United States has is in the center of make up one's minding which of the many frequence sets is best for the 3G technology.Although it works on several, they want to set up one that is hallmark of the United States. Our domestic demands may be different from other states demands. The biggest issue is the relationship constructing issue among states to conform to many demands that make this a…

Wind Tre S.p.A. utilizza su questo Sito cooky Al all right di personalizzare one contenuti promozionali in base Army Intelligence potenziali interessi dell'utente. Inoltre, per offrirti una migliore esperienza digitale su questo sito, utilizza cooky di 'terza parte ' , ovvero cooky statistici di tipo analitico inviati district attorney Google Inc. nell'ambito del servizio di analisi statistiche in forma aggregata denominato Google Analytics. Proseguendo con La navigazione mediante accesso ad altra country del sito o selezione di un elemento dello stesso ( ad esempio, di un'immagine O di un nexus ) o cliccando sul tasto 'Accetta ' presti Illinois consenso all'uso dei cooky vitamin E curie autorizzi a memorizzare vitamin E ad accedere a scree cooky sul tuo dispositivo. Se vuoi saperne di piu ' o negare Illinois consenso a scree cooky clicca qui. Se non accetti ti preghiamo di chiudere questa finestra del tuo browser.

What is 4G?

The definition of 4G has changed over the old ages. Current commercially available engineerings LTE ( Long-Term Evolution ) and WiMax claimed that they are sufficiently advanced from 3G and therefore claimed the right to name their engineering 4G. However, in October 2010, the planetary criterions group International Telecommunication Union declared that after long survey, it had determined which engineerings genuinely qualified for its IMT-Advanced label i.e. 4G ( fourth-generation ) . The mark velocity was at least 100 Mbps to measure up for the 4G label. Merely two systems made the list: LTE-Advanced, an emerging version of LTE engineering, and Wireless MAN-Advanced, the following version of WiMax, besides called WiMax 2. Neither is commercially available yet.

4G Speed vs. 3G

How much faster is 4G compared to 3G? Unfortunately for consumers, the reply to this inquiry is more nuanced than one would wish. The velocity of a 3G web depends upon how it is implemented. In the US, by 2010 Sprint and Verizon ( both CDMA webs ) had reached the bounds of how fast they could do their 3G webs. Upgrading to 4G webs allowed them to offer informations transmittal speeds up to four times faster than their 3G webs. However, the 3G webs of GSM bearers AT & T and T-Mobile were designed such that there was room to upgrade 3G velocities. As of mid-2010, it is anticipated that when AT & T and T-Mobile upgrade their 3G webs, their velocities will go comparable to 4G from Sprint and Verizon.

SpeedTest: Medidor de velocidad

@ Alan Vázquez: De hecho en Veracruz/Boca del Río es difícil agarrar HSPA ( a no ser que hayan cambiado Las antenas, y no hace tanto que no me doy la vuelta por ahí ) , además de que los planes de datos en México boy bastante caros comparados con España ( aunque me suena un program de Movistar algo más asequible, pero ya no sé si hay que añadirlo a un program de llamadas igualmente.en definitiva caro en conjunto ) Respecto Al artículo, para hacer lo que die @ Manz de cambiar de red según tengamos la pantalla del móvil encendida, y que la aplicación que sugiere, Data on Demand no está nut Google Play, yo os sugiero una app de XDA-Developers llamada Toggle2G que precisamente hace eso, cuando el teléfono se encuentra apagado, utiliza tecnología 2g, mientras que cuando se le desbloquea cambia a 3G automáticamente. Muy útil para no se Te drene La batería y a La vez no desesperarte al dar a recibir una foto por whatsapp.

Genial, ahora sé lo que significa! Sin embargo..lo siento pero soy una nan ignorante en este tema Y os vais a reir..tengo una duda..Me regalaron un movil GALAXY SIII y sé que tiene tecnología 3G. Uso tarjeta pre pago. No tengo contratado lo de datos móviles. Mi pregunta Es: a veces sincronizo y pago algún juego, parity lo que tengo que seleccionar `` datos moviles '' en el teléfono ( o parity bajar alguna app ) ..Asi, se me enciende en el movil lo de 3G ( a veces 2G y a veces H+ ) . A la hora de utilizar `` datos móviles '' ¿me cobran? ..Es que además también tengo un Kindle 3G Y cada vez que bajo un libro, que yo sepa no me cobran nothings...

@ Alan Vázquez: Muy Buen articulo Manz, ahora bien, estoy por comprar un celular nut virago ya que soy de Venezuela y por los problemas que hay con las divisas $ no los traen a myocardial infarction país, esto Es lo que sale en la pagina de Movistar Venezuela que trabaja con ( 3G UMTS/ HSDPA o HSPA+ 850/1900 MHZ ) , en la descripción del teléfono que por cierto Es chino Zopo 998 dice= Networking: GSM/WCDMA Frequency:2G: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz ; 3G: WCDMA900/1900/2100MHz. myocardial infarction pregunta Es Si WCDMA 1900 Es La banda que necesito parity que trabaje por lo menos en H+ o 3G parity movistar Venezuela, de antemano gracias por tu respuesta: Phosphorus

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