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Maharashtra inundations of 2005

A big figure of people were stranded on the roads, lost their places while many walked long distances back place from work that flushing. The inundations were caused by the 8th heaviest-ever recorded 24-hour rainfall figure of 944 millimeter ( 37.17 inches ) which lashed the city on 26 July 2005, and intermittently continued for the following twenty-four hours. 644mm ( 25.35 inches ) was received within the 12-hour period between 8am and 8pm. Torrential rainfall continued for the following hebdomad. The highest 24-hour period in India was 1,168 millimeter ( 46.0 inches ) in Aminidivi in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep on 6 May 2004 although some studies suggest that it was a new Indian record. The old record high rainfall in a 24-hour period for Mumbai was 575 millimeter ( 22.6 inches ) in 1974.

Antiquated drainage system

In 1990, an ambitious program was drawn to pass the metropolis 's storm H2O drainage system which had ne'er been reviewed in over 50 old ages. A undertaking bing about 600 crore rupees was proposed by UK based advisers hired by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation to analyze the affair. Execution of the undertaking would hold ensured that rainwater did non deluge the streets of Mumbai. The undertaking was planned to hold completed by 2002 and aimed to heighten the drainage system through larger diameter storm H2O drains and pipes, utilizing pumps wheresoever necessary and taking invasions. The undertaking, if implemented would hold doubled the storm H2O transporting capacity to 50 millimeters per hr.

Destruction of Rhizophora mangle ecosystems

Mangrove ecosystems which exist along the Mithi River and Mahim Creek are being destroyed and replaced with building. Hundreds of estates of swamps in Mahim brook have been reclaimed and put to utilize for building by builders. These ecosystems serve as a buffer between land and sea. It is estimated that Mumbai has lost about 40 % of its Rhizophora mangles between 1995 and 2005, some to builders and some to encroachment ( slums ) . Sewage and refuse mopess have besides destroyed Rhizophora mangles. The Bandra-Kurla composite in specific was created by replacing such swamps. The most acclaimed Mindspace CBD ( INORBIT MALL ) in Goregaon & Malad has been built by destructing a big spot of Rhizophora mangles in Maharashtra.

In Academic Research

The inundations have been the topic of research by scientists and societal scientists trying to understand the causes, impacts, and short/long term effects. Scholars have studied the inundations in Mumbai from the positions of clime alteration, catastrophe direction / extenuation, urban wellness, exposure and version, hydrology, environmental debasement and encroachment etc. Kapil Gupta ( 2007 ) assesses urban inundation resiliency, while Andharia ( 2006 ) contrasts the `` widespread Acts of the Apostless of generousness and selflessness '' in Mumbai with the general societal upset that was seen in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Aromar Revi ( 2005 ) draws lessons from the inundations for prioritising multi-hazard hazard extenuation. Parthasarathy ( 2009 ) links societal and environmental insecurities to demo that the most marginalized groups were besides the most affected by the inundations.

July 26, 2005: When Mumbai was washed off

It was raining to a great extent as I reached Baroda and the strength merely increased with clip. As I crossed Surat, the rain became atrocious. Bing from Rajasthan, this was merely following to havoc for me. When my train crossed Virar, I saw a batch of people standing waist-deep in H2O along railroad paths with Television sets and other family points on their caputs. There was H2O everyplace and houses were inundated. I reached Borivli at 4pm and the first sight of Mayanagri was beyond imaginativeness. The station was really crowded as local trains were non running and all the long-distance trains had stopped at Borivli. There was no manner to travel farther. I had ne'er seen so many people gathered at a topographic point at a clip before. I was really hungry but all the nutrient stables were empty. Mobile phones were non working. I found merely one telephone booth unfastened and it had a really long waiting line. Each individual was allowed merely one call for two proceedingss. I waited more than one hr to name place.

When I asked a passerby how to make Lower Parel, he said I would hold to wait till the local trains started. The roads were besides waterlogged. I saw people reserving their infinites to pass the dark at that place. I spent the dark sitting on a weighing machine. The following forenoon, the state of affairs had non improved. I saw a batch of people walking along the paths. Fortunately, I found a male child who stayed at Lower Parel. We started walking with 100s of people. The path was wholly afloat. We reached Andheri station at 12.30pm and were really tired. We waited there for two hours and eventually the rain began to lessen. A few taxis had started running. But there was a immense crowd and everybody was fighting to catch a cab. Finally, we found a cab in which four riders were already sitting. We ran into a traffic jam at Mahim and started walking along the paths. Finally, we reached Lower Parel station and the male child showed me the manner to the DNA office. I reached office at 6.30pm on July 27. All ideas of Mayanagri were washed off by so. But after I started populating here, every passing twenty-four hours gave me a new experience. Every minute taught me a lesson and life has a new significance for me now. I am a portion of Mumbai. This metropolis makes your every minute of import, and every inch cherished. Now I understand why clip is called money here. After seven old ages, I realise Mumbai is genuinely Mayanagri.

Short essay on the Monsoon Season

In 2004 heavy rains rendered many people homeless in Bihar. Similarly many lost their place and belongings in Gujarat and Maharashtra late due to inundations. Third, heavy rains cause landslides killing people and animate beings. Many people died in Mumbai due to landslides caused by rains on 26th July this twelvemonth. Fourthly, loss of life both worlds and animate beings, is caused by submerging in inundations. Fifthly, besides there is a possibility of eruption of rain related diseases or epidemics such as stomach flu, malaria, icterus and other H2O borne diseases. Sixthly, deluging besides causes devastation of substructures like roads Bridgess, railroad lines, airdrome tracks, etc. Seventhly, heavy rains besides disrupt critical services, such as conveyance and communicating. Eighthly deluging besides causes sewerage jobs. Ninthly, indispensable points such as milk, vegetable supplies etc. , are besides affected.

Monsoon Season – Essay

This rhyme that we studied as a four old ages old, sums up the experiencing the monsoon season brings for a child. It still holds intending for most of us. It brings back memories of playing the rain H2O, doing paper boats, have oning waterproofs and gumboots and basking the rains exhaustively. As we grow up and come in our teens we are no more fascinated by paper boats but we still bask holding hot tea and ‘bhajiyas’ ( bites ) during rain. Then, when we become grownups we continue basking the monsoon, sitting at place and seeing the rain through our Windowss. Therefore, monsoon weaves its thaumaturgy on all people across different age groups, caste, credo, faith and sex. It brings alleviation from the searing summer heat.

There are hymns dedicated to Him in the Rigveda. It is besides believed that all the H2O in the Eden, in the air and on the Earth flows at his bid. He is prayed to if there is scarceness of rain. Priests perform the “Varuna Japa” , which means intoning a ‘japa’ in the name of God Varuna by standing in H2O, if there is deficiency of rain. Indian music is besides associated with rains. It is believed that singing the ‘Raag Malhar’ bring the rains. We besides associate the reaching and vocalizing of fathead and the dance of the Inachis io with the oncoming of monsoon. Even films wage ode to the monsoon season. There are many vocals on monsoon every bit good as images in the rains in different movies.

Monsoon season is besides a season when creativeness blooms. Poets give looks to their feelings by composing verse forms on the rains. They besides describe the charming consequence it has on the Earth. One Marathi poet writes “the Earth looks as fresh immature lady who has merely taken her bath” . Poets besides describe rain accompanied by boom and lighting and the manner it affects the lives of people. The great Indian playwright Kalidasa wrote Meghdoot symbolically utilizing clouds as courier. Shakespeare excessively wrote The Tempest maintaining thunderbolt and its deductions in head. Therefore, monsoon season is favourite subject of the poets.

Monsoon is an of import season for many grounds. First, rain H2O is necessary for agricultural green goods because irrigation installation is non to the full developed particularly is mofussil countries. Second, monsoon provenders H2O to lakes and rivers. This H2O is stored through dikes and subsequently used for assorted intents like providing H2O for imbibing and other family utilizations, coevals of hydro electricity, H2O supply to industrial houses for their usage, etc. Third, monsoon gives alleviation to all living existences from the intense heat of the summer. Fourthly, it cools the earth’s surface and thereby reduces planetary heating to some extent. Last, monsoon rains bring about verdure by assisting growing of trees and fresh foliages.

“Even if nectar is consumed in surplus, it is poisonous” . An overdose of anything is decidedly harmful. An surplus of rains is besides destructive. Many jobs arise due to heavy rains, merely like the deficiency of monsoon rains causes jobs. The jobs originating due to extra of rains are: foremost, extra rains cause implosion therapy of the Fieldss, thereby destructing harvests. For e.g. , one time heavy rains destroyed onion harvests in Maharashtra, the recent torrential rains in Mumbai and several parts of Maharashtra brought about loss of harvest and cowss of the people. In 2004 heavy rains cause landslides killing people and animate beings. Many people died in Mumbai due to landslides caused by rains on 26th July. Fourthly, loss of life, both worlds and animate beings, is caused by pulling in inundations.

Fifthly, besides there is a possibility of eruption of rain related diseases or epidemics such as stomach flu, malaria, icterus and other H2O borne diseases. Sixthly, deluging besides causes devastation of substructures like roads, Bridgess, railroad lines, airdrome tracks, etc. Seventhly, heavy trains besides disrupt critical services, such as conveyance and communicating. Eighthly, deluging besides causes sewerage jobs. Ninthly, indispensable points such as milk, vegetable supplies etc. , are besides affected. Therefore, as a coin has both upside and flipside, monsoon season besides has both advantages and jobs. Last, what havoc unprecedented rains can do is borne testimony by the rains that lashed Mumbai on 26th July, 2005 when there was a record 944 millimeter rain in a individual twenty-four hours.

However, in malice of all its jobs, monsoon is the favourite season for all. Monsoon is my favourite season every bit good. Its charming engulfs and encompasses one and all. Crisis such as inundations brings out the best in each one of us. It brings about a spirit of co-operation. All barriers such as caste, coloring material, credo, faith etc. , are forgotten and aid is extended to the needy. Like the recent inundations in Mumbai showed the assisting inclination of worlds. There were people administering nutrient packages, biscuits, H2O etc. , giving instructions and assisting people find their manner through flooded streets, admonishing people about unfastened manholes, offering free lift to people in their vehicles, etc. This shows the humanity taught by Indian civilization.

Imphal, July 25: One twenty-four hours after the All Naga Students ' Association, Manipur made it cognize to the State Government that it is ready to keep negotiations capable to the status that it is held outside Imphal, Chief Minister O Ibobi has today written to the pupil organic structure that the talk should be held at Imphal.Spokesman of the SPF Government, Gaikhangam informed reporters today evening after a Cabinet meeting that a message has been sent to ANSAM ask foring them to come to Imphal for the talk.The Government has assured that equal security will be provided if they have any reserves of coming to Imphal over this point, said Gaikhan-gam and added that a answer is yet to be received from the pupil body.Talking to The Sangai Express spokesman of ANSAM, Ngachonmi Chamroy today said that the Chief Minister has intimated to them that the talk should be held at Imphal. `` The CM besides informed us that the June 18 declaration will non be revoked, '' added Chamroy.The base of the Chief Minister was conveyed to ANSAM by the Secretary to the Chief Binod Kispotta, said Chamroy and added that boulder clay day of the month the Government has non shown any disposition to turn to the demand raised by the pupil body.The spokesman further said that ANSAM has neither rejected nor accepted the base of the State Government and informed that a corporate determination of the pupil organic structure will be taken.The Government has non shifted an inch from its earlier base and is purpose on enforcing its earlier determination on ANSAM, charged the spokesman.Setting the record heterosexual, Chamroy said that ANSAM had ne'er said that it will speak merely with the Governor.Reiterating the earlier determination taken by ANSAM, the spokesman said the economic encirclement does non cover conveyance of imperativeness stuff and life salvaging drugs.In the interim, ADGP ( LO ) JC Dabbas on being contacted by The Sangai Express today said that so far 50 instances have been registered against ANSAM voluntaries of all time since it began the economic encirclement agitation and non-co-operation motion in the four hill districts.The four hill territories are Senapati, Ukhrul, Tamenglong and Chandel.Police are on the expression out for the ANSAM voluntaries, informed the senior constabularies officer but added that boulder clay day of the month non a individual voluntary has been arrested.In instance any ANSAM militant is arrested, the jurisprudence will take its ain class of action, added Dabbas.Meanwhile the All Heirok Meira Paibi Development Association has flatly stated that the Chief Minister should non accept the status laid down by ANSAM to keep negotiations outside Imphal or profess to the demand to revoke the June 18 declaration.In a statement, Association general secretary Th Rasabati Devi said the Association would non take it lightly if the CM hold the negotiations in connexion with the on-going economic encirclement along the NHs anyplace beyond Imphal.Although the Assn welcomed the gesture of ANSAM in accepting the Chief Minister 's invitation for deciding the present crisis, it would really unfortunate if the Chief Minister conceded to the laid down by the fomenting pupils ' organic structure, the Association said.


World has genuinely become a planetary small town now. So there are more free market economic systems in the universe. Each and every state has opened its Gatess for the foreign houses to come in and make the concern which brings diverse sort of benefits to the states such as new employment chances, gross coevals, advancement and many more. Different administrations excessively remain ever in hunt of the chance in their place state or in foreign states to function the market. So there is much intended competition between the houses which consequences in the scarce of resources and the hazard. The planetary concern determinations are being made really otherwise in comparing with what it used to be in the yesteryear. It is because to the alterations to the planetary market brought by the developments in the field of engineering, transit and the communicating. For case communicating has become really rapid due to the developments in the information engineering which consequences in the different attack to the international concern determinations which has the important impact on the consequences. Organisations all over the universe usage different methods for selling and to come in the market to distribute their legs such as exporting, licensing, joint venture, fabrication, direct investing, sourcing and acquisition. The determination of which methods should be chosen depends on the different factors such as the vision of the house, fiscal resources and how much hazard house is willing to take?

Identification of party

The motivation of the licensor for licensing is to maximize net income and the motivation of the licensee is to get down the concern with low hazard and established engineering. It offers a licensor a opportunity to spread out market chance with lower initial investing. It gives a speedy and direct entry into the new market. It illuminates the trade name image of the licensor. With the speedy and low hazard entree into the other market, it saves clip and reduces the cost. It gives the attractive return on investing to both licensee and licensor as licensor could perforate into the other market with low cost and licensee is benefited in footings of the ready to utilize engineering, production procedure and the trade name image.

As of now China is the fastest turning state of the universe. It has reached the GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) rate of dual figure. Furthermore it is the universe largest market in footings of the consumers. The universe largest and taking nutrient retail merchant McDonald besides wants to do the most out of the Chinese economic system. It is celebrated for the nutrients such as french friess, poulet, large Mac and many other points. China has proved as the most profitable after the place state of US for McDonald. Development scheme of McDonald has been focused on opening more and more shops in China using the licensing scheme which will assist them to increase their trade name equity.

Main Body

Another believable factor in the chances of the retail sector in India is the addition in the immature working population. In India, brawny pay-packets, atomic households in urban countries, along with increasing working-women population and emerging chances in the services sector. These cardinal factors have been the growing drivers of the organized retail sector in India which now boast of retailing about all the penchants of life - Apparel & Accessories, Appliances, Electronics, Cosmetics and Toiletries, Home & Office Products, Travel and Leisure and many more. With this the retail sector in India is witnessing a greening as traditional markets make manner for new formats such as departmental shops, hypermarkets, supermarkets and forte shops.

That is why Disney Consumer Products is on the route of subscribing a licensing trade with the many of the fast moving consumer goods manufacturer and the provider which will convey the extra gross coevals and it will be a force multiplier for the company. So it is rather apparent that the Disney consumer products’ licencing scheme in India holds the bright hereafter to be proved as the effectual move towards the unexpected and infinite growing. In add-on, Disney encompasses the good will, repute and the prestigiousness to deliever the high quality merchandises which will enable them to acquire the higher gross revenues figure and market portion in the retail market of India.

Walt Disney is rather popular among the childs all over the universes because of its sketch charecters and it goes on going more popular as the clip passes. It is expected that the selling and licensing industry will turn rapidly in the close hereafter. Children are really brainsick about the sketch character of the Disney whether it is Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, so they will purchase the merchandise which are associated with their favorite characters. So gaining these fact, Disney is subscribing the trade with the Indian houses under its licensing scheme to set the plaything with the symbol with its character. Furthermore it is besides stressing on the fact that kids really much love to read the amusing books. The Walt Disney besides wants to take up the advantage of the fact with its strong trade name equity which will take them into the new epoch of the growing.

Disney Publishing Worldwide ( India ) , a division of Walt Disney Company ( India ) , has announced a licensing understanding with local publishing house Junior Diamond to print Disney amusing books, both in English and Hindi. Disney besides plans to establish amusing books on its proprietary character of Princess, which includes rubrics such as Snowhite & Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella among others. “While we are non bring forthing content from India, we won’t govern out the possibility in close hereafter to place the comics’ content for our readers, ” said Bakshi. Besides on the cards are amusing books in regional linguistic communications for the south India market.

Company B- McDonald ( In China )

Food retailing is undergoing important alterations from moisture markets and corner stores to that of hypermarkets, supermarkets, departmental shops and convenience shops. Foreign retail concatenation giants such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour and Metro are now good established in China. Food ingestion through hotels, eating houses and institutional nutrient mercantile establishments is dining. This rapid growing is driven by the outgrowth of big in-between category 2-income households and the Chinese tradition of cordial reception and dining out. There are enormous chances in the country of processed nutrient as merely a little proportion of the nutrient production in China is processed. China presently processes about 25 % of its nutrient production compared to 90 % in developed states such as Australia and US. The mean Chinese spends more than 40 % of disposable income on nutrient and drinks. It is forecast that the Chinese nutrient and drink market in 2005 will be valued at about a $ 350 billion and will increase at a rate of more than 10 % per twelvemonth for the following decennary. The richness of the Chinese consumer is increasing quickly as 1000000s of Chinese join the in-between category each twelvemonth. Even the hapless will pass the equivalent of months or old ages of wage to seek nutrient that is considered new, alone, alien or have important wellness benefits.

But it has to believe about the sort of scheme it has to set in to come in the new market because it is really of import for any administration to acquire their pes clasp in the new environment every bit early as possible or it will make a negative impact on organisation’s hereafter and the fiscal public presentation. As the affair of the fact, McDonald has got its trade name repute which it can utilize to make the initial push and the competitory advantage over the others as trade name Acts of the Apostless as the wealth generators and the stepping rock for the administration in the new selling environment. Brand names and individuality may besides be used in other ways. Once a trade name name has built up a high degree of acknowledgment among consumers, it may be sold or leased to other makers to supply them with an immediate entry into another sector of the market.

Licensing And The Marketing Environment

But before that Walt Disney and McDonald need to see the selling environment of the state where they want to travel and that state is India. Marketing environment consists both macro and micro environmental factors. Macro factors such as political, economical, societal, technological, legal and ecological vary from state to state which is needed to be understood really carefully as they have important consequence on the market which administration wants to function? Furthermore they both should set more accent on the micro factors which relates with the internal environment of the administration which are really important for the administration to run swimmingly. Therefore we can state that the success and failure depends on the selling environment really to a great extent, so it needs to be considered really earnestly before set uping the understanding.

Other Alternative Methods

Administration should take appropriate entry methods to perforate into the new economic system sing all these above mentioned environmental factors. They can take any of the methods from exporting, licensing, joint venture, fabrication, direct investing, sourcing and acquisition. Licensing is the alone methods which gives grosss without making anything but merely selling the trade name equity and repute of the administration which automatically decreases the hazard factor as administration do non hold to make anything but merely take the net income border as per the earlier decided understanding between the licensor and the licensee. So there is no fright of loose. But minus point of the licensing is that administration ne'er has the full control of the concern.


Licensing is the alone tool to supply the chance to distribute the concern without speaking much hazard. Licensing country is full of chances for the individual who is airy. How selling schemes could be used, it should be taken great attention of. It is the best option for the concern with limited initial finance. Disney Consumer Products and MacDonald both are utilizing licencing to come in into the new economic systems. It has benefitted them to a big extent. But at the same clip they should be careful in taking the right spouse. Addition in the trade name equity is the extra advantage. Strong trade name can be extended to the different merchandises. The recent tendency suggests that the method of licensing is expected to be continued in the hereafter by both the administrations. But it really besides depends on the state of affairs of the administration both externally and internally. Last but non the least, I would strongly urge to the direction of both the administrations to maintain persisting with the licensing methods without disregarding the other methods.

Show Summary

American Dad! from Family Guy Godhead, Seth MacFarlane, is the alive narrative of Stan Smith, who works for the CIA and is invariably on the qui vive for terrorist activity. Stan will travel to extremes to protect his beloved America from injury – as evidenced by the terror-alert colour codification on his electric refrigerator, and his frequent knee-jerk reaction of hiting holes in the wassailer whenever the toast pops up. Production Company: twentieth Century FOX.Also see Family Guy.Character Guide: Stan Smith - Stan works for the CIA, and is invariably on the look-out for terrorists. He loves his household and will make anything to protect them, and his state. Francine Smith - Stan 's married woman, she has had a past life of drugs, but she has carefully hidden her party-girl personality for the interest of the conservative adult male she loves. She met Stan after college.Hayley Smith - The adolescent girl of the household, presently go toing community college. Despite her male parent 's best attempts she has turned out to be a leftist broad. Stan loves his girl, but that does n't needfully intend he trusts her. Steve Smith - The dorky boy, he tries to move cool, but fails. Steve is on the brink of puberty - but he merely ca n't rather do it. His low societal position sometimes leads him to taking drastic action - but no affair what he does, he 's merely a jerk. Roger - A sarcastic foreigner rescued by Stan from Area 51. He resents non being allowed to go forth the house, so has resorted to imbibing vino and smoke cigarettes.Klaus - A German-talking Carassius auratus, he was a CIA experiment that went dreadfully incorrect when they tried transfering a German adult male 's encephalon into a goldfish. Klaus lusts after Francine, and will take any chance that comes his way.Theme Song Lyrics: Stan: Good forenoon, USA! I got a feeling that it 's gon na be a fantastic twenty-four hours! The Sun in the sky has a smiling on his face! And he 's shinin ' a salutation to the American race! Oh male child, it 's crestless wave to saaay! Good forenoon, USA! ( Good forenoon, USA! ) -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - ( All Times Eastern ) FOX Broadcast History May 1st, 2005 - May 15th, 2005 -- - Lord's daies, 9:30 PM June 5th, 2005 - June 26th, 2005 -- - Lord's daies, 9:30 PM July 24th, 2005 - October 2nd, 2005 -- - Lord's daies, 9:30 PM October 30th, 2005 - February 26th, 2006 -- - Lord's daies, 9:30 PM April 23rd - May 14th -- - Lord's daies, 9:30 PM September 10th - September 24th -- - Lord's daies, 8:30 PM November 5th - January 7th -- - Lord's daies, 8:30 PM January 28th - Current -- - Lord's daies, 9:30 PMFOX Repeats June 26th, 2005 ( Ep: `` Menace Levels '' ) -- - Sunday, 9:30 PM July 24th, 2005 - September 4th, 2005 -- - Lord's daies, 9:30 PM October 30th, 2005 ( Ep: `` Stan Knows Best '' ) -- - Sunday, 9:30 PM December 4th, 2005 - December 11th, 2005 -- - Lord's daies, 9:30 PM June 4th ( Ep: `` Francine 's Flashback '' ) -- - Sunday, 9:30 PM July 9th - August 13th -- - Lord's daies, 8:30 PMFOX Special Presentations February 6th, 2005 -- - Sunday, 11:15 PM -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - Broadcast History May 12th, 2005 - May 26th, 2005 -- - Thursdays, 11:00 PM June 16th, 2005 - June 30th, 2005 -- - Thursdays, 11:00 PM September 22nd, 2005 - October 13th, 2005 -- - Thursdays, 11:00 PM November 17th, 2005 - November 24th, 2005 -- - Thursdays, 11:00 PM Repeats May 13th, 2005 - May 27th, 2005 -- - Fridays, 2:00 AM May 15th, 2005 - May 22nd, 2005 -- - Lord's daies, 11:30 PM May 16th, 2005 - May 23rd, 2005 -- - Mondays, 2:30 AM June 17th, 2005 - July 1st, 2005 -- - Fridays, 2:00 AM June 19th, 2005 - July 3rd, 2005 -- - Lord's daies, 11:30 PM June 20th, 2005 - July 4th, 2005 -- - Mondays, 2:30 AM September 23rd, 2005 - October 14th, 2005 -- - Fridays, 2:00 AM September 25th, 2005 - September 25th, 2005 -- - Sunday, 11:30 PM September 26th, 2005 - October 17th, 2005 -- - Mondays, 2:00 AM October 2nd, 2005 - October 16th, 2005 -- - Lord's daies, 10:00 PM November 6th, 2005 - January 29th, 2006 -- - Lord's daies, 10:00 PM November 7th, 2005 - January 30th, 2006 -- - Mondays, 2:00 AM November 18th, 2005 - November 25th, 2005 -- - Fridays, 2:00 AM April 9th - April 23rd -- - Lord's daies, 10:00 PM April 10th - April 24th -- - Mondays, 2:00 AM Particular Presentations February 13th, 2005 ( Ep: `` Pilot '' ) -- - Sunday, 11:30 PM February 17th, 2005 ( Ep: `` Pilot '' ) -- - Thursday, 11:30 Autopsy

What the Act Measures

The ACT scientific discipline trial measures the reading, analysis, rating, logical thinking, and problem-solving accomplishments required in the natural scientific disciplines. Scientific information is conveyed in one of three formats: informations representation, research sum-ups, or conflicting point of views. Questions require acknowledgment and apprehension of the basic characteristics of, and constructs related to, the provided information ; the critical scrutiny of the relationship between the information provided and the decisions drawn or hypotheses developed ; and the generalisation of given information to derive new information, draw decisions, or do anticipations.


Alice is disquieted that Sam appears to be uninterested in holding their babe and decides to head back to Norfolk entirely. A few rough words from Cain eventually promote Sam to see sense and he runs after her. Later the twosome return all smilings, denoting that they plan to get married and populate in Emmerdale. Over at the farm, Robert is annoyed to see that Katie has written to Andy and storms out in a fury. He subsequently apologises to Andy but it is clear that he has something up his arm. Elsewhere, Zoe is surprised and delighted when her canvasser calls to state her that there is a informant to Scott endangering her. Callum subsequently returns place and when he sees Zoe and Jean together he is certain that he has done the right thing by lying for Zoe in tribunal. Meanwhile, Bob goes on another day of the month, but as Viv watches them like a hawk, he is paranoid that Avril will walk out on him.


A case-study of the 26 July 2005 Mumbai heavy-rain event that recorded 944 millimeter rainfall in 24 H with important spacial variableness was carried out utilizing the Weather Research and Forecasting ( WRF ) theoretical account. The event was ill forecasted by operational theoretical accounts and resulted in big homo and economic losingss. The present consequences indicate that the WRF system was able to reproduce the heavy rainfall event and the associated dynamical and thermo- dynamical characteristics. A figure of experiments were conducted with the WRF theoretical account that suggest the extremely localized, heavy rain was the consequence of an interaction of synoptic-scale conditions systems with the mesoscale, coastal land-surface characteristics. These experiments indicate that the large-scale rise gesture over the Mumbai part was synoptically forced. Analysis of the model-simulated intense, but ephemeral, convective rain cells organizing in the large-scale rise gesture over Mumbai hints their wet beginning to the North and northwesterly flow from the Arabian Sea. Man-made sensitiveness simulations without topography and without a land surface ( land replaced with H2O ) show that the large-scale synoptic flow positioned the low-pressure system over the Arabian Sea, while the mesoscale land-surface ( including topography and latent warming ) feedback modulated the location and strength of the rain by alterations in the air currents and regional wet convergences. Another of import characteristic captured in the high-resolution theoretical account analysis is the formation of a mesoscale whirl over Mumbai that appears to hold enhanced the conditions for localized, heavy rainfall over Mumbai. Copyright © 2008 Royal Meteorological Society

26th July 2005

It was about a little more than 3pm. I was working on some order signifiers in my office in BKC when we saw the sky rupturing apart. Ours was a complete glass covered edifice. So we could see that batch of people were on the streets and seeking to catch whichever manner of conveyance they could to hotfoot back place. My company’s boss all of a sudden realised that it was a panic state of affairs. So we all were advised to travel place. But them I was a freshly joined employee. So I stayed back with some other daring Satans. 🙂 I stayed in Vile Parle so, non excessively far by Mumbai criterions. But I was acquiring disquieted, looking at the H2O logging below. Finally at 4, a co-worker offered me to drop boulder clay Kala Nagar on his motorcycle. The BKC country was all right, but when we reached Kala Nagar, the junction was already under articulatio genuss deep H2O. Lot of people were wading through that mini pool and I joined them every bit good. By so we all knew we have to walk to our houses, wherever we stayed. Some people stayed every bit far as Virar. And we didn’t cognize how long it will rain and what lay in front of us. It was terrorizing!

The rabble decided to walk on the center of the route, each one promoting him/herself every bit high as possible. The incline of the roads took the H2O off from the centre towards the pathwaies, brushing beneath our legs. We all were seeking to be careful non to knock into a chuckhole or worst, an unfastened manhole. As we crossed the Kherwadi junction, the H2O degree started to lift little above our articulatio genuss. I could see people seeking to provide their autos through the H2O, and fighting. We all decided to take the Vakola overpass. We could all see the autos, coachs and all types of vehicles stranded on the attack. Obviously there was no range to travel in front. Atop the span I saw my boss’s foreman with a twosome of more co-workers in his auto. They asked me to fall in them. But I knew, halting was no option. I tried naming few people from my Mobile. But to no help. The nomadic excessively was all moisture. So I switched it off and offer it good pass, believing it was now gone. ( But later it rose to the challenge ) . The scene below the overpass span was perfectly terrorizing. I could merely see coachs parked, flooded boulder clay merely a small portion of the Windowss and their roof tops seeable. That meant the H2O degree was manner above my tallness. Slowly we came to Agripada where the overpass starts falling. We could see the H2O below, but couldn’t make out the deepness. All we needed to make was take a wise determination.

We knew that the country merely earlier and near the domestic airdrome was on elevated land. So the H2O logging could merely be for a portion, may be a kilometre or two. Some people suggested that we hold custodies, make a concatenation and so travel in front. So this manner we can remain together and besides draw a individual out if the H2O is excessively deep. So we started. I had a in-between aged short adult female behind me and a teenage male child in front me. Slowly we got inside the H2O. The H2O degree started lifting from ankle deep to knee deep to thighs till the clip our waists were besides submerged. But we all were brave. I could hear some people shouting spiritual chants such as ‘Har Har Mahadev’ or ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ . I joined the job excessively. Then a point came when H2O rose to my chest degree. I froze in the center of the journey. It was acquiring dark. I could do out that the clock must be past 6. The rain hadn’t stopped and the air current was doing it even worse. For the first clip in my life I was non certain if I could last the ordeal. A push broke the watercourse of my ideas. The adult female behind me shouted, ‘Pray your God and maintain walking! ’ . I turned back to see that she was about neck deep inside the H2O. But she was exceptionally courageous.

Mumbai Meri Jaan

Its really 10 proceedingss since I wrote the rubric of this station. I have been believing what to eek. I decided to compose a film reappraisal and I’m held up here with a haste of ideas coming to my head. Its been good over 3 old ages that I’m remaining in Mumbai. I have witnessed all the major convulsions the metropolis has faced in recent times. May it be the bomb blast on 11th July 2006 or the implosion therapy of 26th July 2005, I have seen it all. Unfortunately plenty is non plenty and the metropolis still continues to populate on the border. One terminal of the life boasts swanky promenades, expensive flats, nines, multiplexes and the Bollywood. Whereas the other side of life is the largest slum population in Asia. In between the two, you have a few million in-between category people, like me, who are apparently joyful and acceptably vituperative towards the same life on the two terminals. Every one of those clinchs each other in the local trains, coachs, in the crowds or even in the cramped families, yet care for the starry dream without ailments. We eat vada pav at the wayside stall and yet do via medias to watch the latest film in plush a manifold theatre.

The film Mumbai Meri Jaan is all about such few people in Mumbai. On any other twenty-four hours, they could be easy classified as ‘crowd’ . However that one twenty-four hours they are all linked as they witness ( straight or indirectly ) the panic onslaught on the metropolis. It is based on the 7/11 bomb blasts when first category managers of 7 local trains were blown apart by terrorists. There is a telecasting journalist whose occupation is to do narratives out of people, populating or dead. However she becomes the narrative for her ain channel when she loses her groom-to-be in the blasts. Then there is a atrocious in-between category cat who luckily survives the bomb blast but ends up recovering his friend with a broken arm. A constabulary constable who is about to retire, a God fearing cat with good will. Yet he thinks taking payoff to forestall more harm of the society is non bad. A roadside seller who dreams to be a client at a promenade, but ends up being thrown out. Agitated, He makes a hoax bomb call that lands up an old cat in infirmary with a bosom failure. And last but non the least, we have a little clip computing machine geek who hates Muslims but realises subsequently that he is incorrect.

The film is made in good religion. The niceties of good movie doing do non use here as it should non be counted on those. It reminds me of my ain destiny when I trudged 5 hours through chest deep Waterss to make place 3 old ages back. It reminds me of the running people I saw on Borivali station when the bomb blew the train apart on platform no. 4. The people who tried to blow us make non cognize we have a bigger bosom. We forgive and acquire along, but we can’t bury. Trains ran full capacity every bit shortly as they were restored after the blasts. The alleviation that arrived when it flooded the metropolis was from the people who lived the catastrophe. Not from the 1s who saw it from the choppers. This is Mumbai, seek messing with it at your ain hazard.

Fossil Fuel Headlines – 26th July, 2005

Biofuels, peculiarly alcohol fuels like ethyl alcohol, and methyl alcohol can besides significantly cut down the dependance on oil. The full household of intoxicant fuels can run on flexible fuel engines, which are similar to the burning engines of today and cost an excess $ 150 to bring forth ( 19 July 2005 ) Dr. Gal Luft is manager of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security ( IAGS ) , seemingly a group of Reagan-era conservativists, harmonizing to The Left Coaster. The IAGS roll lists James Woolsey, former caput of the CIA as a senior adviser. And yet the IAGS reading list includes Richard Heinberg and Michael Klare, who are non at all in the conservative cantonment. The articles on the IAGS web site, while uncomplete and superficial from a Peak Oil point of position, are however light old ages in front of the Bush disposal. The essays are skilfully written to appeal to the mark audience of conservativists. All-in-all, the IAGS seems to be an effectual and professionally run think tank/lobby. -BA

Recently, I watched a showing of “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, ” a docudrama about the Enron dirt and prostration. But, holding merely completed Matthew Simmons’ “Twilight in the Desert, ” I couldn’t assist believing about the world’s largest oil company, Saudi Aramco, the national oil company of Saudi Arabia. In the instance of Enron Wall Street analysts were about nem con excessively polite to inquire the company to demo them one important thing: how the company made its money. The analysts admitted that Enron was a “black box” and that they merely had to take company grosss and net incomes on religion. Equally long as the stock was lifting, few people questioned what was traveling on at Enron.

Like their Wall Street opposite numbers, energy analysts seem to see Saudi Aramco as a “black box” whose claims must be taken on religion. The company often says it can make 15 million barrels per twenty-four hours in oil production and maintain that degree for 50 old ages. The cogent evidence they offer: “Trust us! ” In fact, there has been virtually no independent information about oil in Saudi Arabia since the early 1980s with one of import exclusion: proficient documents on file with the Society of Petroleum Engineers. These documents form the footing of Simmons’ book, and they cast considerable uncertainty on claims by the Saudis that they will be able to prolong go oning high production degrees for decennaries. ( 25 July 2005 )

That there has been really small serious call or realization of the state of affairs, at least from the developed universe, might be attributed to the fact that in general we are comfy and have ne'er had it so good. And that scientists have abdicated the operation of the planetary human state of affairs to economic experts, due to the purportedly self apparent success of this attack and the fact that contrary conservationist tampering could be dismissed in the visible radiation of their obvious failures in the yesteryear. ( July 2005 ) Long ( 18-page ) but clear essay which summarizes the different techniques for foretelling oil supplies and production.

…If oil monetary values continue to lift ( as we believe they will ) , all that could alter. But American consumer/voters foremost need to halt faulting “greedy” oil companies, OPEC, conservationists, China, gasolene retail merchants, notional confederacy theories about suppressed oil production, etc. ( Our electronic mail Inbox is full of these. ) If you truly want to repair the job, find out who is running for Congress in your territory, Google their Web site, happen out where they stand on energy policy. Write or e-mail them and allow them cognize what you think. ( 21 July 2005 ) Although the column is a small excessively cheery for us hardcore peakniks, at least the issue is being discussed by the mainstream media. Note that the writer is Senior Producer at MSNBC. -BA

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