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Short Essay on 15th August – The Independence Day of India

With the anti-partition motion of 1905 against the divider of Bengal, the call for freedom began to garner impulse. The reaching of Mahatma Gandhi in the political scene of India in 1919, his three mass motions of 1920, 1930 and 1942, the failed effort of Indian National Army under Subhash Chandra Bose, international backup of the Indian cause etc. , all culminated in coercing the British to go forth India on Aug. 15, 1947. On this historic twenty-four hours, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the country’s first Prime Minister unfurled the national tricolor from the bulwarks of Red Fort, showing a new India. Every twelvemonth since so India has been observing its independency twenty-four hours on Aug. 15 with great rejoicing and gaudery.

Independence Day remind us about the great forfeit of our freedom combatants that have been responsible for the freedom that we enjoy today. On this twenty-four hours the state remembers with gratitude and fond memories, the self- forfeit and the baronial parts of our nationalists such as, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Gokhale, Lala Lajpat Rai, Tilak, Sardar Patel, Bhagat Singh, Rani of Jhansi, etc. Apart from this, the state besides pays court to 1000s of ordinary work forces and adult females who took portion in the freedom battle motion and contributed their portion to the national cause.

Independence Day of India

It was non so easy for the India to acquire freedom from the Britishers nevertheless ; assorted great people and freedom combatants of India made it a truth. They had sacrificed their lives in achieving the freedom for their future coevalss without worrying about their comfort, remainder and freedom. They planned and acted upon assorted Independence Movements including violent and nonviolent opposition to acquire complete freedom. However, subsequently independency Pakistan was partitioned from India which was accompanied by violent public violences. That atrocious public violence was the ground of mass casualties and disruption of people ( more than 15 million ) from their places.

History of Independence Day of India

Indian subcontinent was outpost by some European bargainers during seventeenth century. It was once more slaved by British East India Company because of his large military strength. They established their local lands and effectual forces all through the India during eighteenth century. A great independency revolution was started by the people of India against the British regulation in 1857. That Indian Rebellion is called as Great Rebellion, the Revolt of 1857, the Indian Mutiny, the Uprising of 1857 and the Sepoy Mutiny. It was started against British East India Company’s ground forces at Bengal Presidency on 10th of May in 1857. Through that Rebellion ( Government of India Act 1858 ) , Indian freedom combatants made British Crown realized to liberate the control over India.

After World War II, in 1947 British authorities get ensured that it no longer could demo its power on the India. Indian freedom combatant were continued contending and so Britain decided to liberate India from the regulation nevertheless Hindu Muslim force took topographic point after the independency of India ( on August 15, 1947 ) which separated India and Pakistan. Muhammad Ali Jinnah became the first Governor General in Karachi Pakistan. However, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru became the first premier curate of independent India. An official ceremonial was held in the capital of state, Delhi where all the great leaders and freedom combatants ( Abul Kalam Azad, B. R. Ambedkar, Master Tara Singh, etc ) took portion to observe freedom.

In the midnight of 15 August 1947, India was proclaimed as independent state by the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru where he gave his address over “Tryst with destiny” . He said during his address that “Long old ages ago we made a rendezvous with fate, and now the clip comes when we will deliver our pledge, non entirely or in full step, but really well. At the shot of the midnight hr, when the universe slumber, India will wake up to life and freedom. A minute comes, which comes, but seldom in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age terminals and when the psyche of a state, long suppressed, finds utterance. We end today a period of sick luck, and India discovers herself again.” Speech on 15 August 1947 by Nehru

Independence Day Celebration

India’s Independence Day is celebrated all over the state as a National vacation of India. It is observed every twelvemonth in every Indian provinces and brotherhood districts with great enthusiasm. President of India gives a address every twelvemonth in order to “Address to the Nation” on the eventide of a twenty-four hours before the Independence Day. It is celebrated with large passion in the Capital of state on 15th of August where the premier curate of India hoists the Indian flag on the Red Fort, Delhi. After the flag hoisting, National Anthem vocal is sung and 21 gun shootings are fired to toast and honor the Indian flag and grave juncture.

The premier curate of India high spots over all the accomplishments of past twelvemonth, of import societal issues and solutions, farther development in the state, educational affairs, etc during his address on the Independence Day after paying testimonial to the freedom combatant and leaders of the Indian independency motion who had sacrificed their lives. A expansive March past takes topographic point by the Indian Armed Forces and paramilitary forces. The jubilation of independency twenty-four hours takes topographic point in different provinces of diverse cultural traditions where Chief Ministers of single provinces hoist the national flag flowed by assorted cultural activities by the participants.

Flag hoisting, National Anthem vocal drama and parade ceremonials including other cultural programmes takes topographic point in about all the governmental and non-governmental establishments, educational establishments, some of the private establishments all through the state. In the schools and colleges the national flag is hoisted by the school or college Principal and parade and cultural events are carried out by the pupils. At this twenty-four hours, authorities offices, edifices, etc gets adorned with the electric visible radiations, flowers and other cosmetic things. Different sizes of the national flags are used by the people to typify fidelity and committedness to the state.

Short Essay on Importance of Independence Day in India

Grand Ceremony at Red Fort: A gorgeous Independence Day ceremonial that is held every twelvemonth, at Red Ford in New Delhi, makes every Indian proud of his state. On 15th August, 1947, Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, hoisted the National Flag of India. Following that juncture, on every Independence twenty-four hours, the Prime Minister hoists the trichromatic national flag and gives a address. The Prime Minister addresses the state and wages award and testimonial to the known and unknown freedom combatants who secured freedom for us. The National Anthem of India is sung. Parades of Indian Forces are held. This is a great minute for every Indians.

१५ अगस्त : स्वतंत्रता दिवस 15th August Independence Day Speech Essay in Hindi

जिस देश में चंद्रशेखर , भगत सिंह , राजगुरू , सुभाष चन्द्र , खुदिराम बोस , रामप्रसाद बिस्मिल जैसे क्रान्तिकारी तथा गाँधी , तिलक , पटेल , नेहरु , जैसे देशभकत मौजूद हों उस देश को गुलाम कौन रख सकता था। आखिर देशभक्तों के महत्वपूर्ण योगदान से 14 अगस्त की अर्धरात्री को अंग्रेजों की दासता एवं अत्याचार से हमें आजादी प्राप्त हुई थी। ये आजादी अमूल्य है क्योंकि इस आजादी में हमारे असंख्य भाई-बन्धुओं का संघर्ष , त्याग तथा बलिदान समाहित है। ये आजादी हमें उपहार में नही मिली है। वंदे मातरम् और इंकलाब जिंदाबाद की गर्जना करते हुए अनेक वीर देशभक्त फांसी के फंदे पर झूल गए। 13 अप्रैल 1919 को जलियाँवाला हत्याकांड , वो रक्त रंजित भूमि आज भी देश-भक्त नर-नारियों के बलिदान की गवाही दे रही है।

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15 august address in English for pupils

Last but non the least, one of the large planetary challenge every state is confronting is Terrorism. All most all the states confronting the job of terrorist act. With huge diverseness like India, it becomes a primary mark for the terrorists. Terrorists’ existent purpose is to make mayhem in the society and split the people in the name of faith. India had been a victim of terrorist act for several times. Each clip so many guiltless people died in the terrorist onslaught. These dark forces are seeking to draw back the growing of our state making tenseness on the heads of the people making anti human activities. Merely manner to halt this is people should hold strong finding and must stand against these dark forces hand-in-hand. Government besides taking several stairss to undertake the terrorist act, but it’s besides the responsible of every individual to stand for the security of our state.

15 August Independence Day Speech in Hindi

As many of the pupils are besides interested in talking about Independence Day in Hindi, we are here supplying the nexus for essay’s on Independence Day in Hindi. It is a Good pattern to talk in Hindi, as it is our national linguistic communication and many of them would understand it easy and love to listen in Hindi instead in English. Even PM Sri Narendar Modi speaks in Hindi, if he attends any international conferences, so it is non a bad wont instead it increases the regard in the school and society. We have to ne'er bury our national linguistic communication and land, where of all time we go and to whatever highs we may make. Mera Bharath Mahan Should be our motto. The first thing is that, our parents are feigning our kids to talk in English alternatively of Hindi, we are the 2nd largest state who speaks in English, but likely there is no other state who speaks in Hindi. We have make a attempt range that highs, that should be our Motive instead running behind other linguistic communications.

Independence Day Speech Essay 1 ( 400words )

Today we are here to observe the most of import twenty-four hours in Indian history and it is our Independence Day. India is under control of British people and we got independency from them in the midnight of Aug 14th 1947 and we have declared Aug 15th as our Independence Day. India celebrates Independence on Aug 15th and Pakistan celebrates on Aug 14th as their Independence Day. At the clip of independency, India and Pakistan are together and got Independence at the same clip. Subsequently we got divided and observing Independence Day non on same twenty-four hours as we really got in Midnight. Almost after 200 old ages of bondage we got freedom in 1947. This is the clip to retrieve all our freedom combatants who sacrificed their lives and fought for acquiring Independence. India is a democratic state and we are formed with some basic cardinal rights.

Indian National Army ( INA ) was started by Subhash Chandra Bose to contend against British people. It is non easy to acquire Independence as it took several decennaries of battle and battle right from 1857 when Mangal Pandey who was a first soldier in British force. He raised the voice against British people and several freedom combatants joined and struggled and gave support to Mangal Pandey. Great leaders like Bhagat Singh, Khudi Ram Bose, Chandra Sekhar Azad who lost their life in a really immature age and fought for freedom. Netaji and Gandhiji struggled a batch and they are cardinal individuals for acquiring Independence. The lone arm they used in peace and the lone way they followed is non force and truth. Finally British people left India on 15 August 1947 and that was declared our official Independence Day. Jawaharlal Nehru is our first Prime curate after acquiring Independence.

From the twenty-four hours of acquiring Independence, India is turn outing its best in all Fieldss. Now we are in developing phase and with in no clip India will go developed state. As an Indian it is our duty to keep same growing to do India developed state. This has been observing as national festival and has been declared as a national vacation. Today in Delhi, the capital of India, from 1947 it has been observing with great gaudery and show. All province people and faith people will garner in big Numberss into the parade land in forepart the ruddy garrison headed by our Prime Minister. They line up the roads all taking to the garrison and thirstily delay for the reaching of the Prime Minter. Students are future of our state as we all pupils it is our ain duty to stand twine and should be ready to contend any clip. We should be proud to be an Indian as it is the lone state who fought with peace and non force.

Address for Independence Day Essay ( 500words )

From the twelvemonth 1947, Aug 15th has been observing as national festival the twenty-four hours on which we got independency. India celebrates Independence on Aug 15th and Pakistan celebrates on Aug 14th as their Independence Day. For about 200 old ages India was under control of British people and we got independency from them in the midnight of Aug 14th 1947 and the following twenty-four hours which is Aug 15th is declared as our Independence Day. It is non cake walk acquiring independency to our state and this is the clip to retrieve all our freedom combatants who sacrificed their personal lives and fought for acquiring Independence. Independence Day is been celebrated by Indians as a mark of that we got freedom from other states and we independent signifier Aug 15th 1947. It is the national festival that each and every one is eager to observe. India is a democratic state and all faiths everyone feel proud to observe Independence irrespective of their age, sex, race, caste and fiscal position.

For acquiring Independence Indian National Army ( INA ) was started by Subhash Chandra Bose with immature energetic people. INA was formed merely because to contend against British people. Mangal Pandey is one of the celebrated leaders who foremost raised the voice against British people and subsequently several freedom combatants joined and struggled and gave moral support to Mangal Pandey. Great leaders like Bhagat Singh, Khudi Ram Bose, Chandra Sekhar Azad who lost their life in a really immature age in acquiring freedom. British people eventually left India in the twelvemonth 1947 and aug 15 and that was declared our official Independence Day. Netaji and Gandhiji besides stood in cardinal function for acquiring Independence and the lone arm they used in peace and the lone way they followed is non force and truth.

At the clip of independency India is under developed state and now India is developed state. As pupils it is our duty to do India as developed state in following approaching five old ages. We the pupils are future of our state should stand strong and should be ready to contend any clip. We should be proud to be an Indian as it is the lone state who fought with peace and non force. After acquiring independency India is coming frontward in all Fieldss and giving tough competition to all other developed states. If we continue and retrieve all our freedom combatants who sacrificed their life, with in no clip India will go developed state. On this auspicious twenty-four hours our Prime Minister hoists our tri colored flag in Red garrison which is located in our capital metropolis Delhi. This has been observing as national festival and has been declared as a national vacation. All provinces people will set up a gaudery show on this twenty-four hours in Delhi in front Prime Minister. All faith people will garner in big Numberss into the parade land. At the clip of independency, India and Pakistan are together and got Independence at the same clip. Subsequently we got divided and observing Independence Day non on same twenty-four hours as we really got in Midnight.

Independence Day Speech for Students

Today is the particular twenty-four hours in Indian history as it is the twenty-four hours we got independency. India was under control of English states for more than 200 old ages. They occupied our state and ruled themselves. We got freedom from them on Aug 15th 1947. And this hyrax is been observing as Independence Day in India. It is a national vacation and spiritual people in India actively take part in this event to do it successful. On this twenty-four hours, our Prime Minister hoists our national flag at Red Fort in capital metropolis Delhi. This has become a usage which is been observing from 1947 by lifting flag by our honest Prime Minister. Our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted flag on August 15th, 1947 at Red Fort in the presence of Mahatma Gandhi.

In olden yearss India was wholly control of British people. We don’t hold right to observe festivals besides. We need to pay immense sum revenue enhancements and should acquire permission from them. Our bow male parents used to pay revenue enhancements to them for remaining in our ain state. Not merely this we are forced to utilize foreign merchandises with high monetary value alternatively of utilizing merchandises made by us. They started gaining like anything by establishing many steel industries in India. They made India as beginning of their net incomes and made Indians as bondages in their industries with low rewards. Peoples who stood against were recklessly put into gaols and penalizing. Great leaders like Bhagat Singh, Subash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and many people fought for acquiring freedom from such bondage activities. Today we are here observing this event is because of great leaders sacrifice. It is our duty to salvage India from coming onslaughts and stood stand foremost like our great leaders. We must be grateful for them and it is the best clip to retrieve all of them who fought for the state. Some leaders died during the war and remained in history even they died.

After Independence, India is turn outing itself in all aspect like engineering, athleticss. We have our ain rights of freedom and we should experience proud to be an Indian. Today we are here in this place after great fighting of many people. We are observing Independence as a symbol of demoing that we are in front in many activities. India is now a yearss got best name in IT sector besides. In athleticss like Olympics and Common Wealth Games India stood in top 5 topographic points. If this continues decidedly India is traveling to go a developed state within no clip. As pupils we should be responsible to keep the same velocity growing in all sectors and should be ready to contend for the state at any clip. On this twenty-four hours, Delhi Parade grounds look like banquet for eyes with mist advanced cultural activities.

15 August 1947 Independence Day Speech for Teachers ( 150words )

Today we all gathered here to observe the most auspicious event that every feels proud to observe and it is our Independence Day. Independence Day Speech for Teachers article. In olden yearss India was under control of British people. On Aug 15th 1947 we got Independence from them and today we are observing 70th Independence Day jubilations in our state. Before Independence our Indians are wholly under control from British people and they used to roll up immense revenue enhancements from us. Great freedom combatants like Mahatma, Nehru and many joined together in contending against the British people and the as a consequence we got freedom on Aug 15th 1947. It is non cake walk they all sacrificed their lives for our state and remained in history. Leaderships like Bhaghat Singh and Subhash Chandra Bose died during the battle with them. Bahagat Singh is best illustration for forfeit. He is the individual who denied to decease in the custodies of British people and died himself. We got Independence because of such great leaders forfeits.

On this twenty-four hours, nationalism feeling comes out from each and every individual irrespective of their caste and faith. Merely in India Hindus, Muslims, Jains and all other faiths will observe Independence Day as it is democratic state. It has been declared as national vacation and has been celebrated in each corner of the state. After acquiring Independence Jawaharlal Nehru is our first PM and in 1947 this was celebrated by lifting our tri colored national flag in Red Fort which is in our capital metropolis New Delhi by our premier curate. This became a usage and has been observing in the same mode. All provinces people will fall in in these jubilations by show casing their traditional dance public presentations. On this twenty-four hours Parade will be centre of attractive force.

Paragraph on independency twenty-four hours Essay in English

Before Independence we are under control and we do non hold freedom to demo our endowment. India was known as dependent state and has to take permission from them for any activity. Our bow male parents used to pay immense sum of revenue enhancements for remaining. They came our state and started roll uping revenue enhancements from them and we were forced to utilize foreign merchandises with high cost. Great leaders fought against and eventually they left India on 14th August midnight 1947. After independency we stared turn outing ourselves in all Fieldss like athleticss and IT sector. Now after about 70 old ages India is in a phase which is giving tough competition to all other developed states. World celebrated MNC companies are besides set uping in India. India has become the best topographic point for IT field besides. As childs it is our ain duty to stand strong for our state. After Independence parliamentary system was launched in our state and it is developing really fast in all proficient and welfare sectors.

Inspiring Independence Day Speech ( 300words )

The existent significance of Independence is to acquire freedom from poorness, freedom from corruptness, freedom from terrorist act and do our state strong in the universe. If we achieve these ends, so the committedness and integrity shown by our great work forces during freedom battle against British will hold some significance. Now after six decennaries of Independence so much changed in the state in footings of engineering, scientific discipline and substructure. We reached Moon and Mars. Dayss are non far for India to emerge as one of the strongest states in the universe. Apart from all these there is besides some internal perturbations here and at that place doing mayhem in the society. We must esteem all and live in peace and harmoniousness waking for doing state a better topographic point to populate.

Independence Day Essay

India was ruled by Britons before 15th August 1947.It got freedom on 15th August 1947. So this twenty-four hours is celebrated as Independence Day every twelvemonth. Independence Day is observed with great enthusiasm all over the country.On this twenty-four hours, in 1947, the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted the National Flag at the Red Fort and took the salutation. He so delivered a message to the state. Since so, it is celebrated every twelvemonth at Red Fort in New Delhi. The Prime Minister hoists national flag. A salutation of 21 guns is fired and the National Anthem is played. The Prime Minister delivers a message to the state. We remember the freedom combatants who gave us freedom. It is because of them that we are basking our freedom today. This twenty-four hours is celebrated in States and Union districts of India, in schools and other public places.Independence twenty-four hours is besides celebrated at schools, and instructors explain the significance of this twenty-four hours to the pupils. The school kids take out colorful emanations really early in the forenoon. They sing the glorification of India.

Essay On Independence Day | 15th August Essay | Independence twenty-four hours essay

This twelvemonth India will be observing its 69th independency twenty-four hours. Independence Day Short Essay in English } -The 15th of August has a great significance in the Indian history.Just like every twelvemonth, every individual of the free India celebrates the privilege of being independent with great joy and nationalism in his bosom In the twelvemonth 1947 of this day of the month, India got its freedom from the British Raj. childs uses to seek for independency twenty-four hours short essay for childs, independency twenty-four hours short essays, independency twenty-four hours essays for short childs, independency twenty-four hours essays for category 1, independency twenty-four hours essays for category V, independency twenty-four hours essays for category 2 3 4, 15 august short essays for childs, 15 august essays for short childs, 15 august essays for childs in English, 15 august short essays for category 1 V but acquire the proper consequence in the hunt engine. everyone in the state greets each other loyal wants and exchanges their joy in several manners. Peoples sing loyal vocal. But here you will acquire the best and latest aggregation of independency twenty-four hours short essays for childs, independency twenty-four hours short essays for short childs, independency twenty-four hours short essay for category V, independency twenty-four hours essays in English for category 1, 15 august short essays for childs, 15 august essays for category 1, 15 august short essays for category V, independency twenty-four hours short essays in English. Download them and fix them for free.

Independence twenty-four hours short essays for school kids | 15 august essays for category 1 II III IV V childs in 200 words:

It has been declared as the national vacation when all the schools ( authorities or private ) , offices, colleges, universities, educational establishments, administrations, companies and etc remain closed. It is celebrated with large enthusiasm in every schools, colleges and other educational establishments by the pupils. They participate and perform in dancing, play, singing, playing indoor games, out-of-door athleticss, cultural activities, quiz competitions, awards distribution, etc during jubilation. First of all the National flag is unfurled by the main invitee or School Principal, National Anthem is sung with flute and membranophone and so process yesteryear and emanation in the streets takes topographic point.

मराठवाड्याचा स्वातंत्र्यदिन

१५ ऑगस्ट आपला स्वातंत्र्यदिन . ब्रिटिश राजवटीच्या १५० वर्षांच्या जोखडातून मुक्ती मिळल्याचा दिवस . अवघा देश स्वातंत्र्याचा जल्लोष करीत होता . मात्र मराठवाडा गुलामीतच होता . कारण आपल्या प्रदेशावर हैदराबादच्या निझाम संस्थानाची सत्ता होती व याचा राजा होता ‘निझाम मीर उस्मानअली खान बहादूर नियामुद्यौला निजाम-उल-मुल्क आसफजाह’ . त्याकाळी भारतात जेवढी संस्थाने होती त्यात सर्वात मोठे संस्थान हे निझामाचे होते . देश स्वतंत्र होताच ही संस्थाने भारतात सामील झाली पण निझामाने मात्र सामील होण्यास नकार दिला . हैदराबाद संस्थानात तेलंगणा , कर्नाटक व मराठवाडा असा प्रदेश निझामाच्या अधिपत्त्याखाली होता व संस्थानाची लोकसंख्या होती १ कोटी ६० लाख . अत्यंत समृद्ध असा प्रदेश असल्यामुळे निझामाला सत्ता सोडवत नव्हती . शेवटी स्वामी रामानंद तीर्थ यांच्या नेतृत्वाखाली मुक्तिसंग्राम सुरू झाला . जनतेचा हा लढा मोडून काढण्यासाठी निझामाचा सेनापती कासीम रिझवी याने जनतेचा अनन्वीत छळ करण्यास सुरुवात केली . या आंदोलनात स्वामी रामानंद तीर्थ यांच्या बरोबर दिगंबरराव बिंदू , गोविंदभाई श्रॉफ , रविनारायण रेड्डी , देवीसिंग चौहान , भाऊसाहेब वैशंपायन , विजयेंद्र काबरा , बाबासाहेब परांजपे यांनी पुढाकार घेतला व लढा आणखी तीव्र केला . जनतेचा सहभाग वाढू लागला . खेड्यापाड्यांत हा लढा पसरला.स्वत : च्या जीवाची पर्वा न करता अनेक वीर पुढे सरसावले . यात पूल उडविणारे काशिनाथ कुलकर्णी , मराठवाड्याची वीरांगना बदनापूर तालुक्यातील एका छोट्याशा खेड्यातील धोपटेश्वर गावाची दगडाबाई शेळके , रोहिल्यांच्या नाकात दम आणणारे बीडचे विठ्ठलराव काटकर , बर्दापूर पोलिस स्टेशन उडवून देणारे लातूरचे हरिश्चंद्रजी जाधव , नळदुर्ग ताब्यात घेणारे उस्मानाबाद जिल्ह्यातील जनार्दन होटीकर गुरुजी , परभणीतून रझाकारांना पळता भुई थोडी करणारे सूर्यभान पवार , विनायकराव चारठाणकर , विश्वनाथराव कात्नेश्वरकर तसेच नांदेडचे जीवनराव बोधनकर , साहेबराव बारडकर , देवराव कवळे , श्रीधर वर्तक , जानकीलालजी राठी , शंकरराव जाधव , जालन्याचे जनार्दन मामा , किशनसिंग राजपूत , गोविंदराव पानसरे , बहिर्जी बापटकर , राजाभाऊ वाकड , विश्वनाथ भिसे , जयंतराव पाटील इ . नी आपले प्राण पणाला लावले व या लढ्यास बळ दिले . हा लढा ‘जयहिंद चळवळ’ या नावानेही ओळखला जातो.शेवटी निझाम शरण येत नाही हे पाहून १३ सप्टेंबर १९४८ रोजी भारत सरकारने पोलिस कारवाई सुरू केली . मुख्य फौजा सोलापूरकडून घुसल्या . १५ सप्टेंबरला औरंगाबाद सर करून हैदराबादकडे रवाना झाल्या . निझामाची चारही बाजूंनी कोंडी झाली . निझामाचा सेनाप्रमुख जन . अल इद्रीस याने १७ सप्टेंबर १९४८ रोजी शरणागती पत्करली व निझामही शरण आला व निझामाच्या जोखडातून मराठवाडा व इतर प्रदेश स्वतंत्र होऊन संग्राम यशस्वी झाला . मित्रांनो , देश स्वतंत्र झाल्यानंतर एका वर्षानंतर ख-या अर्थाने आपण स्वतंत्र भारताचे नागरिक झालो .

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स्वतंत्रता दिवस भारत में 'स्वतंत्रता दिवस ' 15 अगस्त को मनाया जाता है। 15 अगस्त , 1947 को भारत ने ब्रिटिश साम्राज्य से मुक्त होकर स्वतंत्रता प्राप्त की थी। इस दिन को राष्ट्रीय पर्व के रूप में मनाया जाता है। स्वतंत्रता दिवस के दिन प्रधानमंत्री लाल किला , दिल्ली में झंडा फहराते हैं। झंडे को सलामी दी जाती है और राष्ट्रीय गीत एवं धुन गाई जाती है। प्रधानमंत्री राष्ट्र के नाम सन्देश देते हैं और देशभक्तों को याद किया जाता है। देश के सभी राज्यों की राजधानियों में झंडा रोहण एवं सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रमों का आयोजन किया जाता है। सभी सरकारी , अर्द्ध-सरकारी , निगम एवं प्रशासनिक कार्यालयों में झंडारोहण का कार्यक्रम होता है। स्कूल एवं कालेजों में विभिन्न कार्यक्रम , खेल-कूद एवं प्रतियोगिताओं का आयोजन भी होता है तथा विजेताओं को सम्मानित किया जाता है।

Why midnight of 15 August 1947 for Indian Independence

The program ab initio was to reassign power from Britain to India by June 1948. Immediately after presuming power in Feb 1947, Lord Mountbatten had begun series of negotiations with Indian leaders for a consensus. But things were non so simple particularly due to struggles between Jinnah & Nehru on the affair of divider. Jinnah’s demand for a separate state had instigated big scale communal perturbations across India and upon passing of each twenty-four hours, state of affairs was traveling out of control. This was surely non something expected by Mountbatten and therefore such fortunes forced him to prepone the day of the month of independency by about an twelvemonth, from 1948 to 1947. It was decided in the meeting ( related to independence & divider ) on June 3, 1947 which was competently titled “June 3 Mountbatten plan” .

Why midnight? When the day of the month of independency was decided in “June 3 plan” and announced to public, there was an indignation among astrologists across the state because 15-Aug-1947 was an “unfortunate & unholy” day of the month harmonizing to astrological computations. Alternate day of the months were suggested but Lord Mountbatten was inexorable on Aug 15 ( since it was his lucky day of the month ) . As a workaround, the astrologists suggested the midnight hr between Aug 14 and 15 due to the simple ground that the twenty-four hours harmonizing to English starts at 12 AM, but harmonizing to Hindu calendar, starts at dawn. Detailed grounds can be found in this astrological analysis:

Lt.Shri Pingali Venkayya: India 's flag is a trichromatic criterion, with sets of Crocus sativus, white, and dark viridity. The Crocus sativus represents bravery, forfeit, nationalism, and repudiation. It is besides the colour of the Hindu people. The green bases for religion, birthrate and the land ; it is the colour of the Islam faith. The white is in the centre, typifying the hope for integrity and peace. In the centre of the white set is a bluish wheel with 24 radiuss. This is the Ashoka Chakra ( or `` Wheel of Law '' ) . The Chakra represents the go oning advancement of the state and the importance of justness in life. It besides appears on the Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka `` . JAI HIND JAI BHARAT..I LOVE MY INDIA

Independence Day ( India )

Independence Day, is yearly observed on 15 August as a national vacation in India marking the state 's independency from the British Empire on 15 August 1947. India attained independency following an Independence Movement noted for mostly nonviolent opposition and civil noncompliance led by the Indian National Congress ( INC ) . Independence coincided with the divider of India, in which the British Indian Empire was divided along spiritual lines into the Dominions of India and Pakistan ; the divider was accompanied by violent public violences and mass casualties, and the supplanting of about 15 million people due to sectarian force. On 15 August 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru, who had become the first Prime Minister of India that twenty-four hours, raised the Indian national flag above the Lahori Gate of the Red Fort in Delhi. On each subsequent Independence Day, the premier curate has raised the flag and given a address.


European bargainers had established outstations in the Indian subcontinent by the seventeenth century. Through overpowering military strength, the British East India company subdued local lands and established themselves as the dominant force by the eighteenth century. Following the First War of Independence of 1857, the Government of India Act 1858 led the British Crown to presume direct control of India. In the decennaries following, civic society bit by bit emerged across India, most notably the Indian National Congress Party, formed in 1885.:123 The period after World War I was marked by British reforms such as the Montagu–Chelmsford Reforms, but it besides witnessed the passage of the inhibitory Rowlatt Act and calls for self-government by Indian militants. The discontent of this period crystallised into countrywide non-violent motions of non-cooperation and civil noncompliance, led by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. :167

Independence Day before Independence

At the 1929 Lahore session of the Indian National Congress, the Purna Swaraj declaration, or `` Declaration of the Independence of India '' was promulgated, and 26 January was declared as Independence Day. The Congress called on people to plight themselves to civil noncompliance and `` to transport out the Congress instructions issued from clip to clip '' until India attained complete independency. Celebration of such an Independence Day was envisioned to stoke chauvinistic excitement among Indian citizens, and to coerce the British authorities to see allowing independency. :19

The Congress observed 26 January as the Independence Day between 1930 and 1946. The jubilation was marked by meetings where the attenders took the `` pledge of independency '' . :19–20 Jawaharlal Nehru described in his autobiography that such meetings were peaceable, grave, and `` without any addresss or exhortation '' . Gandhi envisaged that besides the meetings, the twenty-four hours would be spent `` . in making some constructive work, whether it is whirling, or service of 'untouchables, ' or reunion of Hindus and Mussalmans, or prohibition work, or even all these together '' . Following existent independency in 1947, the Constitution of India came into consequence on and from 26 January 1950 ; since so 26 January is celebrated as Republic Day.

Immediate background

The new vicereine, Lord Mountbatten, advanced the day of the month for the transportation of power, believing the uninterrupted contention between the Congress and the Muslim League might take to a prostration of the interim authorities. He chose the 2nd day of remembrance of Japan 's resignation in World War II, 15 August, as the day of the month of power transportation. The British authorities announced on 3 June 1947 that it had accepted the thought of partitioning British India into two provinces ; the replacement authoritiess would be given rule position and would hold an inexplicit right to splinter from the British Commonwealth. The Indian Independence Act 1947 ( 10 & 11 Geo 6 c. 30 ) of the Parliament of the United Kingdom partitioned British India into the two new independent rules of India and Pakistan ( including what is now Bangladesh ) with consequence from 15 August 1947, and granted complete legislative authorization upon the several constitutional assemblies of the new states. The Act received royal acquiescence on 18 July 1947.

Partition and independency

Millions of Muslim, Sikh and Hindu refugees trekked the freshly drawn boundary lines in the months environing independency. In Punjab, where the boundary lines divided the Sikh parts in halves, monolithic gore followed ; in Bengal and Bihar, where Mahatma Gandhi 's presence assuaged communal piques, the force was mitigated. In all, between 250,000 and 1,000,000 people on both sides of the new boundary lines died in the force. While the full state was observing the Independence Day, Gandhi stayed in Calcutta in an effort to stem the slaughter. On 14 August 1947, the Independence Day of Pakistan, the new Dominion of Pakistan came into being ; Muhammad Ali Jinnah was sworn in as its first Governor General in Karachi.


Independence Day, one of the three national vacations in India ( the other two being the Republic Day on 26 January and Mahatma Gandhi 's birthday on 2 October ) , is observed in all Indian provinces and brotherhood districts. On the Eve of Independence Day, the President of India delivers the `` Address to the State '' . On 15 August, the premier curate hoists the Indian flag on the bulwarks of the historical site Red Fort in Delhi. Twenty-one gun shootings are fired in honor of the grave juncture. In his address, the premier curate highlights the past twelvemonth 's accomplishments, raises of import issues and calls for farther development. He pays testimonial to the leaders of the Indian independency motion. The Indian national anthem, `` Jana Gana Mana '' is sung. The address is followed by March yesteryear of divisions of the Indian Armed Forces and paramilitary forces. Parades and pageants showcase scenes from the independency battle and India 's diverse cultural traditions. Similar events take topographic point in province capitals where the Chief Ministers of single provinces unfurl the national flag, followed by parades and pageants.

Flag lifting ceremonials and cultural programmes take topographic point in governmental and non-governmental establishments throughout the state. Schools and colleges conduct flag hoisting ceremonials and cultural events. Major authorities edifices are frequently adorned with strings of visible radiations. In Delhi and some other metropoliss, kite winging adds to the juncture. National flags of different sizes are used copiously to symbolize commitment to the state. Citizens adorn their vesture, wristbands, autos, family accoutrements with reproduction of the tri-colour. Over a period of clip, the jubilation has changed accent from patriotism to a broader jubilation of all things India.

Security menaces

Equally early as three old ages after independency, the Naga National Council called for a boycott of Independence Day in nor'-east India. Breakaway protests in this part intensified in the 1980s ; calls for boycotts and terrorist onslaughts by seditious administrations such as the United Liberation Front of Assam and the National Democratic Front of Bodoland, marred jubilations. With increasing insurgence in Jammu and Kashmir from the late eightiess, separationist dissenters boycotted Independence Day there with bandh ( work stoppages ) , usage of black flags and by flag combustion. Terrorist outfits such as Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Hizbul Mujahideen and the Jaish-e-Mohammed have issued menaces, and have carried out onslaughts around Independence Day. Boycotting of the jubilation has besides been advocated by seditious Maoist Rebel administrations.

In popular civilization

On Independence Day and Republic Day, loyal vocals in regional linguistic communications are broadcast on telecasting and wireless channels. They are besides played aboard flag lifting ceremonials. Patriotic movies are broadcast. Over the decennaries, harmonizing to The Times of India, the figure of such movies broadcast has decreased as channels report that audiences are oversaturated with loyal movies. The population cohort that belong to the Generation Next frequently combine patriotism with popular civilization during the jubilations. This mixture is exemplified by outfits and savories dyed with the tricolor and interior decorator garments that represent India 's assorted cultural traditions. Retail shops offer Independence Day gross revenues publicities. Some intelligence studies have decried the commerce. Indian Postal Service publishes commemorating casts picturing independency motion leaders, chauvinistic subjects and defence-related subjects on 15 August.

Independence and divider inspired literary and other artistic creative activities. Such creative activities largely describe the human cost of divider, restricting the vacation to a little portion of their narrative. Salman Rushdie 's fresh Midnight 's Children ( 1980 ) , which won the Booker Prize and the Booker of Bookers, wove its narrative around kids born at midnight of 14–15 August 1947 with charming abilities. Freedom at Midnight ( 1975 ) is a non-fiction work by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre that chronicled the events environing the first Independence Day jubilations in 1947. Few movies centre on the minute of independency, alternatively foregrounding the fortunes of divider and its wake. On the Internet, Google has commemorated Independence Day since 2003 with a particular scribble on its Indian home page.

Agenda for jubilation on 15 August 2016

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What Do Peoples Make?

Colorful emanations through the streets and pyrotechnic shows mark the jubilation of the Feast of the Assumption in Italy, as they do in Italian-American communities throughout the United States. In Sicily and rural countries outside Rome, a obeisance emanation is the day’s chief event. A statue of the Virgin Mary is carried through the town to a ceremonial arch of flowers, where a group of people keeping a statue of Christ awaits her reaching. Both statues are inclined toward each other three times, and so the Christ figure precedes the figure of Mary back to the parish church for a particular blessing.


Leftovers of the ancient jubilation include dark clip balefires and public lights, both likely symbolic of the Sun, in Italy. The thought of prosperity is besides apparent in the throwing of coins from Windowss down to the street in some civilizations. Symbolic images of the Virgin Mary and her premise into heaven have been associated with the twenty-four hours. Blue is the colour most frequently associated with the Virgin Mary. It symbolizes truth and lucidity, and it is the colour of the sky, which symbolizes Eden. The lily, which is a symbol of pureness, celibacy, and simpleness, is besides associated with the Virgin Mary.

Ishqbaaz 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Anika tells Dadi that she can come back to work, but she has some conditions. Shivaye asks truly. Dadi asks her to state. Anika says you know I m friendly, I want my working environment to be good, I want that adult male to recognize me with a smiling, check a gag and my twenty-four hours starts merrily. Shivaye says you think I will make this. Dadi says he will make this. Anika says Dadi, you know my thoughts, I want Shivaye to praise me. Shivaye asks shall I give you my both kidneys. She asks him to go forth black java, that’s why he is so annoyed. Some clip before, Anika asks Shivaye why did he come. He says I have come to state. She asks what. He says I have found out, you did non leak that bit. She asks why are you stating me, I know this. He asks her to listen, and says I checked security oversights, all incriminations on you were incorrect. She smiles and asks him to state what she did non make, so that there is no confusion.

He says you were non incorrect in security incident, you were right in salvaging Tia, you saved Rudra from current wire in H2O, you were right. She gets glad and says you are stating you insulted and tortured me, that was wholly incorrect, right? He says I was saying… she says you say what I will learn you, say you were incorrect. He asks her to listen. She says you listen, you were demoing attitude to me, I was non incorrect, I did non rip off your household and you, so you will apologise to me. He says I came to state, everyone wants you to come back place for work. She says you forgot to state please, when you talk hi fi English. He says merely come back. She says you got angry and still inquiring me to come back on occupation. He gets angry and says take occupation if you want else leave it, I did my work. She acts like him and gags on his duologue. She says Shivaye is flexing infront of me. He asks why is she giving smiling. She says because I won.

God ab kya tunge apni kidney de du😂…n insaan gussa na female horse to kya pyar kare n Thursday bckgroung music…damn th feels😍…yes I agree shivika stry is common..bt u knw its jst Thursday duologues n their acting tht is mkng shivika popular than ishkara n roumya…..evn I feel ishkara wl B Thursday stry Li hv seen too..tht she WL B in love whle Thursday cheatng procedure with Om bt still she WL darnel fr hour fmly..eventually will come bck realzng hour love…n same goes wth raumya a fat grl n a bad male child stry…its NT abt th predctablty..indian play are slightly alwys same..bt they differ in their execution….thts it..n yes this stry reveals three province of human head organic structure soul reprsntd by oberoi bros..so ofcrs their mntality hv to fit with th people around us..so charactrzation hv to b same..so Thursday cncept seems to b Same m.no offnce people. 😊

God ab kya tunge apni kidney de du😂…n insaan gussa na female horse to kya pyar kare n Thursday bckgroung music…damn th feels😍…yes I agree shivika stry is common..bt u knw its jst Thursday duologues n their acting tht is mkng shivika popular than ishkara n roumya…..evn I feel ishkara wl B Thursday stry Li hv seen too..tht she WL B in love whle Thursday cheatng procedure with Om bt still she WL darnel fr hour fmly..eventually will come bck realzng hour love…n same goes wth raumya a fat grl n a bad male child stry…its NT abt th predctablty..indian play are slightly alwys same..bt they differ in their execution….thts it..n yes this stry reveals three province of human head organic structure soul reprsntd by oberoi bros..so ofcrs their mntality hv to fit with th people around us..so charactrzation hv to b same..so Thursday cncept seems to b Same m.no offnce people. 😊 Tumhe***

@ Priya15 how R u beloved? Do u hold Hear Ishkara – ” ooh sathiya” vocal? Do u lyk it? I don’t lyk it… Sorry 2 say but u besides know one lyk ishkara but this vocal believing me – Ishkara love narrative non ……… Song chief koi love nahi hain merely pain hurting. Now u understand – what one say ; Omkara is non so strong mentally. I think now i know what a narrative going.. Abh yeh vocal Sunnah Ka baad – consecutive dekhna Ka maan chut gawa. This show will be flop ( corroborate 100 % ) non uniqu vitamin E Ishkara. Its Qabul hain serial…sad narrative. Not IPKD & Not geet hui sabsa parai type series. I watch a consecutive continue after a long tym… & I think this series is uniqe but one m wholly incorrect. Confirmly raho.. Pyaar hoga Ishaana – Omkara ka & shadi hoga Omkara- swetelena.. Yeh vocal – wholly believing me. 1.Shivika ( sweet & love vocal ) 2. Romya ( don’t know but believing bubly love vocal ) 3. Ishkara ( recent relize no love vocal merely dard ) Now one understand why curriculum vitae s watched each episode Shivika. ; & Romya. When they r see Ishkara scene ( no 1 love this show ) Ek vocal nai mera believing full alteration kar diya: \

Rose beloved … Good say Om composure hain but Ishaana full mad miss. 3 lead actress chief wohi sabsa jaida masti ; bindas ; chulbi ; maddy & play queen. Do u believe this vocal is wholly suit her. Yes ; I know Ishaana has besides painful lyf. Sorry ; 2 say vocal truly amazing but when Ishkara play this songs- ; their love narrative wholly clear. & Yes its Gul khan Ka serial… Unki QH consecutive chief – lead actr- lead actrss Milan nahi hota.. Hota hain so slaying hoti hain. Kya believing thaa – Socha IPKD ki Tara dhamaka series I watched.. But now cmpltly incorrect its QH portion 4.. This vocal – wholly believing me @ Rose & @ Priya15 dear..feeling angry & sad: ' (

Iknow that we all are dissapointee cuz of decease of leads in gul khans qubool hai but that diesnt intend all her seriess will be same..i dont think gul khan will complete any of the leads in this consecutive so chill.. Its merely a song..now for illustration tye vocal wordss are like sm1 is gon na decease evn I felt like that but its merely wordss fir illustration in o jana the wordss do non fit with the status like o jana khoya khoya rehta hai..but anika and shivaye dont believe abt each other so much also..so they are merely bg we can foretell that their love narrative is gon na be sad type..i think between the three love narratives alone type is ishkara merely

Enansanjida, Just near your eyes and listen ishkara song…… oh saathiya …….you will experience it…… For shivika…..we all know……defenitely ……love will happen……..and the vocal has full of grace…..expressions……and ishq……..you merely believe about omkara’s character…..remeber…….he said to ishana…”har kyun ka jawab nahin hota…” and about ishu….though she is chatty, smart ……but she is non be able to demo that side to om……And may be the vocal is full of hurting and sorrow…..the hurting itself will be the courier for ishkara’s love track…… . after all there is no addition without pain…… . when they become closer……am certain you will besides experience good………… so don’t acquire angry…..yaar…….you merely listen it… . you will wish it……sorry….it is merely my suggestion…… .

Feiertag in Bayern

Landkreise in Bayern, in denen Mariä Himmelfahrt einheitlich ein Feiertag ist und dice Geschäfte geschlossen haben sollten: Aichach-Friedberg, Altötting, Aschaffenburg, Augsburg, Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen, Bamberg, Berchtesgadener Land, Cham, Dachau, Deggendorf, Dingolfing-Landau, Ebersberg, Eichstätt, Erding, Freising, Freyung-Grafenau, Fürstenfeldbruck, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Günzburg, Kelheim, Landsberg am Lech, Landshut, Lindau ( Bodensee ) , Miesbach, Miltenberg, Mühldorf a.Inn, München, Neuburg-Schrobenhausen, Neumarkt i.d.OPf. , Neu-Ulm, Oberallgäu, Ostallgäu, Passau, Pfaffenhofen a.d.Ilm, Regen, Regensburg, Rosenheim, Rottal-Inn, Schwandorf, Starnberg, Straubing-Bogen, Tirschenreuth, Traunstein, Weilheim-Schongau

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